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The quickest easiest way to make money on steam. If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheEuphoricRager/ Song: Lenx - Destination
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Text Comments (56)
GoodSh1t (1 month ago)
im trading csgo skins for trading cards add me on steam TehGod
GoodSh1t (1 month ago)
add me on steam @TehGod im trading csgo skins for trading cards
Drinner D (2 months ago)
Wait, hold on... soooo, you basically have to bid them out? Like, STEAM won't just give you the stupid 7 cents? Total waste of time. Thanks for being pretty much the ONLY person I could find who just got right to the point about this crapp...
GoodSh1t (1 month ago)
im trading csgo skins for trading cards add me on steam TehGod
Kenny Van Bosbeke (7 months ago)
i got 112.. avg 5cents .. if i sell them all i would have 5,60€ .. but it would take allot of time to sell 112.. why dont they have a sell all option
GoodSh1t (1 month ago)
im trading csgo skins for trading cards add me on steam TehGod
[Explain_Urself] (6 months ago)
yep, use the phone authenticator do make it faster than going to email tho.
Sloshimi Slooper (1 year ago)
Easiest way to get Premium in TF2
JuniorGamer101 (1 year ago)
why are cards super cheap?
EuphoricRager (1 year ago)
It's just logic, virtual card are pretty much worthless.
SUCC ASS (1 year ago)
someone bought one of my cards for $1
Familiar Faces (1 year ago)
Do i have to spend atleast 5 bucks so i can sell them?
OverCutter [EP] (5 months ago)
yes. but i already spend them :)
england is my bus stop (8 months ago)
yes, you do
Minty! (1 year ago)
might be weird awkward question XD but when you sell them is the money like steam wallet money to buy games or..?
Honda Rider (1 year ago)
Ellie ChanGaming yes
Aptom pena (1 year ago)
Do a new one there's to much bullshit that steam is making me do
Phon Productions (2 years ago)
When they buy it, do they automatically recieve it or do you have to give it to them manually?
Anime Neko (1 year ago)
It's automatic since the trading cards are in your internet steam library. But they still need to buy it.
Sean Eredia (2 years ago)
if you sell a badge, do you immediately get the money?
政博桜井 (1 year ago)
+NullSpice how plz tell me
addam (1 year ago)
theres a way to get it instant.
政博桜井 (1 year ago)
Sean Eredia no you should wait for people to buy it.its not instant
L'Giii7 (2 years ago)
I Have A Limited Profile I Can"t Do This Process?
OverCutter [EP] (5 months ago)
yes. pay 5 dollars.
Kidd Lint (2 years ago)
so if I sell one of the cards, can I pick it up in the game again?
Kaka Gamer (2 years ago)
No you can`t
Captain Luq (2 years ago)
When you buy trading cards , does it use the money you have in your steam wallet or does it take money out from your credit card? Also when you sell a trading card , does it also go to your credit card?
OverCutter [EP] (5 months ago)
You can use both!
EpicMan136 (1 year ago)
Captain Luq it uses ur steam wallet
EuphoricRager (2 years ago)
+Luq Turner Pretty sure you can use either.
EpicEnderGamer (2 years ago)
Do I have to wait 30 days to sell my steam cards ? Because I don't see any of my Trading Cards in my inventory.
EpicEnderGamer (2 years ago)
+EuphoricRager my cards are CSGO cards, maybe they do have a time on them, thanks for the help !
EuphoricRager (2 years ago)
+EpicEnderGamer Yea certain games will have a waiting time on them, but sometimes you can sell them straight away. So depends on what the game is.
When I put it on the market, when do I get my money?
M M (2 years ago)
Mostly because they want to craft a badge and the card they just bought off the market helped them complete the missing trading cards required to craft a badge. Crafting a badge helps you level up on steam.
Meerschaumpijp (2 years ago)
+EuphoricRager why would someone buy them /? xD
EuphoricRager (2 years ago)
Haha awesome! 
+EuphoricRager Whoops, forgot to delete this comment. About 5 minutes after I asked my question, I got the money :P
EuphoricRager (2 years ago)
+Diamond Tiger Gaming / DTG It all depends on when someone wants to buy it from the marketplace. It could take 20 minutes or 2 days. Again it all depends.
ParodyOfAParody (2 years ago)
This is so helpfull thanks! I'm interested in profit and stuff in general so this should be a breeze for me
TheDudeRandom (2 years ago)
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Kaka Gamer (2 years ago)
eZ money
ParodyOfAParody (2 years ago)
+EuphoricRager Thanks :) You too
EuphoricRager (2 years ago)
+MonoPlayz Nice! Good luck :)
theskull gamer (3 years ago)
i dont a steam wallet why???
EuphoricRager (3 years ago)
Okay you have to own the items for 30 days - ! year before you can sell them. Everyone has a steam wallet.
theskull gamer (3 years ago)
+TheEuphoricRager and i have to sell my trading cards it tells this you must have a steam purchase that is between 30 days and a year old with no steam support cannot remove restrication
theskull gamer (3 years ago)
+TheEuphoricRager i dont what to add funds to my steam account
EuphoricRager (3 years ago)
Let's start by seeing if you can add some funds to your wallet first. Log in to your Steam account. Click the [Your username] link in the upper right hand corner and select Account Details. Click on "+Add funds to your Steam Wallet" to select an amount and proceed to checkout.
theskull gamer (3 years ago)
+TheEuphoricRager not working :( :( :(
Lazker (3 years ago)
The -34 put me off..
Lazker (3 years ago)
oh ok sorry and ty for clearing that up :)
EuphoricRager (3 years ago)
+BlueMonsterHD I said "Mine is 34 cents" not "Minus 34 cents". Must be the accent haha.
Xhepos Gaming (3 years ago)

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