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Nvidia Geforce 920mx | Assasin's creed Syndicate gameplay test | ASUS X541UV laptop

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Assasin's creed Syndicate gameplay test on nvidea geforce 920mx!!!! It is playable and buttersmooth in low graphics settings. There is slight framedrops while screen recording, Sorry for that. Game: Assasin's creed syndicate Developer: UBISOFT Device: Asus x541uv laptop Intel® Core™ i5 6200U Processor, 2.3 GHz Ram: 8gb( i have upgraded to 8gb) Graphics: 2gb nvidia Geforce 920mx OS: windows 10 Like and subscribe Thanks
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Text Comments (5)
Preetam Mukherjee (5 months ago)
same config.. playable??
TECHBIG (5 months ago)
Preetam Mukherjee yeah in low settings
Stefan N (1 year ago)
Test on PUBG dude
DEVANG OZA (1 year ago)
TECHBIG player unknown battleground
TECHBIG (1 year ago)

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