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How to Create NAT on Juniper Firewall Device

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In this video I demonstrate how to create a NAT, or Mapped IP, in a Juniper ScreenOS device.
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Du Tran (5 months ago)
Json i need config block IP address on juniper ssg 5?
Ken Derrough (1 year ago)
Jason i need help understanding. You created the MIP under Un-Trust but when you created the policy you pit it in the Trust zone. Should the MIP be created under the Trust Zone?
Jason Redwine (1 year ago)
Ken Derrough hi Ken,. You would indeed create the mip on the untrust but the policy would go in the trust Zone.
Santi Mac (1 year ago)
The first interface that you selected (Untrust) to create the MIP, is the Internet Connection?
Essam Mohamed (4 years ago)
pls. how to open interface web for juniper and thank you
Wahid Rahman (3 years ago)
+Essam Mohamed it is already open, just browse to

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