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Fix Dependency Error Kodi-The dependency on script.module.urlresolver version

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Fix Dependency Error Kodi-The dependency on script.module.urlresolver version-kodi dependency errors-failed to install dependency script.module.urlresolver-dependency error kodi. ****************************************************************** I get the following error message/notification while try to install the exodus on kodi 17.3 krypton: Exodus The dependency on script.module.urlresolver version or Failed to install dependency script.module.liveresolver ****************************************************************** This tutorial is about how to fix failed to install dependency exodus. This error "script.exodus.artwork" solution is works on kodi all versions like that kodi 17,kodi 17.1,kodi 16,kodi 16.1,kodi firestick,xbmc kodi also. This kodi open source media software is also available for android users,you can get it from google play store. ****************************************************************** Fix failed to install dependency kodi: 1.Goto your kodi home then goto settings, by click to settings icon and goto "File manager". 2.Here you can click to open "Add source" option and you can enter the following i mentioned url. 3.Now you can goto kodi home -addons, here you can click to open "Box icon" and goto "Install from zip file". 4.Here you can locate "Caz" and click to open it,now goto "Repository" then select "repository.simplycaz.zip" file. 5.Now wait for sometime and then goto "Install from repository" - simply caz repo - video addons. 6.Finally you can locate "Exodus" and click to install it. 7.Now the problem "kodi dependency issue" is solved. 8.Using this way also you can fix "kodi dependency script.module.metahandler" error. ******************************************************************
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Text Comments (32)
Paul Lea (1 year ago)
Yea of little faith..........worked a treat, thank you
Teconz (1 year ago)
+Paul Lea welcome frd...
alfredo rubin (1 year ago)
works ok. very easy to follow the instructions. thanks a lot
Teconz (1 year ago)
+alfredo rubin welcome frd...
jack off (1 year ago)
Worked for me. A different dependency error, but still worked. Thanks.
Teconz (1 year ago)
+jack off welcome frd...
Beau DeLo (1 year ago)
worked for me!!!
Teconz (1 year ago)
+travis deloach welcome frd...
Cierra Chance (1 year ago)
You went way too fast
504mkl (1 year ago)
I would say to date you have the only file to work thanks. Just tried it and works fine
Mary Robinson (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!!! others failed to work your Awesome!!!!! thank you and it was so simple and easy to follow!!!!
Teconz (1 year ago)
+Mary Robinson welcome frd...
Melanie Fortin (1 year ago)
I worked! Thanks so much.
Teconz (1 year ago)
+Melanie Fortin welcome frd...
Marc Paul (1 year ago)
It worked, Thanks a lot.......
Teconz (1 year ago)
welcome frd...
Kunal Gupta (1 year ago)
Great video
Teconz (1 year ago)
+Kunal Gupta thanks frd...
ebsg ebsg (1 year ago)
worked like a champ!
Teconz (1 year ago)
welcome frd...
W J (1 year ago)
Many thanks! Worked like a charm.
Teconz (1 year ago)
welcome frd...
Joris Seye (1 year ago)
thx did the trick ...
James Dewhurst (1 year ago)
followed the instructions and exodus is not in the caz repo list
carlos carbajal (1 year ago)
Thank you this finally worked. Even with tvaddons fusion not working this was the answer. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Teconz (1 year ago)
welcome dude...
Steph Alexander (1 year ago)
Good Grief thank you So much!! I have watched at least 15 videos trying to get Exodus installed on my additional new advice with no luck. I watched this and it worked like a charm!!!!! :)
xclusiv23 (1 year ago)
Don't work...still say failed to installed depandancy
trent tyler (1 year ago)
xclusiv23 I found a fix that may work for you because there was alot of add-ons I couldn't use and it's because of your Internet service provider try on your phone on 3g/4G and if it works it's your isp
Ozgur Turkmen (1 year ago)
xclusiv23 o
Teconz (1 year ago)
+xclusiv23 you can use I mentioned url
Echo Chavez (1 year ago)
It says can't connect to network

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