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Text Comments (231)
Godsgift McJhunne (9 days ago)
Why are you using Nigeria? 🤔🤔
Chritis Ghaza (23 days ago)
andy is it real? im beginner for steemit here. anyone can show the real income on steemit?
Crypto Agent (26 days ago)
Liked it by the way follow me on steemit and I'll follow you back @jayborn
Bishnoi Samaj (1 month ago)
How it recover
Bishnoi Samaj (1 month ago)
I lost my steemit id password what can I do
Rez night (1 month ago)
I actually just made my first 6$ on a post
venkin kbakaj (1 month ago)
Ksardox kwiecień (1 month ago)
hahaha actually it's fucking great time to buy steem ! before SMT before HF20
travelblogONE (1 month ago)
this is future social network
Unetwork is better
Hi. Andy I'm from Morocco I have one Question that people make a lot of money from old facebook account but they don't tell Us the method So i think that you know how??? Ps: You are the best Thanks for your video
StormIn aTeaCup (1 month ago)
and your voice is annoying AF !!!!!!!!!
StormIn aTeaCup (1 month ago)
that music is annoying...
McJonans (1 month ago)
subscribed bro...
4Nuts TV (1 month ago)
Hello, nice video! But where did the ”s-dollar” come from?🤔 you cant only ”get money”?😂
Jill Underwood (1 month ago)
Omg! I laughed so hard when you were talking about that poor grizzly bear! Thank you, I needed that!!
Daniel Pohl (2 months ago)
Great video. Thanks!
norepetitivebeats (2 months ago)
I'm making 0.001 pennies a day from Steemit and laughing all the way to THE BANK! ;-)
Chuckceed (2 months ago)
I think you should study more about it. Please visit SteemPress earn money through your Website and Wordpress plugins. :D contact me @chuuuckie
Viorel Galan (2 months ago)
Jerry Banfield The Second .
chris claim (2 months ago)
use kloviaclinks. com and get amazing bitcoins dividends within 48 hours
yoes rizal (2 months ago)
BULLSHIT... we have to pay /buy vote from robot to get reward if not you will get nothing although we working hard to make a good photography
Team Pk (2 months ago)
I am using Steemit but in first I was paid greatly by Sirknight but nowadays there is nothing in steemit left so what to do now sir??
sadiq basha (2 months ago)
These are all just blahblahblah.If we are fool enough,they would even say that they earn $5,000 per day ha ha ha
Zeitzeuge (2 months ago)
How pays for all this? I mean if you upvote and get payed, does that mean that subscribers to the site must have a wallet with steem dollars and actually pay for upvoting? How this is all financed has not been discussed in this video, but that is the most crucial part.
Some Guy (2 months ago)
But where/ how does STEEMIT get the money from.? I didn't see any ads on the page.
Christen Nygaard (1 month ago)
Rafael Sequera (1 month ago)
Some Guy, steemit rewards users with their own cryptocurrency called STEEM. This cryptocurrency, like many others, have an intrinsic market value for many reasons, technology, innovation, speculation etc... Once you get the crypto coins, you can sell them on the market and cash out to USD or whatever fiat currency you prefer... The cryptocurrency itself is the money, actual real money is created by the blockchain, just like the federal reserve prints USD, the steem blockchain "prints" STEEM, and this steem is distributed among users...
norepetitivebeats (2 months ago)
Some Guy - Ah I see, you're just trolling. Either that or you're 12.
norepetitivebeats (2 months ago)
jordy p - That is not entirely true with Steem though. People buy Steem so that they can operate on the Steemit platform, not just to speculate.
Tim Calvit (2 months ago)
Steemit is a total crap and this video is totally misleading. Anyone who does not believe go open an account and see how much can you pull in one month regardless of your content. Steemit is like facebook on stereoids, yes all the shit of facebook on steroids without none of the good
Alex TK (2 months ago)
its high traffic right now, I need to wait 2 - 3 weeks to join, lame, lets hope its worth it.
Joey Tech Talks (2 months ago)
DLive and DTube are actually two different companies. They just both use the Steem blockchain and connected to Steemit. But they're not sister companies by any means.
skedtm (2 months ago)
I'm on steemit. And my posts are way better than a stupid picture. I make about 2 dollars per post lol. Meanwhile the wales on steemit. (Popular people) take a single picture (like the bear) and get shit loads
James Hanley (2 months ago)
steemit is also responsible for D-TUBE. if you like steemit you'll really like D-Tube also
Ozzie Villalobos (2 months ago)
Followed you on steemit. Great work here. Wanted to resteem your work but didn't see any recent posts. Dtube just updated their server so I think this thing is going to start building steam. You would kill it there. lol
LAUCH3D (2 months ago)
im on there for one year now and have investet some thousand dollars (which gives you influence) and the average post is making 10$ sometimes 50$, most people are way under 10$ often 2-4$ per Post. Nobody wants scammy pictures. Its easy to start, easy to earn BUT not easy to earn that big. PS. but you dont only earn by writing posts. You earn by voting other articles. I have automated upvotes on the authors I like and it gains about 2 Steem a Week passive Income. Which is depending on the price about 2-12 US Dollars. It depends on your voting skills and on the initial Investment on the plattform. In my case 1500-3000 Steem which was quite expensive compared to what it is worth now.
Andrew Jacoby II (2 months ago)
Hey Andy give us an update on Steemit and DTube. What have you found any other crypto sites that are good? Any further insights or tips?
Andy Hafell (2 months ago)
Hey Andrew, Haven't been doing much Steemit or DTube unfortunately. Right now Priority 1 is to hire a video editor so i can focus more on projects like for example Dtube and Steemit. But i will for sure update you when i've got something to share!
spaceshipearth999 (2 months ago)
Steemit is an ahole paradise. The whales make money because they have bought steem and use that as power to get high awards and also use their power to flag people and cause them to lose their rep power . its an undemocratic joke.
Jason Rist (2 months ago)
How do you get on it. I signed up but it said they'd get back to me when it's available. Wtf is going on?
Joey Tech Talks (2 months ago)
It takes a week or two. They don't approve everyone immediately.
Ed Storm (2 months ago)
The steemit platform is very controversial, it´s full of fake comments and fake positivity. Also very few people have alot of power on the platform. An other thing the whole structure is made to give more to the few and suck the rest dry... because the inflation is pretty high. To get your steempower out of the system it take 3 months. For new people it takes alot of time to understand the whole function of the platform. its not really straight forward. its more like a cult with weird words and habits. it´s not as picture perfect as you think it is. An other very important thing is al the `Booster Bots` on the platform. You pay them to vote your post up so you get more exposure and more followers. I used to be on the trending pages by just paying myself up mostly making break-even back then but gaining followers. I'd would say, dont invest your time in it.. its a great concept but it's not really worked out well. Wait for an other better social crypto platform. this one is doomed to fail by its core, if you understand the underlying dynamics of it.
Rafael Sequera (1 month ago)
I think is about a reflection of real life economy, many people complain about the rich being very few and getting all the world money, and the majority of poor people get nothing...
Rafael Sequera (1 month ago)
It is controversial... But think for just ONE minute, how much money you get from youtube? or facebook?... Getting 0,1$ from steemit is huge compared to anything else...
Ed Storm (1 month ago)
Christopher Palmer I'm just saying the state that the platform is now. It will never become big. There is so much wrong about it. More than there is good. Abuse of systems happens everywhere but the amount on this platform is just insane. Voting bots, spams, centralization and even censurship
Christopher Palmer (1 month ago)
Nothing annoys me more than people making this argument. If you post quality content regularly, you will make money eventually. But, if you post a video with a paragraph every now and then, you won't. It's a lottery. Over the course of the last two years, I've reached nearly 10,000 STEEM. I have had periods where I didn't post a lot and made nothing, and I have had periods where I posted quite frequently and made a lot. It's all a gamble. Did you sign up for YouTube and get 40k subscribers the next day? You make money by staying with the platform in the ups and the downs. There is no such thing as free money. No matter what, you have to work for it.
Ed Storm (2 months ago)
I did pretty much effort in my posts and mostly reacted genuinly to other users. But when there was a update it seemed that I was profiled as a `bot`. Really weird. The way the platform functions is just pretty bad. Also the `steem power` concept is just lame.
Mykill Mielia (2 months ago)
you can make money on steemit but you need a lot of followers (who by the way should also have some steem power) this is very rare and only by the guys who adapted early
Rob Sky (2 months ago)
that it? sooo... the answer is clickbaiting? because this is the only answer I can come up to the question you have not answered; HOW TO MAKE $1,771 PER DAY ON STEEMIT?
Akhin Nair (2 months ago)
great video dude
Andy Hafell (2 months ago)
Ty man!
Jon Keller (2 months ago)
Those numbers are incredibly misleading, steemit has been overrun by botting. You'll spend 99c to make $1. There are also a few key steemit players who can destroy anyone who pisses them off because their reputation score is so high. It's very difficult to make real profit on steemit and dtube.
Mladen Jovanovic (2 months ago)
Shit site dont pay...dont be fooled by this fool :D He is just payed to promote
Piotr Leib (2 months ago)
hi Andy. I like your energy but it hurts me to see how much misinformation about steemit are you spreading around. Guess what will happend now? Many viewers check out steemit and they will end up being heavily disapointed once they will discover that noone (pretty much noone) is making such a big money on Steemit as you said. Those numbers are being faked by uers paying for upvoting bots. Best of luck, @crypto.piotr ((on steemit)
Chritis Ghaza (23 days ago)
thanks for comment, om a beginner and watch this stuff. hahahaha and so i searching on google
nesdisloke (1 month ago)
what bots can we use? Do you have recommandation?
ilmondodidave73 (1 month ago)
Also I am on steemit @ mondodidave73 (on steemit), but the earnings are not so high. Above all, I start the most disadvantaged, because I write in Italian, because my English is not high level
CompilationChannel (1 month ago)
+Piotr Leib no cuz he made even more money before without that account before a bear market. He uses that account to protect himself from a whales that started to downvote him.
Alexander Dinkov (2 months ago)
Sorry pal - the number you see under the posts is NOT steem dollars. It is regular dollars. The photographer got 121 USD worth of Steem and Steem Dollars. Not 1700 $
Alexander Dinkov (2 months ago)
Phil Newton I think you misunderstood what I wrote. You Do receive SP and SBD, as you said. What I wrote is that the number written under the posts is in USD. Go and read my comment once more. ;)
Phil Newton (2 months ago)
I am an active Steemit user. The payments you receive are in STEEM and SBD. You can check exactly how much by clicking the dropdown marker on your post payout. Those STEEM and SBD hold a value dependant on the current market price. At the moment, the price is low, but back in January you could sell 1 STEEM for around $8USD. Therefore, if you received a payout of 10 STEEM, you could have sold this on an exchange for around $80USD.
Alexander Dinkov (2 months ago)
Phil Newton Ask anybody who was active in steemit during December (like myself) when the price was going crazy. Trust me - I would have noticed if I received 10 times more than I expected.
Phil Newton (2 months ago)
Nicholas Nia (2 months ago)
Vice Industry Token the porn fork of steemit coming soon!
Reni Rodriguez (2 months ago)
si les interesa ganarse unos $$ de forma inmediata me pueden escribir +584126489931 airdrop comprobada, no fake, el pago es inmediato
Dave Dawson (2 months ago)
Wait? So just for commenting like on here as I am now, if enough people upvote me I can make steem dollars? Even without uploading video content?
J Cooper (2 months ago)
James Brown thanks for taking the time to reply, I see exactly what you mean well said
James Brown (2 months ago)
If the whole world did this, that means crypto is mainstream in a HUGE way, so much so that Steem may be a market too big to be valuated in dollars since it could, at the point of being used by everybody, be priced above the total dollar supply. In other words, Steem, and whatever other cryptos that surpass the total valuation of the dollar/ euro/ yen/ etc., would (in the hypothesized scenario that I just mentioned) become the dominant currency(ies) and those who hold the highest percentage of that/those currency(ies) would be the new "richest" people in the world. So, no, we wouldn't all be rich, because, just like in today's world that's dominated by the dollar, some people are better at earning Steem than others. There'd still be rich and poor people, only now rich or poor in Steem instead of dollars. Unfortunately, there will likely never be a currency that's distributed to the point of keeping everyone above the "poor" line. It's just human nature to always be competitive to the point of punishing the less fortunate.
J Cooper (2 months ago)
James Brown so basically, if the whole world did this, and used this platform we’d all be rich?
James Brown (2 months ago)
Yep. My vote alone is worth over $3 on Steemit! That means the very comment you just made could have earned you $3 by my "liking" it (thumbing it up, etc.)...and I'm considered just a "dolphin". There are "whales" who's upvote are worth over 10 times my upvote.
Pauliina Soilu (2 months ago)
Thanks! I just created my Steem account and I'm very eager to get it approved! I just started with Youtube and I hope to upload in the future on multiple platforms :) Also I love to comment on videos, so for me Steemit seems amazing place!
Pauliina Soilu (2 months ago)
James Brown oh I will remember you, thank you so much in advance 😍
James Brown (2 months ago)
Try to remember to put @jamesbrown in one of your posts or comments so I can find you. I'll upvote you for a good amount, get you started on your earnings :)
Paul Crypto (2 months ago)
Great Video I am sold and I usually do the selling
Rey Chávez (2 months ago)
The dollar amount on the posts is USD, not SBD nor Steem.
Steve Clark (2 months ago)
I see you are on Steemit, but haven't made thousands yet. It's not actually that easy to make a lot. You will soon find out that most of those on trending paid for their big votes to get there and they don't make a huge profit from the deal. This includes the photographer you feature. The big winners are the accounts selling votes. That said, it is possible to earn. I have been there for two years and my account is worth about $20k at the current Steem price. It's all about building a following from the relatively small community and most of those will not have enough Steem Power to give you a big vote. The 'whales' are more choosy about what they vote for and some support their friends. Dlive and Dtube are separate projects using the Steem blockchain. There are many others. You can try chasing the money on Steemit, but you risk getting flagged if people don't like what you do, e.g. spamming comments. It's an opportunity that requires work to get anywhere, as with most things. I hope to see it grow massively, but the developers need to release some updates that will help that happen as it can take a while to get signed up at the moment. Hope to see you keep posting. Just re-posting your Youtube videos could get you something, but it helps to engage with the community.
Steve Clark (2 months ago)
Just join up and look around for advice. Best policy is to be yourself. Don't worry about the money to start with and just make connections.
Just Me (2 months ago)
i wanna start today bro... can u please guide me through
James Brown (2 months ago)
Good summary, Steve.
Dominic Simpson (2 months ago)
In the interview, it's important to note that the income that Aggroed gets mostly from his work as a Witness. His work in providing an excellent online community to Steemit in the form of the Discord server 'PAL' and it's community, the Minnow Support Project, means that he was voted high into the list of Witnesses. This rewards him a certain amount of Steem Power as part of the witness mechanic. So he doesn't earn all that on posts alone. If you do join Steemit, I do recommend also joining the community listed there. I am a member there, and have been for more than a year. It's worth the time to meet people and make friends. It can help you get started making a following.
tibfox (2 months ago)
Stremit is awesome, I mostly leave YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for it , I love it and you can get money for your content: correct. But these people invest much more money to have these a amounts of inbound steem but this is not aboutcome. Most of the time these users are using voting bots to get a higher reach of audience and have max. 15% of profit. So: you can live from it BUT you will never receive >1000$ from it.
Joey Tech Talks (2 months ago)
Right now you probably won't. When Steem and Steem Dollars were at its highest prices, it was totally possible. It still wasn't easy, of course.
JEFFGUITAR (2 months ago)
Yes, matey has paid for his votes of the bear. You can buy votes.
Kendra Hill (2 months ago)
Steem only seems special until you really get in deep after doing your due diligence. Steem is to professionalism and fairness and selflessness, as Bitcoin is to scalability.
fan of youtube (2 months ago)
When this video was made, subscribers only 26k and now 3.8.2018 subscribers is 34k.
Andy Hafell (2 months ago)
Growing like wildfire!
Gabriel Krupaz (2 months ago)
Great insight, it's a great way to earn IRL money thru things you are actually good at. I've been a musician all my life and I post some of my content over there. This is what social media should be, great video, I will follow you on steemit.
Funbi Adeleke (2 months ago)
Lol. Quick question; why was nigeria the first country you mentioned? 🤔
Funbi Adeleke (2 months ago)
Lol. Quick question; why was nigeria the first country you mentioned? 🤔
Impactb4income TV (2 months ago)
Wow! I'm subscribed to this channel. You are very much on point. We love Steemit too.
Michael Douglas (2 months ago)
Nice video about steemit. I love steemit! At peak it was worth up to $22..
Stealthtrader (2 months ago)
Steem Dollars are only supposed to equal $1 always, but STEEM the crypto is what can go up or down in the future.. I have documented this very well many times.. Google "Steem Dollar Flippening"
Tim Calvit (2 months ago)
As of today steem dollar is about 80 cents. Steemit is a failure already most users were leaving including me
Philip Mytokondria (2 months ago)
But then until the witnesses agree to adjust the code and peg it... Which seems to be the issue as all of them are not on the same page... I guess we will still see fluctuations
Kristian Kho (2 months ago)
Careful that "making hundreds of dollars everyday" isn't all true. Not everyone will drown in cash the day they join.
Bangkok Dangerous (2 months ago)
i thought steemit tanked a year or so ago? the currency went down to nothing.
Infinite Stupidity (2 months ago)
I like the idea of this so I just signed up. My only issue is that it's saying it will take 1 to 2 weeks for me to be accepted, obviously as more people hear about the site and they sign up the waiting times are going to increase.
Funbi Adeleke (2 months ago)
Infinite Stupidity work is being done to reduce the waiting time so it will definitely become shorter as time goes on
gita anugerah santosa (2 months ago)
Rez night (2 months ago)
It’s real but it’s kinda like Facebook on steroids. You can post content and get likes called upvotes. If you want your vote to be worth more you need more steem power. My steemit account name is tornadoman and I’m a teenager who is still new to the crypto world. If you want to get the money into your bank account you can convert it to bitcoin and send to Coinbase and transfer to your bank account
Mikkel holm rasmussen (2 months ago)
Just a note for your video: You get payed in both steem, steem power and steem dollar. Steem dollar is usually begged to the equal to 1 dollar except for rare events where it exploded like you showed.
Mikkel holm rasmussen (2 months ago)
J Cooper No, the distribution is estimated based on how much 1 STEEM is worth. or example right now STEEM is very cheap. So you only get like 3.3% SBD.. But 50% steem power and 46.7% STEEM. When Steem were at a high price you instead got almost only SBD(steem dollars). In other words steem is easy to get now and if it rise in the future you will have made a lot more.
J Cooper (2 months ago)
Can you choose which of the 3 you get paid in?
Mikkel holm rasmussen (2 months ago)
Shawn Pringle The country where auto correction is confused because English is not my main language:)
Shawn Pringle (2 months ago)
Mikkel holm rasmussen In what country is paid spelt with a y?
saiful yusron (2 months ago)
I love this person. funny and inspired to forget my boss that just fired 🔥 me. thanks Andy
Ma1ne Event (3 months ago)
We interview steemit users on our YouTube channel. Find me on steemit @ma1neevent
Bnescorpos123 (3 months ago)
I am sure it has been mentioned but 95% of the money is coming from paying for upvotes. The person is just recycling the same $100 for each post, you only make a small amount
Tim Calvit (2 months ago)
Steemit is the most fake platform ever. People there have tons of voting bots. I was ranking way more views than the people getting top dollars there but voting power is all not views. So if you have a few bots working for you and you pay some other voting votes you can generate some income. However I would say only 1% of the people there generate liveable incomes unless you live in some fucked up country like venezuela. lol
Provuze (2 months ago)
Bnes is right, what worse is once it is converted to steem power, you won’t be able to withdraw everything until 3 months has passed. If crypto sinks like now, u are screwed.
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
Really? Can you elaborate? I wanna know more about steemit, it's a cool platform
abanoob morckos (3 months ago)
how can I buy a steemit account using paypal
Rez night (2 months ago)
abanoob morckos you can buy account on a site called anon steem for btc
abanoob morckos (3 months ago)
for free account I should wait about two weeks i must pay to have one fast
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
It's free
Darren Yeoh (3 months ago)
more of this video pls, thanks man!!!
Pilot Kosinus (3 months ago)
i use steemit since 7 month and i love it
StackinProfit (3 months ago)
steemit is just 1 application built on the steem blockchain, theres various other ones like Dtube as you said, but there's also steepshot.io which is like instagram and also dmania.lol where can can get paid for uploading memes! ha there's also https://dlive.io which is like Twitch and there all connected and every time you post on any of these sites then it will get published on your steemit account which is essentially the hub for these applications. Great video as always man! and just followed you on steemit :) start posting on dtube tho, as it will outomatically get posted on steemit.
mezzfares fitmax (3 months ago)
great work
Hi guys please subscribe to my YouTube channel
Ravi Sharma (3 months ago)
I have already created an account there a couple of days ago. And I'm thinking about the best niche for me. I have one question, from where they get that huge money to pay? There are so many users who haven't sign up with crypto, I signed up for free. So how they do that?
ApatronYT (2 months ago)
hey amigo una pregunta cuanto tardo para confirmarte la cuenta?
Ravi Sharma (3 months ago)
Andy Hafell alright, thanks for replying
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
It's a complicated system and I can't say I fully understand how it works enough to tell you, but you should find another video about it to understand
Oliver Panizzutti (3 months ago)
Thank you for this video!! I have been investing in steemit for quite alot of years now and i have got to say, it is quite hard to get noticed in the steemit community! But thank you again for the video. It would be appreciated if you check out my account!: https://steemit.com/@ozzieoli
Androlf Michael (3 months ago)
Is this legit?
Rez night (2 months ago)
My account name is tornadoman if you join search me up and I will help you
Rez night (2 months ago)
It’s like Facebook on steroids
Rez night (2 months ago)
Androlf Michael yes it is
Hess Ten (3 months ago)
Just “Liked” ...$$$
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
Haha nice!
Mister A (3 months ago)
U look sexy brooo
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
No, U look sexy brooo!
Health veda (3 months ago)
Make video on dream-real. Com which is like steemit but with more features and more earnings
Health veda (2 months ago)
Exciting World Cryptos thank you sir
Exciting World Cryptos (2 months ago)
dream real is good i will be publishing a video about them in next day. stay tuned to my channel!
Ionut Farcas (3 months ago)
Which is the link of that?
oscar alfaro (3 months ago)
Thank you
sara hassan (3 months ago)
Traffic how to get it ????
J Cooper (2 months ago)
Philip Mytokondria how do you join community’s / engagement groups on here?
Philip Mytokondria (2 months ago)
You need to join communities and participate.... You can't stand alone and move unless you have lots of money already and know some techniques to boost post
sonia bagnara (3 months ago)
I really liked this video!!!!! I’d like to give it a try, I have a question though.... How do you turn these steemit money into “real” money... or better how do you transfer these money to for example a paypal account?
Oliver Panizzutti (3 months ago)
You can only transfer steemit into other crypto's
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
Thanks! Awesome that you liked it! Turning steem dollars into "real" money will go like this: 1. Transfer your steem dollars to an exchange like "Binance.com" 2. sell your steem dollars for Bitcoin 3. Sell your Bitcoin for your own currency on for example "Coinbase.com" I bet a few people has made a video or a blog post on steemit or google about this, so if you want more info just do a quick search :)
Arun raj nair (3 months ago)
Bro it take times near 6 months for getting 500$ on any post If any one want to earn money from this site u must do to hard work 3 post a day Unique constant Eye catching heading Something new Know how to express ur words And U have to give time on this site if u don't have time so plz do try it It won't give money in some days U should work for 5 months at least for getting that amount of money more then 100 to 500 $ ..
Arun raj nair (3 months ago)
Yah that's true anyway thanks for shearing bro nice work 👍
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
Yes absolutely, it's like any other social media platform, you gotta work hard and stand out. You're never going to get anything good out of life if you don't work for it!
TECH GAMER (3 months ago)
Davon Reeves (3 months ago)
Great video Andy!!
Dhabaleshwar Das (3 months ago)
Well Andy you are a beginner actually these people invest money on bots and get steemit dollars the money is divided into 3 parts steem, steemit power and steem dollar so basically you are a beginner btw i am using this platform from 2 years for more info search dhabal in the steemit search
Wobbler We (1 month ago)
Andy may be a beginner but at least he’s sharing his knowledge with us...thanks Andy!
Wert Wert (1 month ago)
There are many ways of making money online but not all of them are legit. This is why I stick to what worked for me and still working. Visit *LIVEONLINEJOB. COM* to learn how you can start making $500+ per week
Viral Football Trending (2 months ago)
Can you explain it more in a better way
Corpus Juris Canonici (2 months ago)
Dhabaleshwar Das teach me, I hope this will change my life forever.
nu nu (3 months ago)
Reni Rodriguez (2 months ago)
si les interesa ganarse unos $$ de forma inmediata me pueden escribir +584126489931 airdrop comprobada, no fake, el pago es inmediato
Mayor O. (3 months ago)
Is this real?
Joey Tech Talks (2 months ago)
I make money there. Not a lot but sometimes I get some good upvotes. And I don't really beg for them.
J Cooper (2 months ago)
Mayor O. Are there no engagement groups on Steemit, like there are on Instagram?
J Cooper (2 months ago)
Mayor O. Are you making money from it? Have you tried to withdraw your bitcoin money into your bank yet? Is it actually legit!?! What do you post?
Crypto Chiefs (2 months ago)

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