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Review: Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture for Windows

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Don't you wish to find an easier way to record your computer screen without going through all the cables, lighting, etc. that you have all setup to film a video from your camera? With the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture app, your problems are solved. Watch this video to see if you are satisfied with this app. Here's the link to download it: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=24601
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Text Comments (57)
General TrippyVelox (3 years ago)
I would click the recorder open it and nothing happens it says its on the tool bar but nothing opens I even tried closing everything and opening it and when I press move window I brings my mouse to the top left of my screen
RandomCam (3 years ago)
Is this the paid version? I downloaded the free trial and can only make 10min videos. The videos tend to lag or cut off randomly often in both the program and YouTube. The fps is super slow one minute and decent the next. It's a gamble when recording, but it's the only free recording software I heard of that doesn't give viruses or malware.
Lance Hill (3 years ago)
My Recording and Audio and Microphone works find on my software, but I have a bad Feedback Echoing in my voice after I record and it's so hard to understand me with the feedback, how dose someone get rid of the feedback??
Vikelaan (3 years ago)
What headset are you using?
Seb Freke-Morin (4 years ago)
I can record video fine, but i don't pick up the audio?
Seb Freke-Morin (4 years ago)
Does this work on XP?
Mini Cooper (4 years ago)
this does not help AT ALL, dislike
Coineach Pierce (4 years ago)
you didn't talk about how to configure the audio, mine keeps saying failed to connect , what setting do I need for audio for windows 7? Can you do a tutorial on audio?  thanks
Red_Meta (4 years ago)
Mine doesn't start when I click record
AA Rifled (3 years ago)
+Mr.Clasher You need to change your screen resolution. It happens to the best of us :)
Rawr Tony (4 years ago)
you can upload it in windows live movie maker for edits actually. i did it for my max payne video
speedplaysminecraft (4 years ago)
StyleGaming thanks for the key
Cam - Drip or Drown (4 years ago)
Can u use windows live moviemaker
woo tiger (4 years ago)
U said review not tutorial
Le Taya Nolan (5 years ago)
You just press the little webcam icon before you start recording.
League of Soup (5 years ago)
use a software called Fraps
BlooWolfy (5 years ago)
For the games that it doesn't work with, do you know of anyway way to make them seem less laggy? Or other programs to use for them?
theosnask (5 years ago)
When im starting a game when im recording with this is becomes all black over my screen please help.
Vodrai (5 years ago)
Yes, if your speakers are on and the microphone picks it up
Wonigox (5 years ago)
After I record a game, the outcome is very laggy.
Awkward101Moments (5 years ago)
if i make a video and skype at same time same computer can they hear my freinds who are skypeing with me ?? please answer soon
NinjaKid_ (5 years ago)
How can u make is smooth when u record minecraft vedio???? plz help and nice vedio!
Christian Knight (5 years ago)
The Video editer that's included with it is much better than WMM but yes you can still do it by converting the video first
Christian Knight (5 years ago)
Documents/Expression/Expression encoder/Screen Capture Output Hope this helps
RafaBS (5 years ago)
Hi! I have a problem, the screen becomes all white and I can't see what I am doing. How can I change that.
Dr3amie (5 years ago)
i buyed the key and i share with u guys key is 6WDDQ-K7D4F-GQGF4-2VYBJ-8K6MB
Epoch3ra (5 years ago)
can you give me the location of the record file when you end recording i lost it
Toolkit333 (5 years ago)
thx so much!
Muhammad Syahir (5 years ago)
NICE benicellguy THAnx You :)
madaboutvoice (5 years ago)
Thanks man! You are a nice guy for sure ...it cut off your audio but you still recommended it highly (or were making the video on separate machine altogether?). Will try it soon, better that than downloading some software that willl install all sorts of adware and stuff on your system and also worry about whether its free or not (they try to hassle you to buy later). Cheers, mate.
Ibraheem Films (5 years ago)
yes it is
206Zelda (5 years ago)
Can anyone tell me this ASAP? I'm trying to capture audio of both my microphone and the game audio, but sometimes the game audio will drown out my microphone, and nobody will be able to hear me, but the game audio overpowers my voice and records just fine. Which audio FORMAT (i.e. 2 channel, 16 bits, 48 kHz) is the best for my situation?
wa2k360 (5 years ago)
i got the full version
Caitlin Marshall (5 years ago)
is this the free version?
mario sarseño (5 years ago)
what do u mean enconde the video i cant upload it it says tha the file isnt the right one
callum jay (5 years ago)
i need help 2 lol when i try to record games i get sound and see the mouse but rest is all black
JustinBelieberVideos (5 years ago)
10 minutes :)x
JustinBelieberVideos (5 years ago)
Hey please can you help me whenever I press Microsoft encoder screen capture the little window thing it does not appear! PLEASE HELP I REALLY WANT TO POST VIDEOS! PLEEEAAASSSEEE! c
Forex Trading Ideas (5 years ago)
Hi, i have done a few test videos and even got it uploaded to youtube but i cannot get any audio. i don't have a microphone just using my laptop built in mic. I did once get audio but cannot do it again... what am i missing?
Arabbitatemyhat (6 years ago)
thanks a lot dude you helped me find out how to record audio great video your getting a thumbs up
KillForYou Fenerbahçe (6 years ago)
Can I Uploud these videos to Youtube
Jacob Holm (6 years ago)
I can't stop the video, why? When i click ctrl,shift and F12 nothing happens, and when you start recording it says "3,2,1" nothing here. HELP ANYONE PLEASE! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND :)
Mustafa Ghafour (6 years ago)
hey thanks for the video but how show camera in the same video ? i mean i have sent them to the encoder then encoded them .. in the end the output were two videos one for the screen shot and another for the camera shot .. not in one video! plz help
April Love (6 years ago)
I am having a HUGE problem with the sound being delayed! I am on a mac computer but on windows bootcamp. and it has a built in webcam and mic which I am using. I have tried messing around with the settings. help please!
April Love (6 years ago)
thanks dude. super helpful. did you say if there is a way to record using a webcam so you can record the comp screne and the camera at the same time?
Nihilanth (6 years ago)
oh found it!
Nihilanth (6 years ago)
i cant fucking find the shit where you record your fucking screen shit
The Dark Clown (6 years ago)
when i use it i get white screen pls help
pfragment (6 years ago)
@ benicellguy so which is better Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 or Camtasia 8 (Have you used camtasia) I want to record screen and record game.
John Asare (6 years ago)
The max is 10 minutes. I wish is unlimited
TaylorWK (6 years ago)
I am having this problem too. It will record a black screen when I am in fullscreen but when I am in windowed mode it will record it. I don't want to do windowed because it is smaller and the quality isnt as good.
Justin Chiu (6 years ago)
thanks it helps me a lot
IBuXxBedradinG (6 years ago)
what is the max you can record? (time)
Rocky Citro (6 years ago)
hey man thanks for the walk through and review. I just mentioned it on my page and linked to your video at opensourcevideoeditor [dot] net. Yours is the second from the top. :)
Prashanth Nagabhairava (6 years ago)
Someone help me. I started recording my screen everythings fine i played a game completed it. But my game part isnt recorded in the video. Its just a blank screen. Is there anything dat i shuld be changing in the settings?
Matimbu (6 years ago)
@benicellguy Yeah it's turned on. The applications just turns off.
Matimbu (6 years ago)
I click record nothing happens, like the 3,2,1 doesn't show up and the application closes. What do you think is wrong?

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