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Unboxing Sony VAIO F Series VPCF2

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In this video I unboxed the Sony VAIO F Series VPCF2. In this video I cover the specs of this machine as well as showing what the computer comes with in the box. After that I took you guys on a walkthrough of the ports on the computer. Click here to follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/benicellguy Click here for my review on this laptop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6TwhiGkIrk&feature=plcp&context=C39a583aUDOEgsToPDskJLbvKcE3VzfcJU6aTL3Uef
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Text Comments (12)
sinabagh (4 years ago)
awesome laptops, running every imaginable software on it for 3 years and it worls absolutely stunning. this is a laptop of a lifetime
Moha Skalka (6 years ago)
i did get one yesterday core i7
Ahmad Haziq (6 years ago)
The laptop looks nice but it's a bit too big for my liking and it's thick! The PSU isn't that friendly either with it's, as you mentioned, ginormous size. Not really a good laptop for portability but for home use, it's a great one!
js (6 years ago)
@benicellguy because you got that awesome laptop
js (6 years ago)
lucky bitch lol
Akshay Sathian (6 years ago)
why is the box so beaten up???
Chad Simon (6 years ago)
@benicellguy microsoft suite, extended battery (large battery upgrade)
hibrian9 (6 years ago)
@benicellguy i dont like macs too lolz but the thing is after awhile this computer slowed down a lot idk and i do not have any viruses on it i have checked. This computer crashed on me so many times... I guess my laptop is crap cuz i bought it off bestbuy lolz
GCGames (6 years ago)
@benicellguy Like Microsoft office, it comes with Microsoft word/excel/etc
GCGames (6 years ago)
@benicellguy Microsoft suite.
Chad Simon (6 years ago)
if you paid under 2000.00 for this ( with micro suite, software, extended better, etc.) I would say you got a deal.
hibrian9 (6 years ago)
this laptop is crap lolz. I have this laptop I knew I should of went with the s series or samsung

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