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15 QUICK Tips About: Barrel📦 (APRIL FOOLS JOKE)

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WHAT'S UP EVERYONE► Here are 15 EXTREMELY QUICK facts, tips, and tricks about the barrel in JUST 30sec! Credit for helping me get the footage: NIKHILKING$$$! FIND MORE ERNIEC3 CONTENT► *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erniec3gaming/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/erniec3gaming *IFunny: http://ifunny.co/erniec3gaming *Discord: https://discord.gg/sKsyuSS MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)► "Fast Lane" by Gunnar Olsen "Another Perspective" by Silent Partner "Say Yeah" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Space Background: http://www.bloggazwithattitude.com/vinyl-played-space/spatiul-cosmic/ Lens Flare Images In ErnieCIII Logo's Eyes In Intro: http://www.freeiconspng.com/images/lens-png Metal Slam Sound Effect In Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFKfKhaOzcxvZrV7LOD8Pw Power Up Sound Effect in Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM0_iEg5npY Whoosh Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFY9TX2Fghg Whoosh #2 Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N3kROJvn0 Pop Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrWnEf74aBA Stopwatch Graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST-vlmK9OTw Clash Royale Clan: TheErnieC3Clan TO JOIN CLAN: Enter this code►(90grcypc) in the request description and you MUST HAVE a total donation count of 30k or higher.
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Text Comments (509)
ErnieC3 (10 months ago)
April Fools everyone! Hope I got a bit of a laugh out of you all :) *Yes it's a dead meme, but I thought my "15 tips" would best fit the joke of the "number 15" meme.*
Noah Park (5 months ago)
You wasted a minute of my life no thank you
Jefferson 11900 (10 months ago)
Can u pls do inferno Dragon?
Filip Macedonia (10 months ago)
Hahahahaha this is good.
ChokeBrick Studios (10 months ago)
ErnieC3 I Have A Question. What's A Good Night Witch Replacement Card For Arena 7?
Your Mom (10 months ago)
You made me laugh
Noob er (5 days ago)
Donald Trump (14 days ago)
10 months passed but the meme is still good :,)
Mr Sam (2 months ago)
W.T.Fun man
Sharpshotz Gaming (2 months ago)
*You have to sound like him....*
GNSX Clown (3 months ago)
Pls the barrel how to use video
hill clinton (3 months ago)
seeing it serious is a seriousbut,seeing it as a joke is not a joke
vortex effect (4 months ago)
u clickbaited!
vortex effect (4 months ago)
ErnieC3 haha sorry man
ErnieC3 (4 months ago)
+vortex effect Well there was no way to tell haha. It's hard to understand if you're joking through chat. :)
vortex effect (4 months ago)
ErnieC3 i was just joking lol
ErnieC3 (4 months ago)
vortex effect (4 months ago)
ErnieC3 (4 months ago)
Hipster Jesus (4 months ago)
500th comment
Jasper De Vries (5 months ago)
Jj _Ravioly (5 months ago)
*DIS* *CARD* *IS* *OP* lol
Dion Hally-Thomson (5 months ago)
Burger king foot lettuce: Kills everyone like the meme did
Faisol- Playz (5 months ago)
Aww... I actually wanted goblin barell tips
dddpsp (5 months ago)
Nooo,where are the others 14 tips????i need EXPERIENCE!!!! xD
Face Fish (5 months ago)
Electrify _ Brawl Stars (5 months ago)
I 've already known this from the starting...😂 Hit a like
The bean King (5 months ago)
👌Mwah.I will now always use the barrel
RageDarkPrince (6 months ago)
April fools thing
Yamie Gaming (6 months ago)
Colossal titan (6 months ago)
The question is can you mirror it? 🤔
kYg tv (7 months ago)
Primal Pea (7 months ago)
Oooo leaked barrel card? Not added or notified I guess YouTuber got the update first... Ernie: April Fools! Hahahaha Me 😂😂😣😣😓😓😰😢😥
Kirsty James (7 months ago)
773? Dislikes We all know what age those people are who disliked it
kcqtpie (7 months ago)
Roll the Ali-A intro
Draksiasthan (7 months ago)
nice !!!
Malaska :D (7 months ago)
Super Cell (7 months ago)
this meme was already dead then you posted this video
Icelanticore (7 months ago)
*Bamboozled yet again*
General Kenobi (7 months ago)
Did I just get Rick Rolled
Abode .X (7 months ago)
What dafak
Dan Loyd Del Mundo (8 months ago)
you know your a fuck LOL
Huso556 Jd (8 months ago)
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Kapkan (8 months ago)
Jajaja unsubscribing and disliking
Dhman Dhman (8 months ago)
Fuck u bro 😂😆😹
Erzio • (8 months ago)
Yeah I wonder why he Posted this On April 1???
Andrew Oliver (8 months ago)
Da fuq is this
Cirno Chan (8 months ago)
Andrew Oliver April fool's?
pubg Mobile (8 months ago)
Lmao report
GamerAlex MD (8 months ago)
Mom,give the credit card,I gotta buy the barrel
CantTouchMyFrenchFri • (8 months ago)
This is why I Subscribed
King Pig (8 months ago)
No.15 Burger King foot lettuce, the last thing you want in your burger king burger if someone's foot fun guess, but as it turns out that might be what you get, a fourth chatter uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feed in a plastic bin of lettuce, with the statement this is the lettuce you eat at burger king, Admittedly he had shoes on but its even worse.
One Slavic Boi (8 months ago)
The best video ever made
Eggspansion Time (8 months ago)
i n s t a n t s u b
Mahmoud Salama (8 months ago)
family K Zehms (8 months ago)
I now how to use the barrel now thanks.
Aesthetics 4 Noobs (8 months ago)
ZymSB GT (8 months ago)
When you lowkey need more ad revenue
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
When it's lowkey april fools day xdxdxd
TheColdNSG Boss (8 months ago)
lol 😂
ruben games (8 months ago)
I watched this when it issnt april fools me like : :/
Ghost DEVIL (8 months ago)
Thx for these tips about burger king n shooes
Ping Ping Tangseraneekul (8 months ago)
can you do ice wizard please
A Guy. (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tips!
TinTin (8 months ago)
do goblin barrel pls
Alex Blidaru (9 months ago)
Barrel - DETAILS Rarity: Common Type: Spell Elixir: 0 STATISTICS Damage: 100 (level 1) 110 (level 2) 121 (level 3) 133 (level 4) 146 (level 5) 160 (level 6) 176 (level 7) 193 (level 8) 212 (level 9) - Tournament Standard 231 (level 10) 256 (level 11) 272 (level 12) 300 (level 13) - Initial max level 323 (level 14) - With level 8 mirror FACT: It also deals the same damage to crown towers. Width: 3 tiles Range: infinite
Alex Blidaru (9 months ago)
Damage it does at lvls that don't exist besided lvl.14. Level 15 - 351 damage Level 16 - 369 damage Level 17 - 383 damage Level 18 - 399 damage Level 19 - 423 damage Level 20 - 455 damage Level 21 - 470 damage Level 22 - 484 damage Level 23 - 502 damage Level 24 - 522 damage Level 25 - 555 damage Level 26 - 573 damage Level 27 - 581 damage Level 28 - 600 damage Level 29 - 619 damage Level 30 - 631 damage Level 31 - 665 damage Level 32 - 681 damage Level 33 - 701 damage Level 34 - 734 damage Level 35 - 762 damage Level 36 - 781 damage Level 37 - 803 damage Level 38 - 824 damage Level 39 - 845 damage Level 40 - 866 damage Level 41 - 879 damage Level 42 - 895 damage Level 43 - 925 damage Level 44 - 954 damage Level 45 - 966 damage Level 46 - 979 damage Level 47 - 1000 damage Level 48 - 1011 damage Level 49 - 1034 damage Level 50 - 1055 damage
TriTri1244 (9 months ago)
Wow XD
Lamic the Epic Face (9 months ago)
Can you make Mini Pekka/Skeleton army?
Alex Bordeianu (9 months ago)
Hey ernie Make a video about battle ram dark prince bandit bridge spam quick tips Have a good day
Mr. Pet (9 months ago)
I didn't read and wait Bec I thought it said barbain barrel tips XD
Hero Legend (9 months ago)
I cam actually use these useful tips
Haukur Bragi Fjalarsson (9 months ago)
When something looks weird i check when the video was published
Panda Eater (9 months ago)
Lmao nice troll
keung pang (9 months ago)
Do hog rider
Gerson Batres (9 months ago)
Fuck you Ernie comments are disabled on your next video
Gerson Batres (9 months ago)
ErnieC3 I am sorry:'(
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
Ok and? I disabled them because I knew that people would just be putting their requests there instead of on the poll. What's with the spontaneous hostility? 😂
Can you make 15 tips about mini pekka?
Lone Wolf (9 months ago)
poison plz
15 quick tips about bowler please
Nicasio DelCastillo (10 months ago)
Hafiz Gamers (10 months ago)
The Ass (10 months ago)
Dumitrel Cojocariu (10 months ago)
I want 15 QUICK Tips About : Valkyrie.
oof (10 months ago)
MEME REVIEW: this meme is gonna be ded in 1 week!!! rating: 0/10
i think i follow you on ifunny
Ultra Bass Maker (10 months ago)
I love your channel
Kwstas Kalona. (10 months ago)
The best card in the game
Echo Gaming (10 months ago)
Hey Erniec3 I am deathcoaster_36 in Clash royale A persone named MDSR is my friend and i want to join your clan but my trophies are 3100+ while you guys request for 3600 pls help me THNX
victor garcia (10 months ago)
Un sub?
Ever heard of april fools? Killjoys
Matheus Almeida (10 months ago)
15 Quick tips about witch? Okay, I'm leaving now
SAD_DE (10 months ago)
lol the like/dislike ratio is approx. 4/1 so basically 1/4 of the viewers didnt understand the joke lol
Hraklhs X (10 months ago)
make elite barbs tips
red piercer (10 months ago)
So Ernie did you got rick rolled
Tsun PANG (10 months ago)
Do hog rider video
Fuzion 746 (10 months ago)
Pls Do 15 Quick tip about Bandit
Jack (10 months ago)
I wonder what card will be next 🤔
krasuuuee (10 months ago)
outro longer than the video gj
ErnieC3 (10 months ago)
Mohamad Bahjet (10 months ago)
My notfacation ringed now lol
Mjneo (10 months ago)
please ice spirit
Enzo Machado (10 months ago)
Well done, sir! That is what we need to know about this card!
C Da G (10 months ago)
so pointless
Biplob Chandra Roy (10 months ago)
Happy April♧
I LOVE SPONGEBOB (10 months ago)
April fools day🎉🎉🎉🎉
Rico Sirge (10 months ago)
Fuck u u littel bich
Ahh... another one of these kill joy kids? Instead of killing joy why not you kill yourself instead?
_ Razorr _ (10 months ago)
Ur stupid.
PureSalt (10 months ago)
Omg this should be a real card! XD Happy easter Sunday and April Fools!
Gabytza (10 months ago)
Yep , this meme dies next month.. woterfak
Bubble Blaxzz (10 months ago)
Oh wow😂
Karim Kobeissi (10 months ago)
Ohh god that was a good one
George Urtoi (10 months ago)
This meme died already,it was fun :,)
Daniela Dragomir (10 months ago)
Mom gay,wae,SPAGGET,woods and a wird boi with a cool monster hat,spaceX,2+2 thats 4-1 thats fk mess ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)
Senpai Kawaï (10 months ago)
Good one
w h y d e a d m e m e s

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