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Windstorm (part 10 ending) (Horse Game)

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In this wonderful game, you slip into the role of Mika and immerse yourself deeper into the fascinating world of the horse whisperer and her black stallion Ostwind. There‘s always something exciting to do at Kaltenbach Estate. Freely explore the area around Kaltenbach Estate and discover entirely new locations with Windstorm. Check out the complete game here : https://goo.gl/ZrjkJ3 TSM Channel on Facebook : https://fb.me/tsmchannel TSM Channel on STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsmchannel TSM Channel on Google+ : https://google.com/+TSMChannel TSM Channel on Blogger : http://tsmchannel.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (33)
Eugene Yugas (4 months ago)
Esse jogo e de celular
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Este jogo é apenas para PC.
Lilli Luna (5 months ago)
Ostwind 😂 Ist voll lustig das die die deutschen Namen übernommen haben anstatt sie umzubenennen :D
HorseCrazyKelly (6 months ago)
Link plz?
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Here you go : http://store.steampowered.com/app/649810/OstwindWindstorm/
Cupcake Girl (6 months ago)
Play Star stable online!plss
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Hi! We did play some Star Stable Online.
Eline Duskson (8 months ago)
What's this games name, I want the game it's so cool, it's just like having your own horse!
TSM Channel (8 months ago)
It's called Windstorm or Ostwind. It's based on a german movie series.
Hiba Msaad (8 months ago)
you can tell me the name of this game please :D
TSM Channel (8 months ago)
Windstorm. The game is available for purchase on STEAM.
Stayin' (9 months ago)
Where i can ge get this amazing game ?!
TSM Channel (9 months ago)
Hi Anniela. You can purchase this game on STEAM.
Mell 77 (9 months ago)
where do you install?
TSM Channel (9 months ago)
You can buy the game on STEAM, and you can install it wherever you want.
Gun OakBear (11 months ago)
Is this to be downloaded on laptop?
TSM Channel (11 months ago)
No, it's $20 on Steam if you want to download it.
Gun OakBear (11 months ago)
TSM Channel Is it free? :))
TSM Channel (11 months ago)
Yes, you can purchase this game and play it on a Windows PC or laptop.
Stephany Silva (1 year ago)
I want to play it
Stephany Silva (1 year ago)
TSM Channel :(
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Stephany Silva (1 year ago)
Very realistic, good job, your channel is grewing up!!!
Pupville101 (5 months ago)
I mean, for a horse game it's pretty realistic aside from the guano in the horse's bedding being more like a dog's instead of a horse's and the horse in this game tired of galloping very quickly when in reality it could go like that for a good while. The animation is fine though.
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
It's worth it. If not now, maybe when the game will be on sale. 😃
Stephany Silva (1 year ago)
TSM Channel cool this game, one day i buy it.
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Thanks Stephany. Yup, the game was released in 2017, and uses a modern game engine, it's a pretty nice game.
Puppyraincloud (1 year ago)
no not the last episode
Miss Frye (1 year ago)
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Music Lucy (1 year ago)
is this game worth the money?
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Well, i've enjoyed it. You can see for yourself i guess.

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