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Barbie Horse Adventures : Mystery Ride (part 1) (Horse Game)

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Barbie Horse Adventures : Mystery Ride also known as Barbie Horse Adventures : The Ranch Mystery is the second game of the Barbie Horse Adventures video game series based on the Barbie line of dolls by Mattel. The game was released on Microsoft Windows in 2003. Mystery Ride is the first game in the Barbie Horse Adventures series to use 3-D graphics. The plot involves Barbie having to solve the mystery of the missing horse of Barbie's friend Teresa. To do so, the player, as Barbie, has to explore the countryside, consisting of varied terrain ranging from forest to desert, while solving logic puzzles. The core gameplay is based around equestrianism, including feeding, grooming, and training horses. Barbie can also change into several different sets of clothing, enabling her to play dress-up. The game runs on NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with all high details.
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Text Comments (95)
Barbara Campbell (3 months ago)
I have the game I have it sends I was 2 years old and now I'm 21 I still have it
KayleeKatRawr (5 months ago)
Oh my childhood! It makes me feel so old now!
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Hehehe... 😄
Xx Bie xX (7 months ago)
Omg i have so many memories in the childhood with this game!!THANK U SO MUCH 😍😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
TSM Channel (7 months ago)
Hi! We're glad you found the video of this wonderful game! ❤️
NinjaOutfitInTheWash (9 months ago)
Oh I remember this game! Thanks for posting
TSM Channel (9 months ago)
We're glad you found it. 😄
Hannah Lane (11 months ago)
I remember playing this throughout my childhood.  I found it in a thrift store. Ah memories....
TSM Channel (11 months ago)
Indeed, it was a great game to play back then. 😄
Laura's Annoyed (1 year ago)
Oh... my... LORD.. THIS GAME... was my childhood, I could play it three times a day I swear..
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
MusicalJoy (1 year ago)
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
YEY! I'm glad that you like this video and it brings back old and good memories! 😄
Hannah Kathryn (1 year ago)
I'm 14 now and I'm watching all these videos, drowning in nostalgia... thank you for uploading these! Bring back great memories!
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
We're glad you found these beautiful games once more. 😄
UltimateHoopla (1 year ago)
This made my mind flood in memories of playing this. I never thought of this game until now.
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
😃 I'm glad you found this video and got that rush of memories & nostalgia.
Dutchess (1 year ago)
This makes me so nostalgic. I took this game so serious back then. Anyone else play this along with Let's Ride Silver Buckle Stables, Let's Ride Dreamer and Barbie Magic of Pegasus? This shit was my childhood. Lol
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Heather Calun (1 year ago)
Being stuck inside watching the testimony made today feel like Christmas. Christmas makes you nostalgic. When you get nostalgic, you want to play old video games. But the games I grew up with were too obscure to be ported, so I found this let's play. Mostly I remember three things about this game: 1. I always named my horse Storm. 2. I mostly played this game obsessively because the map made me want to go on a horseback road-trip, especially through the desert. Years later when my mom turned 50, we went on a cruise to Aruba and I got to do something similar in real life. It was awesome. 3. After beating the game, you could trace the map back and forth as much as you wanted until you got bored. Instead of getting bored, I discovered a glitch where a giant triangle with Barbie's face on it started jutting out of her head.
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Are you talking about Comey's testimony? Or something else? 1. Storm is a great name for a horse. Real and Fictional. 2. I also think that experience was unique and fantastic. 3. I didn't encountered that Giant Triangle glitch, but i think it's interesting i i like game glitches. Do you think it was left there by the developers?
monihyungg (1 year ago)
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
GinnieKinz💜 (1 year ago)
For an early 2000's computer game, this one had fantastic and such realistic graphics. I played a lot of horse games in my youth, and this was one of the best!
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
I agree. For a game made in 2002 and released in 2003, the graphics are superb. The developers did a great job with the game engine, and they could have made it even better if they had more time and resources.
mohini dwivedi (1 year ago)
thank you so much for uploading this. this game was my life
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Hi! ❤️ I'm glad you found it.
Matilda Hart (1 year ago)
Omg I remember playing this as my first ever game! This gives me so many amazing memories :'D
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
KayDaySilver (2 years ago)
Oh my god, watching this makes my heart hurt. This was my absolute favorite game growing up. Thank you for uploading this! (Also... ouch. This game did not age well. Gotta love the 2003 graphics!)
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Gotta love the 2003 aesthetics indeed. I'm glad you've found this video. :D
Ashley Smith (2 years ago)
my childhood
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Altairrr (2 years ago)
Omg the old days when I played this :,)
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Yes, this hits right in the nostalgia. :D
Ana Sava (2 years ago)
Do you know where can i buy it , download it or play it online?
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Anytime Ana. :D
Ana Sava (2 years ago)
ok. Thank you!
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
You;ll have to buy it. I think it can be found on Amazon or eBay. The game is pretty old.
Ashli Miller (2 years ago)
is this available for mac?
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Hi. The game is only available for PC.
Alicia Mora (2 years ago)
jeez i remember playing this
Alicia Mora (2 years ago)
+TSM Channel lol
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Great, i remember when i was young i would playing games over and over again, never finish them. Strange.
Alicia Mora (2 years ago)
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+Alicia Mora And did you finish the game?
katie kat rose (2 years ago)
oh my gosh! so much nostalgia 😭
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+Katie Rose German :D
Simply Free (2 years ago)
this game was everything. wish i still had it. anyone know if theres a way to play on mac?
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Simply Free (2 years ago)
+TSM Channel ohh... ok thank you for the help. i'm glad i can reminisce watching your vids LOL :)
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+Simply Free Maybe with Bootcamp. But i think you have to get it on Windows XP, being an old game it did not work for me on any newer versions than XP.
LEGIT Clashing w/Mixa (2 years ago)
Link please
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+MixaanTheDark There is no link. Sorry.
Gabbi Belle (2 years ago)
I miss this game so much!! My sister and I absolutely loved it!!
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+Gabbi Belle :D
DmLan (11 months ago)
I remember playing it back when i was 6! I enjoyed it so much, thank you for bringing me back in childhood!
Evanator Extreme (3 months ago)
Personally I prefer a playthrough by a YouTuber by the name of Lucahjin. Nothing against anyone,but she’s freakin’ hilarious!
pretty little potatoes (9 months ago)
i remember playing this when I was 4
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
Stoop Kid (2 years ago)
I know, right??!!! I've been looking for this game a long long time, but I didn't know the name!
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+DmLan My pleasure! ^_^
mäe (2 years ago)
memories are hitting me hard ♥ T.T :3
TSM Channel (2 years ago)
+SingingAllysa♥ ^_^
Ubersnuber (3 years ago)
Horse riding is amazingly realistic - commonsensemedia
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Ubersnuber :D
Penelope Nurse-Pup (3 years ago)
I remember playing this game until the disk got a nasty scratch on it...
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Penelope Nurse-Pup That is the worst could happen.
Nina April (3 years ago)
My childhood right here<3
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Nina Poizen Your childhood was awesome! :D
daniel Methot (3 years ago)
What's the game name
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+daniel Methot The game is called "Barbie Horse Adventures : Mystery Ride".
Vaidas Silaikis (3 years ago)
I have this game its so fun to play also i like change horse and clothing Barbie but it is not from disk i did not buy it
Destiny Sullivan (3 years ago)
Is your horse green?
Destiny Sullivan (3 years ago)
Ok so it is Brown
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Destiny Sullivan It isn't gree.
Countess Phantomhive (3 years ago)
I used to play this when I was like 3 years old and beat the game 10 times! I haven't seen this game in YEARS!
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Alicia Spencer Very hard to find, and also it doesn't work on newer Windows. It's old, but it brings a lot of memories. :D
LoneSola (3 years ago)
I remember how disappointed I was with this game after playing Barbie Riding Club :p
Bonnie Bae (3 years ago)
-.- oki it pissed me off when you kept going in circles.
shereen1213 (3 years ago)
I remember begging for this game when it came out and freaking out when I finally got it for my birthday! I played it sooo many times. I can even remember all the parts now. :P
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
Good memories, right? :D
grace turpin (3 years ago)
i used to love that game and i have all of the barbie horse adventures boxed up
NJWAAN NJWAAN (4 years ago)
plese how to downlord this games???
lilbunnylily (4 years ago)
this was my all time fav game growing up, and i still have it :]] 
TSM Channel (4 years ago)
Well I've found this game to be very enjoyable and fun. It's a nice game to have and play. :D
Marti Koenig (4 years ago)
Whare did you get the game
TSM Channel (4 years ago)
Hello, I found it on an old Games Collection CD. But I think you can buy it on eBay or Amazon, or even some better games. This is a very old game.
pokelover66544 (4 years ago)
finally found one without annoying commentary thank you
Evanator Extreme (3 months ago)
TSM Channel Meh. Tell it to Lucahjin.
TSM Channel (4 years ago)
I'm not a big fan of commentary on videos, i don't know why this is trending so much.
Ariana Pruitt (4 years ago)
Ariana Pruitt (4 years ago)
Thanks :-D
TSM Channel (4 years ago)
Thank you! You are awesome! :D

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