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Best Mass Miner Attack Strategy [Clash of Clans] Th11

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Hey Clashers! Today I just wanted to touch base really quickly and share my favorite mass Miner attack strategy at Th11 vs anti 3 bases. Here are the simple steps: 1) Identify entry point by focusing on "flanking" one of the Inferno Towers with both heroes, starting with Queen + healers. 2) Use your first Rage on Queen/Healers 3) After King is deployed drop all Miners with two fingers using a swiping or rubbing motion. 4) Deploy Grand Warden 5) Use 1 or 2 Heal spell, being sure to focus on the core of the base to mitigate Giant Bomb damage. 6) Use Grand Warden Ability in the core of the base 7) Use second Rage spell when Miners start to get close to the second Inferno tower. Best of luck and enjoy! Subscribe to 3 Star Vault for a HUGE collection of 3 Star Raids uploaded daily in bulk! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS7Silvy3DmzsQxevwD3-jw Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/clashwithash Special thanks to the following Patreon Sponsors: - Clash with Wick! YouTube - Thanos from SAC Kings Elite - Suz and Shake from TalladegaNights - Neetstreet - LundyLife of Goonies Clan - Jo from A2 in Elite Nation! - Shane Killingsworth - The Slim Fool - LashShadow - Dimi Tragakis - Rogue from Clanbake - CandiBarr from Ateam! - Weldon- Splinter Cell - Shake N Blake - DennisTheMennis - RJIII - Strife From Battle Elite - Colton Hathaway Be sure to check out my website! www.clashwithash.com - I update it every week with new content. Don't miss the new 3 Star Academy! Feedback always appreciated - and please share my channel with your clanmates!! Follow me on Twitter for free gem / gift card give a ways, tips, and VIP one-on-one Clash Of Clans Strategy Advice (DM me anytime) @Clash_With_Ash Social Media- Twitter - @Clash_With_Ash Bindle - #clashwithash Website - www.elite-nation.net Tumblr - CoC-ClashWithAsh Instagram - Clash_With_Ash Original Music by : The King Slayer AKA Inertia (Soundcloud) Original Artwork by : fabioottob Any background music by Thastor : https://www.youtube.com/user/Thastorcyclone or Dr Vox - https://soundcloud.com/doctor-vox Outro Song used with Express Written Consent from Runrig. "Clash Of The Ash" is the first single from Runrig's thirteenth studio album "Everything You See" Clash of Clans is an addictive multi-player game which consists of fast paced action combat. Build and lead your personalized armies through enemy bases taking gold, elixir and trophy's to master the game and become a legend. Up-rise through the realms and join a clan to reign supreme above all others. _________________________________________________________________ Category: Games Updated: 10 June 2016 Version: 6.108.5 Size: 53.3 MB Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Developer: Supercell Oy © 2016 Supercell Rated 9+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 6. Be sure to subscribe for Clash Royale best decks and strategy, Brawl Stars gameplay & strategy and the earlier update news on YouTube!
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Text Comments (132)
WickEr10 GT (2 months ago)
Its so easy to win with this awesome deck!
Dream (4 months ago)
Forgot how ugly some of the troop icons looked. LUL at that healer icon and the BK looks like he opened his front camera by accident 😂
Matteo Boldizzoni (7 months ago)
Queen walk is the death of CoC.
LIONEL MESSI (7 months ago)
Come back with coc videos please
Aman Aryal (7 months ago)
classic of classic hi (9 months ago)
Anuvab Mondal (1 year ago)
so bad
aaditya gusain (1 year ago)
nice profile and nice base bro
aaditya gusain (1 year ago)
hey there!!can you join my clan I will subscribe your channel forever please join me this is my player tag 9PV9YJOVJ my name is bd king by mistake my name is bd but only in coc my real name is aaryan
Aditya Mishra (1 year ago)
plz bro
Aditya Mishra (1 year ago)
can u give me ur id
Vivek Karwa (1 year ago)
I use miners most of the time but got to tell u gys u will get fucked up if opponent have baloons in cc no heal spell work rip miners 😂😂
Ankush Chourishi (1 year ago)
I want
Suchit Rathore (1 year ago)
Dastim Bule (1 year ago)
good attack
Shayan Baig (1 year ago)
inferno loose target, so they have to start over again... that's great!!
SL KESHAN (1 year ago)
can u donate me a th10 or 11 coc account.....if u can mail me....plz
Gerry Vilda Gaming (2 years ago)
clash can I join your clan
Stan Alink (2 years ago)
Hey Ash! Can you share anolther video off mass miners attacking a square base? Thnx
budscom (2 years ago)
dang i suck at miners m just doing valks as of now new th 11 lev 136
Mani Timbers (2 years ago)
will u come to my clan D 4 Dance plss
H l Pursley (2 years ago)
Hey Ash please do an Air attack strategy series
DominatorGator Gaming (2 years ago)
Please do a th7
aji jemuran (2 years ago)
It does't work if cc troop is dragon and ballons!
Vlad Birta (2 years ago)
you do a awesome attack please make how many video you can:d i just find you today and i love your attacks :) can you make more video with boweler
Vlad Birta (2 years ago)
hey how about to take me as a apprentice :) to learn how to be a skilled payer I'm a 170 lev th11 36 queen king 30 warden 18 if you dont wont i will not be upset and i will still watching you:) but i never so such a good player
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
Hey sure Vlad! Thanks for watching. More Bowler content coming soon :)
Michael Iacino (2 years ago)
Great, video. I LOVE miner attacks for some reason. It's just fun to watch and exciting, never really know what to expect or even how many miners are left lol. BUT, people need to remember that there were no CC troops in that attack and I'm sure this is one of serveral attacks Ash did on that base. A dragon, minions etc, could have turned that attack into a 1-2 star. Just saying this for the people who think these attacks are OP and automatic easy 3 stars.
awesome video Ash
Christina Veluzat (2 years ago)
Thank you for still doing clash of clans vids......
H l Pursley (2 years ago)
Suggestion for miner instead of nerf suggest adding 3 small traps that slows miners by half until they have cleared it. The trap a small lump of coal upgradable with increased no of miners affected. What do U think Ash ?
ZIPPO Antique (2 years ago)
EDDY_AYALA02 (2 years ago)
Hey guys subscribe to me for low level game play help me grow my YouTube channel subscribe and like the video thx so much enjoy :)
ShengWei (2 years ago)
Ash teaching three star attack. lol
Ben Dover (2 years ago)
Ash maybe a good series to do is: you vs your fans and if they win they get a gift card or something and if you win you double it until someone wins.
sinofdusk3 (2 years ago)
The entire raid would've failed with a proper cc, and the base is certainly nowhere near meta right now
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
Golem in CC is the best for anti Miner.....you obviously have no clue what you're talking about.
Pauline Richter (2 years ago)
Dog first nerve fgloe.
vikram kc (2 years ago)
and then suddenly golem came out of cc boom all miner got rekt :'(
vikram kc (2 years ago)
+PASAWAY CLASHER i mean golem distracted my miners and they won't be able to move or heal cos infero xbow everything attackin over them nd miners attackin that cc golem, golem's huge hp n then golmites jst killed my troops :'(
he supported it with heal spell that why miners got over the golem
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
The Golem didn't kill the Miners...? It was a 3 star.
This Mikimashka (2 years ago)
ward henneker (2 years ago)
Kirby and coco are 2 good ones to work with.
RX3 DrXPEH (2 years ago)
Awesome video! Short, but worth sharing with us because now I can easily see the greatness in them. Better go start my upgrades on then before nerf lol
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
hah! Ain't that the truth!
Samantha Noble (2 years ago)
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Iker Hidalgo (2 years ago)
Fiction meeting acceptance separate.
Ilyes David (2 years ago)
Publisher back approval qualify measurement
Lester Mayer (2 years ago)
Extended significant realistic frozen French.
Hugh J. (2 years ago)
Ive been using this strategy for DE and gold raids and killing it! Works great and just be patient with the queen walk. My king has been upgrading constantly so i sub some wizards to compensate and bring whatever is in my cc to help funnel. 40k DE a day without really trying and max king goes in the tank in 3 days!👍🏻
Hugh J. (2 years ago)
Max king is done in 2 days but a golem in the enemy cc killed 90% of my miners when it popped. I did not expect that and it was really effective against my mass miner raid. Good to know for future raids and even defending in war
alex N (2 years ago)
Ash complains about the miner being too strong and th11 attacks too op. Makes a vid about using miners
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
That's all there is at Th11 - what do you want me to do? Not make videos at all?
Arjun Gulia (2 years ago)
He acknowledges tye problem He uses the problem to benefit while the problem is getting solved
warri187 (2 years ago)
air troops in the cc and you are fucked
Titus Maddern (2 years ago)
Don't you realise this is the most op strategy at the moment? You look at top players in the world I get you 80% use mass miner
Ashhad Alam (2 years ago)
Nope... We do it all the time going against dragloons... Absolutely no problem as they can go down with double poisons... Plus miners dont get targeted underground
Ruben Debelder (2 years ago)
Made a fairly new clan calles Daddy's Proud. Only for Dutch people, if any of you guys are interested pls join. We need reinforcement
Ash, I like how you try to reply to everyone. just 2 words from you makes people happy as fuck.
nope, i forgot to add me too
EarthIsA BigNigga (2 years ago)
Did you try to switch accounts or something because I have never heard some1 say an opinion then reply to it as 'me too'
me too
Daniel Janzen (2 years ago)
where's clash royale, my favorite youtuber?
iftikhar iko (2 years ago)
ɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddss I Have F0undd W0rikingg Online Hacck Visit : - https://t.co/aBxc98OQH1
Daniel Janzen (2 years ago)
haha great!
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
Today :0
KillerBeast FTW (2 years ago)
Ruairi O'Brien (2 years ago)
Ash Can I Join Your Clan! I am a th7.5 and I am a frequent player and will always attack! I will love to join any of your family of clans. Atm I'm in a clan that doesnt donate and dont have access to bowlers. In advance I would really appreciate it if u could help me out.
Ruairi O'Brien (2 years ago)
Yildiz98 (2 years ago)
tbh i quit clash of clans because attacking in war was just too hard and frustrating to pull off.. that was before the walkyrie buff... before that everyone was using GoHo or Lavaloonion (maybe not so much because of the air sweepers). i maxed out my troops and my king was lvl 10 and queen lvl 20. i wasnt able to plan out attacks because i never knew how to really plan an attack. all ive done was put golems down, support with wizards, place jump spells, king queen in and hope for the best to kill cc troops, AQ and maybe destroy some giant bombs on the way. but it never turned out. king dies instantly because the golems somehow are invisible to the defenses, i use just a couple hogs (like 8 of them) on each side so i can split them through the base , placed heal spells on their path. but they somehow still manage to die and then i have no cleanup troops left and time runs out. got so many 90% 2 stars because of this. i was tired of coc because i just didnt know how to attack. and watching Ash's videos never helped me because everyone has a unique base, and you have to plan for yourself. thats the reason i quit coc. was fun the early days but now its just wasting time
زينب سلام (2 years ago)
TH 9
زينب سلام (2 years ago)
+‫اشرف عمر‬‎ هيه هاي اخلاقكم
هيثم sy (2 years ago)
+‫محمد علي‬‎ كس امك
محمد علي (2 years ago)
fuck you
Yanglin Luo (2 years ago)
Thanks ash !!
Morteza Maleki (2 years ago)
Hi Ash (Tim). I have an Idea about miners and I want your opinion about it. Miner should only dig the ground when he wants to enter a compartment. when he's in a compartment, he will not go in the ground, he only go into the ground when he want to switch compartment. I'll be glad to hear your opinion about this, will it fix miner mass attack and encourage surgical miner use?
Morteza Maleki (2 years ago)
+mega2codnoob just want to add that when they'll go under ground, they can be healed and the defenses will switch targets.
Shri harsha Nayak (2 years ago)
and unlike hogs they attack any building , including cc troops..
RX3 DrXPEH (2 years ago)
+mega2codnoob Not necessarily, they don't die to dgbs. I agree with this fellow, that would encourage surgical usage and better attack overall 👍
mega2codnoob (2 years ago)
Sounds like a good idea, but then it is almost like a hog, just that it goes under the walls instead of over them.
nice video once again!
Greedo Nunb (2 years ago)
are miners good at th10?
NoisyBoy lol they’re getting buffed again
Perez Ch (1 year ago)
+NoisyBoy i upgraded them to lvl 3 today and i destroy 70% of maxed out base and since i only want dark elixir is fine
NoisyBoy (1 year ago)
i rather prefer on bowlers
NoisyBoy (1 year ago)
Greedo Nunb theyre good only at max lvl
Greedo Nunb (1 year ago)
You're like 'didn't you know that?' even through this comment is pre-update, lol
STIPE COC (2 years ago)
best youtuber ash ☆☆☆
Hawkeyes 2017 (2 years ago)
Keep it up man. I love your attack strategies. Except for th9 videos, i sub a few things for the hghb. Instead of hogs I use valks, and 3 rage and 1 jump instead of the heal and spells. It seemed to work better for me. I wish I was a th11...
mr jones (2 years ago)
glad to see some people still play coc
Mohamed Mahdy (2 years ago)
Ali amin (2 years ago)
love u
Tim Start (2 years ago)
Oh I thought this was Clash Royale when I saw miner I was hoping for tourney
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
Just to be clear, I'm very unhappy with the mass strategy in the game right now. I hope the spam is addressed. That said, mass Miner is really the best 3 star strategy in the game at Th11 at the moment so thought sharing my favorite strategy variation of it would make for a worthwhile quick video.
Zori Renthlei (1 year ago)
CWA Mobile Gaming hdkf
Davey Breedlove (1 year ago)
Clash With Ash Clash Royale & Clash of Clans what's with the spammy miner attacks again? I'm talking even before this miner event this weekend I've been getting hit all the time with spammy miners again. What changed?
Inayat Mohamad (1 year ago)
Goоoot 111 111 еazу Gеms instаntlу >> https://twitter.com/db0c8344d8ab09a23/status/718815972891762688 . Тhis dоеs wоrk noоw . Bеst Mаss Мinеr Аttасk Stratеgу Clash оf Clans Th11
Steve Bilodeau (2 years ago)
Clash With Ash Clash Royale & Clash of Clans hey i am having trouble farming with my new max miners i have low heroes queen 24 and king 21 is the strategie still viable if so help me lol i cant farm at all with them in legend league right now thank you
Tim Start (2 years ago)
My thing was lagging that's why
Tim Start (2 years ago)
I do Star Wars Battlefront vidros
Clan Execute MX (2 years ago)
Nice vids. att LiveDiablo
akaMesa (2 years ago)
Tim Start (2 years ago)
Ash can u subscribe to me
Tim Start (2 years ago)
DFL W (2 years ago)
you're 2nd
Daniella Tschialvolsky (2 years ago)
aww srry maybe next time buddy 👍
Daniella Tschialvolsky (2 years ago)
DFL W (2 years ago)
yup you are

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