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Steam TRADING CARDS, Easy, Fast and FREE!

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Thank you for watching Idle master: http://www.steamidlemaster.com/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198234177316/ Discord: https://discord.gg/F2uwTY7
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Text Comments (162)
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
Note: You DONT get banned for using this
ProfiYntroz (7 days ago)
Yeah...theres a fix on that...search in browser "idle master extended"
Piter kiter (4 months ago)
+Škaro Gang same
Mark3ly (5 months ago)
PLS HELP M8 I AM TRYING TO LOG IN AND I PUT RIGHT PASSWORD AND IT SAYS that i have to many login failures but i never tried to log in earlier even on other platform + it says that steam isnt running but it is
TheKrito40 Canal Vechi (5 months ago)
@GameBusiness It is said in the Steam group that it has been discontinued as of now. Is that really true?
Rudolf Thiart (1 day ago)
1 like for the = 0:43
Casper Nygaard (2 days ago)
You do realise the video is useless because you can't get steam trading cards from free to play games unless you spend money on it? So yes idle master will work for your current games, but then again that dosen't make it free.
ron (11 days ago)
its not showing all my games what to do?
SeaDiva (21 days ago)
Can unofficial steam account do this ?
Night Claw (23 days ago)
Free games will drop cards only if u buy 10$ dlc
Night Claw (23 days ago)
you get discconected for this
TeamFree3 Mioztar (25 days ago)
eyyyyyy du är svensk
GameBusiness (25 days ago)
memes (27 days ago)
how to add games?
Swe3run (1 month ago)
make something that works
San - ity (1 month ago)
Guys this isn't a scam! Just always have 2 step on if your that scared! If you are having troubles signing in use; https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases Credit goes to @Michael H. Armstrong
Stupid Bear (1 month ago)
Account get stolen
GameBusiness (1 month ago)
Did your account get stolen? I have over 300€ spent on my account and it hasn't been stolen. Neither has anyone's account ever. Do you have a screenshot? Or proof of any kind? Is there any way I can help?
Purple Claw Gaming (1 month ago)
i recommend not to downloading this look http://www.steamidlemaster.com/cdn-cgi/apps/head/KvAFFWf5Jp_JW1u59ast_hZhroI.js
CZX 26 (1 month ago)
It only works at paid games, you won't get free trading cards in free games..
Red Dragon (1 month ago)
"and is not going to save your information"
GameBusiness (1 month ago)
No, so you dont have to worry
BOBI Exploits (1 month ago)
I got vac banned, don’t try this!
GameBusiness (1 month ago)
+BOBI Exploits Screenshot
BOBI Exploits (1 month ago)
GameBusiness How? lmao
GameBusiness (1 month ago)
Show me proof
Thicc BOI (2 months ago)
its no working
GingerHunter666 (2 months ago)
Does it still work???!
peter teigen (2 months ago)
'fast and free method' next thing he says is download a bunch of games lol ahahha
GameBusiness (2 months ago)
Free games.
real A Z A R (2 months ago)
You sound like FabianChills
vojin154 Gaming (2 months ago)
i am logged in but its not idling its says done but it didnt started
Were is the link for the vid?
MELOX (2 months ago)
donsn't work:(
H3VOX (3 months ago)
Ferry Vogel (3 months ago)
lmao it worked
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
Nice bro!
Kolisnyk (3 months ago)
If you are reading this, please understand this is a scam.
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
Please explain
The Palm Juice (3 months ago)
And winrar is not in the description
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
+The Palm Juice Ah, my bad bro
The Palm Juice (3 months ago)
+GameBusiness but you said it's gonna be in the description and it's not there
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
+The Palm Juice Dont know, it's quite common to be in situations where you need winrar
The Palm Juice (3 months ago)
+GameBusiness why everyone?
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
Everyone should have winrar ;)
Michael H. Armstrong (3 months ago)
Download it from here: https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases
Alexander Helml (4 months ago)
Nope, I ain't even gonna trust this this REEKS of clickbait and virus and fuck up your account shit NOPE just NOPE!!!
xD Bored (4 months ago)
Snekpem (4 months ago)
Chrome (4 months ago)
you are soooo Swedish lmao
Nikola Djordjevic (5 months ago)
link don"t work!
big funny (4 months ago)
Try downloading Idle-Master Extended.
GinjasGyper (5 months ago)
this is ascamamm
GameBusiness (5 months ago)
I have no reason to scam you... Your account probably doesent have any value and it's demoralizing to scam.
Vali EXTREME M8 (5 months ago)
Can Someone Give Me Some Trading Cards Please ??? link for gifting: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=852193478&token=dlys7HwY
YMAN (5 months ago)
i can't login
shed (5 months ago)
Incommodious (5 months ago)
i cant log in...
DER_HENNI (6 months ago)
I cannot log in !
xXCALLUMXx02 (6 months ago)
its a scam dont do it
MY WIFE TOOK MY KIDS (5 months ago)
It's not a scam, now stfu cuz u scare other people that want to do it
TiBarry Gaming Tech (6 months ago)
Thanks , please guys take a look in my video and support me plzzz
Heathex (6 months ago)
I cant log into steam i type all the info and i press login the little box comes up with the circle for 1 sec and then nothing
Michael H. Armstrong (3 months ago)
Use this: https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases
Radi (4 months ago)
+Thewightnoise no it isnt you fucking dumb cunt it has been discontinued
le kek (5 months ago)
+Thewightnoise The person who created idlemaster discontinued it because he didn't get profit after a steam update
Nadpher (5 months ago)
Idle masters is broken. Use idle masters extended. Worked for me
Thewightnoise (5 months ago)
Cuz its a phishing tool you idiots
junaidi P (6 months ago)
why u hack my account
Hype_Designs (9 days ago)
+junaidi P no ones falling for that shit...hes just downloading games buttfuck
junaidi P (4 months ago)
Dont Trust he scammer
OneStanding (6 months ago)
Then i log into steam, nothing happens.. help!!
Arvzii (1 month ago)
+Michael H. Armstrong this one works thx
Stupid Pants (3 months ago)
run as administrator
GameBusiness (3 months ago)
Hmmm, search up the solution on youtube.
Michael H. Armstrong (3 months ago)
Use this: https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases
acuL (7 months ago)
wow outro stole from delfy
acuL (7 months ago)
GameBusiness (7 months ago)
acuL (7 months ago)
i gotta admit it is a cool outro
GameBusiness (7 months ago)
Friterar (7 months ago)
Use archi instead of Idlemaster, seach for it on youtube
Friterar (7 months ago)
Yes you can run multiple account at once.
Markus (7 months ago)
Friterar is it better?
Skeron (7 months ago)
How does it affect my PC? Slowing down or no notable issues?
GameBusiness (7 months ago)
No side effects
Skeron (7 months ago)
+Lil KRL fuck... I just have 0.5 MB
Lil KRL (7 months ago)
It's using 0.10 mb of ram
Al71 (7 months ago)
Interesting...all that work for 3 euros in a week. Neat bro. I rather play actual games, yeah I know crazy right.
Heathex (6 months ago)
Cynical (6 months ago)
then dont watch it jeez..
DAN (7 months ago)
where I can Download winrar
Memes til morgenmad (27 days ago)
+DAN okay :)
DAN (29 days ago)
+Memes til morgenmad no it's ok
Memes til morgenmad (29 days ago)
+DAN I can help you if you still need help with it :D
DAN (7 months ago)
please help
BSdoesStuff (7 months ago)
Is this still working now? I can't DL it right now tho cuz I'm not on a pc
DAN (8 months ago)
can I get Ban from it
GameBusiness (7 months ago)
ShibaKai (9 months ago)
Hey, I was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice. Let's say I am new to trading and want to start trading. Can I start trading with 2 keys right now? If I can, can you please give me some tips or a method to gain profit? Thanks!
GameBusiness (8 months ago)
ShibaKai (8 months ago)
Thank you!
GameBusiness (8 months ago)
No problem bigman, there's really no real time you should wait but i suggest changing when it feels like you've traded with almost everyone :)
ShibaKai (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for the answer. Sorry I forgot to ask this tiny question in my other comment: How long should I stay on a trade server without getting any trades before switching to another one?
GameBusiness (9 months ago)
Starting with 2 keys is actally Super good! I personally went from 2 keys to 453 keys, there are many methods on my channel but i'd say divide those keys into for example 10 ref items so that you can trade many items at the same time and not just have 1 trade every week, also keep every trade and the value of your inv in a logbook so that you never loose profit
Brad (9 months ago)
you can't get trading cards from free to play games unless you spend atleast $10 in the games
Zenay (2 months ago)
I started playing csgo when it got free, before buying premium I've got like 4 trading cards so it's not true at all
Fightfistgo 122 (3 months ago)
+Brad Gmod has no content you pay for
TheZombieLemon (4 months ago)
Mrcatus shout ur moth u have no idea what ur talking about
TheZombieLemon (4 months ago)
U Need to spend 10€ on it
MrCactus (4 months ago)
Brad not true at all...
Marin Mrnja 2 (9 months ago)
..........can someone give me free trading cards...............
SiglakS (9 months ago)
lel you just gave your steam infos to an random app lel you so silly get hacked nub
GameBusiness (9 months ago)
:=) nah
Om3ga (10 months ago)
Gamebusiness do u have discord to explain me this bcs im not understanding something
F4RZ (10 months ago)
Riktigt coolt.
GameBusiness (9 months ago)
Shawty Wanna Die (10 months ago)
I'm press to sign in after i'm doing this it doesn't says that i'm connected and on my steam account
Amori Van Onacker (8 months ago)
Etoath (10 months ago)
It does not work for me when I log in nothing happens, have I missed something? Please help me :D
Battlefront Gameplay (9 months ago)
you din't mis something i have it too
nXaf (10 months ago)
when i try to sign in it doesnt work
Hades (8 months ago)
same here
Inderiuqq (10 months ago)
Im so poor in steam
Oreoduck (10 months ago)
it does not work for me bc when i log in and Everything is says idling complete and nothing is showing up plz help!!!!! ;-;
ForzaRacer (7 months ago)
did you find out why it is not working?
EmoTi.on.s (8 months ago)
Daniel Alex (10 months ago)
i got a game from a free giveaway and i tried to use idle master on it,i was waiting for 5 hours and i didn t get any card drop,after a few tries should i change to other game?and btw,yeah,the game have trading cards
DzinchaLV :* (10 months ago)
this is worthless, do u even thing how much electricity u spent while trying to earn those 10 cent worth cards?
Tahmid (10 months ago)
Will I get fake hours in my games?
A-GUY (5 months ago)
OhMyGodd (8 months ago)
Alex Brandt (11 months ago)
For me it says that my steam isnt running when it is pls help me
MY WIFE TOOK MY KIDS (5 months ago)
I now im late, maybe try to exit steam and then open it again. :)
Tahmid (10 months ago)
Why do people even want trading cards tho.
Nikolji Benski (10 months ago)
and to level up
JACK-Zer0! (11 months ago)
to sell it again
Tahmid (11 months ago)
I mean those who buy it
Tahmid (11 months ago)
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
To get free money :)
aman lalani (11 months ago)
we cannot drop cards from free games
GameBusiness (10 months ago)
Thank you for confirming :)
giorgi lezhava (10 months ago)
yes you can i got trickster rogue card from neverwinter without this program and its the free game
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
Yes you can, tf2 is a great example :)
Matheus Santos (11 months ago)
like this new VAC NET antcheat I can take ban?
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
You don't get banned for using this bus i highly suggest that you dont play a game as you're idling
lin (11 months ago)
GOOD job
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Can i sell this?
OhMyGodd (8 months ago)
Other, you can buying a new game
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
GameBusiness hehe free premium tf2
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
Yes you can :)
M1kY28 ;x (11 months ago)
i have million cards to drop but idle master say Idling complete
GameBusiness (11 months ago)
I'll make a video explaining how to fix these problems, But if you're in a hurry I suggest you search for a tutorial on youtube :)

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