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Risen 3 : Titan Lords (Final Boss Fight & Game Ending) (Good Ending)

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Risen 3 : Titan Lords, the ending of the game with the final boss fight against Nekroloth (The Titan Of Death) and the final cutscene after the final battle. The game runs on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 with all high details.
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Cofresi100 (7 months ago)
this fight was hard but i did it love this game risen 4 ??
TSM Channel (7 months ago)
After Risen 3, the developers made ELEX. You should check it out.
Winterofash 1300 (2 years ago)
I'll say one thing for risen it's consistent in that it's SHIT!💢😡
Fuji Wuji (1 year ago)
I agree. Terrible game.
Dan Hamilton (2 years ago)
yup :D
Anton Budi (3 years ago)
is the enemy in risen 3 can respawn ?
deadmeanglory (3 years ago)
Yes they can
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
Hello, yes some creatures on the island can respawn.

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