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frida selma hayek banderas most erotic lesbian tango kiss

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DISCLAIMER NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR COMMERCIAL GAINS ARE INTENDED , THIS IS ONLY BEING USED FOR EDUCATIONAL ARTISTIC AND INFORMATIVE PURPOSES ONLY ,THANK YOU; ;;-----a spiritual journey of self discovery en route a cinematic masterpiece when you even contemplate a biopic on the greatest artist of last century who makes picasso and matisse look like kids -you are ambitious but when yoy acrtually execute it you are courageous and the when you make a true artistic masterpiece youare the epitome of talent . selma sat on the script for 7 years and then she made the movie she was born to make and it is as much from the heart as frida painted her gut wrenching inspired art which is without exaggeration the best to come out of last century, she was as spontaneous as is selma and no one can ever do what hayek has achieved in this intellictual exorcism which is a biopic hollywood dreams of making but has never even come near too, the movie captures the spirit and the heart of a complex ,intellectual who was both valiant strong vulnerable and a revolutionary and there is just no flaw here that i can see , and i am a cynic and a great fan of frida too so my expectations were sky high but they were fully realised by this eternal classic which captures mexico city,new york and paris in their bohemian spirit just as much as the great woman herself . the design and production is so wistfully evocative that it is a poem on celluloid with scintillating music and just perfection oozing in every frame and ed norton antonio banderas are great in minor roles even with great satire on both the hypocrisy of mexican and american social mileu , ed norton as ford is great in a 3 minute sequence apologising to diego for american ignorance -so whats new anything changed in states since then and frida hates and describes new york and paris as exactly an intellectual will view those monstosities built to belittle humanity but demeaning in all their superfluous vulgarity . a great movie on a great subject by a great actress who has achieved her lifes ambition ole ole ole
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Hunter Gamer Drone (1 year ago)
That singular eyebrow that she has is fucking disgusting
I thought it was obvious , but I have been thrice to Frida kahlon museum in mexico city , Selma hayek is a very sexy artist as in once upon a time in mexico with banderas
Beach Side Boarders (1 year ago)
Its a representation of frida kahlo a famous artist its not how the actress actually looks
you mmean joint eyebrows , lol , its a latin/ indian thing
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA (3 years ago)
lesbian tango
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA (3 years ago)
erotica at its best
Lee Lemon (1 year ago)
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA Fantastic 🖤

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