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How EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh Player Trades!

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Trading in Yu-Gi-Oh can be a fun way to get new cards you need. Or it can be a complete nightmare. Here are some Yu-Gi-Oh player stereotypes you'll see in every trade! Connect with Team APS! • Facebook: https://facebook.com/teamaps/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamAPS • Discord: https://discord.gg/RN9tv4K monSupport Team APS! • Shirts and merchandise: https://bit.ly/TeamAPSMerch • Yu-Gi-Oh Playmats: https://bit.ly/APSPlaymats (use APS10 for 10% off) • YouTube Membership: https://bit.ly/JoinTeamAPS Team APS Sponsors and Affiliates! • TCGplayer: https://bit.ly/TCGplayerAPS • Inked Gaming: https://bit.ly/InkedandAPS #YuGiOh #Trading #Skit
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Team APS (3 months ago)
*THANKS FOR WATCHING THE VIDEO GUYS! BE SURE TO LIKE IT AND SHARE IT, TOO! AND ENJOY YOUR TRADES!!* 😁 By the way, if you want the Team APS mat featured in this video (or any custom playmat for that matter)... Check out Inked Gaming: https://bit.ly/APSPlaymats (use APS10 for 10% off)
Walter Burns (21 days ago)
Btw just realized I wasn't subbed and notified yet. Got you.
Walter Burns (21 days ago)
I could never part with my cards easy. I traded ra for trishula and I'm still missing it lol
bello hello (2 months ago)
Did you really heart your own coment
Mikail Walley (2 months ago)
Someone: what you want for that galaxy eyes cipher blade dragon Me: b no i just got this today
Unknown Player (3 months ago)
Team APS did you seriously heart your own comment
Christian Gutierrez (12 hours ago)
My friend is I just take cash
Nomad (1 day ago)
Taiyo Luca (2 days ago)
Soulja Boy Voice: TRAAADES?
Justin King (4 days ago)
I feel like such a casual. Not knowing all these terms
Alejandra O'Connor (4 days ago)
I used like people traded cards for cards not cards for loads of cash, or wanted first edition cards only the hell what happen to I need that card in my deck I'll trade these cards for that card
Lustfullover45 (9 days ago)
“Your secret for my super? It’s basically the same card.” Me:nOOooooOOOO!
Realiszt (13 days ago)
Honestly this is annoying. I'm glad I stopped playing. Butthurt fucking players trying to scam me. Some guy a while back tried telling me a card was 5$ but it was 8$. Yes 3$ makes a fuckinf difference. The guy was a pro and he thinks it's ok to scam people. Fuck off to whoever is like this. A.k.a everyone
sexypants1234 (13 days ago)
wait... i only use troll and toad for my prices... oh god xd
sexypants1234 (13 days ago)
i played yu gi oh for about a year and a half and only went to places like this a handful of times and literally heard every single thing said in this video, got damn
Romero051618 (13 days ago)
I needs to chill with yàll!!
Mezzick DarkSpark (13 days ago)
The guy that says "no" on each card you pulled out even though they have 12 copies multiple copies.
Joey Wildman (13 days ago)
What ever happened to looking through a mates cards and saying "Got got got got need got got need need got got"
Jebus Christ (15 days ago)
Trell is into yu gi oh and repping the Pats. He may be the coolest cat ever
cokeheadbenny (18 days ago)
segregation in this day and age SMH👌
Pretty on point! 😂 I'm good with a card for a card myself! 👾
Midnight Darkwolf (20 days ago)
back in my day we traded for cards and didnt care about effect, we just liked the shiny. I went to a mini tourney and thats exactly what happened
GrimReaper X 23 (21 days ago)
I trade cards for Jordan shoes and babies
TeamArc TypeZ (22 days ago)
This is how it be
Savir G (23 days ago)
Hey can I trade for this card Guy: It’s my first card/ it’s my favorite/ it’s special to me😂
Ben dover anntay kit (27 days ago)
Hey, of anyone reads this, I have a quick question. Do yugioh cards have less value if they are not first edition. This question has bugged me for a while.
Stephen Planas (8 days ago)
Yeah. Depending on how old the card is or it's rarity it goes up more but it's usually between 15 to 30%. The more expensive the card the higher the margin.
Xp Farmers (1 month ago)
*FACTS* btw: Value on the channel?
Diego Ortiz (1 month ago)
Hell no. There's a guy who prices his cards to what he sees fit and thinks how it will value. Example is when he tried to pick up a Pot of Extravagance from our group when Savage Strike first came out for $40 saying that's what it will settle at. Every trade or purchase is either a loss for us or a gain for him. He questions why no one wants to trade/duel with him.
Dat1Guy (1 month ago)
Value on the channel?
I subbed just because of the pats hat.
stephano zondiros (1 month ago)
It’s sad because it’s true lol.
Value of the youtube channel?
Aidan Yeomans (1 month ago)
Love the Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance posters in the background
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Yugioh is the MtG for blacks and little kids.
Jose Hernandez (1 month ago)
I can only say to this excuses: bullshit
these days trades are just trash for trash
Nextgengamer Jc (1 month ago)
This is so true bro 😆
Thot Slayer (1 month ago)
Despite all the jokes, this is actually an excellent video if u want to learn how to negotiate and not get ripped off.
Anthony Mitchell (1 month ago)
Getting back into yugioh after so many years—seems like the cards may have changed but the duelist haven’t in the slightest.
Wotans Krieger (1 month ago)
i remember plying it from 2002 to 2007 or 08 and now ive looked into it and nope wont start with this. Its now like wtf
Xl Remix (1 month ago)
Why i never trade i buy all my shit
Team Slifer (1 month ago)
This is exactly what it’s like
CastlesLaw1911 (1 month ago)
Around here it’s considered fancy to tell people “I didn’t see anything”.
YuRi35 TM (1 month ago)
I remember that time I traded a shitty exodia head for a dark rebellion xyz dragon
peacebuds530 (1 month ago)
I was just looking lol
Steven C (1 month ago)
Play MTG
luis cortazar (1 month ago)
God if I had a dollar for every time I got scammed
ogogo ogpgpg (1 month ago)
What about bitcoin ?
CodemanB2 (1 month ago)
Still blows my mind people don't have two binders. One for things you don't have a problem trading and another one for all the cards you want to keep but aren't in a deck. This can be applied to any tcg.
Shirokuma Otaku (18 days ago)
A lot of people I know keep Trades in the front & Deck Cores in the back of their Binders
The Featherman Club (1 month ago)
All the cards are stolen ..and thats what a white dude thinks when they see you at those places hahahaha fucking bitch
killingerk (1 month ago)
The one of the things I miss about old format style I quit at the end of synchronized in the old trades where people weren't greedy that you would trade
Bruh this is why I stop playing that game.
sergioobroo (1 month ago)
Tbh, I get the bullshit with wanting cash for Yu-Gi-Oh Cards but when you can’t even get cash prizes for winning worlds, can you blame them? Lol
Mainstream Shark (1 month ago)
1:42 This look is priceless
Moise Bah (1 month ago)
1:57 woww disrespect
Almighty Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Take that damn hat off
Johnstein ! (1 month ago)
Im guilty of price checking, but ive come across plenty of people that have tried to pull one over on me.
MainDirectory IsBack (1 month ago)
Part 2 pls!!!!!
Mike K (1 month ago)
Man I remember dueling kids in middle school and taking their best card if they lost to me.
darklaw 19 (1 month ago)
OMG I thougth These situations only happened in México xD
Link 1996 (1 month ago)
I've gone through plenty of trades like this. Not only with Yu-Gi-Oh, but also Magic the Gathering.
BIG! Kabuto (1 month ago)
I didn't realize how many black people play yugioh. Hey hey, im just saying.
Mr stop plz (1 month ago)
I know right
NecroVoid (1 month ago)
I hate and i cant sweat this enough. I HATE THE MFS WHO ONLY SALE CARDS IN SETS
Wanda Jackson (1 month ago)
I have the three GOD cards
James Alvarez (1 month ago)
This channel was in my recommended last week for some strange reason. So I said , sure , lets check out a couple videos. I'm glad I did , y'all mad funny. New sub here....
Jesus Rodriguez (1 month ago)
LOL this is hilarious! This is the reason i don't do trades and i don't have any trades i instead just buy what i need online for a deck and that's all i have and need
Alex McMahan (1 month ago)
Broskies i hear most of that all the time for anyone that can get to know me i am pritty straight forward and generous heck i made a little kid cry by giving him a elemental heros deck i had made a long time ago when they was good with stratos it wasnt a bad deck i made ran really well based on getting your fusions out quick enough based on your normal monsters i might rebuild it but anyway i made that kids day i desided to go back to exodia in the process. yugioh to me is about making friends and making new ideas for deck builds and build them based on your own strategies i plan on building decks and maybe for fun build traditional decks.
Nathaniel Bryant (1 month ago)
As a player I'm actually disappointed cause this is basically the community now with rule sharks and meta players.
Synysterkush (1 month ago)
LMAO “value on the shirt!!!???”NO LIE IVE HEARD AND SAID 80% of these .
Alec Munguia (1 month ago)
I noticed youre a patriots fan do you cheat in yugioh as well ?
Jerry Cisneros (1 month ago)
How me and my friend been trade "I'll give you this alligator card for your gagaga magician"
Sketch_ Tepig (2 months ago)
Pokemon tcg trades: "That card looks cool" "Yours looks cool too" "Wanna trade?" Then its either a simple yes or no Yugioh: "Is it meta? Can I buy it cheaper somewhere else? Just economically speaking will this help me?" "NO TRADE" *throws binder out the window*
Hulking Elf (2 months ago)
im the guy thats like let me get the set of cards that not even u literally play i.e. (b.e.s. or ghostricks) for some acntually usable staples, current set items.
Robotic casuals Gaming (2 months ago)
the guy with the dreads. *physically touches the other guy* "hey yo how much for the shirt?" im dying.
Stephen Planas (8 days ago)
The guy with the dreads is named Trell.
Jmaster99 (2 months ago)
"Can you throw in something extra? You got a borrelsword?" That look XD
Hodds .31832 (2 months ago)
Can I just have this?
HeartearthScar (2 months ago)
I dispise players who go by money value. Rarity is one thing. And if they bought their cards online, thats on them. They shouldnt make the trading card game with money.
Lord of Kebs (2 months ago)
I've actually been there with a guy that said "I'm selling the whole set or nothing," $60 for an Ancient Gear deck. I was hoping to trade for 1 Chaos Ancient Gear Giant.
Shalucard (2 months ago)
Yo what's the value for a like and a heart?
What about that one guy that uses tin boxes for his cards?
CancerBubbleSP (2 months ago)
You gotta love the people that try to get you to trade the cards in your deck. While you are in the middle of a duel nonetheless.
william Aldred (2 months ago)
I always hated the people that say they will only sell a set of a card. I get some people do it for ease or shit but there have been people I have said I only want one copy of a card they show they have it then when I make an offer they say I can't buy just one
game shocker 2.0 (2 months ago)
Really Whats special about 1st edition cards
vuhsace highrolla (2 months ago)
I always traded like “you can have this and this and this ... but not my dark magician “ lol
FEknuckle (2 months ago)
When they only use 3 SINGLE WORDS the whole transaction... "TRADES? VALUE? K."
walkingemp (2 months ago)
you forgot the whole sneaking a good card under crappy cards hoping the person doesnt notice XD
aprendizmetalero666 (2 months ago)
I’d wish i was a nigga :,(
xxbatman69 xx (2 months ago)
It hurts when im at my locals I ask for trades and they are like I cant trade that I'm building a deck *SO WHY IS IT IN YOUR FREAKING TRADE BINDER THEN*
Shirokuma Otaku (2 months ago)
I hate that sooooooo much!
Soulburner Salamangreat (2 months ago)
Value on the shirt? Whaaaat I give you three fity
Pj Kingdom (2 months ago)
"$12 for a set? Man I can go online and get this for 11.75" 😂😂😂😂
Christian Amora (2 months ago)
Yu-Gi-Oh traders either low-ball you or overprice you Nothing in between....
bello hello (2 months ago)
Too many black people
Anish Vattappara (2 months ago)
Better yet what's the value on your watch 😂 hold up ma what's the value on your phone
Bart (2 months ago)
I hate it now a days that it's pretty much pay for individual cards now. We should just call it pay to buy even more cards if we can't get it out of a booster pack or something like that. Cause I mean seriously why do we have to pay for cards, yes I know some of them are valuable or something, but what happened to just plain old trading
Rafael Carbajal (2 months ago)
All true
Raven (2 months ago)
It’s the same with Pokémon tcg I had a few takers but they were in the seven sin in yugioh tcg, I think ya called them foot venders or something like that, but I kindly refuse cause I can get cards valued by the game card valuer and yea so don’t get scammed outa profits
Kyukon (2 months ago)
So true and so sad..
BlackBird Backward (2 months ago)
I had some guy give me $100 for some card. The guy sitting next to me said I was stupid for sealing it because I guess the price was going to go up or something? I just told him it's just a card if anything that guy was stupid for giving me $100 for one card. 😂 A card!!!
Ryan Narke (2 months ago)
I love these stereotypes videos! Please do more!
Christopher Frka (2 months ago)
value on your phone lmao 😂😂😂
Jester J (2 months ago)
I hear the word “card “ every time
Yugioh players are true capitalists
Kill Bighead (3 months ago)
I never met a black guy with yugioh cards thats on everuthing i love
Alex Davis (3 months ago)
😂 so glad I quit years ago. Although, every tcg has it's interesting players. Great video!
shein360 (3 months ago)
I hate how everything is priced now days. What happened to I want this card you want that card??? Give a shit about value

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