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Acer Aspire 4730Z Ram Upgrade

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In this video, I demonstrate how to remove and install more ram in the Acer Aspire 4730Z. Originally, this came with 2GB of ram and another 2GB will be added to this computer giving it a maximum of 4GB of ram. You will need your ram sticks, and a small philips screwdriver to complete this process. Not sure how to do this? Stick around and find out. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/benicellguy Follow me on instagram: http://instagram.com/benicellguy
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abdul qadeer (2 months ago)
bro I cant play Videos 1080p Acer Aspire 4730Z what is the problem please tell me...
shicarlina (2 years ago)
Hi, i already have 2gb ram, with 1gb per slot. I'm using window vista. Can i upgraded this to 4 gb ram and how can i know which ram are compatible to buy?
UJustGotGamed (2 years ago)
Thats a video card lol...
al13326 (3 years ago)
Okay, I tried a workaround from the link I posted here before, and my conclusion it is a WINDOWS problem. Other 32-bit operating system such as Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 12.04 Precise pangolin) able to recognize and use at least 3.9GB, which IMO very acceptable than a 2.93GB on 32-bit Windows OS. So I guess you need to install a 64-bit Windows in order to utilize that 4GB of memory...
al13326 (3 years ago)
Have you already solved your problem regarding usable RAM? If not, maybe you can check this one: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/pc-mac-linux-society-1000004/4gb-of-ram-but-only-2gb-usable-27493702/ Hope that helps.
Cárlos DMG X SHöØ (3 years ago)
Hey i just replaced a 2gb RAM to 8gb.. can i add the 2gb to the 8gb so i get 10gb..?
benicellguy (3 years ago)
No. In fact I'm just curious. How was it that you were able to install 8gb of ram since this thing can only go up to 4gb of ram? When I did my research on this model, all of them said maximum ram is 4gb.
Alex Libby (4 years ago)
Bhupendra Gondane (4 years ago)
Thanks Ben for the infonrmation you shared. What i was wondering is, even if we upgrade the RAM to additional 2 GB as you have shown in this video, the important question is does it improves the performance of the Laptop as far as getting the applications process faster or increase in the speed of processing comparatively or not? If the answer is Yes then it would make real sense to ugrade the RAM. Let me know your views on the same. Thanks again for all the efforts you made for this video.
benicellguy (4 years ago)
Ram helps the speed a little bit, but it's main purpose is to make your os run smoother. From what I know it stores the cache you receive into the ram and deletes it everytime you turn off the PC (can't remember when the pc turns on or off for this). But don't think the ram is not important because it is. For speed, most of it comes from the processor and part of it from the the type of hard drive you have (SSD vs HDD).
KB KB (4 years ago)
Thanks dude nice job!
benicellguy (4 years ago)
You're welcome. And thanks.

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