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25+ Modern Video Games Running On NVIDIA GeForce 210 (2018)

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A collection of 28 modern video games running on NVIDIA GeForce 210 GPU. Check out other video games running on NVIDIA GeForce 210 : https://goo.gl/m7jRtB List of games running on NVIDIA GeForce 210 in this video : Batman Arkham Asylum Counter-Strike Global Offensive Deadlight Dear Esther Dirt 3 Dota 2 F.E.A.R. 3 Fallout 3 Far Cry 3 Gothic 3 Gothic 3 : Forsaken Gods Hitman Absolution Hitman Sniper Challenge Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 : Lost Coast Just Cause 2 Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 League Of Legends Mafia 2 Portal / Portal 2 Q.U.B.E. Risen 2 Rising Islands Riders Of Icarus The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series Syberia 3 All these games are running on NVIDIA GeForce 210 (codename GT218) graphics card, using the latest GeForce Drivers for Windows 7 Ultimate x64, with 8GB DDR3 RAM and an Intel i5 2500K CPU. NVIDIA GeForce 210 is an PCI Express 2.0 x16 GPU with a 2GB GDDR3 RAM video memory and DirectX 10. TSM Channel on Facebook : https://fb.me/tsmchannel TSM Channel on STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsmchannel TSM Channel on Google+ : https://google.com/+TSMChannel TSM Channel on Blogger : http://tsmchannel.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (201)
LuCa Hunting (5 days ago)
Hey, this video card run the hunter classic?
TSM Channel (4 days ago)
I'm not sure, we didn't test it, but it should be able to run it.
L.R (6 days ago)
q9550 2.83 ghz grforce 210 4gb ddr3 can i run csgo with 30 fps ?
TSM Channel (6 days ago)
That would work for sure.
L.R (6 days ago)
and with msi gtx 750 ti low profile and 8 gb ram ?
TSM Channel (6 days ago)
Nope. I don;t think you can achieve a stable 30FPS.
lior (7 days ago)
What settings did you put all the games on?
TSM Channel (6 days ago)
If you want you can check the settings for each games, by going to the Playlist where there is a video for each game (from this list). And after the channel's intro you can see the game settings. 😄
lior (7 days ago)
TSM Channel 👍
TSM Channel (7 days ago)
Mostly minimum settings.
Alexandre Pö (8 days ago)
6/12/2017 (2018)???? new cs:go can't run with nvidia GeForce 210
Alexandre Pö (7 days ago)
y can run csgo with 10 fps what a great video game for nvidia 210
TSM Channel (7 days ago)
Sorry to hear that. CS:GO should be able to run on GeForce 210, and all the games in this video still run.
Wiz Khalifa (9 days ago)
i7 gtx 1080 120 gb 20gb ram ...
TSM Channel (9 days ago)
Nope. You'll also need an operating system.I recommend Windows 3.1 with that configuration.
My specs cpu intel core duo 2 graphics card geforce 210 dx11 4 gb ram windows 7 can I run far cry 3 please tell me
TSM Channel (10 days ago)
Yes, but there is no DX11 support for GeForce 210, only DX10. Far Cry 3 will work, but Far Cry 4 will not run.
Khaled Zineddine (14 days ago)
Intel Core i5-2400-3.10GHz 8gb RAM Windows 7 64 bit Geforce 210 4gb can i play all of those games ??
Darkzz (1 day ago)
Hey buddy, My PC is exactly the same as yours!(but my ram is 4gb) I play Portal 2, Garry's mod, and Team Fortress 2, so i think those games run on your PC.
TSM Channel (13 days ago)
Hi,yes you can.
_.BlackBxxr._ (14 days ago)
this is the 1gb version?
TSM Channel (14 days ago)
Hi, yes, it's the 1GB version.
Minecraft Srbija2003 (17 days ago)
I have 4 ram gf 210 and core 2 quad 2.5 ghz can i start lol in 60 fps
TSM Channel (17 days ago)
That's awesome. On what resolution?
Chris Chaytor (18 days ago)
curious what OS you used to test these games, and im also curious if there were any steps to lower resources done in windows settings, such as switching from windows aero to windows classic, or disabling processes in task manager. if there we're any extra steps taken to achieve these results not shown in this video, could you please upload a video discussing that in your free time. thanks for the upload :P
TSM Channel (16 days ago)
Hi, no problem. It's a second generation i5 CPU (2500K).
Chris Chaytor (17 days ago)
sorry to post again but i was wondering what cpu you were using i have an i3-2100 @3.1ghz
TSM Channel (18 days ago)
No problem.😄
Chris Chaytor (18 days ago)
thanks for the speedy reply
TSM Channel (18 days ago)
Hi, all stock Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
DRJ Segundo (19 days ago)
Test in Minecraft plz
TSM Channel (19 days ago)
Minecraft runs ok.
Ray Mak (22 days ago)
It's actually not bad
TSM Channel (22 days ago)
Indeed. 😄
Shubham Shishodia (26 days ago)
Where is farcry 5
TSM Channel (25 days ago)
Doesn't Far Cry 5 require DX11? GT 210 doesn't have DX11 support.
Elsa Duarte (28 days ago)
I Like
TSM Channel (28 days ago)
Dorsal (1 month ago)
If your using a modern CPU around this time its integrated graphics are probably better
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Indeed. Like having DX11 support.
Freetopyro (1 month ago)
Nvidia geforce 210 of 512mb ram? OR 1GB of ram?
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Hi, it's the 1GB version.
Zeck Games Br (1 month ago)
Será que roda todos esse jogos ai ? Intel i3 4 GB GT 210
Zeck Games Br (1 month ago)
TSM Channel obrigado
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
The games should work on your configuration.
Cristian Giraldo (1 month ago)
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Lalita Kutiyal (1 month ago)
Sir what are your PC specs ?
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Hi, it's a second generation i5 with 8GB RAM.
Mr McFury (1 month ago)
Can I run csgo with core 2 duo e8600 3. 00ghz and gt 210. And also using medium graphics no shadows and low physics
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Yes you can.
Kreatos (1 month ago)
Very strong GPU, it competes with Gtx 1050
Yk r (12 days ago)
Kreatos lol no wtf
Wonder Monster (1 month ago)
4GB RAM Nvidia geforce 210 Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz Can it run Prototype 2,Left 4 dead 2,or prototype 1 idk could you tell me?
Wonder Monster (1 month ago)
TSM Channel thanks!also idk it may lag a lil bit cuz i just tried it
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Hi, yes you should be able to run them. Prototype 2 might lag a little from time to time.
erick herrera chavez (1 month ago)
Waht does thi Is procesor , ocuped in The test ? And Memory Ram un GB?
erick herrera chavez (1 month ago)
TSM Channel tanks four you , atte Erick Herrera Chávez , mexican.
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
A Intel i5 (second generation) and 8GB RAM.
Abhishek Dodrai (1 month ago)
U forgot team fortress 2
TSM Channel (1 month ago)
Indeed. Team Fortress 2 should run.
TheRaziel07 (2 months ago)
Great channel!! I have core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz 4gb ram ddr2 Nvidia geforce 210 I installed dark souls 3 but it showed white screen than crashed Can i run it?or fix it? Thank you
TheRaziel07 (2 months ago)
TSM Channel thank you so much i will see if i can i find which fits my old motherboard
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Hi, the game needs a DX11 compatible GPU, starting with GeForce 4xx series. You can;t run it with your current GPU.
CV2D0Z0 (2 months ago)
Amd apu a4 3300 2.5 ghz 4gb ddr3 Geforce 210 1g Fortnite?
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Hi, yes you should be able to run Fortnite with all on low.
Fidrab (2 months ago)
wow, it looks like i have one of best computers here :D my components: ----------gt 210 XD XD XD------ asus x470-i hyperx predator 3200 16gb ryzen 2600 with watercooling
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
GAMING STUDIO (2 months ago)
My specs Intel core i5 4th gen 4gb ram Nvidia GeForce 210 Can I play watch dogs 1 and gta 5 on it
TSM Channel (25 days ago)
Yes, the integrated GPU should have DX11 support, a thing that GT 210 doesn't have.
mohammad jw (25 days ago)
I think the intergrated gpu in the cpu is better than g210 search on this
Quang Kevi Channel (1 month ago)
upgrade your GPU, it's bottlenecking ur pc. at least gt 730
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Watch Dogs -> NO GTA 5 -> YES
GAMING STUDIO (2 months ago)
Can it support gta 5
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Yes. But it's not very playable.
jovem gamer (2 months ago)
my dirt 3 has stop working
jovem gamer (1 month ago)
geforce 210 1gb 4gb ram pentium g2030 3.00ghz
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
DIRT 3 should be working just fine. It's a problem with the game, or maybe some other programs.
Wubbalubaduba dooo (2 months ago)
why my fos still low when im playing csgo specs Intel(R) Pentium 3.00Ghz 4Gb Ram Geforce 210? im playing at full low still 20 Fps and can i run rocket league in my specs?
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Rocket League should run ok, with all on low. For CS:GO also for other game depends on the resolution you're gaming on. Also Windows 10 requires more resources and will slow down your gaming. I would recommend switching to Windows 7, you'll probably gain another ~512MB of RAM for other applications (instead of Windows).
Wubbalubaduba dooo (2 months ago)
and can i run some of those games tho with my specs?
Wubbalubaduba dooo (2 months ago)
im at Windows 10 64Bit
GAMER TC21 (2 months ago)
my games "including this list" are BATTLEFIELD 3 MAXPAYNE 3 COD BO COD MW BATTLEFIELD BC2 CALL OF JUAREZ GUNSLINGER GTA 4 NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS "and all that came before it" COD WAW DARK SOULS 1 and 2
GAMER TC21 (2 months ago)
thanks man tsted them all myself
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
That's a very good list.
olivio bertolini (2 months ago)
Core2duo 3ghz4gb ramGt210Can i run games like paladins and battlerite?
olivio bertolini (2 months ago)
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
If they don't require DX11 they should work.
The FNZockerBG (2 months ago)
I have a intel Core I7 7700K -GTX 1070 8GB -16 GB RAM 2133MHZ Can it Run Mario?
SantiKawaii Schmukler (3 days ago)
Only with all in low
Fru!t- Tea (6 days ago)
Maybe u can on low settings ,but im sure u wont be able to finish its 1st lvl with ur puny brain. So Dont bother .
Nik Vundle (28 days ago)
Try minimum settings
Eva-Mods (1 month ago)
The FNZockerBG F L E X
Beast6228 (1 month ago)
One thing is certain, your computer is 3 years ancient.
Jake berifi (2 months ago)
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Can I run resident evil 5 and wwe 2k15 and 16 in this graphic
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Yes, you should be able to run Resident Evil 5, WWE 2K15 and 2K16 i really don't know.
adinath adi (2 months ago)
What is the medium far cry 3 settings plz anybody
AKSHAY REBEL (2 days ago)
adinath adi This could run far cry 3
donut (2 months ago)
Hmm my specs for now 8gb HyperX DDR4 2666mhz SSD 256GB M8Pe M.2 2280 650w PSU Ryzen 5 1600 Gt 210 XD I Will buy gigabyte GeForce GTX1060 Gaming G1 3gb
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Sidhu A (3 months ago)
Try Batman Arkham Origins and GTA 4, they'll work smoothly if you make some tweaks. And where did the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series go? They work superbly.
george p thampy (1 month ago)
210 will also support blackops 1and 2 with medium graphics
george p thampy (1 month ago)
Batman arkham origins will run smooth with 1280 pixels
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Hey thanks for the suggestions! Maybe when we'll get the GPU back for some more testing, we'll record these awesome games! 😄
Alpha (3 months ago)
i have gt210 and its laggy
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Indeed, some games might lag more than others. It also depends on the rest of your configuration, like CPU and RAM.
ss_rafee_ ss (3 months ago)
Intel Dual Core 2.70Ghz 6Gb Ram DDR3 80Gb Hardisk Gt 210 1gb Can I run this games(ros,cod mw3,cod Black ops, Minecraft)pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 reply
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
No problem. 😃
ss_rafee_ ss (3 months ago)
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Minecraft should work. The others should also, but might lag.
#thE'BesT (3 months ago)
:!: Dan3λ :!: (26 days ago)
ZumbiaTM in low graphics ~10 fps average
Quang Kevi Channel (1 month ago)
nah you can play fortnite with DX10 gpu
ZumbiaTM (2 months ago)
in low graphics 40-60 fps
JohnnyGamer (3 months ago)
fortnite support dx10
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Fortnite requires DX11.This GPU only has DX10support.
Poke Fan (4 months ago)
Can I run Naruto storm 4 on my pc Intel core 2 duo e7200 dual CPU 2.53 GHz Nvidia Geforce 210 4gb ram
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Yes i think so. You should check the minimum requirements on the Steam page of the game.
Bye Good (4 months ago)
i have : 2GB Ram. NVIDIA GeForce 210 (1GB). Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz. 500 GB Total Space. NVIDIA High Definition Audio. What Can i Run. And My PC is Low or High or Normal?
george p thampy (1 month ago)
Bye Good me tooo
ricsiHD (3 months ago)
minecraft and roblox thats all thats a shitty pc
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Well, you can take a look at this video, or read the description for the complete list of games tested on this GPU.
Bye Good (4 months ago)
tell some games :p
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Yes and no. Some games will run ok some not so ok, because you only have 2GB of RAM.
DazzleTorQ (5 months ago)
I have the same gpu and a core i3 (3.3 ghz) 4 gb ram , can i run bf3 (40 fps?)
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Yes, maybe with all on low and maybe a lower resolution, i think it's achievable.
DazzleTorQ (5 months ago)
And yea dmc5 and Arkham city worked fine for me
subir chakraborty (5 months ago)
Also can u please tell the best open-world action adventure games (like GTAs) which is supported by my specs? Thank you I subbed !
subir chakraborty (5 months ago)
My specs- Windows 7 64-bit Pentium G3220 3.00GHz 4GB RAM GeForce 210 (obvious) Can i play Watch Dogs 1, GTA V and these games? Pls tell!
GAMER TC21 (2 months ago)
that is it
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
i2 CPU? There isn't a i2 CPU. We tested Watch Dogs with a Intel Core 2 Duo and a much better (DX11) GPU and it had lag every 30 seconds or so.
GAMER TC21 (2 months ago)
but still my shitty pc made it work my specs are "2 gb rams - i2 cpu "and yes it didn't explode yet since 2009" - and gt 210 nvidia card"
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Max Maybe 3 and BF3 can run on DX10. Watch Dogs is an DX11 game and doesn't support DX10. The same with GTA5, in the settings you can choose on which DX version the game runs (the same as Max Payne 3, both games are made by the same developer) DX10, DX10.1 and DX11.
GAMER TC21 (2 months ago)
bad but i don't understand how Max PAYNE 3 and BATTLEFIELD 3 worked smoth "everything on low though"
nezz koje (5 months ago)
dude i play csgo with fucking 50fps on gt 210 with core 2 duo e8400
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Is that a question?
Mr. D (5 months ago)
can you give me a link for titanfall game i cant find any legit iso?
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
But you can test the trial. If the game doesn't run ok on your configuration, you might not want to get/buy it.
Mr. D (5 months ago)
TSM Channel boi i dont have money
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Sorry can't. You can test the trail on Origin.
Technical Aliyan (5 months ago)
I have Core 2 duo e8400 2 GB Ram, I can Upgrade It to 4 GB And Gt 210 Can I paly these Games? And GTA V
Mr. D (5 months ago)
Technical Aliyan 4gb aint enough bcuz half of 4gb memory will be consume by your OS and your running apps
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
You can play on it but there will be more lag.
Technical Aliyan (5 months ago)
ists mean I cannot play on it
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Well GT 210 is a better graphics card than Intel HD Graphics from the first generation i3.
Technical Aliyan (5 months ago)
WarGuard (6 months ago)
I can't even play man of war assault squad properly I remember before geforce 210 I used to play so many better games on my pc any tips?
mohammad jw (25 days ago)
Make sure its 32 bit and no background apps are using the cpu or ram and make sure you dont heat on the cpu or gpu
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
We test all games on Windows 7, with the latest NVIDIA drivers. That's all.
Møhamęd TÂHÂ (6 months ago)
I have pentium G630 4Gb Ram GT 210 Can i run these games? Answer plz
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Hi, yes sure. Most of them. It also depends on your Windows. I recommend Windows 7 because it uses less resources.
Muza Butt (6 months ago)
i have core i5 1st Gen. nvidia 210 1gb 4 gb ram can i play some of these games?? like batman, just cause 2, Hitman series and COD 4 Mordren and etc ...??? plz help me..
StormyPlayz YT (1 month ago)
Muza Butt i5 520/530? Holy shit thats old
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Yes you can. You can play most DX10 video games.
Felipe Ferreira (6 months ago)
What processor?
SillenZ (17 days ago)
u cant
Alex George (2 months ago)
AMD Dual core 3ghz, would this do okay for old games, say PS2 era, and some modern'ish games like MW2, 2007-2010?? Low settings with stable frames maybe??
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Cornelius Sianturi (6 months ago)
but till can play game like in this video right???
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
If it's a single core CPU, don't expect much.
Ełiasafe ._. (6 months ago)
All games in the list are running in medium quality? (Sorry if have some errors, I don't Speak english 😂😂😂)
藝術YAGO (5 months ago)
ToitoHD (6 months ago)
Eseee ingles perro
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
You can check every game what settings it was played on at the start of each video : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv7kwtShWEOiSaVksRfI9tg_zucYacIds

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