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How much VRAM do you need? - Tech Tips

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Time to put this one to bed. How many gigabytes of graphics memory (VRAM) do you REALLY need? Buy Graphics Cards: Canada: http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm?search=graphics+card US: http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm?searchus=graphics+card Club3D MST Hubs: http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm?url=club3D+mst See news sources + discuss on our Forums: http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm?url=http://forums.ncix.com/ Follow Us! http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Chris Lim / Riley Murdock Editor: Kalvin Shum
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Text Comments (7171)
Metallicamilo311 (1 day ago)
and here i am with a 650 ti boost 2gb trying to run gta v on very high....
avi007bondster (5 days ago)
I have 10 gb vram in my system 0_0
Eimantas (7 days ago)
Hey need opinion i7-8750H/ gtx 1050ti or i5-7700/ gtx 1060 beter?
Jon Kadler (10 days ago)
4:22 why do people get CF/SLI then? don't you technically still have 2x 4GB because 2 gpus work with their 4GB's of VRAM. aren't 970's also 3.5GB of VRAM=?
takeadayofff (12 days ago)
Over 9000 !
Corrosive Xen (19 days ago)
watching this right now XD
guguigugu (25 days ago)
the human eye cant see more than 6 GB of VRAM
takeadayofff (12 days ago)
The limits of human eyesight upon VRAM were already surpassed in the 70's.
VMA FARHAN (27 days ago)
i am expecting an updated the content linus
Uku Sibul (29 days ago)
8GB. "Why?" you ask? Cause I have 8GB
Dexter Yosef Garcia (1 month ago)
How much needed for fortnite
00000BOB00000 Hajj (1 month ago)
To be clear, sometimes, some gpu may have more vram than they can use,ex: i have a laptoo equipped with radeon R7 M440 dedicated graphics, the card holds 4GB of Vram, yet the gpu is so weak that it can barely get 1.5gb of ram usefull, the only advantage of the 2 additional gigs is that instead of getting 2 fps on high end game and high graphics, i get 8fps
Katallylos (1 month ago)
you are funny
Hairforce • (1 month ago)
Watching in late 2018 be like...
Kexerino (1 month ago)
Just download more
Joshton (1 month ago)
WARNING! yottabyte, will need to run 480p!
Joshton (1 month ago)
WARNING! yottabyte, will need to run 480p!
Joshton (1 month ago)
WARNING! yottabyte, will need to run 480p!
Joshton (1 month ago)
WARNING! yottabyte, will need to run 480p!
Cyclo Hexane (1 month ago)
I come from the future we now have RTX 2080ti with 11 GB GDDR6 VRAM and RAY tracing
Fanatic Fedoras Hats (1 month ago)
Can I run most game at 4k, with a 1060 3gb? Or a rtx 580 4gb card from amd and Nidia respectively?
LEX 9 (1 month ago)
Does anybody know a laptop with a good price with a 8gb vram graphic card, 8-16 GB DDR4 work memory. And a 1080p to 4k display. ??? Pls help
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
LEX 9 I don’t think they sell laptops with 8gb of vram due to the weakness of mobile gpu’s
J Rose (1 month ago)
How much gpu core clock do I need in buying a gpu ?
Casual Adonis (1 month ago)
Civ 6 takes like 4-6gb minimum for me now on big games lol I had to get a 1070 because a 1060 wasn´t enough
Tsunamic (1 month ago)
4-8 GB would be enough for now., 12 and beyond is more future proof for v-ram, as GPU Power accelerates.
Aryados11 (1 month ago)
Word on the street Shroud has a big c**k!
Gary Stanullwich (1 month ago)
One of the newer guidelines is........the video card should only have half the amount of VRAM that the System RAM has.  In the Windows Operating System, 3Gb is the max amount of System RAM allowed.  So your video card would be limited to 1Gb VRAM. You couldn't install a GDDR4 card in your System, it wouldn't work.
Beloit911 (1 month ago)
The graphics demos in this video are silly to watch in 2018... Haha If only I could tell him about the soon to be launched 2080Ti.
Umer Riaz638 (1 month ago)
I was like WTF no 2080 ti, then I checked the video release date
Marin (1 month ago)
how much vram i need to play cod4 mw ?
Alex Rutledge (1 month ago)
that was a good video
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
In general, more is better.
Zord Rage (1 month ago)
talk to people.................... BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAAHAHAAHAA lol i need a life.... ..... ....... ... pffff Nah i just keep binge watching these while planing my new PC.....
qwerty qwert (1 month ago)
For War Thunder?
Gary Stanullwich (2 months ago)
How does VRAM (having enough of it) effect 3D Modeling / Rendering ?
Luan Silva (2 months ago)
that is old stuf...
Big B (2 months ago)
Why you over the top? ...And just get on with it... Also, this video was a waste of time.
Aymeric Charrier (2 months ago)
8GB of vram is perfect ^^
the insanes (2 months ago)
Is 2gb vram enough for 720p gaming???
NekoTix (1 month ago)
the insanes yes
Isaac Gomez (2 months ago)
RX 580 8gb or GTX 1060 6gb?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Isaac Gomez 1060 6GB, the likely chance of you using 8gb of vram on a card that performs the same as the 1060 is very unlikely
rifqi naufal (2 months ago)
Help me.. i upgrade my V ram.. but after that, the share V ram was upgraded instead the dedicated ram.. pls help me
B34tZ (2 months ago)
I love how you didn't anti-aliased "Anti-Aliasing"
Sawada Foo Yu (2 months ago)
3 years ago, GTX1080 haven't exist
Cody Martin (2 months ago)
for the first time PC Builders how do you stop your hands from shaking
Dj Mystery (2 months ago)
I would say 4GB of GDDR5 to be considered “good”
Witcher MG (2 months ago)
Is going over vram limits safe?
jon b (2 months ago)
GRAN EME (2 months ago)
i dont understand why ppl like anti aliasing, i thing it looks weird when im playing :s
GunSmoke852 (2 months ago)
I bought EVGA 1080 SC ICX 11gbps gddr5 for $560... is it worth it ? Should I return and get EVGA 1080 SC ACX 8gb gddr5 for $530?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
GunSmoke852 for $30 less, no
Atlas Hellfire (2 months ago)
To be safe for now and for the futur, just take 6 or 8 Gb of Vram ... so 1060 6Gb or 1070 8Gb ... or a RX 580 8gb ... but for now 4 Gb of Vram is enought for almost all games
Dinner with Nayna (2 months ago)
gtx 1050 or rx 460 2 gb which is better?
Pas 383 (2 months ago)
I have a question, I have an Acer Aspire Es1-531 and i want to upgrade it with an external gpu but i dont know wich one gonna fit for my laptop or its better to put a normal card of 8gb of ram ?
username (3 months ago)
join Nibirupool.com guys --> mining pool you can trust
slabs 37 (3 months ago)
I have a gtx 650 graphics card... It still works fine for games like far cry 5 GTA V and other games and runs them in 60fps...
Ryan B (3 months ago)
nice echo
ne0tic (3 months ago)
I have GTX 960 2GB and I'm playing on 2,8 GB vram on GTA 5 and that still works well luckily :)
Ahmed Abdul-Qader (3 months ago)
Will I still be able to run games at ultra settings in 2018/19 on my overclocked 3gb gtx 780 1250mhz core and 3300mhz mem
COOL GAMERS (3 months ago)
How much channels you have bro 20
Josiah Nowell (3 months ago)
So if I have a GTX 1060 3gb, is it lacking in VRAM?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Josiah Nowell yes, the 1060 is powerful enough to utilize 4gb of vram
xd lunaplus (3 months ago)
I just have a msi geforce 710 2gb Oof
Marcius Racka (3 months ago)
Hero Parmar (3 months ago)
Perfect video on 0.75*
Thalapathi KDS (3 months ago)
Does CPU depends on gaming performance?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Thalapathi KDS just make you get a quad core CPu that won’t bottleneck the gpu you instead to purchase
Pranav appu (3 months ago)
Have Radeon R5 M330 - should I run 720p or lower for 20-30 fps(at least)?
NRBY (3 months ago)
Someone go straight with me, is my new CERBERUS 1050 Ti 4GB OC a good buy ????
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
NRBY for lite gaming, yes
Inferno (3 months ago)
when i play skyrim on high look better than that rocks outside ffs
xd lunaplus (3 months ago)
Inferno ikr 😂😂😂
You should buy Gt730 4gb :v
Mark Meszaroa (3 months ago)
Did you really had to fucking drag it out for 7 minutes...
BullSh!t Gaming (3 months ago)
Rip ncix
Everything AA (3 months ago)
Linus Tech Tips so if I want to run 4K resolution 144Hz locked at 144 frames, I should have about 6GB VRAM, unless it's capable of processing the data fast enough.. But the question is... How fast does it have to be if I wanted a 4GB card to run a 4K 144HZ image locked at 144 fps.
JustCedric69 (3 months ago)
is GTX Geforce 1050 ti with 2GB VRAM good enough?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
JustCedric69 I’d settle for a one with 4gb of vram just to play it safe
3mil3 (3 months ago)
leo (3 months ago)
can you increase your VRAM ? i have an AMD Radeon R5 M420
Xpoison CZ (3 months ago)
FaceReaper (3 months ago)
Look IM DUMB WITH THAT IM NEW,but if u buy a pc from online it says that it has 8 GB and a gtx 1050 ti with 4 GB does that go together and u wil get a 12GB RAM pc??😐😐
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
FaceReaper no, the 8gb is memory(RAM) and the 4gb beside the 1050ti in this case is the VRAM. They do not add up. Vram is used for graphical settings and once passed the limit the ram is theb utilized.
Silver Fleet Gaming (3 months ago)
2 gigs for 720p Gaming 3-4 gigs for 1080p Gaming 6-8gb for 1440p Gaming or 1080p at 60fps in current games Anything above 8gb is for 2k/4k/8k gaming, this is depends on manufacturers(AMD/Nvidia)
Eugene Fisherman (3 months ago)
1 terabyte VRAM better
(3 months ago)
Help me
Salman Abbasi (3 months ago)
is gtx 960 2gb inno 3d can run whitcher 3 at ultra setting at 1080 p please anyone can answer
Zackary Erickson (3 months ago)
Oh boy... I believe my video card is kicking around 1Gb.
Edu Vera (3 months ago)
Got an Evga gtx 960 ssc 4gb 1tb hdd and an i5 4690k, but still get huge fps drops on some modded games like fallout or skyrim, can someone help pls?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Edu Vera upgrade gpu, in this case it isn’t vram, cpu or I assum your ram holding you back, it’s your gpu.
Randy Moser (3 months ago)
Useless video. Your opening statement said low end with high memory be to late. To render the image. So sure is a rendering cap on gpu vs framerates rendering.
NIgHT WølF (3 months ago)
Hears Minecraft + 4K: *Ascended*
Bryan Priem (4 months ago)
The word on the street is thet shroud has a fat cock
Safiuddin Mohammad (4 months ago)
I've a laptop with i5 7300HQ , a GTX 1050 (2GB) and 8 GB RAM. How good are these specifications for gaming?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Safiuddin Mohammad on a 1050 mobile I suppose it’ll be enough vram
Captain XLAB (4 months ago)
New Question: How many tech tips channels has Linus done a video on? xD
John O'Halloran (4 months ago)
John O'Halloran (4 months ago)
ALI Aliraqi (4 months ago)
if you would just stop saying it depends
MO (4 months ago)
6:20 *Stuttering*
Zaafrane Omar (4 months ago)
so if I dont have a 4k monitor then gtx 1050 2 gb is enough for me ?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Zaafrane Omar depends what type of gaming you’re doing. Don’t expect to run many triple A games at the highest settings with the performance of a 1050. But games that the 1050 can handle the utilization of 2gb should be sufficient
Danish Ashrafi (4 months ago)
Also what's the point of SLI or crossfire if performance will remain the same
Danish Ashrafi (4 months ago)
You mentioned dual GPU card doesn't preform fully ? Like I have 7990 with dual GPU 3gb each. So like one of them doesn't even work or count?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
Danish Ashrafi it counts but it doesn’t increase your VRAM and it’s only utilized so much becuase your main gpu is still doing most of the work. It’s just taking advantage of your second gpu by sending some of the workload to it
Kristijan Jozić (4 months ago)
Hi, im from 2018, if u dont have atleast 3-4 ur fucked :)
some kid (4 months ago)
The Stupidity Boss (4 months ago)
I jus love how in this video the newest Nvidia graphics card is a GForce 980 (I'm watching in 2018)
skaw-bay-wiss (4 months ago)
so this may be a dumb question but is the videos i watch via the web browser ,also ran with the same process' that you are explaining? and if i install a get graphics card, it will speed up my browser applications that use, say, flash player?
Matias Reategui (19 days ago)
skaw-bay-wiss no, what you’re speaking of is RAM not VRAM . Vram is what a graphics card utilizes to perform graphical images faster. A cpu with a higher clockspeed and more cores and threads will also utilize in a faster web browser.
Zeek M (4 months ago)
The truth is 2GB even with Crysis 3 , It's actually tons of bad game code that slows everything down. I know that may sound illogical in the face of cards with more vram but it's true even with more vram. For example I play zelda tp on dolphin emulator with 4K textures, It was hopeless until the textures were compressed and converted to better DDS format. Don't laugh because even today's top titles don't have 4k textures and I'm doing it with only 2GB of VRAM.
Adam Smith (4 months ago)
Love you 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰👆👆👆
Pinhook Meiosis (4 months ago)
really help full
Patrick Ting (4 months ago)
Damn graphics card have changed in 3 years

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