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Ben's Tech. Advice #4 Backlit Keyboard On Sony VAIO PC Laptop

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Are you someone who wants to turn on or turn off the backlit keyboard on your Sony VAIO PC, but don't know how? In this video I show you step by step on how to turn on or turn off the backlit keyboard on your Sony VAIO PC. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/benicellguy Follow me on instagram: @benicellguy View my instagram on the web: http://statigr.am/benicellguy
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WhatsaScrewdriver? (3 months ago)
And the answer is: Control Panel > Vaio Control Center > Keyboard and Mouse > Backlit KB If you don't have Vaio Control Center installed on your computer, "it should be available" on the sony vaio website. "Support > Downloads," or something like that.
Damon Salvatore (10 months ago)
there is no vaio control center in my laptop...help please!
Dikke Lul (1 year ago)
hey man, thanks lil' boat
Affebro (1 year ago)
Pappu Frank (1 year ago)
Thanks for your help. This backlit keyboard was really bothering me as It had become a nuisance feature rather than a helpful one.
Lolita Zhaveli (1 year ago)
i dont have a vaio control center in my laptop .My laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium
Ed Arcuri (1 year ago)
A) You talk too fast. B) It's a computer and the morons who design this crap don't care that it doesn't work and C) My light comes on all damned day and stops working at night.
Daniel Albrechtsen (1 year ago)
My vaio wil not hold on Light in keyboard windows 10 can you fix it
knight wolff (2 years ago)
there is no vaio control center in my laptop!....:-(
Jesman Bautista (2 years ago)
me too :-(
Tatiana Zihindula K. (2 years ago)
I don't have vaio control center.. what do I do? Windows 10
Jonathan Baker (2 years ago)
i have a vaio and before updating the keyboard back light was working. since the update (its an old vaio ) so it needed updating, the keyboard back light doesnt work. any ideas Ben?
Max Tran (3 years ago)
my Sony Viao 17.3 doesn't have it the keyboard Led lid, is there software to install?
Max Tran (3 years ago)
thankyou so much. i did it
david maison (3 years ago)
thank you very much you saved me bro
Andre Moguel (3 years ago)
hello, i opened my vaio control center and all it has listed is system information and display.
Melquisedec Alvarado (2 years ago)
+Andre Moguel Hey man, did you figure it out? I did. I had to install VAIO Update, its update, Sony Shared Library, Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device Driver, and Hotkey Utilities. You can find them all here. http://esupport.sony.com/LA/p/model-home.pl?mdl=SVF15215CLW&template_id=2&region_id=2&tab=download
Ognyan Nikolov (4 years ago)
Hi Ben, I have Sony VAIO Fit13 Multiflip (SVF13N1X2ES) with Win 8.1 OS. Unfortunately in VAIO Control Center there isn't keyboard options to turn off backlitying of the keyboard and this is very annoying. Would you suggest what ro do in this case?
Ognyan Nikolov (3 years ago)
I asked Sony support center and they confirmed that some of the features of VAIO Control Center are not supported in Windows 8.1. The backlit control is supported in Windows 8.0!
Misha Seaman (3 years ago)
+Ognyan Nikolov same thing to me. cant figure out what to do
Ognyan Nikolov (4 years ago)
There is nonesuch an option in "Input device"
Tuấn Kiệt Hứa (4 years ago)
You can go to VAIO Control Center>Input Device then scroll down a lil bit til you see "keyboard blacklit", choose "do not turn on"
Jeff Morgan (4 years ago)
Sony will no longer be making laptops.
benicellguy (4 years ago)
I know. That's the sad part. They have very good VAIO products and they want to get rid of it for the tv and mobile business.
Andres Diaz (4 years ago)
Thank you SO MUCH my light bugg me alot specially when i was doing my essays. Thank You!!!
c m (4 years ago)
so i clicked keyboard and it doesnt have backlit keyboard setting in my vaio so that means its not installed right?
Marita Hoppe (4 years ago)
The vaio control center is not on my laptop.
wowerman (4 years ago)
There should be app for dimming.
Leandro Coelho (2 years ago)
I also miss that option! Sometimes my wife is sleeping and the screen light doen'st bother, but the keyboard, does.
Flyer4EVER7 (4 years ago)
After clean installing my vaio s, my backlit keyboard does not light up anymore.. When I permanently turn on the backlight, then it lights up..but when I set it to turn on only when it is dark, it doesn't turn on..I have installed all the drivers from the first post..I have Sony Shared Library and Control Centre..
maxmask1234 (4 years ago)
Is it the same thing for Windows 8?
maxmask1234 (4 years ago)
can you show it for windows 8
benicellguy (4 years ago)
Not sure. It might not be the same.
MrSmartcable (5 years ago)
Ronalds B (5 years ago)
u save my life:)))good work mate
Henry Araujo (5 years ago)
Hello, i have the sony vaio fit 15 and can't find how put light in my keyboard.. HELP ME PLEASE! Thank you.
sophie barrett (5 years ago)
Hello, when I go on vaio control centre I don't have the option of keyboard?
Gee Meilmauth (5 years ago)
hi there! do sony vaio e series 14133caw hAVE keyboard backlight? I can't find it in the vaio control center. PLEASE help. thank you.
Soham Jainoji (5 years ago)
hey i want to know how to activate USB charging on Win 8 for my Vaio E series laptop. please help me
Tom Croes (5 years ago)
thank you
benicellguy (5 years ago)
You're welcome.
san shaban (5 years ago)
thak you very much
TaraPls (5 years ago)
Woops, found it for Win 8. Maybe people with a different VAIO control center version than the one in the video can use this as well. Go to control panel > input device. The third option there will be keyboard backlight. You can set it on 'always on', 'never on', or 'on when any key is pressed'. Hope this helps!
TaraPls (5 years ago)
Anything for Win 8?
E. Enkhee (5 years ago)
but there is no options that "turn it on in low light conditions" how to make that option appear PLEASE help me i have only "do not turn on, turn on if any key is pressed and do not turn on"
Daniel Albrechtsen (5 years ago)
thx dude
Genesis Jaylo (5 years ago)
i dont have the keyboard, i only have the pointers :(
Whach (5 years ago)
Could you say what version of VAIO control center you are using? My backlit keyboard, sounds & special button options are missing. thanks
Jazzie Jay (5 years ago)
thanks a Bunch the backlight keyboard was truly getting on my nerves. Especially since I was places that had tons of light and I didn't need it turned on. Thanks again
DjBmanic (5 years ago)
do you know if i would be able to instal this on an E series? i have the vpcEE..im a dj and i need to see in some dark clubs and other venues. i don't t know where to start to look for help. would you be able to guide me to a starting point? it has to be ale to be done. thanks in advance
Krishna Chaitanya (6 years ago)
Soory, you cannot switch it off in your model.
Antonio Lobusta (6 years ago)
hi bro nice video.. I just bought a Sony vaio e15 last night but there is no keyboard backlight option under the vaio control center the only option that appears on the Keyboard/mouse options was the touchpad options only hope you can help me with my little problem BTW my vaio model is SVE15116EH thanks in advance hope to hear from you soon
Brian Bj (6 years ago)
the video its not playing it gives me an error occurred sign
Brian Bj (6 years ago)
please help i want to turn the keyboard light but i dont know how and the video has a error its not playing

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