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15 QUICK Tips About: Goblin Giant🤢 - Clash Royale

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HEY EVERYONE► Here are 15 EXTREMELY QUICK facts, tips, and tricks about the goblin giant in JUST 1 minute and 55sec! Goblin Giant vs ALL CARDS: (Coming later today. Check back here for the link) FIND MORE ERNIEC3 CONTENT► *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erniec3gaming/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/erniec3gaming *Discord: https://discord.gg/wDu66wd MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)► "Fast Lane" by Gunnar Olsen "Say Yeah" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Space Background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWxMuQre3R8 Lens Flare Images In ErnieCIII Logo's Eyes In Intro: https://clipart.info/purple-blue-lens-flare-hd-transparent-7618 Metal Slam Sound Effect In Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFKfKhaOzcxvZrV7LOD8Pw Power Up Sound Effect in Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM0_iEg5npY Whoosh Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFY9TX2Fghg Whoosh #2 Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N3kROJvn0 Fast Wind Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSJCPISUj0F4mltq2eZnbg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5hreKAzS3h2QNjFO-QPyA Pop Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrWnEf74aBA Stopwatch Graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST-vlmK9OTw Magic Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYQ_80Wr4C4 Clash Royale Clan: TheErnieC3Clan✅ TO JOIN CLAN: Enter this code►(90grcypc) in the request description and you MUST HAVE a total donation count of 30k or higher. Second Clan: TheErnieC3Clan2 TO JOIN CLAN: Enter this code►(90grcypc) in the request description and you MUST HAVE a total donation count of 10k or higher. #clashroyale #goblingiant #quicktips
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Text Comments (784)
Ernie Evox (3 months ago)
Place the Goblin Giant BEHIND enemy P.E.K.K.A when it is close to your tower for an excellent way to kite + deal damage
J 7777 (8 months ago)
Giant Sk please
Joël Holdener (8 months ago)
Cool to be able to play clash royale irl now, dart goblin is my favourite card!
Loading (8 months ago)
your outro is amazing!!!
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Thank you! :D
GoodBoi Borks (8 months ago)
My favorite card is zappies :)
Mlg_ Gaming (8 months ago)
I like the ice golem
Abdelouadoud Hedir (8 months ago)
Pretty nice Video
Sujal PlayZ (8 months ago)
I think you should do the Fortnite tips
Ping Ping Tangseraneekul (8 months ago)
miner Please
savitri kushwaha (8 months ago)
Make royal recruits video
Nova I Igor (8 months ago)
0:18 запом по русски zap for russian
The Maaz Games (8 months ago)
Bro make 15 quick tips for Giant Skeleton🙂
Banditø (8 months ago)
Theres a huge tip I want to share for goblin giant, Go and pick another card because thicc gob is fucking trash
Minh Đào Phú (8 months ago)
Use ebarb to clean up , trash vs trash
inferno dragon 10 (8 months ago)
Another tip if you have a tower place him in the middle the Spear goblins will lock on trough the tower wery fastly for massieve damage
red rum666 (8 months ago)
This is OJ's job
dUdIES MAniAC (8 months ago)
0:22.... wooow..
Osprey Animation (8 months ago)
Wakes up after a 1 year nap: Back in my day the newest card was the Ghost.
卐卐卐卐卐卐 (8 months ago)
Who even plays this fucking trash anymore fucking adding new useless trash cards smh
MrFilleBojj (8 months ago)
Number fifteen...
Carson Allen (8 months ago)
Caio Leite (8 months ago)
Please do graveyard or cannon cart next!
Balazs 2001 (8 months ago)
I Will kill everyone, who doesnt like this comment
Apollo Chan (8 months ago)
Another OP card
Mikasa Ackerman (8 months ago)
Ernie next made tips for elite barbar pls
BD PLATFORM (8 months ago)
I am subscribing you but keep giving us these tips with more crads
HazZ zZ (8 months ago)
The edition of this video is amazing :0 new sub and like :3
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Thank you! :)
spicy (8 months ago)
This guy is so broken
Winged Destruction (8 months ago)
Aero Romero (8 months ago)
The goblin giant looks like thanos with the soul stone
Willow's Charts (8 months ago)
Very helpfull, thanks :)
Kotaro Sensei (8 months ago)
Toooo faaaaaast
Rolling (8 months ago)
*Why do you all ways get more views then sub*
Be Gone THOT (8 months ago)
Who's playing this in 2018...
Aitxol04 (8 months ago)
El creador del video es español like si entendiste xD
jaya pratama (8 months ago)
Wow amazing
Traurige Chats (8 months ago)
Golem next
S#!t vũ (8 months ago)
I'm waiting for quick tips about skarmy !
Im yushi (8 months ago)
Its alchemist in dota 2
BluE ReApeR (8 months ago)
You forgot Something He is Very fat
Tech Tigerz (8 months ago)
Chodex (8 months ago)
I predicted this card! I made it 7 months ago in card maker.
pipoo (8 months ago)
Can you do 15 quick tips about the ICE WIZARD? I am looking for a deck with him and I need your help! P.S. Great videos ❤ +1
Raphael (8 months ago)
King of counters
Faz F (8 months ago)
Piotr PolPol (8 months ago)
Electro Wizard (8 months ago)
The update sucks
FangLion Ftw (8 months ago)
15 QUICK Tips About: Mirror
Imran Khan (8 months ago)
Ernie: don't use spells to clean up weak troops Me:Ya thank so
Gaming with Smruti (8 months ago)
I didn't knew that the goblin giant has a knife in his hand. Just noticed now.
Afkadazz YT (8 months ago)
Dead game lmao😂
Tasha the Squirrel (8 months ago)
_I'm going to have fun with this new card_
I'm a nobody 79 (8 months ago)
Yeeep it will get a huge nerf and be usless just like other like 40 cards that got f*cked by the balance changes that's why I don't like clash royale anymore
Matthew Tang (8 months ago)
This card is soooo broken Nerf incoming...
S NXX (8 months ago)
ValentinoArts (8 months ago)
Rotísima la carta
Jakub Švec (8 months ago)
Nice bro keep it
WOLF GAMING (8 months ago)
Damn.. Such a great page.. 😘😘😘 i missed you for long.. 😁
Kiet nguyen (8 months ago)
Just Joking (8 months ago)
Who's here for the draft challenge?
Aleksander Jikia (8 months ago)
plz do cannon cart
STAVROZKI (8 months ago)
*New Sub :D*
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Thanks man! :D
GAMER TRIPLE M (8 months ago)
At 0.50 lumberjack level 9
Maciej Mazur (8 months ago)
Clash royale sycks
Color Yellow (8 months ago)
The interaction video is not in the description
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Gonna post it to my channel due to some complications.
Patuator (8 months ago)
Its not out tho??
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Gonna post it to my channel due to some complications.
Aflay (8 months ago)
I gotta say, that face, the mascot for your channel, is one ugly motha fucka But your videos are super legit, and it brings me 2000’s flash animation nostalgia, so we cool.
Reko v2 (8 months ago)
i remember when u were just a cr meme page on ifunny u really blew up man
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Hey a veteran! Thanks so much for being with me for so long :D
TAB1562 (8 months ago)
You and OJ can make any card sound really OP
Junior T (8 months ago)
They are making cards faster than you can make these videos
D Rhoades (8 months ago)
i want that card now....
Lizinho ' (8 months ago)
Ben Johnston (8 months ago)
Plz make a bowler video
Gaming with Charlie (8 months ago)
i love your videos as always
jay saja (8 months ago)
Like if u agree goblin giant added in clash of clans
*DEAD POOL* (8 months ago)
how was the lumber jack level9
Ömer Sungur (8 months ago)
Willpower Playz HD (8 months ago)
The update is tommorow
Z Rader GD (8 months ago)
0:50 level 9 lumberjack????!!!
Relapse (8 months ago)
Kablstr (8 months ago)
I sense a nerf update coming soon~
YourWisdomTooh (8 months ago)
0:13 yes I just spent 7 elixir on my other push but oh wait *I GUESS I HAD 6 ELIXIR LEFT OVER*
Luca Molinari (8 months ago)
It looks too strong or is it a my opinion?
Lemonassassin (8 months ago)
Why are all of the cards lvl 9
Peter Griffin (8 months ago)
When does the update come out?!
Czekoladek 2334 (8 months ago)
why lumberjack level 9??
Citrusy (8 months ago)
Lvl 9 Legendaries
Kenneth Fernaldy (8 months ago)
Great!! Princess please
Danger Boy (8 months ago)
0:50 lvl 9 lumberjack
Staubsauger (8 months ago)
Those werent good tips as usual :/
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Wait, "as usual"? If that implies that you subscribed, then...why did you if they're "never good"? (Or even continue to watch them if you feel that way?)
MatuskoOP (8 months ago)
Wait a second.... Level 9 legendaries,epics?
Andreas Jeremia (8 months ago)
Hog Rider is faster
Andreas Jeremia (8 months ago)
+ErnieC3 A hog rider is a tank as well. I mean he has got more health than an ice golem or a knight
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
"He is the fastest building targeting TANK in the game"
Wizartik (8 months ago)
You have bad tips noob
Qqq Sss (8 months ago)
Level 9 legendaries
Qqq Sss (8 months ago)
Level 9 lumber jack
whο knοws?? (8 months ago)
Stop. Don't level 9 megaknight me.
Craig00 (8 months ago)
MA6R6T6IN 666 (8 months ago)
You are fucking gay
GLURDLESCLETCH (8 months ago)
This card will break the game
IBreatheAirSoup (8 months ago)
Ernie, i have been trying to find your outro song but i cant find thr link. Can you tell the title? Much love.
IBreatheAirSoup (8 months ago)
ErnieC3 thanks so much bud!
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
JRP Gaming (8 months ago)
Is there death damage when the spear goblins drop?
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
JRP Gaming Yea that was the developer build that did that, not the GG
JRP Gaming (8 months ago)
All the skeletons died in the video when the GG died. Did you notice that?
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)

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