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How To Trade Safely so You won't get ripped off.

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Text Comments (120)
Chris Isaac (1 year ago)
Lucky Doggy (1 year ago)
Dammit i thought this was Pokemon
iMYX (1 year ago)
my my... Comunity service intentions in advance... Then again commercialisem from forighn cartoons does tend to have ways to make people "Display things" This way doesent it...
Vortex (1 year ago)
No offense yogioh sucks
Simona Klemenc (1 year ago)
Are you intrested in trading shooting star dragon for terrotop ?
Ryis Gm (1 year ago)
"800$"' lol
myRegalia (11 months ago)
That was back in 2014. A lot of these cards were expensive back in the days, but most of them lost value now.
Ryan Silver (1 year ago)
tcg player is better then ebay
darkdeath310 (1 year ago)
What kind of cards should I trade up to increase the value of my trade binder?
Ishhh the reel Patrick (2 years ago)
im from the futre
nintendokings (2 years ago)
outside of it being a hobby, is there really money to be made with YuGioh? like, say, retro games?
peacewalker99 (2 years ago)
But...aren't you then ripping people off? And what if you want to trade a 20 dollar card for a 20 dollar card?
Yu Gi oh and more (2 years ago)
I love this vid keep up the good work
barbaric (2 years ago)
old,but gold!
Matke (2 years ago)
One Piece <3
Camera Man (2 years ago)
JRBjobber what do you want for Galaxy eyes photon dragon
andi le (2 years ago)
doesn't everyone have like 50 copies of the 1 Dollar cards?
epic kirby (2 years ago)
I have a lot of toons
Brandon Maldonado (2 years ago)
Could I get some cards
Ro-Ck-Yo!!! (2 years ago)
I got bsed out of 2 1st edition Max Cs for a tp6 Big shield Gardna...
Osilva (3 years ago)
keep up the good work. where can I get the value of my cards so that way I would know I'm not getting ripped off and I would have average value
Fernando Plaza (3 years ago)
I used to to a few really rare card and my dad threw them out😠
Wolfgang915c (3 years ago)
i want all ya utopias :(
raltrip1 MSP! (3 years ago)
I got ripped off by this person at my school for pokemon cards.. I traded a legendary for a normal -.- the person traded me a poeygon-Z for my old and rare card. I didn't know my card was rare though..
raltrip1 MSP! (3 years ago)
I mean porygon-Z
Thahue Yang (3 years ago)
that's just a wast of money to by yo gi oh card you spend like what 1000 dollor
GodlyHoopa (2 years ago)
Thahue Yang It's a waste to buy the same game every year.
sunnyboy 453 (3 years ago)
Justin _Javier (3 years ago)
What are you like 6 year olds?
Thahue Yang (3 years ago)
can I have some you have so many yo gi oh cards
Cromo6008 (3 years ago)
I'm new at yugioh and got a booster box (DOL2) and pulled a mirror force dragon and toon kingdom, I needed a raigeki, I traded them for the raigeki and went home looked up the prices and discoverd that I lost over 30$
Sir.DedMemes (1 year ago)
Raigeki common or (I don't know how much raigeki is worth)
ihazdaforks (2 years ago)
You could've used your phone to check the prices...
Derpy Hooves (3 years ago)
Kamil T. (3 years ago)
Phenomenal video.
Those Foos (3 years ago)
dude i need those maxx cs if you were here with me ill trade you my denko sekka for 2 maxx cs
treemax (3 years ago)
Know your prices don't end up like me (traded a 13 card for a thunder king common)
Not Normal (4 months ago)
Anthony Varrica (2 years ago)
suma (2 years ago)
jose arroyo (3 years ago)
Hey I trade my dark paladin and my dragon master knightfor black luster sodler - evory of the bringing
KawwieBoo (3 years ago)
Not gonna work at my locals. Everyone's so specific
Marcel Grater (3 years ago)
Since I am kinda starting out playing yu gi oh (played for last 4 months) I don't have many cards in my binder, most are holo but from sets like world superstars, is it worth taking to locals? Or should I buy more packs?
I Have Chortles (3 years ago)
+Mars Gaming depending on what holos, most people will eat them up very quick, you should maybe buy some more packs from something like secret forces because there are good nekroz cards people like in that set.
George Darwin (3 years ago)
Could I have free cards plz plz plz
eduardo huerta (3 years ago)
What do you want to trade for that bls
Dzenan Hadzic (4 years ago)
I want a mat like that one *-*
Jason Chen (4 years ago)
KING FOOF (4 years ago)
u got some gewd cerds. i want dem =3
thenxtechnician2 (4 years ago)
When i do a trade binder should i put like 2 cards tht are needed for each other in a bundle and increase the price a tid bit?
Expiredmilk (4 years ago)
+thenxtechnician2 Yeah.
Rob Millington (4 years ago)
Doesnt really work for all card games like that. For example, MTG, i'm not going to trade a sensei's divining top(worth $20) for 4 $5 cards that wont hold value when the top will. Or i'm not going to trade a Force of will(worth $75) for 10 $10 cards, not really worth it in the long run. haha
Frances Turner (4 years ago)
are you australian ? but if you aren't you should come to ipswich QW and come trade with me  
Flowlee (4 years ago)
I'm looking for a Dark magician girl, any foil rarity is ok! And has to be the first artwork of her.
666Flake (4 years ago)
The M7 looked awful!
dankesttouchie (4 years ago)
im so happy.i gave my collection to my dads buddies kid and hes giving them back for free. I cant wait for my lobes and metal raiders to look over again.
hihelloknight (4 years ago)
I traded a Sylvan Charity for a Number 62 Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Number 39 Utopia, and Leo Keeper of the Sacred Tree. Is that a good deal?
Bill Bob (4 years ago)
What do you want for fusion gatee if you have it?
John Yu (4 years ago)
How much do you sell e hero alius
Alfarep (4 years ago)
Can I get a trageodia ill trade dragon master knight and malefic truth dragon
Thunder Steel (4 years ago)
How good is Troll and Toad with prices? We use them where I'm from.
tilkec23 (4 years ago)
pretty expensive..
Shion Lin (4 years ago)
+JRBjobber but what happens when nobody wants your 1 dollar cards. At my local almost everyone is looking for pricy stuff e.g 101 fire/ice hand
That Guy (4 years ago)
TCGplayer.com is a good site for card prices
Tactical Noob (4 years ago)
wow I have 80% of those shiny by the picture and name
Shayaan Usmani (4 years ago)
BTW u have a fake blue eyes white dragon (the yellow one).
Rocco Marino (4 years ago)
Wow very nice I've been doing this loosely but I'm going to start a full on trade binder now that I've seen that you have had such succes
Harley Williams (4 years ago)
Cesar C (4 years ago)
JRBjobber are you trading stardust dragon Assault mode
TrueAmericanReject (5 years ago)
When in doubt google, ebay, amazon, etc... Perfect ideas to get card prices form your phone. It's saved me money in the past.
JustTooGood (5 years ago)
+JRBjobber You should do monthly updates with this binder to prove that this does work.. I know it works myself because I do it but other people might be a little iffy on it...
vander ygo (3 years ago)
+JustTooGood  ya I can vouch that this technique works but I would actuly really really enjoy a series on trading up your binder +JRBjobber
Expiredmilk (4 years ago)
+JRBjobber Do the series now.
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Oh Great! Yeah I have a video coming up with all my binders and little collections I picked up.
JustTooGood (5 years ago)
+JRBjobber Alright =D also thanks for this upload I checked it out on release and i'm doing very well =D
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
That is a really smart idea, and I wish I would of thought of that before I took my Binder apart to sell off on ebay :-( Thanks for the idea though I'll keep that in mind.
Austin Thompson (5 years ago)
How do you know how much a card is worth
JustTooGood (5 years ago)
This only works if you invest a lot of time into the game and lets say you get on Dn and you see a card price has changed so you go to tcgplayer.com or ebay and check a few cards... Also some youtubers like Mkhol40 and TheYugiohCouncel do market watches so they will help you..
Oliver Sanchez (5 years ago)
BornVillain3489 (5 years ago)
That binder is worth more than my whole collection...and I have 2000+ cards.
Zak Jones (5 years ago)
I do this technique at my locals & let me tell u, it works very well! Thanks for this!
Shaquoan Kingston (5 years ago)
how do you find your massive yugioh collections?
John Teifke (5 years ago)
What are some of the cards in the 5$ range that you used in your trades?
YugiBro's (5 years ago)
Can you add me i wana trade with you https://www.facebook.com/kostadin.koko
Destroyer1159 (5 years ago)
Would you happen to have 2Ulti First ed Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua for sale or trade?
JustTooGood (5 years ago)
u only need 1 for fire kings trust me but the ulti is smexy i have 1 but i use it in my deck
cokeaddict82 (5 years ago)
Sorry to ask but what are staple cards??barely started playing and trading..
cokeaddict82 (5 years ago)
Oh ok thanks for the info.
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Oh Just cards that most decks play like Dark hole, Book of moon, Mirror Force. You can just look up what decks are winning and what they are using.
Elijah Pryor (5 years ago)
We think alike in our trades you know how to do business :-) wanna trade ?
Aaron Lehtma (5 years ago)
What cards in the 1-5 dollar range are people most often interested in your experience? What cards would you recommend trading off in that price range?
JustTooGood (5 years ago)
Here i'll try to help. Geargia Gears are nice they go for about 4 but you can easily get like 5 for em or maybe even 6.. Just look up what decks are topping and you'll very easily be able to make a binder..
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Just cards that you know people are using for the decks that are being played a lot. And yes Staple Cards that pretty much every deck runs.
Jonathan Medrano (5 years ago)
staple cards are a good choice.
Ezra Pable (5 years ago)
How many times did you go to your locals in that month?
Shadowstorm The Wolf (3 years ago)
+JRBjobber what do you want for the original print blue eyes white dragon
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
I was going to two different ones a week and all I did was traded the whole time.
BrokenPlays4Days (5 years ago)
So you rip people off so you don't get ripped off. Ok seems legit.
Jared Christopher (4 years ago)
If they know the value of their cards and they dont care if a card is a dollar or 2 more money for cards that you have in there for trade fodder and have no the intent of using them for a card that you need or they need then most people not all though but most are okay with that and you plus and they plus for there deck
noah allen (5 years ago)
what how?
Mike March (5 years ago)
Oh jobber I don't even play yugioh anymore but man I want that mat
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Thanks so much man! Yeah I really like it also.
Riven of Legends (5 years ago)
dad (4 years ago)
Where do you get the binder?
oob b (5 years ago)
so you rip other people off
Zackblack 22 (1 year ago)
George George (1 year ago)
oob b everyone does that
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
+SpartanNinjaViking Exactly! I do that kind of trades all the time. Like say I have some card that I'll never use but its worth a little more then say a Inzektor Hornet I need to have my deck done I'll do the trade in a heartbeat, Same goes to others and thats how I was able to trade up my binder, just up trade like a $1 or $2, and if all your doing is trading the whole tournament it goes pretty fast.
Wesley Rhody (5 years ago)
Assuming both parties  know the value of the cards (which is what he is referring to), and they agree to trade $10 worth of cards for lets say $8 then no one is being ripped off. Many people don't mind giving up an extra dollar or two in order to get what they really need.
MrJam8611 (5 years ago)
Good advice man, keep up the videos!
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot!I'll try to keep up with this kind of stuff. I want to help people.
max parsons (5 years ago)
$800 my ass lol, u need to trade fattty i want good cards lol good vid mate ;)
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot my friend!
Jun Zeng (5 years ago)
First Awsome :) 
ilfcl (5 years ago)
How do you find a local event?
Cool Dude (10 months ago)
If you look at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Website, they have an OTS (Official Tournament Store) Locator where you can find OTSs Near you. Hope this helps!
Chqse (5 years ago)
depends where you live, your local card shop or nearest card shop will hold them.
SamBr (5 years ago)
Jobber, and about trades that u have to send the cards by the mail?
JRBjobber (5 years ago)
That is one big problem for more people because its easy for someone to get ripped off. Myself I always have the other send first and I have never had a problem with anyone with that because I have been in this game since the beginning of the game. Plus I'm one of the biggest traders on Pojo with 100% feedback. So its really up to you, I would only trade with big trusted names in the game or friends if it has to be over the mail.

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