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GTA V Gameplay (Asus A556UQ Nvidia Geforce 940MX)

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Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay ------------------------------------------------ Asus A556UQ CPU: Intel i5-6200 GPU: Nvidia Geforce 940MX Ram: 8GB FPS: 45-60 (With Recording) Thanks For Watching. Please Like,Subscribe And Comment.
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Text Comments (26)
PieZello (1 month ago)
I'm getting the i7 version of this, what will the difference be?
cajgli (1 month ago)
Wow, that sounds good enough :) Thanks for your info! I'll try the game next week.
PieZello (1 month ago)
+cajgli yes I have it already, it runs GTA as good as the PS4 version on high settings smoothly :)
cajgli (1 month ago)
PieZello I’m also getting the i7 variant next week. You have yours already? Any feedback? I guess there is no huge performance difference, i7 6500u is not a hardcore beast, my bet would be a few fps improvement.
Fahri Monster29 (6 months ago)
Kalau set ultra dapat fps berapa ??
Flou (10 months ago)
Ini katanya ada yang harganya 7,8 juta ada yang 8 jutaan yang bener yang mana 😁
Fahri Monster29 (11 months ago)
Kira saya setting ultra
Bintang Ekananda (1 year ago)
Itu ramnya berapaan gan ,sama harganya, maaf kalo kebanyakan nanya he he...
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Dulu kena 8,3 gan
Bintang Ekananda (1 year ago)
Radhityo Singgih maksudnya harga laptop nya
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
4 gb gan total jadi 8 gb, dulu kena 600 rb
Ben Imannuel (1 year ago)
Ini vram gddr3 ?
MercyReaction (1 year ago)
plz test overwatch and show me ur setting
Fadli Robbi (1 year ago)
Gan itu setting high atau low gan grafiknya?
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Settingannya normal gan
Pranedhya Bintang (1 year ago)
bro laptop ini ada yg versi ramnya 8gb kan
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Iya gan, ada yg versi 8gb
Hafid Iqbal (1 year ago)
Itu ram di tambah nggak??
Hafid Iqbal (1 year ago)
Radhityo Singgih siappp
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Kalo harga tergantung masing2 merk sama jenis ddrnya gan, kalo ane dulu kena 600an
Hafid Iqbal (1 year ago)
Radhityo Singgih siapp Kalau boleh tanya Harga ram berapa ya?
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Iya gan, awalnya 4gb ditambah 4gb lagi.
Alex Nahum (1 year ago)
gan lu itu Settingnya GTA V full HD ya?
Alex Nahum (1 year ago)
Radhityo Singgih oh oke. mksih infonya coy. btw sy jg pke leptop asus A556UQ
Radhityo Singgih (1 year ago)
Ane settingannya 1280x720 gan
Cr4nk121 (1 year ago)
Can u test PUBG?

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