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How to quickly start mining bitcoins [Easy]

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bitcoin (dot) org [bitcoin wallet] bitminter (dot) com [client and workers] there will be a better version of this as soon as my cold clears up.
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Farah Moataz (1 year ago)
i get this error with client Uncaught exception in thread AWT-EventQueue-2 scala.runtime.NonLocalReturnControl$mcV$sp
John Jackson (1 year ago)
i have download java 7 but it still says java has blocked your application etc what do i do now..?
Jim B (1 year ago)
Mine bitcoin here http://bit.ly/2idnthV and make 3.6% daily....been using them for 2 months with no issues....
Michal Šopinec (1 year ago)
Žádný Haip..Ověřené výdělky v BTC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKlQnF8L8qc&t=1s Vstup 0.01 vhodné pro samotáře i sítaře
GMOD - R3ndom (1 year ago)
java security has blocked the application any help? if you reply i will be happy
Trevor Stephens (1 year ago)
Go into Security in Java settings and put in the Website
O J (2 years ago)
after i finished downloading the bitminter i could not install it ,it say due to java security ......................pls what should i do
O J (1 year ago)
Its_Nexus (2 years ago)
Do you have to have bitminer open for it to work?
Its_Nexus (2 years ago)
bitminer is apparently down...
elite_ (2 years ago)
He needs some milk.
Unpr3dictable (2 years ago)
I dont have the option to set a password for my worker on the website any reason as to why?
tentacles mesticles (2 years ago)
gg it says 7 years away from syncing XD
Tyrion (2 years ago)
Omg. It starts Synching need 4 years and 41 weeks. WTF
Yakuzi-Chan (2 years ago)
hey im having bitminer issues can you help me through them using the newer version
Joshua Abraham (2 years ago)
Does thumps website still work?
JM4N47 (2 years ago)
My bit minter is blocked by Java security
ConnorPlaysYT (1 year ago)
You need to add it to the list of allowed websites in the Java Control Pannel!
Sophia Cypria (2 years ago)
Are you using a laptop or PC desktop?
Sophia Cypria (2 years ago)
ok now that you have the funds in your bitcoin wallet how do you transfer them them into a bank acc or paypal ?
ConnorPlaysYT (1 year ago)
You need to find a website that trades bitcoins to paypal for a good price!
Ign Uoe (2 years ago)
nothings happened...!!!!!
Mus May (2 years ago)
Is there any risk of heating up your computer? I haven't tried this site yet. But this doesn't look promising. Mining by pc or laptop is not right, you will lose your computer
Dapper Wolf (2 years ago)
+Alex Noman I'm doing this from my Android device and I don't know how to get the worker to start because it client has only exe files can you help me?
Rey Pablo (2 years ago)
You sound like Clyde from south park ( >< )
Gledison Hoxha (2 years ago)
My hashrate is 3052 Thps and as I can't download files of the BitMinter on the right way idk why.
Fat_Man_Ian (2 years ago)
what do u open it with
Pengy329 (2 years ago)
Six entire years. Eh, now or never!
Mahafujur Rahman (3 years ago)
Hi just check in If this one work for any one?
Fabian Boersma (3 years ago)
Omg it takes me 6 hours D:
: Mr_Bee959 (2 years ago)
+Fabian Boersma 7 years
Fabian Boersma (3 years ago)
+Fabian Boersma 6 years*
Hateful By Nature (3 years ago)
Have you got amphetamine in your nose? thanks for the video:)
HH JJ (3 years ago)
do you know any thing about mining by hands ? how i should start ? and after mining what i should do ?
John Doe (2 years ago)
Mining by hands DUDE WHAT THE FUCK
Youtube Jarred 333 (3 years ago)
The website looks dffrent now??
Froxtrot Alpha (3 years ago)
Do we have to sign up ?
staen (1 year ago)
Samuel Xerneva (1 year ago)
Froxtrot Alpha (1 year ago)
+Samuel Xerneva loo... how old r u?
Samuel Xerneva (1 year ago)
you look hella young. LOL
Froxtrot Alpha (1 year ago)
+Samuel Xerneva im 23 :)
Orop (3 years ago)
How much time you mine before this video with bitminter ?
AClockHead103 (3 years ago)
Dude do you have a cold or something ?
Tuan Nguyen (3 years ago)
what do you do with the address
imafackinjunglist (3 years ago)
Mans got a cold init.
Vague Man (3 years ago)
it was so annoying, omg
Mark545 (3 years ago)
Great tutorial, and it is cool that you posted the video on my birthday!
Jacob Haydon (3 years ago)
oh only 6 years this will be done in no time
Vorpike (3 years ago)
+Jacob Haydon that's not what that means...
cryptotippy (3 years ago)
why does it take days to sync ?
Vortex (2 years ago)
the bitcoin system is like 6-7 years old and it has to get all the transactions from that massive time period
VaLn Skiller (3 years ago)
Piotr Zaborowski (3 years ago)
How to use only CPU without GPU?
BOS-Sentinel Gaming (3 years ago)
He might have onboard video if he doesn't then i don't know.
xero spacious (3 years ago)
+Piotr Zaborowski  It is incredibly slow compared to gpu plus you can have more than 1 gpu mining
Tosweet Swier (3 years ago)
strange's i can only user name and worker name have no inlog key
WOLF BL7E (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tut.
William Hendricks (4 years ago)
Thank you for this straight forward tutorial.
Josh- (4 years ago)
i know this was a year ago but man i hope you feel better that cold didnt sound good much love to you for this video
Will Klaus (4 years ago)
It says im 5 years 23 weeks behind help
common life101 (4 years ago)
i need help idk what i am missing  2014.08.13 [03:32] BitMinter Client v1.6.0 started  2014.08.13 [03:32] No OpenCL-compatible GPUs detected  2014.08.13 [03:32] Probing all ports for external devices  2014.08.13 [03:32]  Probe failed: No serial ports found  2014.08.13 [03:32] No external devices detected.  2014.08.13 [03:32] BFL drivers: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm ASICMiner and Antminer drivers: http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/Pages/USBtoUARTBridgeVCPDrivers.aspx On Linux load FTDI driver: "sudo modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x0403 product=0x6014". You may lack access to serial ports (Ubuntu: "sudo usermod -a -G dialout USERNAME" then log out and back in).  2014.08.13 [03:32]  No devices to start! Please connect mining hardware to USB port(s) and use devices menu to probe for them. but this is what im getting eveytime 
ForeDice (4 years ago)
I see when you go on the website for the miner your Thps are 1.40, mine is over 1600 :| is that good?
Softli Montana (4 years ago)
hi can you help me how actually i can pick up this bitcoins or trasfer them to money
roboter5123 (4 years ago)
For me it says no devices to start
mikimicronesia (4 years ago)
THANK YOU!!! This guide is the easiest that I've found on the net! And it works!
L!KOVITCH (4 years ago)
i have sooo low hashrate ghps... i have GTX 760 so i think i can get better...
Felipe Paiva (4 years ago)
Hey Alex. I did everything you said and when I press Engine Start I get this message: No devices to start! Please connect mining hardware to USB port(s) and use devices menu to probe for them. What's wrong ? Thanks
Aaroneke1 (4 years ago)
i cant open bitminter when i download it
John Walton (4 years ago)
ive installed all the drivers and still nothing...still says - Please connect mining hardware to USB port and use devices menu to probe for them
John Walton (4 years ago)
what usb hardware is needed to run this?...mine says no devices to start...Please connect mining hardware to USB port and use devices menu to probe for them....
Runder23 (4 years ago)
Alex Noman's Computational power according to bitminter= 1.40 Thps My Computational power according to bitminter =381,33Thps Is that good or bad for me... i'm a bit confused
Runder23 (4 years ago)
Syncing with the network: 259 week(s) left... Well, this sucks
Bridges Gijsbers (4 years ago)
My bitmint client keeps telling me "No devices to start! Please connect mining hardware to USB port(s) and use devices menu to probe for them." do I need to have special hardware? Or am I doing something wrong? 
milkweed728 (4 years ago)
how do i join a pool with this setup i am very new to this so i dont know how to do anything yet.
Omar A (4 years ago)
WOW now that counter in the top of the screen is in 385Thps !!!!
Codeingcraft (4 years ago)
took me 1 hour to get them the weeks down :3
Bruce (4 years ago)
I tried all forums and cant get this error fixed: Probe of port COM1 failed: timeout  PLEASE help!
vu truong (4 years ago)
what dose no serial ports found mean? 
Crisanto Sambad (4 years ago)
hello,my "bitminter client v1.4.3" dont work! say: NO DEVICES TO START! PLEASE CONNECT MINING HARDWARE TO USB PORT AND USE DEVICES MENU TO PROBE FOR THEM. ¿¿¿Why say this???? sorry my english :) thank you
Daniel Baroudi (4 years ago)
I am following all the steps, but my engine isn't starting. Do you know why this is? Do I need a Bitcoin Miner machine? I am using a Mac by the way
osityan (4 years ago)
get this man a tissue!
Andrew Clapp (4 years ago)
when im using bitminter and  i try to probe all ports for external devices all that comes up is text that says "probe failed: no serial ports found" also im not sure what fpga's are and if i have one Finally about my computer im using my cpu and i dont have any additional hardware connected to my computer specifically for bitcoin mining so do i have to buy anything first. Thanks
Sploder3224 (4 years ago)
how do you get those long address number things for a wallet?
Brandon Douglas (4 years ago)
Your voice is very annoying
Mallaceis (5 years ago)
Where can I sell the bitcoins for money? Or exchange them, for other goods? Thanks a lot for this video!
Vague Man (5 years ago)
Yes, I suggest you use the miner that I used in the video, you can find it at bitminter . com
Javier Montes (5 years ago)
Can i mine with my HP G42 362? It have not a video card, instead have a chip intel. What miner can i use? (sorry about bad englsh)
PhazeOfficial (5 years ago)
Can you start mining with a unsynced wallet?
Vague Man (5 years ago)
What bitcoin wallet are you using? do you know how to identify it?
Vague Man (5 years ago)
Bitminter will give you BOTH namecoins and bitcoins. But as to what you should do with namecoins, I have no idea... maybe find a namecoin wallet? I don't know of any namecoin wallets, so i cant help you with that.
Vague Man (5 years ago)
It should.
Rudra Kumar (5 years ago)
will a gtx 560 work
Vague Man (5 years ago)
as for how much you can earn, it fluctuates. but you can go to mtgox . com to check their prices. currently as of 5/29/2013 a single bitcoin costs $130~
Vague Man (5 years ago)
It's more cpu/gpu intense, and it doesn't use so much of your internet I think, it only uses internet to validate shares. You should be able to do some youtube/browsing/ and maybe some gaming, but you may have some slower page loading/video buffering/lower gaming settings. There are some programs to manage your gpu performance, MSI afterburner being one of them, and the bitminter has an on board adjuster by clicking the little green and white "+" and "-" buttons.
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' (5 years ago)
oh sorry to here that but like much money do you get and do it use all of your internet bandwith or is more cpu intense cause i have a i7-2630qm with a gtx 560m will i be able to do other things while the client is running (pc gaming,youtube,web browsing)
Vague Man (5 years ago)
Me? No. Using just a processor and not a graphics card is inefficient. From what i've heard I'd actually spend more money in electricity then what I'd be earning in bitcoins... If I was using decent graphics card then it'd be a different story.
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' (5 years ago)
do you really make some money with you computer
Vague Man (5 years ago)
I'm on a laptop that has an Intell(R) Core(TM) i3-2310m CPU @ 2.19GHz
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' (5 years ago)
what cpu you got
Vague Man (5 years ago)
"KH" means "kilo-hashes" "MH" means "mega-hashes" They're speeds on how much work you're doing. My best guess is that a single mega-hash could be as powerful as 1024 kilohashes.
Bluehyfin (5 years ago)
so is KH the same as MH?
Vague Man (5 years ago)
It all depends on how fast/powerful your cpu or gpu is. I can't give you an estimate.
byFizuaal (5 years ago)
How long does it take approximately to have 0.1BTC ?
Vague Man (5 years ago)
There are some programs to manage your gpu performance, MSI afterburner being one of them, or the bitminter may have an on board adjuster by clicking the little green and white "+" and "-" buttons(maybe it'll work for the gpu as well as the cpu). That's all the help I can offer on GPUs. I don't have a single GPU in my hous
TheAstralChief (5 years ago)
Thanks. So how can I make it so that BitMinter doesn't use all of my gpu's power? I wanna keep it low so my gpu doesn't burn out
Vague Man (5 years ago)
I have no idea... maybe find a namecoin wallet? I don't know of any namecoin wallets, so i cant help you.
Vague Man (5 years ago)
Glad to hear that.
TheAstralChief (5 years ago)
Another question: What do I do with Namecoins?
TheAstralChief (5 years ago)
I did this already. I mean that under the "Personal assets" section, they weren't showing up, but in the "workers" section, they were. The problem fixed itself. For some reason, the Bitcoins that I mined finally showed up in my "Personal assets".
Vague Man (5 years ago)
You should go to the "My account" page and scroll down to the auto pay out, you then turn on BTC and input your bitcoin address (you can find it in your bitcoin wallet) by pressing "change"
TheAstralChief (5 years ago)
The Bitcoins are not showing up in my account details, but they show up in the workers tab.. any idea what's going on?

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