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Map of Computer Science

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The field of computer science summarised. Learn more at this video's sponsor https://brilliant.org/dos Computer science is the subject that studies what computers can do and investigates the best ways you can solve the problems of the world with them. It is a huge field overlapping pure mathematics, engineering and many other scientific disciplines. In this video I summarise as much of the subject as I can and show how the areas are related to each other. You can buy this poster here: North America: https://store.dftba.com/products/map-of-computer-science-poster Everywhere else: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dominicwalliman/works/27929629-map-of-computer-science?p=poster&finish=semi_gloss&size=small Get all my other posters here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dominicwalliman A couple of notes on this video: 1. Some people have commented that I should have included computer security alongside hacking, and I completely agree, that was an oversight on my part. Apologies to all the computer security professionals, and thanks for all the hard work! 2. I also failed to mention interpreters alongside compilers in the complier section. Again, I’m kicking myself because of course this is an important concept for people to hear about. Also the layers of languages being compiled to other languages is overly convoluted, in practice it is more simple than this. I guess I should have picked one simple example. 3. NP-complete problems are possible to solve, they just become very difficult to solve very quickly as they get bigger. When I said NP-complete and then "impossible to solve", I meant that the large NP-complete problems that industry is interested in solving were thought to be practically impossible to solve. And free downloadable versions of this and the other posters here. If you want to print them out for educational purposes please do! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ Thanks so much to my supporters on Patreon. If you enjoy my videos and would like to help me make more this is the best way and I appreciate it very much. https://www.patreon.com/domainofscience I also write a series of children’s science books call Professor Astro Cat, these links are to the publisher, but they are available in all good bookshops around the world in 18 languages and counting: Frontiers of Space (age 7+): http://nobrow.net/shop/professor-astro-cats-frontiers-of-space/ Atomic Adventure (age 7+): http://nobrow.net/shop/professor-astro-cats-atomic-adventure/ Intergalactic Activity Book (age 7+): http://nobrow.net/shop/professor-astro-cats-intergalactic-activity-book/ Solar System Book (age 3+, available in UK now, and rest of world in spring 2018): http://nobrow.net/shop/professor-astro-cats-solar-system/? Solar System App: http://www.minilabstudios.com/apps/professor-astro-cats-solar-system/ And the new Professor Astro Cat App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/galactic-genius-with-astro-cat/id1212841840?mt=8 Find me on twitter, Instagram, and my website: http://dominicwalliman.com https://twitter.com/DominicWalliman https://www.instagram.com/dominicwalliman https://www.facebook.com/dominicwalliman
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Domain of Science (1 year ago)
Hey thanks for all the comments! Yes I agree that I should have added in computer security alongside hacking. It is a huge and important field so I regret leaving it off. And I should also have mentioned interpreters along with compilers as this is an important concept, especially having coded a fair amount of python I have no excuses. I added a couple of notes in the video description. Thanks for pointing these omissions out, and thanks for all the words of encouragement as well. I was trying something new with the graphic design on this one, trying to match the look to the subject matter and I think it worked out well.
Jo Jos (1 month ago)
Map of Engineering next, please?
Rohan Shah (2 months ago)
Humans are the biggest,smartest, unachievable, unthinkable, brilliant, exaggerating computer systems. We generate our own energy. We are a source of infinite energy unlike any other robots.
SK Mwaura (2 months ago)
Please say something about a computer crash.
misteryoutube2018 (3 months ago)
i enjoyed the shade being thrown at league of legends
Douglas Santos (3 months ago)
Besides the lacks, that can be corrected in next version, it's awesome job ! Indeed, a material to be referenced .
nilotpal das (3 days ago)
i am watching this on a laptop wow....IMPACT OF COMPUTERS
Ash Ketchum (5 days ago)
Amazing Video! Although I found the background music a tiny bit distracting
Christine patine (6 days ago)
Thank u for all the information,I would like to learn everything about it
Joey Goopio (12 days ago)
Very Informative!👍
Threelly AI (12 days ago)
Raphael Trevilato (12 days ago)
2:45 How could the merge sort algorithm be writen, and why is it better than the bubble sort one? Sorry for this basic question. haha Edit.: Did I got it wrong? Is it Bubble Sort the most efficient method?
Debangsu Sarkar (10 days ago)
Fast Sort is the fastest one that I know. O(n)
Tech Educational (13 days ago)
Tech Educational (13 days ago)
Darryl Calder (22 days ago)
I have but one thumb up to give. A fantastic sweeping summary that I will view repeatedly over the next week or so.
UglyStru (25 days ago)
Just graduated with my associates in CompSci, didn't know any of this... I'm so lost...
Akki Kishore (14 days ago)
It's best to get bachelors in CompSci, associates isn't very useful considering you also have to do General Education requirements.
Matthew Redden (26 days ago)
Great video.
Jeffrey Stevens (28 days ago)
Anyone else feel that compared to traditional maths, computer science makes more sense/is a tad easier? I feel like traditional maths is so esoteric while CS is so much more facile to wrap my head around.
Sai Srikar Gollamudi (1 month ago)
map of electrical engineering please!
Harry Dambrogio (1 month ago)
Do a video on how you make your videos plz
Nima N. (1 month ago)
Computer science has to be treated like all the other science based subjects such as physics, chemistry or biology. It's a shame most schools don't take CS as a serious subject.
All Alone (12 hours ago)
Van Long the main comment says schools don’t take their cs curriculum seriously
Van Long (23 hours ago)
+All AloneAlone what is wrong with lower-tier schools?
All Alone (26 days ago)
Most schools? You mean lower tier schools?
Matthew Redden (26 days ago)
Computer science tries to create knowledge. Statisticians challenge that with their own methods. Statistics wins. Statistics is applied philosophy in application, maths improvement and is ultimately derived from physics and the maths that supports physics. They therefore support the three main subjects. Computer science is a science. But it is primarily there to serve. It should be taken seriously. Medicine has to follow the route of statistics. None should underestimate the power of computer science however. Computer scientists should see computer science as being a child of physics as well. It will be on a par with other science in practice eventually. However, it should never be above the other sciences. Therefore people will always put computer science down. In a way they have to. They shouldn't damage careers though.
satish hebbal (1 month ago)
what is data?
Mr. King Man (1 month ago)
Map of Biology/Medicine?
Ruilin Lin (1 month ago)
Map of Business Or Map of Economics Please 😊
Carlos (1 month ago)
Music used in video?
Kewal Takhellambam (1 month ago)
compact and very informative👍
John Engel (1 month ago)
NP Complete does not mean unsolvable. It means that the worst case time complexity of a problem is worse than polynomial time, or in other words takes an increasingly long time to solve, to the point where with a large amount of inputs it is practically impossible, but still not unsolvable.
Rachel Baker (1 month ago)
Ohhhhh yes you sound sooo sexy ;-)
Watene Hetaraka (1 month ago)
Thanks heaps I just ordered. By the way you had everything in the order it was built. Well practicle
Saurabh Bhise (1 month ago)
You didn't mentioned about cloud computing! But, your video was amazing.
Deeshti Hujoory (1 month ago)
why am i crying
I'm peech (1 month ago)
Thank you
Arne Babenhauserheide (1 month ago)
Are there translated versions of your maps (for german) — or easily translatable source files?
ICE GEL (1 month ago)
👌👌👍👍new B XD
Joshua Tumala (6 days ago)
7:04 why tf is league of legends there? hahahahah. i mean. as a DOTA player. i do belive that stat is true. hahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha (jk. dota is dyin. too many people switching to league cuz it's "too hard". more like y'all just can't play the TRUE MOBA GAME) Y’all SUCK😭😭😭😂😂😂
Nerzadler (1 month ago)
Map of mechanics !
Duvall Johnson (1 month ago)
Dude, I love your map videos!
Davi Leal (1 month ago)
Could someone tell me what tool used to make these animations?
Raju Raikwar (1 month ago)
Oo really it a great
Planet X (1 month ago)
which software do you use for animation?
Deepak Nohwar (1 month ago)
And all of this in 50-60 years.
Birendra Rijal (1 month ago)
YouTube recommended me awesomeness
T.A Sirajudheen (1 month ago)
Start to learn what is rooting and its take me through android..linux...computers.. computer science...engineering...coding...artificial intelligence...etc etc....still looking for more and still feel that my head is empty ..
LiveTheLife (1 month ago)
This is very thoughful and very well made video, awesome!
Courage dog (2 months ago)
Map of physics please or chemistry)
subhradeep ghosh (2 months ago)
Map of electronics engineering..
Daily Appreciated Videos (2 months ago)
my dream is to become computer engineer, yet my math skills ain't participating, i have 1 year left to go in college and choose what is best for me, it is medical courses or computer* courses, i really love sciences so i guess i might qualified to take computer engineer. sorry, my english fluidity is bad.
Alkeryn (2 months ago)
You didn't developped much into hacking, it isn't just finding weaknesses and not being noticed actually it has nothing to do with that it is about findings ways to make things do things they aren't originally intended to by interacting with them in ways that weren't thought and that isn't even a subject but a net of many unrelated subjects that together make what you call hacking. Also your programming language -> compiler -> programming language cascade was very wrong lol
joe gold (2 months ago)
Good video
Laxman M R (2 months ago)
Good on all aspects except what hacking is. Hacking is simply understanding how something works and making it better!!!
Arslan Gabdulkhakov (2 months ago)
Looks like a Intro to Comp Sci for Social Scientists
Riccardo Monego (2 months ago)
Where is Cybersecurity? Still, this is wonderful!
Ankit Shaw (2 months ago)
This video must be made Mandatory for every Engineering ComputerScience to watch in their First Year of College. Believe me, it will change a lot of perspective for the students. #love from INDIA
Æther Realm (2 months ago)
Why should we become computers? A teardrop of dna contains more computing power than the whole computers on earth. We already have the most powerful quantum supercomputers inside our cells that contain the holofractographic blueprint of the universe and existence itself. Everything is mind. We dont know yet how to interact consciously with our dna to reprogram it and acitvate untapped potentials but neuroplasticity, hypnosis and meditation bring proof that we can heal diseases, change our endocrine system and physiology to endure very stressful and painful situations, upgrade our nervous system and gain superhuman abilities and long life like yogis, lamas and shamans. Stuff like telepathy, remoteviewing and telekenisis are real. But not all people have the same levels of mental energy and mental development, because they waste their life force with useless activities such as watching porn and putting negative impressions to their minds . Our consciousnes collapses the wave function of the aether(or vacum, space filled with unlimited unmanifested potential) to create matter and what we call reality of our life. Its the same as you would consciously create a lucid dream or program a VR. Know the true nature of mind. It is timeless bliss and awarenes. The only true source of power and the only true refuge
ImpossibleShows (2 months ago)
Znext is cloud c no delete
Ponnu troll (2 months ago)
Relativity physics plz
Joe Wong (2 months ago)
you forgot the cloud
Margo Pizza man (2 months ago)
no u
Hala Ahmed (2 months ago)
i wish i could've been smart to understand this video from the first time
Marek Šajner (2 months ago)
turing machine is a simple description of how to win WW2
Dhanu Bujji (2 months ago)
Please do eee video sir plz
_ X (3 months ago)
I had to pause video around 4 mins just to comment how beautiful it is. Music.. just.. mesmerizing.
Aziz Kash (3 months ago)
Hardest subject ever
Ammar Ibrahim (3 months ago)
Amazing effort
Seema Pandey (3 months ago)
Thanks man!! It helped me to crack interview at google...
Brian (3 months ago)
Downvoted for saying we build computers, as well as the assumption that the moon landings happened..
Jarvis Rijo (3 months ago)
Map of algorithm design techniques
Jarvis Rijo (3 months ago)
When you feel smart because you understand every concept he's talking about
Stefan Fink (3 months ago)
Brilliant work! 😍
Siken Dongol (3 months ago)
Allan Marcel (3 months ago)
JustWatchingVideo56 (3 months ago)
ThunderBlastvideo (3 months ago)
Internet of things = 5G, already in At&T and Verizon
Jake Westin (3 months ago)
I was about to comment about how i wish he sold a poster, BUT HE DOES!
Rose Randall (3 months ago)
Map of engineering
Hekima Nash (3 months ago)
Hey; I'm a Coder/ Inventor with my own Coding System that I've been working on for 15 years. Thanks for the videos. I didn't study math in school expert but I'm a natural.
Gino Costa (26 days ago)
+All Alone I know and I agree. It's just that everything was so political at the school I went to a lot of things were like if it was in a perfect world a lot of things were shallow and we were taught to memorize to the test and we will never ever taught how to actually solve problems especially in the real world I remember what I graduated I was asked what they could have done better by professor I had they called me up and I was asked and I told him that they need to teach actual problem solving more than just memorizing things and teaching to the test. Of course I had a chief programmers job at the same time I was going to school and it was 60 hours a week or more on that job alone but I still persevere than I still graduated
All Alone (26 days ago)
Gino Costa going to school for CS teaches you how to better teach and understand the stuff you’ll set out to learn later in life :)
Gino Costa (3 months ago)
I did go to school, but it was all a waste. Anything I ever used, I taught myself - much of it before school. I've had more 'professional students' scoff at me, only to have to eat their words.
guntupalli koushik (3 months ago)
My 4 years Btech course in 10 min u're great
TRI NGUYEN (3 months ago)
Which field of computer science has most real world applications?
Harry Kramer (3 months ago)
Map of Engineering
Igor Dranichnikov (3 months ago)
Thanks, that was very informative!
2:39 algorithms
Shariful Islam (3 months ago)
Boss from Bangladesh
Tullius Agrippa (3 months ago)
AI? Oh Hal.
Postermaestro (3 months ago)
This was actually really well done.
0xJamica0x (3 months ago)
Map of Neuroscience plsss :D
mr dee (3 months ago)
hard to understand even in the video xD
fake ! (3 months ago)
Font name please.
Alex (3 months ago)
Important correction: SAT solving and other NP-complete problems were never thought to be unsolvable, they were thought to be impossible to solve *efficiently*.
David Badillo (3 months ago)
Fascinating stuff! Thank you for working so hard on this, DoS!
Jalen Andrew (3 months ago)
lovely! Map of Engineering?
InCaseOfEmergency EatAss (3 months ago)
When we talk we communicate meaning, but we also communicate candor and feeling in the style of our speech. Computers don't do that, they only know logic. Does anybody know what fields of study this might relate to?
Mark S (3 months ago)
8:03 the cake is a lie
I'm a highschool student, and I both like computer science and computer engineer...I'm confuse to what college program should I take, if it is computer science or computer engineer.... any suggestions, opinions or informations? anything is appreciated
How you do the maps ?
Sam Voisin (4 months ago)
Another great video!
Addmix (4 months ago)
Can we not make filly conscious A.I.'s because I don't want to have to deal with computer equality and the other ethics that go along with it
John Faria (4 months ago)
“Hacking” is a small part of the much bigger concept of cyber security
Psyber urs is nice unlike mine
Psyber (3 days ago)
Should I even comment here? I feel like people will bully me for my username. LMAO
Douwe Huysmans (1 month ago)
+Scientific Bro Weeb
Scientific Bro (1 month ago)
+Douwe Huysmans Ha Ha stupid script kiddie
Douwe Huysmans (3 months ago)
+Silver X Because they aren't
Benedict Sandoval (4 months ago)
Map of Economics
Hassan Shaikh (4 months ago)
What about quantum computing?
juan jose aguero (4 months ago)

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