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In this video you will see how we can set Nvidia Graphics card Control Panel settings to get maximum performance and FPS during game play. This tutorial is applicable for all windows OS i.e. windows xp, vista,7, 8,8.1 and latest windows 10. Video Summary :- 1) Go to control panel and select power options and choose power plan to High Performance. 2) Open Nvidia Control Panel and Under 3D settings select option "Adjust Image settings with preview" and on the right side select the option " Use the advanced 3D image settings" and click on "Apply" 3) Click on Manage 3D settings and "Under global settings" press restore button once. Now change settings of "Multi display /mixed GPU acceleration" to Single display performance mode," Power management mode" will go with " Prefer maximum performance" and last " Texture filtering-Quality" settings will change to High performance. Click on Apply to save the current settings. 4) Click on "Set PhyX configuration" and in the drop down list select your Nvidia graphics chip. Now exit out of the window. 5) Now open Geforce Experience. http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download and optimize the games as shown in the video Don't forget to support me by leaving a like in this video and by subscribing the channel for more computer videos. Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/prataptirua Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/pratap.tirua/ Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PratapTirua
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Text Comments (950)
skeletonkiler (4 days ago)
gg i suck your toes nibba
Usman Shamim (4 days ago)
man your mic is really very poor. replace or throw it.
Bijen Shrestha (7 days ago)
I've only 3 options from the 3D settings how to get other settings ??
xFINISHxHIMx (11 days ago)
In case you are scrolling down to check If it works... It does. More FPS and the Game graphics look good too. I increased my FPS to about 30 to 50 FPS more than usual.
Pugi Herbanu (11 days ago)
this setting give a terrible quallty and performance.....first if you want to smooth quality and performance set maximum pre render frame to 4 smooth to if your get the lower framerate, 3 as default...only your play csgo set 1 cause if play csgo set 3 or 4 you got delay shoot etc. i suggest your set maximum perform set in optimal power this options same like adaptive, texture filtering if you set high perform you get terrible in game, this option load your grapich in idle and more power consumsion ...just set quality or high quality... this my experient i try test in my RTX 2060 game look pretty good in 60fps ++ and smooth no issue about a sttuter or framerate drop sorry for bad english
robin singh (14 days ago)
your fucking lowww voice
JAN (17 days ago)
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
Zstrayhorn (17 days ago)
Great video
Fucking Depressed (20 days ago)
i dont even have to choose beetween high performance and egual at the start in control panel :(
Mani Kalsi (22 days ago)
Hi.... please tell me about laptop preferred graphics processor option.... auto or high performance
Shen Jiawei (23 days ago)
Will this benefit or help for Video editing such as rendering videos?
Adityan N Prakash (30 days ago)
BAM! Mee too GT 730!
SilenT (1 month ago)
thanks you very much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
KernalButterz (1 month ago)
Actually Made it worse went from 130 to 50fps
Ghost from Thunder (1 month ago)
Why did u need this even if you had 130 fps
Buxton (1 month ago)
I don’t have the mixed gpu acceleration option
Ahasan Kabir (1 month ago)
Skipper Wealth (1 month ago)
"I have Nvidia graphics card Geforce gt 525M version 386" and I want to manually download a higher one like Geforce gt 1050 will it work on ma PC or not
Just Play (1 month ago)
Skipper Wealth you should get an a external graphics card
NRG_Crysty (1 month ago)
Roses are red My screen is blue I think i deleted system32
Deano Essex (1 month ago)
Yet another out of date tutorial.... These are useless and should be deleted. ...... I don't have some of these like you have shown, however, Use "create a power plan" If you don't see High performance in "Power Options" and Geforce experience has changed too.
Char waka (1 month ago)
Thank you so much , my PUBG PC gameplay went from 55 to 86 FPS Now. i can feel the smoothness in my game after apply these changes. and i dont give fcuk about life span of my GPU .
Alienware17R5 (opi) (1 month ago)
I dont have the option of GPU acceleration in my nvidia control panel With gtx 1080 in alienware 17R4 and R5 And it not working for me Metro 2033 is performing at 20fps Forza horizon 4 is performing at 19fps And many more almost same Before and after apply the setting u adviced.
ColeFace ! (2 months ago)
My Frames went from 60 to 60! Screw my Graphics card
ColeFace ! (22 days ago)
My graphics card is dying it gets 40 frames😭
shubham joshi (2 months ago)
In NVIDIA Control penal i get only 3d setting option so how i can add other options.
jeffrorr (2 months ago)
This worked like a charm. Was getting 25 FPS now 75+. Thanks!
kelvin kelveen (2 months ago)
Thank you very much I can play any games now 😁😁😁👍
Rohan Seela (2 months ago)
I am not getting the nvdia control panel
ali abbasi (2 months ago)
Now it runs Smoother Thanks!
Kentdiomarc Celocia (2 months ago)
Can this work on fortnite
Debílek CZ123 (2 months ago)
I dont know why, but I cant have optimaze my games on GeForce Experience
Status lover (2 months ago)
For this video
Status lover (2 months ago)
Thx bro
Dei Jay (2 months ago)
Please HELP! I have a Geforce RTX 2070, and the I9 9900k! My frames on almost every game wont go above or below 165! Please help me. Im too afraid to call tech support.. dont ask why >-< And my GeForce logo on my graphics card isnt glowing green. please tell me how to fix it!! Edit: I got it custom build from cyberpower, if that information helps..
jonas louie murillo (2 months ago)
thanks bro haha
dark prince (3 months ago)
Bro you are amazing thanks
Purnima Biswas (3 months ago)
How to download GeForce experience software?
Jonseon (3 months ago)
You saved me hundreds of dollars on a new graphics card! I can't thank you enough! The change in fps was like magic!
SAMURAI (3 months ago)
I'm using GTX 1050 and the performance is like GTX 1080 Ti
Fred Smith (21 days ago)
SAMURAI haha haha. 😂👍 No
Nicholas Johansson (3 months ago)
its a cool video but did you really have to put the title in full caps? It seems a bit over hyped...
D K (1 month ago)
quiet you
LegendZ (3 months ago)
It won’t let me choose the high performance option at the beginning and mines a gaming laptop, what shall I do
Kiomars Hamid (3 months ago)
Guys how about just cause3 is it working on corei5 Nvidia NVS 5200 with max performance is it working
I ROYAL (3 months ago)
Geforce now is better and can make even a very old GPU as fast as lightning.
I ROYAL (3 months ago)
​+Ignatius Gaming or until death I have registered too.
Ignatius Gaming (3 months ago)
Yeah waiting to register take a century
moses kat (3 months ago)
my does not optimize why
Matthew M (3 months ago)
I just got the Asus Hero 2 1060 6gb i7-8750h 16gb RAM Im getting 30-50 frames and is extremely laggy in CSGO??? I've adjusted all settings to high performance and it seemed to be worse. Even in default settings it should never be this low with this CPU and GPU? Thanks
Pratap Tirua (3 months ago)
Did you select the Performance option in Power setting (control panel)? By default it is set to Power Saving.
Jaks Victor (3 months ago)
Love you bro thanks i solve my problems thanks a lot again
Focus Back (3 months ago)
erxetai to telos sou opws eipa den doulepse tipota, sou gamhsa twra zwaki den tha zhseis gia poly trekse na sw8eis
Focus Back (3 months ago)
loipon ase ta polla polla kai pes pws na ftiaksw to diko mu pc file oxi ton allwn nwn alliws erxetai to telos sou
Focus Back (3 months ago)
bainw pubg an dn douleuei erxomai kai su gamhsa
Kartel -R6S (3 months ago)
Thank You <3
Karl Nikolaj ENGEL (4 months ago)
i dont have nvidi control panel but i have a gtx 1050 ti
Ribike Cickány (4 months ago)
This actually helped me, thanks!
You neglected the main and number one setting. Configure the Physx and the Surround to run off of the graphics card and not the CPU. Set the "following" to CPU or Graphics card. ALWAYS USE THE CARD.
I Love My Ac Mic (4 months ago)
Hey question so like if I open Fortnite (since I play that) can I have go on max graphics and FPS with no lag issues? Lately I’ve been wanting a new pc but don’t have enough money because I hate the lag and the graphics look terrible, will this make it matter? Thank you!
Adam Michalík (4 months ago)
you are a god....thank u
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
Just an ordinary boy. Thank you for the comment.
aprve (4 months ago)
How do you open nvidia control panel
aprve (4 months ago)
Pratap Tirua Thankyou
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
Right click on the desktop and It should be available in the menu as shown in the video.
Patates Reiz (4 months ago)
Thanks alot man!
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
You're Welcome buddy.
a dude (5 months ago)
Hey man I was getting smooth 50-70 FPS on GTAV and it stay like that for a while until one day I came to the game and for some reason it's on 30 fps, I would appreciate you or anyone replying on my comment
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
Try switching to the old driver and let's see how it goes. It may sound stupid but It worked for one of my buddy. Sorry for the late reply.
imuha8 (5 months ago)
this guy is a genius , even tho he recorded that video on jan 19th and uploaded it on jan 18th ..
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
Lol. You made my day.
DHRUV JOSHI (5 months ago)
thanks for info :)
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
You're Welcome.
Bhumi D. Joshi (5 months ago)
very nice :)
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
I am glad you liked the content.
deatomizer deatomizer (5 months ago)
I was wondering if the prefer maximum performace would shorten my graphics card lifespan or damage my components.
deatomizer deatomizer (4 months ago)
+bitchslappedme ok thx for info man
bitchslappedme (4 months ago)
It might short the GPU lifespan
CJ Conder (5 months ago)
screen too blurry can't read the screen.
Khaja Muzafaruddin (5 months ago)
Need setting for 3d softwares please help
Gener Bedoya (5 months ago)
thank you
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
You're Welcome.
media tech vol 1 (5 months ago)
Bro i have 310m nvidia graphic card i wana play pubg on my laptop i played many time but its too lagy and fps around 20 and 10. Please do some thing
Pratap Tirua (5 months ago)
Please follow the video and try using low settings in game options. Let’s see how it goes. Good luck brother.
IgorFiky (5 months ago)
How you have more options?. I have just 3 options.
Pratap Tirua (5 months ago)
It is a bit old video, since then driver has been updated couple of times. That’s the only reason.
GZRFND Fronda (5 months ago)
DAMN! after 5 months, finally i gonna play well in pubg mobile tencent gaming bud
Pratap Tirua (4 months ago)
Enjoy! Thank You for the comment.
Shantanu Sharma (5 months ago)
There is an ultimate performance option that you can enable in the W10 power options using command line.
C G (4 months ago)
It's bull shit. Does nothing more than high performance.
sharebear421 (5 months ago)
this all works but for some reason my GPU is using 1-10% and it's not giving me the frames i should be getting. I usually get 60-100 while playing league of legends but now after i updated im only getting 30 or less.. its like my card isnt using its full capability. Also i don't have that option above power management? I have a 650m with an intel hd 4000
Muhammad Waseem Ashraf (5 months ago)
nvidia quadro 1000m what is the software for this like you got gforce
George Marian (5 months ago)
No difference, just 0.5 frame per second, sad...
Filmer (5 months ago)
My computer doesn't give me the option for high performance? I'm running windows 10?! Help!!!
I have a computer that the video card locks up and resets motherboard. Is there a video card that is less powerful?
DaniMine Crime (5 months ago)
this is a good fast video... why arent all videos like this... keep it up
Black Mamba Investments (5 months ago)
Gameren Will3035 (5 months ago)
Taha Mughal (6 months ago)
Bro i just bought my quadro 2000 and I am getting 25 fps in GTA V but on YouTube videos they get 40+ fps what to do?
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Brother, please follow the video and try to use lower preset’s like low or medium and let see how it goes. Good luck.
RO GALAXY (6 months ago)
It's work bro. Thank you for give me the lesson
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Glad to hear that. Thank you for watching the video and for the comment.
AK TREVOR (6 months ago)
Peace bro
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Mohammad Jaber (6 months ago)
why i don't have power managment?
尺乇ムㄕ乇尺 (6 months ago)
hi i have a laptop i5 7300hq 2gb nvidia 1050 graphics card 1tb hdd and 4gbs of ram. when i open task manager(when i run chrome) it says it works on the graphic proccesor 600 intel and i want to change it to work on the 1050. if i do this will it get me 30 fps constantly on gta v? now i get like 10 with drops, i will upgrade my ram but now i have the varanity and yeah, not a solution for now. please help and don t be rude i am suck at pc thats the best i had.
Nguyễn Phúc (6 months ago)
i have same vga , why i don't have multi display option ?
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
I believe that option is no longer available with latest drivers. My suggestion, don’t bother about this option and follow the remaining and see how it goes.
John Smith (6 months ago)
Dude u dont know what black magic you did on my GPU but now its running better than ever.
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Glad to know that. Thank you for the comment.
Niyi Adesimbo (6 months ago)
Good morning, I like the simplicity of your presentation. I have an hp laptop with sixth generation of intel core i7 6500u processor, nvidia Geforce 940M discrete graphics, 12GB system memory. With this configurations i still experience lagging with my videos. It's slow when rendering. whenever i am copy from the system to an external device the response from the syetem is always very slow. What can I do? I am a video editor and work with premiere pro cs
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Hello Niyi. Thank you fo the comment. I hope you have followed all the instructions provided in the video. You have a good specification in your laptop. Video rendering almost uses CPU power to provide the output. We won't be able to do much to get more performance out of that.Copying data from laptop to external hdd will generally be slower as majority of external hdd comes with regular hdd (not ssd's). You can try to check whether you have plugged the USB to 2.0 or 3.0 port. Using the 3.0 port will transfer the data faster as compared to 2.0 (if ex hdd supports). I hope this works for you.
MY GAMING ZONE (6 months ago)
thanks dear for helping me out
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
You’re welcome and thank you for the comment.
Stanley (6 months ago)
Before enabling this my electric bill was $250 BUT After enabling this my electric bill was $470 ._>
Patates Reiz (4 months ago)
Are you joking or are you serious ?
himanshu boss (6 months ago)
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
You’re welcome and thanks for the comment.
great lion (6 months ago)
thank you so much it really worked
Pratap Tirua (6 months ago)
Awesome! Enjoy gaming buddy 😃. Thank you for the comment.
Ap Playz (6 months ago)
Why don't I have all the settings
PriapusV2 (7 months ago)
I have OpenGL rendering GPU, Preferred refresh rate, and optimize for compute performance which is not on the video o.o
PriapusV2 (7 months ago)
Hmm, don't see Multi display gpy acceleration
JIDHIN DHARAN M.P (7 months ago)
im using amd , i dont have nvidia control panel...solution?
Farju Muktadir (7 months ago)
Plz guys help..i cannot open nvidia experience as it proper method it cannot open..it also like log in something but wont do anything at all
Farju Muktadir (7 months ago)
+Pratap Tirua thank u
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
If you're already using latest driver's then re installation may help. Give it a try.
xXthekingXx Eyy (7 months ago)
xXthekingXx Eyy (7 months ago)
you're welcome!
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
You're Welcome and Thanks for the comment.
Tro Lololol (7 months ago)
What do I do if I dont have the "Multi display /mixed GPU acceleration" in my panel. I got 2 GPU, Intel and Nvidia. Need some help...
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
Skip this option for now.
aaronjohn786 (7 months ago)
can this improve video perfromance during watching film?
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
Yes, It should.
aaronjohn786 (7 months ago)
understandable accent
The Callipro (7 months ago)
Will it work for gt 730 ddr3?
The Callipro (7 months ago)
+Pratap Tirua thanks a lot!
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
Subscribed Bro.
The Callipro (7 months ago)
One more thing will you go ahead and subscribe my channel if interested so?
The Callipro (7 months ago)
Thanks alot man
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
Yes, I am using the same card for this video.
BlaZe_Kaify (7 months ago)
if your scrolling to find weather it works or not i works
Best Gamer (7 months ago)
krishna sucks
Bill De Rahmen (6 months ago)
lmao have you contacted the nvidia live chat support aswell ? x))))
joy m.b (7 months ago)
Huge dude !11 thanks a lot !
Pratap Tirua (7 months ago)
You're welcome buddy. Hope you're having a good day.

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