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Review: XBOX 360 Play And Charge Kit

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Need some more time for your batteries so you can play your XBOX all night? Do you hate using AA batteries? Wouldn't you want a rechargeable battery instead? Take a look at what I havve to say for the XBOX 360 Play And Charge Kit. In this video I went over the specs, the charger and the battery pack, discussing past experiences with this charging solution, demonstrating the charger, and concluded whether you should purchase this product or not. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/benicellguy
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Text Comments (236)
Bob Sarmiento (6 days ago)
can you use the xbox 360 on a pc to play games using this adapter?
BIG.BO520 (6 days ago)
soo if the the light on the controler or the charger doesnt turn on does it mean the controler is broken or is it the charger
Trevor Stagdon (1 month ago)
How long does the Charge and Play Kit usually last before it starts to malfunction and/or not work?
jagveer gaming (1 month ago)
can i use the thing to play on my pc via usb
Animete-k (1 month ago)
can you play with the controller connected Xbox 360 with the cable without battery?
Sunny Pow (1 month ago)
My charger broke i play xbox one
Naabigh Allie (1 month ago)
His voice is annoying
Naman Mehta (2 months ago)
So how long did the black charger last. ?? Same as the white one. ?
nestor melendez (2 months ago)
About 40 hours
KorniK (2 months ago)
Mine does not charge but i can use the controller when its pluged in. And the indicator doesnt light red or green its just off. What could be the error??
Nazim Zeus (2 months ago)
I charge it from the wall plug in I connect charger usb to a phone charge box and plug it i think i burned it
Predragon12 COD (3 months ago)
Dinosha Bhailall (4 months ago)
Thanks man
top music (4 months ago)
top music (4 months ago)
ca c'est vrai
Daehawk (4 months ago)
Mine worked for 7 years. The wire in the cable just broke on me...only charges if you hold it a certain way. So gotta find a new one. its tough to do since most are some cheap knockoff brand. DO NOT buy knockoffs in these.
Bonginkosi March (4 months ago)
hi I bought Xbox 360 and I charged the batteries for 30 minutes when I take out the charger it doesn't switch on what should I do?
Evan Coltart (5 months ago)
not what I needed
Muhammad Nabeel (6 months ago)
How long does it last
Gatis Klētnieks (7 months ago)
I was using the wire without bateries bcuz I lost them so it lasted for like 2 months i think I don't remember. But it buned down. So I don't like this wire.
Umer Ellahi (7 months ago)
What if none of the light shows?
Taufiqul Hasan Sany (8 months ago)
IzyFire (8 months ago)
Jvois pas comment vous vous cassez la tete a acheter un truc pour les piles si ta juste besoin d’un cable
Elusive Trickster (9 months ago)
These were shit back in the day, i went through a lot of them and you're better off just buying rechargeable batteries
Jake Hendrix (9 months ago)
Thanks so much I just got this so I can reply Xbox 360
GW NxGD (9 months ago)
The 360 slim has 3 in the back
Metalgear SolidSnake (10 months ago)
Does anybody have an play and charge that works?!!? I have two and both are not charging?!? why is another question, stay away from it!
The Gamer slim (10 months ago)
I don't even get a light what can I do😭
Jonathan Hernandez (11 months ago)
Help me my control won't charge when I plug it in
Johnathan Brown (11 months ago)
How much do a Xbox cost ticket cost
_SROM_ (1 year ago)
KIKE Sanchez (1 year ago)
Its suck
demetress jackson (1 year ago)
can you charge it from the tv
Samar Tamhane (1 year ago)
It worked
Enterpoke Gupta (1 year ago)
i comes in the box
SkullTag Films (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video, I was gifted an old 360 elite edition with this rechargeable battery pack and since I haven't used Xbox much I wasnt sure how to charge it.
Andrew Bain (1 year ago)
I let mine charge over night
Lachlan Claridge (1 year ago)
Ali Kidwai (1 year ago)
That helped a lot! Thank you.
yash desai (1 year ago)
Does that charging kit has batteries inside or just a shell?
Tamir-777 (1 year ago)
yes, i found out after it broke and i opened it up
John Bragino (1 year ago)
Great review! Thank you for the information. Helped me decide on what charging option to go with.
Hamza Zuberi (1 year ago)
is it work without batteries ?
UNIK 90 (1 year ago)
Hamza Zuberi yes
The ElVeN (1 year ago)
hi i have a question, if you play games with the controller while it's charging will this harm the battery's life? is it like the phone when you are charging it and you use it at the same time the battery's life damages and then it drains fast?
UNIK 90 (1 year ago)
The ElVeN no
clumsy dot (1 year ago)
ok so i brought a x360 wireless controller snd am thinking about using it with otg on m phone ...these this kit send data (i mean can ibplay on my phone
mezeiigabi (1 year ago)
I cannot find an original charging kit. The fake one has a 4800 mAh battery. Charging time is 8 hours. Pls reply. :) @benicellguy
alanch90 (1 year ago)
is this kit compatible with pc too?
fuck-youtube (12 days ago)
u dont need it if u have an receiver lol and should works also +N7 Marksman
Jedimasterken (4 months ago)
3rd party 360 cords don't work with pc. If you want to play on PC buy the official wireless adapter from Microsoft they still sell them IDK about the other 3rd party 360 PC wireless adapters not worth it even if 3rd party is cheaper
N7 Marksman (1 year ago)
Yes tho you will still need a receiver
N7 Marksman (1 year ago)
Yes tho you will still need a receiver
MichelEck (1 year ago)
can you connect this with your PC ?
Mateo Vasquez (7 months ago)
MichelEck You can obviously connect it to charge, but it won’t work to play games, you need wireless receiver (which you can get on ebay/amazon) and connect it, however while you play it on PC and battery is running low you can still buy this
Jung _ CrazySniper (2 years ago)
x_YoungxLife_x (2 years ago)
if u turn off your xbox does your controller still charges?
Hamza Zuberi (1 year ago)
Guillermo OsorioDelgado yes
Carlos P (1 year ago)
Guillermo OsorioDelgado no
x_YoungxLife_x (2 years ago)
if u turn off your xbox does your controller still charges?
x_YoungxLife_x (1 year ago)
Efifa 01 it does 😂😂
Efifa 01 (1 year ago)
Guillermo OsorioDelgado no
BM Skyped (2 years ago)
how do you remove the cord after it's done charging
GT Gamers (4 months ago)
Hasaan Zain hahahaha lmao
Kunduk (5 months ago)
Hasaan Zain lmao
Hasaan Zain (5 months ago)
This is Quite difficult; you might need to go to a specialist electrician to get it removed
fralyx (2 years ago)
better off buying wired one instead, ik it's disturbing, but how far that you want to play from your computer?
fralyx (2 years ago)
sorry i'm probably blind, bye
Jayant Sharma (2 years ago)
this is for Xbox😠
xXBatManXx (2 years ago)
A Rais (2 years ago)
A faulty product has nothing to do with greed from a retail company. Don't blame the employees you little jerk.
lechuga cebolla (2 years ago)
Jumbo Bless (2 years ago)
This shut sucks fuc Microsoft greedy ass company
A Small Mustache Man (1 year ago)
Jumbo Bless "it breaks after a month" I've had my xbox 360, plug and play kit and two controllers for 5 years and they still work lol
Jumbo Bless (2 years ago)
lmfao shut up
The Dark Schmeeze (2 years ago)
Bitch you just don't have enough for a new console or pc
Jumbo Bless (2 years ago)
i am not lul lmfao... I don't want that trash ass xbox one. lmfao
The Dark Schmeeze (2 years ago)
Bitch you poor as fuck. Still playing xbox 360 whining because you don't got 10$ for a charger
DarkMark MC (2 years ago)
i just bought one of that and when i first plug in my xbox 360 it doesnt work even after i drained the batery in my console it still doesnt work can i get any feedbacks??
Efifa 01 (1 year ago)
benicellguy how do you takeout off
benicellguy (2 years ago)
+DarkMark MC Did you try plugging it back in after turning on the 360?
elizer ebrao (2 years ago)
I have a charger and I have OTG does the charger connect to Android ??
Pure Gold (2 years ago)
does this work on pc
UNIK 90 (1 year ago)
Pure Gold no
Scooterfox (2 years ago)
i am testing one now just bought it however i have the latest XB360 so the black one, thanx for the vid
Winter Soldier (1 year ago)
Scooterfox so is it still working?
david wandtke (2 years ago)
typowy angielski tuman
May Lee (2 years ago)
What did he say or do that it makes him a "typowy angielski tuman"?
BadenBaden Kir (2 years ago)
can i plug in a wireless controller simply to play on my computer (steam)
David Cox (2 years ago)
+BadenBaden Kir negative
BoxingBird (3 years ago)
can I plug it in the wall using my android charger instesd of the xbox it self??
BoxingBird (2 years ago)
+Nitrorealm i tried it and it worked
Nitrorealm (2 years ago)
no xbox one does
GummyTart (3 years ago)
i have a battery that keeps popping out because it wont stay in because the top of it wont click when i put it in... help?
rare_NDividual (3 years ago)
They stop charging after a while.Waist of money!
How much it Cost
Hrishikesh Siv (2 years ago)
+Nate Hardnett just below 10 dollars
Oh ok
TheKrispieTaco (3 years ago)
if i wanted to, could i just use the cord and not the batteries
duncanthecat uwu (9 months ago)
SuperJray16 no
KiA Trapz (2 years ago)
Yea u can
lavalord363 aqw (3 years ago)
+benicellguy Hi to use the charge kit we have to charge the battery first then we chargee it?
Júlio Marques (3 years ago)
+SuperJray16 idk :/
brad compton (3 years ago)
xbox 360 slim has 5 usb 3 in the back and 2 in the frount
darkfalcon9 (3 years ago)
My black charger worked for a while, now it doesn't, WTF, suggestions anyone?
The Avid Gamer (3 years ago)
Get another white one?
Rick Vince (3 years ago)
I *HATE* this product. I've gone through 2 now and both of them were defective. I could leave the console on with the controller plugged in for 1-2 days, it doesn't matter. As soon as I unplug it, I know I have about 10 seconds before the controller dies. 
M3RAND (1 year ago)
Rick Vince same ..my controller doesnt load... if i unplug it it just turns off... i just have a battery charger and i have like 30 batteries fully charged .. i just switch them XD
PennyWise 000 (3 years ago)
the charger kit charge the controller only for some hours or  charge it for a life
Anna Vero (3 years ago)
The Xbox 360 slim has 4 USB ports
May Lee (2 years ago)
who cares
darkfalcon9 (3 years ago)
The solid green light comes on mine indicating its charged, however when I unplug the charger from the controller it still tells me to connect controller indicating its not charged, any ideas why ppl, if anyone could explain why or what to do I'll appreciate it, unless it was green cos I was playing while it was charging
benicellguy (3 years ago)
+darkfalcon9 No problem.
darkfalcon9 (3 years ago)
Hmm, ok , thanx
benicellguy (3 years ago)
Sounds like you need a new battery pack because the old one is depleted.
ggss11 (4 years ago)
Note: To turn off your Xbox 360 console but continue charging the battery, you must shut down your console through the Dashboard i.e don't turn off via power button on console.
alghifari waluya (4 years ago)
Because I have another product of rechargeable battery pack and I play it while it's charging,but a month later the battery pack is kinda leak,and it's not working So please tell how to do it
alghifari waluya (4 years ago)
Are we abble to play it while it's charging
alghifari waluya (4 years ago)
I've already know that since i read the xbox.com/support. But thank you
Mikeyman (4 years ago)
I know this comment is old but seriously you have to be full retard not to know that play and charge kit means PLAY AND CHARGE
Yogen Grg (4 years ago)
dude, u sound like Ray Romano....but thanks for the video..:p
bfd ia (4 years ago)
bfd ia (4 years ago)
1 had this for 1 year I recommend this iteam
Alexander Kain (4 years ago)
i can't use may wireless joypad with pc, with this cable i can play like a normal control in pc with usb?
benicellguy (4 years ago)
No. This is only for charging. To use the wireless controller, you need the wireless adapter.
scarxcia Fardaz (4 years ago)
Will it hurt the controller if i use the charger as a direct wire without any batterries?!
cheesespray1 (4 years ago)
Young Neo (4 years ago)
Can the usb plug go into one of the usb ports on the back of the xbox 360 slim console?
jbquigley2010 (4 years ago)
thank you for the advice.  good video.  I didn't know that they break so fast.
Unfunny Comedian (4 years ago)
i want to see this dudes face so bad  
The Majestic Parrot (1 year ago)
Unfunny Comedian gay
George Christou (4 years ago)
dude...you bad!!
Ian Rush (4 years ago)
What will happen to this charger, it would either ruin the usb port or wreck the wires, get a wall controller charger
Leonard Chan (4 years ago)
1:41 (2 in the pink 1 in the stink) 
ForCaLoNa (4 years ago)
Guys, the best way to charge the xbox controller is: Buy an energizer rechargeable battery with charger.(it is costly but its worth buying). Charge the battery for 1 full day. remove the battery from the controller and put this new battery. When the charge finishes, remove the battery and charge it again. You can buy extra energizer rechargeable battery so that u can keep this charged when the other one is finished. Trust me this is the best idea for charging xbox controller. I charge it in this way.
Pak Videos (1 month ago)
And Your Battery NIMh ?
Pak Videos (1 month ago)
How Much Time U Charge Your battery With Charger ?
DEMONofDEATH92 (4 years ago)
I do not suggest this item to anyone. It's is better to buy just regular rechargeable batteries. So I've had this item for about 6 months, taken really good care of the item and yet it still just randomly died. Don't waste your money on this.
May Lee (2 years ago)
lol, that's why the warranty is shorter than 3 months
May Lee (2 years ago)
You shouldn't have to take a really good care of a stupid charger for it to work...it has to work, period...the electric circuit in this product is fucked up and burns out
Alltimefox (4 years ago)
Tell me about it. It died twice on me
Cake Gaming (4 years ago)
yeah its short lasting only 3 months
Elvis Garcia (4 years ago)
If you buy this just please please take care of it cause it will break after awhile
Omiros 55 (4 years ago)
marco echevarria (4 years ago)
I fucking hate this product. I've bought 2 in less then a year and they have both been broken.
majordickhead95 (4 years ago)
would i be able to use a usb adapter for a wall outlet to charge it
Mikeyman (4 years ago)
It already has usb and any usb OUT port will charge it
Matt XC (4 years ago)
wtf I had a old original ps3 used with the sixaxis controller in 2008 and it just uses the basic usb wired connection which charges and i haven't touched it for years and it's still working fine lmao PS3 controller is better and xbox 360 is just another cheap model like WII's remote.
Kiran Jha (4 years ago)
Hey can you use the play and charge kit with the default battery pack if you have two rechargeable batteries in the default battery pack?
BigBird93 (4 years ago)
i wasted 20 dollars mine doesnt charge....
Sucks rechargable battery instead so u can charge for 2 hours
Arif Hussain (4 years ago)
How long is it
Bandit Savge (5 years ago)
can i connect with my pc?
LegoCustoms24 (5 years ago)
would you sell or trade this
12388753 (5 years ago)
mine has 1800mAh. I have a gamestop battery.
BigManator (5 years ago)
does anyone know how many mAh the battery pack has?
benicellguy (5 years ago)
The console will shut off completely.

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