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Text Comments (31)
Facts for life (20 days ago)
Plz send me the link of your video about dtube creative comment
Chef Nour (25 days ago)
the title far from wht u are talking it fool
BITCOIN Pyasa (26 days ago)
Luis Loayza (27 days ago)
Hi, in what program do you edit your videos? ☺️
dataer collect (27 days ago)
Hi Andy. Epic write comes up as an unsecured website i.e. don’t enter sensitive information.
Faisal Azad (28 days ago)
Dear how to get videos of others to edit them with fair use....?
Faisal Azad (27 days ago)
So there won't be any copyright issue in doing so....
Sougandh Dhuri (27 days ago)
You can use filter option in youtbe and select creactive commman license and then you can use small portion of video
Rodigo Duterte (28 days ago)
I already had money, but lack of manpower and support
mohammad akbar nasar (24 days ago)
Can I help you in any ways.
Naseef Panchily (28 days ago)
Hey ...Anyone help for removing my suspension in mturk ...I will give u 40 dolllar
Movie Space (28 days ago)
2 month ago you said in bright side video to hire a writer video animated and one person for making a. Video like bright side. Please make a video about that
Tushar Sangale (28 days ago)
I don't want money. I want power.
Movie Space (28 days ago)
Paise nhi hoga to knowledge ko sir pe maaroge Bina paise k aJ kal knowledge koi kaam ki nhi
Tushar Sangale (28 days ago)
knowledge and good people around you then.
Movie Space (28 days ago)
Bina money k power kaise milti hai
Gaming Wizard!! (28 days ago)
I love the outro😍😍
windroid (28 days ago)
andy do you have the license of the outro music or its free?
Andy Hafell (28 days ago)
It's from epidemicsound
Crypto Agent (28 days ago)
Thanks man
Remixo Dogg (28 days ago)
Really great ideas. Thanks
FLASH TAMIL (28 days ago)
bro which software you used video editing
Andy Hafell (28 days ago)
Premiere pro
Lester Diaz (28 days ago)
Haha love your thumbnails man, my video thumbnails are less creative 😂
odd hermansen (28 days ago)
how do you first get views on a top 10 channel?
Andy Hafell (28 days ago)
Need help growing in YouTube. Check tube Takeoff Academy in the description
ചാണ ക്യൻ (28 days ago)
*This guy is clever ,he do really knows marketing, making viewer a fool* 😂😂😂😂😂
alphie (26 days ago)
malayali ano?
Dhaaanuuush (28 days ago)
Good news for Indians. Unique videos to make money online in channel ..paisa online .....subscribe now
Dhaaanuuush (28 days ago)
Good one
Dhaaanuuush (28 days ago)

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