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Bitcoin Mining At Home Using The GekkoScience 2PAC USB Mining Stick

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Does the GekkoScience 2PAC Bitcoin USB Mining Stick actually work? Watch my video to find out how I mine Bitcoin solo in Windows 7/8/10 using the Gekko Science USB stick with a basic setup: Laptop connected to the Internet, a USB extension (optional) and a GekkoScience 2PAC Bitcoin USB Mining Stick - Get it on Amazon w/ FREE shipping: http://amzn.to/2qRy1Jp Download the files you will need: http://tiny.cc/BTC-Mining-101 Be sure to "whitelist" or add an exception to the folder created after you download and unzip the package/folder above. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1 Connect the USB Mining Stick to a hub or PC and let the device search and install a driver, if any. Expect your device to fail at automatically installing a driver for your Gekko Science USB Mining Stick. Step 2 Run the Zadig utility to install a Generic USB Driver. In most cases, use the WinUSB driver. Step 3 For pool mining, signup with NiceHash and get a BTC Wallet address. If you have anti-virus software running, and/or Windows Defender turned-on, whitelist or add exceptions to the folder containing your Bitcoin mining files, then edit the Pool Mining and/or Solo Mining batch files using a text editor, and replace the Bitcoin wallet address therein with your own. Save files before exiting or running. Step 4 Run the Batch file of your choice, either Pool or Solo mining. Step 5 Sit back and plan your retirement! :P Get your Gekko Science 2PAC USB Mining Stick on Amazon w/ FREE shipping: http://amzn.to/2qRy1Jp Help Further The Kingdom Of God & Advance The Gospel Of The Risen Savior, Jesus: Donate To this BTC Address ► 12VK3PNppThxxgbufapdGKpayYmPPQS3mD Donate To this ETH Address ► 0xf2D47eA9B1Bf67efA153732508f6E6E363515135 Donate To this LTC Address ► LKs3KZSfiyfado2XfTejZFt1EmScosagvX Maranatha! #TGBTG Daniel St Pierre Floride
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Text Comments (37)
Shaikh Javed (20 days ago)
Can i mine ethereum on coin geeko
zenbushishodan (24 days ago)
Can I use a Gekko Newpac’s and a 2pac together?
alL In One (4 months ago)
how matche this mine in one mounth???
Daniel St.Pierre (2 months ago)
I'm solo mining so I have no monthly earnings since I'm trying to find a bock on my own and go for a big payout. Here's what my BFGScreen looks like this morning... https://www.screencast.com/t/MXGFZd8sJC7O
James Rodgers (8 months ago)
Can this stick only mine bitcoin?
Daniel St.Pierre (8 months ago)
They're designed to mine BTC, but I read that you should be able to mine any coin with the SHA256 algorithm.
Tushaar Daiboo (10 months ago)
Can you mine cryptonight algo with it?
Reviewed Popcorn (1 month ago)
Tushaar Daiboo no never if you could I would mine ETN
Daniel St.Pierre (10 months ago)
I only mine BTC, but I have heard others are mining alt coins using the SHA256 algo.
Gabriel (11 months ago)
Very useful review 👍👍👍👍👍
Daniel St.Pierre (8 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video. Keep us posted with your progress!
Hotu Hotu (11 months ago)
excuse me, i've downloaded cgminer, but it can not start, when running cgminer.exe, it just pop up
Hotu Hotu (10 months ago)
Daniel St.Pierre this usb disabled, what i to do?
Hotu Hotu (10 months ago)
Daniel St.Pierre thanks for helping me
Daniel St.Pierre (11 months ago)
If CGMiner closes right away without initiating devices, you likely have errors in your batch file or your command line.
Simon Bannister (11 months ago)
Excellent review, thank you
Daniel St.Pierre (8 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video. If you plan on mining K's, do keep us posted with your progress!
Victor Lee (11 months ago)
how much does u profit for one day / one week / one month
Daniel St.Pierre (11 months ago)
I don't mine with a pool so I'm not earning any profit on a regular basis, instead I'm mining solo in hope to find and process a block, and finding a block pays 12.5BTC so... God willing, I'll hit a block, if not I'm still having a blast mining!
LAGU BAHASA SENTANI (11 months ago)
can I mine zcoin with GekkoScience usb miner?
Daniel St.Pierre (11 months ago)
They're designed to mine BTC, but I read that you should be able to mine any coin with the SHA256 algorithm.
NKA GAB (1 year ago)
Can I maining GekkoScience 2PAC BM1384 USB Litecoin??
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
No you can't. As far as I know, the chips are designed to handle sha256 calculations only...
David Steeves (1 year ago)
Just got my sticklast week!  noticed your receive address in the video ends in ".0" thats weird... never seen that before. Im going to try hacking it to mine alt coins so the difficultity is lower, maybe then It will generate $$?
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
Good for you! I hope your setup is effortless and that you're up and already mining ALT coins. The ".0" refers to the worker ID in the pool address and is not required or related to anything when solo mining. I've had issues trying to solo mine to wallet addresses (user ID) without worker names ".worker" so I use that addy when mining solo via ckpool.
kurtstir (1 year ago)
Can it mine altcoins?
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
Not to my knowledge, the chips are designed to handle sha256 calculations, but I've heard of people having success mining alt coins using their sticks through pools like zpool.
Gerard Marin (1 year ago)
Hey Daniel. Can you clarify a bit more on setting up the solo mining. I'm expecting my 2pak usb in a few days and just want to be sure how to solo mine. Thanks in advance.
Drayton Tanks (10 months ago)
You have to download the CGMiner version for the Gekko 2Pac, and install with that it should work fine, im running mine at 350mhz, getting 38-45gh/s There are some being sold that are seconds and they don't run as good. im starting to supply them in the UK
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
You should be able to edit the batch file using a text editor, replace my Bitcoin wallet address in the pool address and set your own clockrate according your setup. I've heard these puppies can be overclocked to 250Mhz hashing out over 15gh/s!!!!
Gerard Marin (1 year ago)
Daniel St.Pierre it's just the solo settings for cgminer that I'm not clear about. All the information I've found seems to assume you already know this. ??
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
GM, I can't imagine how much clearer I can put it. Connect your USB stick to a computer, install proper drivers, run CGMiner with the proper settings and voila! Let me know if you hit a snag...
Matt (1 year ago)
13 years for you to make a profit, gotcha!
MrSohail289 (5 months ago)
did you received block in solo mining until now?
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
Right! That's why I use my USB mining sticks to mine solo and roll the dice when my laptop is running off my solar generator setup. I reckon I'm burning 80 Watts to power the computer, so why not use some of that power to mine Bitcoin? Makes sense to me...
Cornell Custom Trains (1 year ago)
Crank that mofo to 250, but make sure you have enough power available.
Daniel St.Pierre (1 year ago)
Anyone clocking this USB mining stick up to 250Mhz better live in a freezer or have proper eye protection, because it will EXPLODE!!!!

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