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Helger Lipmaa "Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Arguments from Span Programs and ..."

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Helger Lipmaa (Tartu Universitāte) referāts "Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Arguments from Span Programs and Linear Error-Correcting Codes", Recently, Gennaro, Gentry, Parno and Raykova [GGPR12] proposed an ecient non-interactive zero knowledge argument for Circuit-SAT, based on non-standard notions like conscientious and quadratic span programs. We propose a new non-interactive zero knowledge argument, based on a simple combination of standard span programs (that verify the correctness of every individual gate) and high-distance linear error-correcting codes (that check the consistency of wire assignments). We simplify all steps of the argument. As one of the corollaries, we design an (optimal) wire checker, based on systematic Reed-Solomon codes, of size 8n and degree 4n, while the wire checker from [GGPR12] has size 24n and degree 76n, where n is the circuit size. Importantly, the new argument has constant verier's computation. (publikācija: http://eprint.iacr.org/2013/121) Kvantu un kritpo diena 2013 (Quantum and Crypto Day 2013) Latvijas Universitātes Datorikas fakultātē notika 2013. gada 25. aprīlī. Plašāka informācija: http://www.df.lu.lv/zinas/t/20343/
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