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CJFV-02 - ScreenOS Concepts, Terminology & Platforms

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See the full on-line class at: http://puluka.com/classes/course/view.php?id=5 Firewall Device Requirements ScreenOS Security Architecture Juniper Networks Platforms
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Steve Puluka (6 years ago)
You would probably be best to post your question in the Juniper forums. I participate there as well. But there are many others with a wide variety of experience that can help with problems. And there may be an existing Q/A that matches your issue already posted. This is at forums . juniper . net
Usman Randathani (6 years ago)
can I have you Email ID? Be couse I have Sum Doubts About Juniper VPN Through ssg140 and ssg20.....pls sent me a mail to [email protected]

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