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Nintendo Gamecube Unboxing

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In this video I unboxed the Nintendo Gamecube. I went over the out side of the box, showed you the contents that came with tthe console, and gave you a walkthrough of the console itself. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/benicellguy
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Fleet Knight greywolf (5 days ago)
Where's DIGITAL a/v out? Model DOL-001 or DOL-101? NVR had gcn 1 ever videogame console was the Nintendo dsi xl the first ever game/console
Fleet Knight greywolf (5 days ago)
Those are for the modem and/or the Broadband gcn accessories Only *eight titles including Kirby air ride, Mario kart double dash* use/at one time would use those however there are and/or were those plus component video output cord/cables available exclusively via Nintendo's online store until mid to late 2004 the featepure/compatibility of the consoles port was dropped
The Retro Geek (2 months ago)
It’s pronounced WaveBird wireless controller
W P (1 year ago)
Nice how you just jammed an old used system in the box and called it an unboxing... fake news
Is the silvet gamecube rare?
Fleet Knight greywolf (5 days ago)
Dario Rivera (2 months ago)
My dad used to have the silver gc
Crazyasswhitey (2 months ago)
Just A Normal Fortnite player yes the silvet gamecube is extremely rare!
The Crazy Mario Dudes (1 year ago)
My dad solded or keeped the nintendo consoles he had nes, n64, snes, game boy, EVERYTHING but he didn't have the wii or gamecube *sigh*
New Super Retro Man (1 year ago)
mega collection is the cheapest GameCube game Ever
Missi Smith (1 year ago)
Wow that was a great walkthrough of the GameCube I really enjoyed watching it 👍👌🏻😀
Aiden Tapiz (1 year ago)
I have a platinum GameCube
Robert Thomas (1 year ago)
i want a gamecube
Super Mario Adventure (1 year ago)
I've never own it
Tim Dook (1 year ago)
FireNeptune98 (2 years ago)
I remember that box when I was little :)
Evan Ponte (2 years ago)
Cool unboxing. Also, the Memory Card I'm getting is the 16x-32x Memory Card for the console. Used (condition) from GameStop.com
Evolve Yourself (2 years ago)
Jesus, dude, slow down. You sound like Ray Ramono being forced to unboxing stuff at gunpoint..
Evan Ponte (1 year ago)
Evolve Yourself Hmm, you got a point.
Nico O. (2 years ago)
i just bough one just like yours, because i collect consoles, but i need games, i hope i can play it soon! :D
Nico O. (2 years ago)
i just bough one just like yours, because i collect consoles, but i need games, i hope i can play it soon! :D
Manic Mania (2 years ago)
I have a gamecube dreamcast n64 and more old stuff like that and I use theme
Pointless Channel (2 years ago)
I won't buy one because I have a wii and you can play GameCube games on it and you can use a GameCube controller on the wii
Andy Molina and then first gen black wii
Gandolof awy (2 years ago)
+Sixty Megamushroom (Six) thanks for saying that I thought it only worked on the white wii XD
Shadowy Lincoln (2 years ago)
i don`t have one because i was little when games there was out like Shadow The Hedgehog i did not have a console i had toys
Shadowy Lincoln (2 years ago)
i don`t have one because i was little when games there was out like Shadow The Hedgehog i did not have a console i had toys
Shadowy Lincoln (2 years ago)
i don`t have one because i was little when games there was out like Shadow The Hedgehog i did not have a console i had toys
MadOverGames (2 years ago)
This was horrible I thought this was gonna be brand new this look like trash !
Jacob Hussain (2 years ago)
your voice pisses me the fuck off
Levi Cassidy (1 year ago)
why? o.O
Max Warren (3 years ago)
I came here to see how everything was packaged initially when it was new. Disappointed :(
Fleet Knight greywolf (5 days ago)
Ikr, Tbh box looks cool :p
Sir Skitzo (2 years ago)
Sanjay Behal (2 years ago)
me also
Zenkai Sama (3 years ago)
I still have it and still play games on it even though I have a Wii and Wii U
Muilisx (3 years ago)
who does an unboxing of something thats years old....u do unboxing of new shit...there r videos of these systems never opened sealed from day 1...THATS A UNBOXING. As soon as he said that i stopped watching. who packs a system up to do a unboxing like this
Muilisx (2 years ago)
+random2XD never wasn't chill. Just dumb as hell, k thnx
random2XD (2 years ago)
+Muilisx Chill out the vid is good.
TeamJ-Money (3 years ago)
I still have it
Pokemonshadow 1 (3 years ago)
Uploaded on Apr 10, 2005
FireBreather16 AUTTP (3 years ago)
Note: I was born in 2001 and I have a Wii w/ 24 Wii games and 6 GameCube games
oldskool (2 years ago)
good for you..
Mario Juggie (3 years ago)
dude do u have adhd? bc damn the way yur cliking da bttons doe!! @ 1:30
MrGamerPlayer856 (3 years ago)
Nice unboxing of the Nintendo GameCube I used to have the same colour and system as you did In this video of yours and I wish I kept it lol 😟 with everything in the box like you did
NickN2 (3 years ago)
I have a GameCube and I still love playing it its one of my favourite consoles of all time!
MountPooji (3 years ago)
Sound like a idiot and are a idiot
greatdude25 (3 years ago)
I got two in my lifetime.. 2003 I think I had a purple one Didn't last too long so I got a black one after. And sold it for 5$ since I didn't have the original cables..
Atticus (2 years ago)
+greatdude25 The cables are really cheap.
John Tegeler (3 years ago)
Meri Chan :3 (2 years ago)
+benicellguy hello you are a big guy ;) Im from Perú
Meri Chan :3 (2 years ago)
+benicellguy hello you are a big guy ;) Im from Perú
benicellguy (3 years ago)
ExScyther (3 years ago)
He sounds like Clarence
Frost 99 (3 years ago)
why you sound one of the family guy character
Gavin Raps (2 years ago)
chiefkeefsossa (2 years ago)
JKjoKErz (2 years ago)
+TheDarkReach Chris
Nightfall Productions (2 years ago)
He sounds like Cleveland
Shiro J. (2 years ago)
+benicellguy you sound more like the son... not stewie... i forgot the other guys name... the blonde fat ond
Rodolfo S (3 years ago)
Nice video! I know the controller is ugly lol my first nintendo system was SNES with "Street fighter ll" MEMORIES. :)
BloodGearBlazeHeart98 (3 years ago)
One of my favourite Nintendo systems out there next to the GBA and 3DS. I have the Platinum one like in the video. The Wavebird controller is fucking ugly but is pretty good. I have 2 memory cards for it (one is black, one is white), I have 3 controllers for it (Platinum (came with), Indigo and a Wavebird). I also have the GBP for it and it is great!.
Tyler S. Vandersen (2 years ago)
+BloodGearBlazeHeart98 I just bumped into my old self!
ricky jenks (3 years ago)
The controller is ducking ugly
Brebgon (4 years ago)
Lol im getting 1
Panzer Gaming (4 years ago)
Still have mine, the last time I had played on this console was 2007.
RaiXVortex (4 years ago)
i brought one today lol
Bran Stan (4 years ago)
You sound like Raymond from Everyone loves Raymond lol
DarthE *AFK* (3 years ago)
I was thinking Peter Griffin but you're right! haha!
Victor Perry (4 years ago)
i have the black gamecube also with like 16 games for it
Victor Perry (4 years ago)
text me ben 7349250510 i am a mario freak
Mew2.0 (4 years ago)
I have this and will never sell it for a Wii. I will probably play the Wii 4 times, get bored, then play some Xbox or PlayStation.
Inbred SpicyMexican (4 years ago)
I have a the rare orange
Ethan Workman (4 years ago)
Is this guy retarded
Hamsap Lo (4 years ago)
Are u one of a retrd
Michael Loring (4 years ago)
I still play it best console of that Generation I havexa Silver Edition LIMITED EDITION NINTENDO GAMECUBE
xboxnintendogamer (4 years ago)
Silver is boss
Sub-Zero (4 years ago)
I still have the black gamecube and still play it
KolerikRocks (4 years ago)
Isaiah Perez (4 years ago)
I got a black gamecube
SgtGnome (4 years ago)
I used to have the platinum one
marquell1001 (4 years ago)
Gamecube belive it or not is my favorite gaming console and i play it more than my xbox
califaern3sto (4 years ago)
quick fact, the analog tv cable for the gamecube fits the n64 AND super nintendo :)
Jorge Gómez (4 years ago)
Dominic Alfieri (4 years ago)
you said L for the z button
Colin Tektrox (4 years ago)
I'm lucky to get one, and I'm never going to sell it just like I usually do. I do not sell any og mu gaming stuff
Ty Morgan (4 years ago)
That was the first console I ever played
cubebox. (5 years ago)
Hey, About two months ago my dad and I started a project to make a video game console that is affordable and powerful! We have just finished the pitch video and I was wondering if you guys could check it out!
Damian Jr (5 years ago)
It looks like he bought it yesterday then he put it back in the blocks
SavageNebs (5 years ago)
Good memories
Phillip Cole (5 years ago)
Now how do you rebox it with all the cardboard inserts?
Oscar Angel Garcia (5 years ago)
I still play the gamecube even though I have the new Xbox 360 kinect love fifa street for gamecube
Nick Leroux (5 years ago)
I haven't played mine in years!!! I used to love it.
SkullZone1 (5 years ago)
Sadly I sold mine when I was 9 years old :(
Crazy Neerp (5 years ago)
I still have it but its in my closet
Crazy Neerp (5 years ago)
That was a Z button
Bryan (5 years ago)
This is the best console ever!
Dude you suck!
MrSkyo (5 years ago)
Are you sure, 2005? Really? It was 2001 :P... And i will not spend 500$ on the fcking new xboxes and playstations. The classic is the best.! :)
André Persson (5 years ago)
Dude it's 2013 now... The console was released 2005
_ _ (5 years ago)
Ral Negas (5 years ago)
you suck
MrSkyo (5 years ago)
i got this about 1 week ago. This is a really good console. ;)
Planet Awesome 11 (5 years ago)
Probably my favorite game systems are the GameCube the playstation
Alicia Black (5 years ago)
I got a black one not to long ago
Granoffryan2 (5 years ago)
I still play on my Gamecube. I currently have 2 of them. And also they had a black memory card
Granoffryan2 (5 years ago)
I still play on my Gamecube.
LOCO2010ify (5 years ago)
I have it buy it it does approximately 7 or 8 years certainly it is the same edition
Fsjproductionsfelix (5 years ago)
I'm the exact 15,000 VIEWER!!!
theMONSTERaddict423 (5 years ago)
I still have my black GameCube with original every thing xD but it doesn't read the discs anymore :(
I already have a wii... And it's rvl 101... In other words it doesn't play GC games... I'm picking this up today or later for wind waker! :D
Bazzinga Attack (5 years ago)
Guys help me where i can find this in finland or where i can order it with €
djhunt3r (5 years ago)
you are and sound AWESOME!!
DaChazSterTV (5 years ago)
I think the GameCube is kind of cute. Anyone agree?
7ony (5 years ago)
My childhood.... Lol Been Having a gamecube for 6-7 years yet never notice i had a limited edition platinum one xD
WGxAmAZiinG26 (5 years ago)
Damn .. I really Fuxkin wish I never gave this away for this shitty ass Xbox .. I feel like a idiot :/
Edwardioso (5 years ago)
i still have my gamecube and i got a wii
MrLol07 (5 years ago)
Brings back so much memories :')
gapf2010channel (5 years ago)
Is it me, or he really likes the word "here"?
Rufus Hewitt (5 years ago)
ah...reminds me of my child hood life back in 2001 (now i'm 15-16 in two months) my best games were super maio sunshine, mario kart doube dash!!,the mario party series, super smash bros melee & most greatist favorite best game in the whole world is Luigi's mansion plus luigi's mansion 2 can't whait till it comes out oh just in time for my 16th birthday too
2112starman54 (5 years ago)
My camecube came with Mario party 7
OneSonicFariyBallZilla (5 years ago)
Morgan MaryAnn (5 years ago)
Did you really need to say it twice?
Morgan MaryAnn (5 years ago)
I have this gamecube.(: And the Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness edition,

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