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“Quantum Computing: Far Away? Around the Corner?" at ACM Turing 50 Celebration

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Quantum computing holds the promise to enormously increase computing performance in areas including cryptography, optimization, search, quantum chemistry, materials science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized medicine and drug discovery. Quantum computing hardware is maturing swiftly. Depending on the expert you talk with, quantum computing is around the corner or a few years away. Concurrently, research on algorithms that take advantage of quantum computing is also moving briskly. In this discussion, panelists will look at where we are in both theory and practice, where we are headed, and what quantum skills the average computer scientist will eventually need. Moderator: Umesh Vazirani, University of California, Berkeley Panelists: Dorit Aharonov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jay M. Gambetta, IBM Research John Martinis, Google and University of California, Santa Barbara Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (2000 Turing Laureate), Tsinghua University
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So, we are about to launch a new conceptual era for how to set up new thinking of the brain mechanisms, after ages of cognitive estrangement and ages of impressive developments in the human cognition, not just at the level of "communication revolution and the exchange of information", but in terms of how humans think in the future in the biological sense of human brain. We are on the verge of great explosion in the areas of artificial intelligence, not just in the area of development of computers, communications and travel, but also in dealing with solutions to some evolution problems in pharmaceutical, commercial and medical industries, in addition to the "production of meaning" problem and the communications between humans, or what is known as the cooperation and the relationship between variety of scientific fields which may seem to scientists traditional, or in the words of Thomas Kuhn "the Paradigm"; the fact that it appears different and has nothing to do with each other, like: Chaos, Quantum Biology, Quantum Mechanics, Bio Semiotics, Discourse Analysis, Mathematical Analysis and Semiotic Modalities, or the cooperation in "artificial intelligence between the product and Computer, or between the Quantum and the human brain, or "quantum biology," and how the brain mechanisms function.
Jorge Barrero (1 year ago)
It seems a bright future for quantum computing

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