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Underground Coal Mining

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A view from the drivers seat going into a mine where they use the room & pillar mining technique and another clip showing the longwall mining operation.
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Education knowledge (7 months ago)
I am fresher how can underground coal mining training please provide me guidance
venkat aditya (8 months ago)
i need explaination of underground coal mining methods and gassification methods
MineralsInYourLife (7 months ago)
We recommend the book "Modern American Coal Mining: Methods and Applications" by Chris Bise. You can order a copy from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration at http://smemi.personifycloud.com/PersonifyEbusiness/Store/ProductDetails.aspx?productId=116958.
Gene Goodman (9 months ago)
NeilLB7 (1 year ago)
My grandfather mined underground for 38 years in Indiana and Illinois. Roof bolter, cutting machine, buggy, dynamite and about 10 years above ground at an underground mine taking care of the topside needs like the bath house, loader...and about everything and anything you can do at a mine. Was shocked by high voltage in the 60's but survived. Used to crawl 100 yards to start up pumps each shift because you couldn't walk to the room they were in any longer. The roof had settled to about 24" height. One particular mine he worked at in the late 50's had a man a week die there. Somehow he managed to survive WWII Japan and underground mining. Fortunately he enjoyed nearly 30 years of a happy retirement before he passed away. He did have black lung...but was denied the benefit due to testimony in court from the mine doctors exams. His doctor said it was obvious. Nonetheless...the mine was his life. He was absolutely at home there and had the closest friends you could possibly imagine there. He made a good living for his family. He took me to the mine he retired from and I got to ride the elevator down to 500' below ground when I was 10. I can say...I would have never been able to be a miner. I wouldn't leave the elevator I was so scared. He wanted to take me a mile back inside on a "tour" on the weekend. But I wouldn't go afterall. Anyhow...God bless our miners and thank them when you see them.
jonathan wei (1 year ago)
looks like mincraft
jonathan wei (1 year ago)
Zak Powers (1 year ago)
oliver t is bossly!!!
Luke Vrcelj (2 years ago)
nice vid mannnnnn keep up the good work!!!!!!!! :)))) kind regards luke
I've seen room-and-pillar mining in some of the abandoned gold mines I've explored out here in the Southwest.  
Robert Henry Pike (4 years ago)
No matter how clean they burn it at the surface, underground miners will always be needed; and I saw very few of the workers wearing protective masks.  Taxpayers are paying for their shortened expensive lives.
Jesse Mitchell (4 months ago)
john workman you’re so fucking full of shit no they’re not . That’s not a government job jack ass they sell that Coal to big companies. The government don’t give them a goddamn thing. Them boys work for what they get. And they have big contracts with US steel as well as other steel companies and power plants all across the world. So don’t give us this taxpayers paying for them bullshit.
john workman (1 year ago)
Not only do we pay our on taxes but we keep your lights on
Luke Vrcelj (2 years ago)
yeah lol
Thomas Forren (3 years ago)
they pay their own taxes lol
Khalid Ahmad (4 years ago)
What kind of mesh are they using for rib support? If they're using steel I highly suggest switching to corrugated plastic mesh. The corrugation makes it easier to identify loose rocks and since its made out of plastic it is fire resistant and anti static. They're also very light and easy to handle.
john workman (1 year ago)
Khalid Ahmad it metal, required from state and federal officials in the roof control plan
Bavya V (4 years ago)
what is the smoke they are using at 1.56? what is it for?
Jesse Mitchell (4 months ago)
Bavya V Their blowin rock dust to keep A far from startin because Coal is flammable boss.
James (6 months ago)
Rock dust keep it from blowing up
thelma thorn (4 years ago)
that's rock dust, its made from crushed limestone, its required  by law to apply it to the roof and rip in the main haulage routes or track, the belt lines, and the entire working section area, hope that answers your question, I have 9 years experience in underground coal mining, im a 5th generation coal miner. my name is Zach I just realized im on my mothers youtube account...lol

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