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Steam Trading Cards: How to Profit

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Zeus puts on his dealers hat tonight to explain the idea of Steam Trading cards. He even has a few tips on how to play your hand in the best way possible. Personally I think he's bluffing.
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Class FF-101 (1 month ago)
Thank you for this, it was very helpful
Gamers Bone (2 months ago)
# Cute review. I have no intention of ever finding this game, but that was still an enjoyable 10 minutes.
Gagabyte 2015 (3 months ago)
Hi Zeus, i instill steam idle master and in the beginning its working after that when i open it, just it say idle complete
Klassisk (4 months ago)
Go to Humble Bundle buy the packs play the games sell the trading cards boom profit and you're giving to charity x2 boom. ez
Hello, guess what happened!! I got perfect coupons from codenimi. If you also want 100% genuine coupons then type in google as "Codenimi free". There are n "number" of genuine codes there.
Klassisk (4 months ago)
...Dude it's not hard to tell these are alt accounts "Nikolai Rastiakhin" go fuck yourself kid learn how to get a life.
Project TsukiNoMe (4 months ago)
Go fuck yourself you scam....
Griffin3Coker (11 months ago)
fuck i never knew steam was so complected XD
Benjamin Veldhuizen (11 months ago)
5:21 i have foil cards that are 0.03 dollar :(
acesty (11 months ago)
I'm selling trading card sets @ 17:1 for tf2 keys! steamcommunity.com/id/acestytech
tvCHEEKY (1 year ago)
a decade for what, 20 bucks?
SexyDuck (2 months ago)
Duckiii how the fuck can you make 20$ in 5 mins? because that's way more than my current job an hour.
King Duxki (6 months ago)
depends if you buy and sell the right cards for the right game, you can make 20 bucks in 5 minutes, not very hard xD
James Blond303 (7 months ago)
Mikey Nosocks (1 year ago)
Trygg (1 year ago)
i'm not understand , game buy price 3.67$ and game drop card max price 0.75 - 1$ not profit loss
SuMbReRo SnAkE (1 year ago)
i have a left4dead 2 charger foil card, if anyone wishes to trade, i also have many backgrounds and other cards, my steam profile is the same as on here but if you cannot find it, try searching up elitedauntless
Bill Malcolm (2 years ago)
Does anybody know if the bonuses to drop rates extend beyond level 50? The Steam Trading Card FAQ is a little ambiguous, only saying "ETC," which leads me to believe that it does in fact extend beyond with no particular cap. A quick search turns up that the top 3 highest level Steam players are all above level 1000. This means that each of these players has at least a +2000% increase in booster drop rates. The rest of the top 80 are all above level 300. It's not impossible to get a booster drop, but then again, neither is winning the Powerball jackpot. At my most generous estimates, you would have to spend at least $0.20 per badge (realistically, more like 30 cents on average), and buy 150 badges to get your level up to 50 (not including other Steam Achievements that give EXP). That means you'd be spending at least $30 to get to level 50, for a fraction of the same odds the top players already have. To get to level 100, you would need 550 badges, costing you $110. Since each 10 Steam levels increase the EXP needed to advance to the next level, that means every ten levels you have to buy another 10 badges to get to the next level. With each badge you do get a background and emoticon that you can sell, each being worth about 1 card, so that can lower costs a little bit, but you will still end up spending way too much on something not really worth it.
Arush Bhardwaj (1 year ago)
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ShadowGaming-177 (3 years ago)
I got a foil card from playing a game i was level 5 when i got it! So lucky, but now my luck shit.
Gråffítì Kìd (3 years ago)
+RageQuitGG I have a question. I wanted to sell some of MY cards, but i cant because it says that you must have a purchase that is 30 dyas to 1 year old, and i recently bought Bioshock and Goat sim. So does that mean i have to wait a month, than i can sell the cards? Please reply. (P.S. i have another game that has card packs, but im not getting any, but there easy to get, i dont know whats up with that)
Sisters Challenge (2 years ago)
u need to buy a game in steam no in web or cdkeys
zenjo (3 years ago)
It's just a copy.
NexuiZ (3 years ago)
Grimdrome (3 years ago)
The booster packs always sell for more than the individual cards. You are better off just selling the booster pack.
King Duxki (6 months ago)
What game? I need
Benjamin Veldhuizen (11 months ago)
Grimdrome thats not true i have games that cards are 0,06 and the packs are 0,08
ratboys (2 years ago)
+Grimdrome no one buys booster packs nor uses them.
Swish (3 years ago)
great video

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