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Today I show you the latest best app (fam.ly) for making money using your phone. The video goes straight into it so you can see everything covered in the video. You can use my code and get $1 for free to just start using the app. App: fam.ly Fam Code: zafqq In my opinion this app is better than swagbucks, perk, perktv, Ibotta, ebates, shopkick, field agent, google opinion rewards, iPoll, sweatcoin, foap, dietbet, stepbet, slidejoy, or any other app. Extra Tags [FAM.LY] EARNINGS APP | EARN FAMCOIN GET FREE CASH!! Make Money with your Smartphone EASIEST WAY - $500 a day! Make Money with your smartphone... this is an age old question, and must be answered in this video. How do you really make money with your smartphone? One of the ways to achieve this goal is to use an application called daily gift. What is this application? Essentially, it is like any other, except that it offers unlimited credits, so that you can make money with your smartphone as much as you want. Additionally, the application has many features that allow you to make money with your smartphone even faster than the unlimited method so that you can gather even more points. This is a great, simple, easy method, and can make you up to 100 dollars per day. Very simple and easy. TOP 2 FREE APPS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR PHONE - $200 PER DAY 2018 In today's video I'm showing you how to make money using your phone!! iphone apps to make money! 5 iphone apps you need! apps you need to make money! how to make money online! 5 Ways to Make Money Using Your Phone! MONEY MONDAY| MAKE MONEY FAST AND EASY ON PHONE (5 APPS TO MAKE MONEY) YOUVEMBER #13 BEST Money Making Apps 2018 - Earn $6000+ with your phone!!!
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Text Comments (202)
This is Nick (9 months ago)
famcode: zafqq
TRUxGameAholic (12 days ago)
The app is not in play store or in your description I'm so happy.
Andrea Andrea (2 months ago)
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Lil Trippz Official (3 months ago)
This is Nick fake app
resalie bundoc (5 months ago)
Thomas h (7 days ago)
I see scam coming since someone apparently cashed out 42and some change,yet you can only do multiple of 30,50,100,or 200
Thaddeus Dunbar (8 days ago)
Well I found $7157making system that is really working:(just type in g00gle)=> freepplmoney win
Tammy D (15 days ago)
This app doesn't exist...
Johnny Sanchez (1 month ago)
I dont know what the app is real name
Ahmad Sadam (1 month ago)
Sorry my link I think not real
MaSTER PÖGi (1 month ago)
Is IT. Oki ON ito s
Hettie Silletto (1 month ago)
I make money daily from home. How? using this method I found at *GotBizOpp. C O M* . Its easy and legit. Go check them out to learn how you can start as soon as today.
Carl Reynolds (1 month ago)
recieve money instantly as you want facecash.info
Carl Reynolds (1 month ago)
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Kim Komando (1 month ago)
Love it, but for me this here works the best ►► MooCash.xyz
Barry Rodriguez (1 month ago)
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Veronica Williams (1 month ago)
BreakCash.info - Make fast cash online
Carly Smith (1 month ago)
Great tips. I already made 50 bucks so far today with it.
Stephen (1 month ago)
I got my crazy credit card debt thats been giving me sleepless night payed off by Brian, it was a miracle, he is God sent, anyone with debt problems should text him on 2675784862
Yori’s Channel (2 months ago)
Finally I have been able to send me more than 2635 through this wonderful site bestworkonline.club/?GlRF4n
Ganesh koppu (2 months ago)
How to rigister this
Anthony Cardwell (2 months ago)
Best you tuber
Bizz Le (2 months ago)
Yo it says sign up I don’t have an acc there is no sign up button
FlaminLeopardG (2 months ago)
Not real
Aqil (3 months ago)
How to download fam.ly
Kaleb Haltom (3 months ago)
Beats Universe (3 months ago)
Ain’t in the App Store and I’m in Ohio lol
Jarrod Davis (2 months ago)
Beats Universe idc that shit funny +1 like
honey morj (3 months ago)
So whereI can get that app? In google app store?
Kim Waqas (3 months ago)
What is the name of this app
Kimmy -gacha- (3 months ago)
GETS SOME MOENY HERE https://kidsgetmoney.co/share/Kimmynah2334
Mario RomaniaNation (3 months ago)
https://www.userfeel.com/t/2f7996f7 This one is real please create account and start earning
Jamilah F. Pryce (3 months ago)
​ @This Is Nick I have an iPhone 8 plus and I live in the USA, and I also checked quite a few times. It's not in the app store at all. Do you know if it was taken down?
Văn Vũ (3 months ago)
Every one should try this iph0ne10free.host Woww. iPhone X Free For any one here !
arlexus pless (3 months ago)
Lucian Jacobs (4 months ago)
Wow! $100 Cash! Click here and get it within 3 minutes. Enjoy now!https://rr.lovevova.com/NzIzMDM4Ng==
Howard Rose (4 months ago)
Thboyz6214 OG (4 months ago)
https://mistplay.co/y0k3yGMOpT use this link play games like you normally would but get money. I do it
E_DAN DORLLARS (4 months ago)
Hi i love your channel please can we do sub to sub
SOUNDS (4 months ago)
lol 1000 points = only $1??? So basically if you watch a video you earn what 1 cent? And if you do a survey you earn 5 cents lol
acustick1 (4 months ago)
So basically just use it to invite friends by the sounds of it thats the best way to make the money rather then watching the videos?
Karapetyan 001 (4 months ago)
How dowload fam.ly??
Rah-khia Mack (4 months ago)
I just found this new app that works pretty well if you sign up with the link youll earn $20 automatically https://link.dosh.cash/RAHKHIM1
Nessia Putri (5 months ago)
Is this app available on Playstore?
Abhishek Sharma (5 months ago)
It is not available on playstore
Zoë Cardozo (4 months ago)
They took it down smh
Easymoney Online (4 months ago)
Harshit Sharma there's an app called dosh it is paying $15 per referral right now and proof this is real is all over youtube Instagram and Facebook it's the first button on my page message me for help about.me/uniqueyanka
Sandra Araújo (5 months ago)
Hi there! 🙂 I have searched about how to make money through apps easily and I discovered FeaturePoints. In that app you are asked to answer surveys or to test another apps, games, etc and you sum up points. You wouldn't become rich but you could make several dollars 🤗 By installing the app Feature Points and by putting the code 4P5AH3 you'll get 50 points to start and then you can change the points to money by PayPal for example or through another gift cards. I already made around 50$ so I think it worths the time 🤔
Garyoun Williams (1 month ago)
Why do i see YOU everywhere saying the same Thing SCAmMER
mary ann acabal (5 months ago)
what is the app name
Lil Trippz Official (3 months ago)
mary ann acabal ... it’s fake
arlexus pless (3 months ago)
Krono Zoid (4 months ago)
+Carry Raul Yes but how long do you have to work your ass off from cent to cent to get to 100?
Lil Trippz Official (5 months ago)
,......how come I can’t find the app
Lil Trippz Official (3 months ago)
tao Mark damn :(((
Max1Milly oh yeah yeah (3 months ago)
Because it's not real
tao Mark (4 months ago)
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Youtube Jarred 333 (5 months ago)
Kevin John (5 months ago)
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Colorz me Funny (5 months ago)
Join Fronto to earn money on your phone. Enter 'masterpiece' to get 1,250 Points when you sign up. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.fronto
give me link app
give me link app
K. Renae (5 months ago)
I'm so glad I found this video! I need money fast to start paying my college tuition for my next semester.
Dredge (5 months ago)
The app is on the App Store
TheWhiteFam (5 months ago)
https://static.tryimoney.com/html/link/share.html?code=26172/ This one is the easiest in my opinion and you don’t give any of your own personal info except PayPal email.
Katelyn Baker (5 months ago)
Hey! Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, ivhfrxg, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/ivhfrxg
Can you maybe put a link because some of us cannot really find it at Play Store
chelsea carter (5 months ago)
Will it work in Canada
chelsea carter (5 months ago)
Will it work in Canada
anthony nicolas cuevas (3 months ago)
Hello can you tell me if you got the App already?
watch as much as you can (5 months ago)
Better and easy way https://ibotta.com/r/xkbjpdx Add 10 friends and make 100$
Eithan Schuler (5 months ago)
Looks like the app updated and you can't make money anymore
View Lure (5 months ago)
1000 points=$1.00 Ok.
Ellinah Shiyane (5 months ago)
https://elitefinfx.com/?ref=E8061855 Your chance to win free money. Try it. No regrets
John Strachan (5 months ago)
That sounds like a VERY VERY long process...
Nathan Arzola (5 months ago)
Were do you download the app??
Edhymaz Asli (5 months ago)
Work ?
Vaiolini Willis (5 months ago)
Friendly reminder don’t download this app if your people account it’s not validated I downloaded the app for nothing I don’t know how to validate my account can someone show me??? I would really appreciate it
guodong guo (6 months ago)
good way
Mary Bunagan (6 months ago)
Can you teach us how to register?thanks
Mary Bunagan (6 months ago)
Hi, can u pls provide us the link. Thanks
Noah Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Noah Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Mary Bunagan it is not available for the us
Ann Dalde (6 months ago)
Can't even log in here. There's no button to click for me to register
Zuko Khumalo (6 months ago)
Here is the download link https://earnflies.com/9CeN
#kdramalovers (6 months ago)
Recommended new apps make money https://supervanker.page.link/JWidXTR38QnBdfwm8 Thank me later :)
people lovers (6 months ago)
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margarita oviedo (6 months ago)
I have tried this app that makes money and it’s easy https://link.dosh.cash/MARGARO4
Chelsea Morgan (6 months ago)
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milliie P (6 months ago)
Is this available for android?
Fam.ly Is the app name people
Recsor Basmayor (6 months ago)
Can i get the link where you downloaded the app? pls reply i need this.
Micah Akilang (6 months ago)
Does this still work.?
Sexy Rajesh (6 months ago)
I guess I can make a lot of money off this I average 25-32 hours a week on YouTube
ashton jevu (6 months ago)
This is Nick (6 months ago)
I think it's US and Canada only
Jacksmusiq (6 months ago)
its not on the app store??
This is Nick (6 months ago)
The app is called famly. Search the app store for it
I can’t find the app in app store
Ej Gabani (7 months ago)
what is the name of apps?
Jeney Dsseyy (7 months ago)
A P (7 months ago)
Brother can u use in indonesia ?
Ryan Kennedy (7 months ago)
There's this thing... Called a screen recorder
Jess Art (2 months ago)
Lol maybe he wanted us to think it was 100% real?
Ryan Kennedy (5 months ago)
+Harvey Masing Elicanal Not true, if you look on the app store, there are several apps that will either put a clicking motion or a circle for a split half second where ever you press. Even when screen recording. Look up videos if you'd like to disprove me even further, if not, then don't just comment to comment. I would like to not waste my time.
Harvey Masing Elicanal (5 months ago)
ADMIN NATION lol screen recorder sucks you can’t clearly see where hes clicking and stuffs
wayne rooney (7 months ago)
Can I use in Cambodia bro?
mariomar cepat (7 months ago)
you need to teach us how to install this app
Daniel Jr Ripping (7 months ago)
Where the link
Rmi 692 (7 months ago)
Bro how u supposed to earn cash
KillstreakBeats (6 months ago)
Rmi 692 1,000 pts = $1
can i use this app in Philippines?
Jaycar Rivero (7 months ago)
it is available in the philippines?
#CyruZ // (7 months ago)
Guys the app is called fam.ly it was in the description
Monte Rutrough (7 months ago)
Dude.... that hairstyle...SUCKS
Honesty Blue (6 months ago)
Boi that hairline sucks
holy shit (7 months ago)
+This is Nick savage 👄😎
This is Nick (7 months ago)
Styled it just for you
Bryan Shackelford (8 months ago)
There is no link
This is Nick (7 months ago)
The app is called famly
Sunshine Love Yashar'al (8 months ago)
Can you cash out on an Android device ? Cuz the app is saying you can only redeem & cash out on PC or MAC.. 👀
This is Nick (8 months ago)
I did it from my iPhone before. They just updated the app so I have yet to try it from the Mac
Sbc Sbc (8 months ago)
Not available in my country - Israel There are not many apps available in general....
Sbc Sbc (7 months ago)
+Ķj Ãý sometimes they recognize it's a VPN. .. worth a try, thanks!
Ķj Ãý (7 months ago)
Sbc Sbc (7 months ago)
+Danial Mahmud it's not a political Chanel. ..
Danial Mahmud (7 months ago)
You mean Palestine?
YEETake Mushroom (8 months ago)
Bro if this app was a thing ages ago I would've mad over 1 mil dollars like geez I watch alot of YT vids!
arlexus pless (3 months ago)
Ginger Ellis (4 months ago)
Me too I literally spend most of my day on YouTube
Anissia Alveranga (4 months ago)
+Jorge Cortez that's a scam
i Emran (8 months ago)
app name
This is Nick (8 months ago)
Cesar Salgado Salgado (8 months ago)
Where do I cashout
This is Nick (8 months ago)
Under the cashout section. Goes to your paypal. If you get the app, everything there is self explanatory and easy to follow
Cesar Salgado Salgado (8 months ago)
How do I earn money I don’t quite understand the app or concept. How much do I earn or how much can I make
This is Nick (8 months ago)
I have made around $540 since the release of this video. You basically watch videos and they reward you with points. You can watch any videos you want. Then you redeem those points for cash. You get get more points by watching more videos, doing hourly and daily check ins, and doing different tasks
SemiBoy15 (8 months ago)
I can't find on google play bro give me some link url.etc help me
This is Nick (8 months ago)
Are you in the US? If you're outside of United States you might not have the app
Marcustoofunny Y (8 months ago)
Sunshine Love Yashar'al (8 months ago)
Oh ok Thx alot hun
Marcustoofunny Y (8 months ago)
Shebrew Sunshine yes it just tame time
Sunshine Love Yashar'al (8 months ago)
Have you been successful so far ? 👀 I've just came across this video today..
This is Nick (8 months ago)
No problem! Happy earning!
Hirusha Edirsinghe (8 months ago)
How take this mouney ?
This is Nick (8 months ago)
I think it works in US only. You can try and see if you can download it in Sri Lanka
Hirusha Edirsinghe (8 months ago)
+This is Nick i'm sri lankan guy this app can log to my account ?
This is Nick (8 months ago)
Watching videos on the app and doing daily tasks
Cesar Salgado Salgado (8 months ago)
How much does it pay or how much can you make
World of Cristy (7 months ago)
Please try this its easy to earn money by watching branded ads
This is Nick (8 months ago)
I've made about $280 in the first month
Cesar Salgado Salgado (8 months ago)
Is their PayPal rewards in the app
This is Nick (8 months ago)
Yes, it pays out to PayPal
Lunar Lacerta (9 months ago)
So i watched 3 videos without skipping or anything. I watched them all the way through and than they went on replay. Im not earning any points? I looked at my profile and my points remain the same. What am i doing wrong?
Micaela G (7 months ago)
I just joined and it said you have to watch 2 minutes worth of videos to earn 5 points
Lunar Lacerta (9 months ago)
MUST WATCH i did, its just the short videos don't credit me. When i watch ones over a min i get credited. Im earning points thou. Thanks i appreciate the response.
This is Nick (9 months ago)
Did you complete your profile and use the famcode to get a starter balance?

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