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How to Trade Cards | Pokemon

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Watch more Pokemon Trading Cards videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/497216-How-to-Trade-Cards-Pokemon Learn how to trade Pokemon cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game pros at Comic Cafe in this Howcast video. Hi, I'm Joe D'Andrea, a Pokemon professor at Comic Cafe in Warren New Jersey, and we're here to show you how to play the Pokemon trading card game. So more often than not, if you're trading Pokemon cards — after all it's a trading card game — you're going to trade cards for cards. Now you don't have to trade the same card for the same card, of course, because that's rather silly. Instead you want to trade cards of similar value, and again this is a value you both agree to before the trade takes place. When you're looking at cards to trade, look for signs of mintness, how new is the card? Of course, if it's just come out of the pack, and you saw them take it out, then you know it's brand new. Things to look for, though, would be like frayed edges that might tell that your card has been played a lot. If the edges are white, they may have been taped on the table a bit. If it's a bit flimsy or if it's even bent, all of these things lower the value of the card. If you're trading in a league, you should check with your league leader first to make sure it's a good trade, and second to have them look at the trade to see if it's a fair one. Do not be pressured into making a trade you do not want to make, and always be polite and respectful with your fellow trader. Giving up your cards is never a consequence of winning or losing at a Pokemon trading card game, be it league or tournament.
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Text Comments (560)
T Pose Machine (14 days ago)
Nothingless Hos (19 days ago)
*How to trade deeznuts for once*
Little Panda (21 days ago)
I -stole- Uhm... "Traded" for my friends golden counter energy Definately
TheRealSlowpoke (30 days ago)
I traded away my aquapolis vileplume holo now I’m sad
Mary Sebastian (1 month ago)
Example: Bob: HEY I WANT THAT CHARMELION Porkhead: not only you give me your squirtle Bob: OKAY Trades I’m weird
Loan Huynh (1 month ago)
I like!
fun madeproductions (1 month ago)
Have 57 ultra rares so no scrubs 😎😎😎😎😎😜
Z Studios (2 months ago)
I gave my old neighbor 10 cards and he gave me one ripped one the next day then they left the city there next day
Scarlett Castro (2 months ago)
I traded a seedot for 7 ultra rares. So, this girl really liked seedot because she said the pokemon was so cute, and she had the most ultra rares so i traded the seedot for 5 secret rare megas and 2 Gx cards. She even said that if i trade her a Pichu she might give me her pokemon binder full with ultra rares, and her brother's full art trainers and Gx cards. What luck!
Scarlett Castro (2 months ago)
By the way the Gx cards were Tapu koko and Kommo-o Gx Secret rare Megas Mega Manetric Ex secret rare Mega Sceptile Ex secret rare Mega Lucario Ex secret rare Gyarados Ex secret rare full art Mega Beedrill Ex secret rare Primal Kyogre Ex
L Attard (2 months ago)
i trade1ex for 10 basics
Squirtle Tv (2 months ago)
Wow I didn’t know how to trade at first. :/
Poke Brawler (3 months ago)
Unless the picture is different
Jb Does Stuff (4 months ago)
No u
Wyatt The Lobster (4 months ago)
*M I N T N E S S*
•SwagBear• (4 months ago)
Also make sure they're not fake cards. If not sure then look at the yellow edges and if they are symmetrical, look at the back make sure the blue isn't lighter or a darker shade of blue then the original cards. And if it's not even a real Pokémon that should be obvious lol
giovanni frico (4 months ago)
giovanni frico (4 months ago)
How to trade the TCG known as Pokémon like a PLAYA!!! Or a PIMP!!! STEP 1. Go to your friend or random hobo on the street (your choice) and ask to see their cards then... STEP 2. Ask them if they want to trade... STEP 3. Pick the card you like... STEP 4. See if they like any of your cards... STEP 5. Confront them and say ooh you like that card... STEP 6. AGREE ON A TRADE( or just shank him 74 times in the chest) (Again your choice) STEP 7. ( Make the trade where both leaving with a new card(s)... STEP 8. Subcribe to this Youtube account or all your Pokémon are gonna be replaced of a picture of your bootyhole (UNWIPED) And BAD LUCK FOR EVER... DUN DUN DUN And this took me forever...
Hafiz NF (5 months ago)
its really ez to trade xD
R3D RAM3N (5 months ago)
I scam people when I trade
Kurv The GOAT (5 months ago)
I traded my Mega Charizard X for a Diglett
Rob McClellan (5 months ago)
we didnt say the board game!We siad the trading card game
death killer (5 months ago)
Aaron plays Games (6 months ago)
I traded crap for a 200$ full at mewtwo card
Sinbad Of The Seven Seas (6 months ago)
I have mega mewtwo Y pokemon card
Monkey D. Luffy (6 months ago)
Loll got a Alohan Ninetails for two of my weak common card.
aiden pun (6 months ago)
LaffinHyena (6 months ago)
Polar (6 months ago)
How to Trade Pokémon cards: Trade fake Ex’s for real ones
COKMCNUGGET ! (6 months ago)
I mean riigesteel
COKMCNUGGET ! (6 months ago)
In school I got a Gx for a Regicesteeñ
Noah Dinnin (6 months ago)
Because of this vid I'm now mentaly retarded
VulKus (6 months ago)
How to trade Pokémon cards: Hey, would you like this card for that card? Yes. Ok, let’s trade.
Magic_Asap (7 months ago)
Simon Is The Cool (7 months ago)
Mason S. (7 months ago)
That is so easy
Qinling Panda (7 months ago)
Mention counterfeits. Mention then so people don't get scammed into counterfeits. Mention sets and rarity. Mention how common cards from old limited edition sets might scale up to somewhat rare cards from current sets.
doo1235 (7 months ago)
1. go up to someone with ablegendary deck out 2. smack them out of their hand 3. grab as many you can 4. run like hell
Holy Crap666 (7 months ago)
So fucking cringey
Purejays909 (7 months ago)
When I wasn’t looking someone jacked my mega blastouis ex in school Never seen him again
Fluffed Dog With Teeth (7 months ago)
Dith Bideo Bum Eberyone shnows chow boo brade Bobebwom chards
kelvin lor (7 months ago)
How to get THE BEST CARDS THAT COST 6000 DOLLORS THAT CAN DESTROY ALL POKEMON in under 10 seconds Step 1: give both of you and the person that your trading with a soda Step 2: put sleeping pills in one of the sodas make sure you dont mix up which is yours and theres Step 3: wait stall but dont let the person leave and wait until the person takes a drink Step 4: DRINK Step 5: wait until the person collapses on the floor or falls asleep on the chair Step 6: fake that you dont know what happened to the person Step 7: take all you want from the persons deck while people are distracted from trying to help the person Step 8: walk out
sloppy el Maniquí (7 months ago)
The woods of wonder TWOW (7 months ago)
I have a strange rainbow colour charizard and garodos
Poke Von Brook (7 months ago)
Can people subscribe to me
Hyruler (7 months ago)
I just steal mine... oops...
Cuculainn (7 months ago)
Not great should give more tips
Redpanda Gamez X (7 months ago)
Jasper (8 months ago)
Sofia Quezada (8 months ago)
I got a ex I'm supperrr excited 🤗
Stella FC (8 months ago)
Marcus Correa (8 months ago)
What do they mean ask a lead leader WTF were not in Pokemon
Tenth Mussel (8 months ago)
My friend gave me a 12 GX cards 35 ex cards and 2 mega ex cards for a hot wheels car kinda felt bad for him
Zoroark (8 months ago)
This just shows you EVERYTHING a pokemon player should know about trading
ZabaTV (8 months ago)
Hi Grandma!
WindowCleanr (8 months ago)
Potato Recording (8 months ago)
There was always that one kid steals the cards and gets them band from school
Biggest Weaboo Tumor (8 months ago)
Lmao, traded a Lunala GX which was around $2 for 2 Magma Bases which was nearly $8 a piece XD
Joey_0 (8 months ago)
Jack Dorsey (9 months ago)
Ehh who care ima scam all lil kids
- ZERØ - (9 months ago)
You forgot to mention fake cards!
Lol Lol (9 months ago)
A kid in my class stole most of my good GXs
IcedPotato (9 months ago)
Why does this video exist. Trading is in the name of pokemon “Trading Card Game” You trade your pokemon for someone else’s pokemon. It’s not that hard.
Mr.Jankson (3 months ago)
Well, there's more to it, and this is also for anyone new to any TCG (pokemon specifically has children, which means they definitely won't know). You didn't watch the video and/or you don't know the basic etiquette of trading, if someone is offering a 2 dollar card for your 100 dollar card, it is not a fair trade regardless of the situation, and the smart thing to do is to NOT trade.
Brave KittensTfm (6 months ago)
IcedPotato ye
Aaron plays Games (6 months ago)
IcedPotato ikr
doo1235 (7 months ago)
Elvar Snær Ágústsson (9 months ago)
SuperPikachu Jexs (9 months ago)
How to trade? Trade your stupid mega gardevoir ex for an awesome Poliwag!
Javier Evora (9 months ago)
Y'all probably were the kids who snitched cause they got a bad trade and got cards banned at school
Digi (9 months ago)
We need chad
Legit Unicorn (9 months ago)
Thank you for explaining a topic that is so bloody difficult to understand. Without this video, I could never trade pokemon cards this well.
TheTerribleGamr (9 months ago)
I stole a few cards when no kids were looking and they still haven't noticed I stole there card
The Dark Voyager (9 months ago)
If your not gonna sell them it doesn't matter the condition 👏👏👏
silkey yt (10 months ago)
1 go to a rich kids house. 2 see if they don't know how much a good card is 3 rip them of with a reverse
TYPE GLADION (2 months ago)
silkey yt NICE ONE
The Wondrous Plays (10 months ago)
How to judge value: Google
Thkatsterz claymations ! (10 months ago)
People want to make inventions saving humanity while he is a pokemon professor like what no offence
step 1 print a really good card step 2 trade and run
step 1 print a really good card step 2 trade and run
Sparkle & Crew (10 months ago)
How To Steal: 1. See a person with Megas/Ultras 2. WHACK EM' OUT OF THEIR HAND 3. Run awaaaaaaaay!!! 4. You noticed they were fake 6. I skipped the fifth part 7. GO STEAL MORE 100. I'm too lazy to explain so idc at all
Elena Fernandez (10 months ago)
you look old and like shit
Syth_The_Wolf (10 months ago)
my friend kino at school tried to trade me for an anchent mew and snagged a lunala GX and a mega kangaskhan BUT the rainbow rare charizard and rainbow rare lunala made up for it.
Swag Lord (10 months ago)
I have Dialga gx and silvally gx
Rosh Posh (10 months ago)
Was ur Dialga GX Japanese or did u mean you have a Dialga EX.
Greencreepercreeps (10 months ago)
The title says how to trade The video is how to play
BLUE EYES white dragon 64 (10 months ago)
Aqua Nix (10 months ago)
At my school I trade my fake cards because the little kids think they're real
FireReaper546 (11 months ago)
I think we need Chad
Yayo Avalos (11 months ago)
Shira Lichtenhahn (11 months ago)
Yup thats how you do it go to rich
The Angry Teddy (11 months ago)
There is no right or wrong way to trade as the rules don’t provide any official way to trade
Zahir Mijares Prado (11 months ago)
Mr. YurtleSquirtle (11 months ago)
Betty Alfaro (1 year ago)
CK (1 year ago)
I used to play in the ghetto and players would put there most valuable card on the line. If you won, you got the card that was put for bet. Sometimes we would brawl at the end. Haha good times
CK (1 year ago)
Trade pokemon cards with little kids. Got it
[Last_Stand] (1 year ago)
I bet some of these kids in the comments section don’t even know how to properly take care of a card, much less know how to even play the game. Here’s a heads up, if you have or “stole” an ultra rare card it’s most likely in shit condition. Bent, scratches on the back, chips on the side. Yeah you may have an ultra rare, but if it’s in shit condition a smart person wouldn’t even trade you for it or even try to buy it off you. If you’re smart once you get an ultra rare card from a booster pack (instead of stealing one that’s most likely in shit condition) you’d double sleeve it to prevent scratching and chips. Also if you’re looking on how to actually play the game just try going to your local Pokémon league, I’d also suggest trying to play the Pokémon online trading card game. Those code cards from booster packs aren’t just for show. Another tip, try looking at some Pokémon decks being played in tournaments (just YouTube search it). And yeah your friend maybe offering you an ultra rare or someone you know has one, but if nobody is using it in any deck in the trading card game it’s a shit ultra rare. But even shitty ultra rares are worth 5 dollars. Most popular ultra rare in the tcg right now in my opinion is Tapu Lele GX. If you happen to have a hyper rare Tapu Lele GX you’re looking at 100 dollars worth of value. That card is worth a lot of money.
the Dashwarrior321 (1 year ago)
1.Give your card to them 2.they give their card to you WHO KNEW IT WAS SO SIMPLE?
JEN ROB (1 year ago)
Guys i need help my FREIND is asking for his card that he traded me back and it’s really rare what do I doooo
Evil Dasher (10 months ago)
What card is it?
The epic wizards (1 year ago)
i just battled someone and we traded then i gave him my card so then i said SIK then RaN out of there
Eliane Naranoo (1 year ago)
I traded a lucario for a Drampa GX
Michael Snody (1 year ago)
in my school this kid had a mega pidgeot ex full art and a stack of like 40 cards so he gave me like 7 cards when he wasnt looking i took the mega pidgeot ex fa gyrados holo and mewtwo holo but i traded mega pidgeot ex fa for dialga ex cuz pigeot was all bent and ripped a lil so then i traded the holos for like 30 cards each to some dumb kids
Adi Jamal (1 year ago)
Nah basically take their cards and say I want all of these if he says no u run away with them and say feels good to be a gangstar
Max Jaques (1 year ago)
Huh, I've just been using a gun and saying give me all your cards punk or blow your brains out. It seems to work well.
C2O (11 months ago)
Michael Snody (1 year ago)
if thats true your a cheap faggot who don't wanna buy ur own cards
Glen._w _ (1 year ago)
So this one guy had a (REAL) base set holo charizard from 1995 and he was a noob at pokemon and somehow got that card. So I told him that it was fake and only worth like three bucks and i gave him a non holo zapdos for it and he was happy not Knowing he had been ripped off, and now I have that card in my collection 😁👍
Smasher Kyle (8 months ago)
Dude Pokémon wasn’t around in 1995.
Extremely Zavier (9 months ago)
Mark_Felix_Li _ nvr mind if he was mean than mwahahaha 👹
Extremely Zavier (9 months ago)
Mark_Felix_Li _ how do u sleep at night
Dain, son of Nain (1 year ago)
Dain, son of Nain (1 year ago)
Mark_Felix_Li _ that's really cheap. You should give it back
bob sanders (1 year ago)
lol ask with ur league member

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