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Texas State ADPi- Boom Boom (recruitment '12)

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Texas State ADPi- Recruitment Song "Boom Boom" To license this footage contact [email protected]
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Elias Meza (21 days ago)
Anybody ever ask what is cringe. Show this, this is the exact definition
reznOFF (1 month ago)
pc principal
djrun01 (1 month ago)
Gianna Yanelli from the mean gjrls musical is in here somewhere
Serrius LeDamaged (2 months ago)
Brent Ueki (3 months ago)
This is the first time I've seen a video on YouTube with more dislikes than likes. First for me.😂😂😂
THE EQUALIZER (3 months ago)
Edward Cromwell (3 months ago)
Call the Catholic Priest! Tell him to bring extra holy water!
Kristoff Bjorgman (3 months ago)
Isn't this what inspired the Social Justice chant in South Park?
Brocklod (3 months ago)
Kristoff Bjorgman Yes this one lol
tha1ne (4 months ago)
So this is where the south park meme came from...
Jacob Hoss (4 months ago)
It looks like a case of mass possession.
Carly Marie (5 months ago)
Turn the playback speed to 2x. It sounds demonic
Trashiii. Jpeg (6 months ago)
SecludedPine (6 months ago)
Social justice 123 woo woo
five59 (6 months ago)
2018 and I'm still here 😧 Always wondered how much stank of headache inducing fragrances were in that room
It's so guy
Eric Cartman (7 months ago)
PC Principle did a better job
Matt Merrill (7 months ago)
South park did it better
Matthew Paul (7 months ago)
Now imagine how amazing it would be if they all fell dead of spontaneous combustion at the same time.
Rome (7 months ago)
0.5 speed
Will Pack (7 months ago)
Get too many women together and their brains turn into mush.
Simplerway (7 months ago)
If we can all just get along and go boom boom with these girls, it'll work out better.
[Geno ] (8 months ago)
et de stellis (9 months ago)
Mad knees
Kenzi (9 months ago)
This is freaking me out lol
Taliban King (10 months ago)
i'm just gonna stand in the middle and hose em all down with my sperm
CresentMoon18 (10 months ago)
This is so fucking stupid... at unm they had this black only sorority squeel like pigs... ANNOYING.
Jade Fisher (10 months ago)
Good morning Miss Trunchbull... sir
Liam's Lenz (11 months ago)
Is it weird that I'm actually turned on by this?
Gideon Cripps (11 months ago)
Anyone else end up here from those Muslim ritual videos?
Brandon Bushnell-Smith (11 months ago)
Had some refreshments and checked someones privilege after seeing this..... you p.c bro?
Hugh Jass (1 year ago)
Anoncito (1 year ago)
Microagression :v
Blair (1 year ago)
What are they doing lmho
Russell Garcia (1 year ago)
South Park did it better
Grumpy ol' Boot (1 year ago)
So .. so BOUNCY !!! o.O And with a combined IQ of 73.
D.H. Lancaster (1 year ago)
Fuck you girls! SOCIAL JUSTICE 123 WOO WOO
selin pedrosa (1 year ago)
Lol ppl in usa live in other dimension than the rest of the world.
Anita Burke (1 year ago)
yay go bobcats. in spite of this I am still bobcat 4 life
John Kimble (1 year ago)
this made me extremely horny
Jean Brannum (1 year ago)
I'm genuinely worried they have neck issues now
Randy Davis (2 months ago)
They're really flexible.
SB500 (1 year ago)
OMG Female Ultras. Possibly better than those Borussia Dortmund Ultras. Possibly better than those Boca Juniors Ultras. Possibly better than those Galatasaray/Fenerbahce Ultras.
SB500 (1 year ago)
PS it's an irony
軒轅黃帝 (1 year ago)
I feel bored.
kakol20 (1 year ago)
That's some hardcore head banging
countvoncount13 (1 year ago)
Why are Americans so fucking weird?
let the english version be spoken to you by google translate. it's pretty authentic https://translate.google.com/#en/pl/Social%20Justice%2C%201-2-3!%0A(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0AI%20wanna%20be%20PC!%0A(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0AIt%27s%20just%20the%20way%20to%20be%20for%20me...%20And%20you!%0A(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0AYour%20hateful%20slurs%20are%20through!%0A(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0A(I%20call%20woo%20woo%20on%20you!)%20(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0AWe%27ll%20fight%20until%20you%27re%20PC%20black%20and%20blue!%0A(Woo%20Woo)%0A%0AWe%20are%20language%20police!%20Fighting%20bigotry!%20Hurtful%20words%20can%20suck%20our%20turds!%20%27Cause%20it%27s%20PC%20for%20me...%20And%20you!%0A(Woo%20Woo)
Houston Vegas (1 year ago)
they want to wear white and blue...but they are in pink.
Houston Vegas (1 year ago)
This proves cloning exists.  $$$$ well spent.
Viper-21 (1 year ago)
and not a single black chick. How do i get to texas?
Robertロバート (1 year ago)
jrvq (1 year ago)
the dislike ratio shows that there is still hope in humanity.
VL123 (1 year ago)
I love sorority girls...but this is just creepy.
Psycho_ Maniac13 (1 year ago)
I've seen tons and tons of porno to know how the recruitment is going to turn out
Kobe Angeles (1 year ago)
The lack of diversity is uncomfortable
Felipe Domingos (1 year ago)
and people wonder how trump won the elections
RumbleRish (1 year ago)
Gabriel Ungacta (1 year ago)
Ball is Life (2 years ago)
....I don't think it was ever possible for me to feel the need to reject so much pussy lol....honestly if I was to walk in with a hard on & see this I would most likely turn around, & walk away....find a little cute nerdy bitch to hook up with lol....this was creepy af.
vexxalex (2 years ago)
I got a severe whiplash watching this.
Jon Irenicus (2 years ago)
Shut the fuck up you dumb cunts!
berreth3 (2 years ago)
Kill yourselves hahaha bunch of fucking idiots
Jeff Carey (2 years ago)
Rebecca Rill (2 years ago)
my head would hurt after.
Deaddude308 (2 years ago)
Made it 2 seconds.
WolfeFanged (2 years ago)
Not sure why the thumbs down on the video. I actually enjoyed that. (brought here by the South Park one)
MisterCharlton (2 years ago)
I wanna be PC
Haim Elbaz (2 years ago)
one word: Lice.
IceBlitz (2 years ago)
I'm not from the states, so maybe I'm missing something, but why are this video getting downvoted? I thought it was kinda cool/funny :)
Ali Boucenna (2 years ago)
You PC bro?
Zane (2 years ago)
south park reddit brought me here. I thought this was a meme.
j1mf34r (2 years ago)
Social Justice, 1-2-3! (Boom Boom) I wanna be PC! (BoOm Boom) It's just the way to be for me... And you! (Boom Boom) Your hateful slurs are through! (Boom Boom) (I call Boom Boom on you!) (Boom Boom) We'll fight until you're PC black and blue! (Boom Boom) We are language police! Fighting bigotry! Hurtful words can suck our turds! 'Cause it's PC for me... And you! (Boom Boom)
Canakz (2 years ago)
I'd hit it
santabarbaratribe (2 years ago)
South Park brought me here
footytang (2 years ago)
Sorry/........... why is this racist now with all black fraternities?
MaddinG89 (2 years ago)
Wow this is creepy as hell!
Lotta (2 years ago)
Social justice, 1-2-3! (Woo Woo)  I wanna be PC!(Woo Woo)It's just the way to be for me... And you!(Woo Woo)Your hateful slurs are through!(Woo Woo)(I call woo woo on you!) (Woo Woo) We'll fight until you're PC black and blue!(Woo Woo)We are language police! Fighting bigotry! Hurtful words can suck our turds! 'Cause it's PC for me... And you!(Woo Woo)
Nhia89 (2 years ago)
So what are they saying?
TheAGCteam (2 years ago)
They went full legendary though, they got parodied by South Park..
HavrePutte (2 years ago)
Jesus fuck my ears
Trantore (2 years ago)
South Park did it better.
wo3fullyin3pt0678 (2 years ago)
Well Lloyd was completely wrong. THIS is the most annoying sound in all of existence.
Hillary Clinton (2 years ago)
you know you fucked up when south park makes fun of you
Trevor Sutton (2 years ago)
I call woo woo on you.
BatiBoChika (2 years ago)
DE Climax (2 years ago)
what is it with white girls and wanting to fuck dogs
serpechia (2 years ago)
Boom boom I wanna go 85 boo boo Thats when we made a pie boo boo. I wanna go eat that pie don't you? Boo boo I wanna wear wide and boo, boo boo AND WEAR THAT CARPET TOO!... Boom boom. --- What are these lyrics?... I think I got them?.. Transcript? :-)
killercloud345 (2 years ago)
This is really PC i gotta say
ttoZ smd (2 years ago)
What are they singing about? i don't understand anything
grindl sdfc (2 years ago)
bantom360 (2 years ago)
I call woo woo on you!
Skjelett (2 years ago)
The Marine708 (2 years ago)
I want to be PC, WHOO WHOO, cuase that's the way to be WHO WHO, for me, and you...
rose angri (2 years ago)
Sploek Griffy (2 years ago)
STFU!! and make me a sandwich
7saany (2 years ago)
hell no. reason why i never joined is these ridiculous chants
HTXREP (2 years ago)
I banged half of that sorority when I was at TX State
The Coyote Biker (2 years ago)
Arvin Karimaghaei (2 years ago)
samcocksmith (2 years ago)
Smokegrinder3 (2 years ago)
Anyone else get motion sickness from watching that? (Only made it half way through) If I was going to college I would soooo N-O-T join ADPi !!
Key 6 (2 years ago)
I wonder how much bliss they feel being that brain washed.

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