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PRO vs PRO | Surgical Goblin vs Tag | INSANE BEST OF 5!

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Pro vs Pro Surgical Goblin vs Tag | CWA Mobile Gaming Subscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722 Watch Next, September Update Info, https://goo.gl/x7EViK *BINGE WATCH PRO VS PRO!* ►►Pompeyo vs ThatOneGuy - https://goo.gl/bgo4G2 ►►Pompeyo vs Marcelp - https://goo.gl/qGWmJK ►►Pompeyo vs SergioRamos - https://goo.gl/qm7b94 ►►Pompeyo vs Surgical Goblin - https://goo.gl/KYCznh ►►Pompeyo vs Miniminter - https://goo.gl/QQSxtn ►►Pompeyo vs OneHiveHunter - https://goo.gl/4GzR87 ►►Pompeyo vs Oxalate - https://goo.gl/7MQcJi ►►Pompeyo vs Surgical TS - https://goo.gl/35xT3w ►►Surgical TS vs Surgical Goblin - https://goo.gl/paGBnJ ►►Surgical Goblin vs Azilys - https://goo.gl/3dFQZT ►►Surgical Goblin vs Miniminter - https://goo.gl/iiC8GR ►►Surgical Goblin vs Little Chen - https://goo.gl/NWgtsP ►►Surgical Goblin vs CMcHugh - https://goo.gl/5pjeuA Pro vs Pro series continues. Today we'll watch SirTag vs Surgical Goblin face off in the pro vs pro series here on CWA Mobile Gaming. Who are you rooting for?! Who should be next?! Let me know in the comments below! *Shownotes* ►►Surgical Goblin YouTube - https://goo.gl/bTCynC ►►Surgical Goblin Twitter - https://goo.gl/fkXNaj ►►SirTag Clash Royale YouTube channel - https://goo.gl/PvEJZT ►►SirTag Twitter - https://goo.gl/7vTAKX ►►SirTag Player Profile (stats) - https://goo.gl/vg1Zyu *Watch More* ►►10 Tips for Magic Archer - https://goo.gl/JkL9Pb ►►#1 Best Player in China - https://goo.gl/6WYzcF ►►Responding to Critics - https://goo.gl/uZ34Q1 I'm Proud to be a community partner with Bren Chong! ►► Instagram - https://goo.gl/jEcVu1 ►► Twitter - https://goo.gl/c1u5V8 ►►Check out my player profile: https://goo.gl/Ve4J1S ►►Top deck text guides: https://goo.gl/NJzUuG Meet the CWA team!: ►►Editing Credits to ErnieC3 - https://goo.gl/779rN4 ►►Thumbnail Credits to Mthja - https://goo.gl/HVVrfC ►►StatsRoyale Guides by Carl - https://goo.gl/X9p7ke ►►Patreon Management by Shajan - https://goo.gl/UKcL9u ►►Stream Management by KeaGirl - https://goo.gl/BVP56u Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: ►►https://goo.gl/nh2VUM I stream LIVE on Facebook 5 days a week here: ►►https://goo.gl/g9pQTC I have a Discord server with weekly giveaways here: ►►https://goo.gl/1hSHTF THANK YOU to my PATREONS!! LOVE YOU ALL! - James Dalebrook - Kiwi Klasher - Adam Stauber - Tyler Skinner - DangerDonkey - Jake Martin - Dimsum - Mark Meyers - Adam Perez - The Slim Fool - LegitLet'sHacks - Yousuf AlAraifi - Nate Dog - Jerry E Case - Colton Hathaway - Richard Parnall - Zak Grove - Devin Zeeman - Jan Social Media- ►►Twitter - @Clash_With_Ash ►►Instagram - Clash_With_Ash ►►Facebook - Clash With Ash Official Pick up your CWA swag here!! ►► https://teespring.com/stores/cwa-mobile-gaming
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CWA Mobile Gaming (3 months ago)
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this matchup! It was a GREAT one to watch! As always with this series, I recorded live commentary/reaction but did edit out the downtime in between matches, as it took them a while to prepare their decks in some cases. Sub vs pro coming next week. I'll also be responding to comments a bit late on today's video because I have to stream in 20 minutes. Enjoy the show!
Mao Gavin (2 months ago)
i think tag lost the 2nd one by purpose, because why does he need minions to defend lavahound while he knows there is balloon , and he got no counter left, it happened twice in the same game.
Khemraj Bhatt (2 months ago)
Next match tag Vs AK 47
kaiya tan (2 months ago)
cwa make logbait videos and you should face tag because you can beat him because tag is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad i am better than him
kaiya tan (2 months ago)
surg takes the l
Edwin Naranjo (3 months ago)
CWA Mobile Gaming my two favorite pros
I Said Don't (2 days ago)
Surgical won in my eyes
Asserted dominance like a true sir ✌
Felipe Gonçalves (6 days ago)
This was, by far, the best clash Royal video intro ever. Keep it that way forever.
12345 _ (6 days ago)
Surg whould clap him up in a max v max game
Matthew McLean (7 days ago)
Loon loon loon loon nerf loon
Matthew McLean (7 days ago)
Nerf loon
PC GAMERZ (8 days ago)
What the hell is bm?
Mav irl (10 days ago)
Rekt qq
Dhairya Mistry (12 days ago)
i believe sir tag had matchup advantage ...but very well played by sir tag
William Garcia (13 days ago)
Nice, !!!!! Wow surgical lost😂
Horváth Márton (15 days ago)
Btw Tag used cheats
Horváth Márton (15 days ago)
Tag is an arrogant sicc
Horváth Márton (15 days ago)
What are those people licking tag's ass?
Antoun Kassouf (16 days ago)
Surge is actually stronger than tag but they are both good
avash kafle (19 days ago)
Awesome hats off man Tag👍
nathaniel moody (20 days ago)
Go Sir tag
XxProGamer04 (20 days ago)
You make content off other people's videos. you're an absolute dickhead
Aqua 47 Flawless (20 days ago)
Tag is too good tbh
Andrew M. (23 days ago)
Wow! My 2 fav pros. Had to cheer for both on the edge of my seat. That was not BM. Tag really is appreciative for the fun game.
Xueru Chen (24 days ago)
SG is salty, lol haha
Marco Trippone (26 days ago)
Rosik Goblin hahahahahaha
Arindam Acharya (29 days ago)
Royal hogs are effing overpowered!! Yuck
bfitxen cage (30 days ago)
Both of em have their own channel, "lets ruin ashe's". Made us wait too long to start the game...
Shalini Varma (1 month ago)
surgical goblin
KingDarkMagicMatter (1 month ago)
Lol surgical goblin more like salty goblin
sarmad games (1 month ago)
Hello ash
Bryan Cardozo (1 month ago)
Btw what is BM??
Bad manners
NeverEatenCake (1 month ago)
the fat fucking dutchman got in his feelings lmao
GiangioBangio (1 month ago)
The only YouTube gaming channel, where the owner's doesn't play. Only spectating and replays. Well played Ash.
Korbin Graham (1 month ago)
Whats your twitter handle Ash?
Mehedi Hasan (1 month ago)
Super Duck (1 month ago)
Serg is poor looser that’s why I don’t like him
Super Duck (1 month ago)
eXminus ._. (1 month ago)
Omg intense!!!!!!! I knew tag would do it some day!!!!!
dr.paddlesmack (1 month ago)
i like how he tries to make it seem live... where it clearly isn't...??
Siddhesh Kannamwar (1 month ago)
Surg a true looser
Daniel Espejo (1 month ago)
This game is too easy
super knight (1 month ago)
Surgical goblin
mickey mouse (1 month ago)
2 pleb fighting 🙃
Tropical_Justice (1 month ago)
Surgical goblin is just sad
oookizet cz (1 month ago)
Chistopher Roger (1 month ago)
Sir tag was defeated by mini minter
Fun with Arash Saeed (1 month ago)
who won
xSoLzZ (1 month ago)
Did I heard... Positive elixir trade?
hak in de pan (2 months ago)
surgical that fucking fat fuck spending his day on eating macdonalds and playing clash royale
rgef seds (2 months ago)
ok mad props to tag for taking the W but holy shit did surg finesse him G2. wyd there tag ?
FireFran 02 (2 months ago)
What BM mean?
Adam Gross (2 months ago)
I'm buying for y mans surg
Eric Chin (2 months ago)
PEKKA, Balloon and Prince deck always win because they are way too OP.
Dovydas Jonelis (2 months ago)
Noob vs noob
Joost Elffers (2 months ago)
Surge deserved a rematch
Verkus play (2 months ago)
I bet surg wins
T Virus (2 months ago)
SURG IS A DOUCHE!!! Fuck him all day.. disgrace to e sports.. Please die, motherfucker! Go out of e sports, you toxic piece of something. Let esport grow, please, go out!!! You are the best example for WHAT IS WRONG IN E SPORTS. Can you die please? Maybe??
Roaring Lion (2 months ago)
Surg didn't WAIT for Tag's are counters to be out of hand, he forced them out of his hand on purpose so that he could play the balloon opposite lane. Tag should have smartened up about this the second time but he is probably not use to playing a god!
payam rahnavard (2 months ago)
sir tag is the king of the clashers i love him sooooooooooooooo much
Luis Gallego (2 months ago)
Sad panda is sad
bryan soares (2 months ago)
tag nb
pyroar primal (2 months ago)
Rooting for tag, think surge has it tho
Roland Gervais (2 months ago)
I think surdical IS better than tag For this type of compétition make them use the same deck
dizzyallday (2 months ago)
Rozza43 (2 months ago)
My two favorite youtuber pros....that second match was legendary
John Girtman (2 months ago)
Tag didn't even BM...
Ivan Matulović (2 months ago)
All those Sweets and u chose to Be salty
aytunch (2 months ago)
what does BM stand for?
MarTix 99 (2 months ago)
Fuckin noob is winner! wow
CBP Royale (2 months ago)
The strong (2 months ago)
Great commentary such a nail biting episode
Maurits van Scherrenburg (2 months ago)
Surge let him win he was done with the series
endmenow riley (2 months ago)
Lol surgical salty
Bernie Stokes (11 days ago)
doubll j (2 months ago)
TheCo11ection (2 months ago)
Surge is a whiner. .tag is a true sir. He did a kissy emote at the end and nothing more. Meanwhile surge bmed the whole game
debi199 (2 months ago)
Cheering for Goblin guy
Ben Dover (2 months ago)
Tag got cocky on that second match and he let his guard down.
kasunmaddy (2 months ago)
Surg is op
Tumatai Dauphin (2 months ago)
Surgical is the best still
Sunskreamx95 (2 months ago)
Jason Grant (2 months ago)
That intro deserves a like
xFAN_S (2 months ago)
Surg had bad matchups imo ;c
Ayush Kumar (2 months ago)
Tag sirred Surgical out
javier sandoval (2 months ago)
More salt in the comentaries than surgical
Daniel Nucette (2 months ago)
Lucky tag
Kiyajin | pele4life98 (2 months ago)
Bad deck choice of surg imo, 3/5 times.
Clash Tuber (2 months ago)
Arsh Zulfiqar (2 months ago)
i dont know why but i don't like surgical too much. I am glad he lost
Mezghani Houcem (2 months ago)
Nova I mini
mayank patel (2 months ago)
Nice match both are my favourite pro.......and surge did bm in second match......but I don't think it's a big deal.......
Clarence E. Davis II (2 months ago)
Sir Tag vs ThatOneGuy
Giovanni Vannicelli (2 months ago)
Amazing!!! The hogs are totally one of the best cards, they ALWAYS get to the tower! Thanks Ash, great video!!!
Lewis080 (2 months ago)
Why dont you turn emotes off. Just cloggs the screen
احمد # (2 months ago)
Tag the monster🧟‍♂️
peenlick (2 months ago)
Literally just matchups, surg can easily be tag
dragon (2 months ago)
surg bm'ed after each of his wins, but complain when tag does it... waw
Renan Silva (2 months ago)
Deck selection is part of the game. I didn't saw others complaining like Surg did. And if a pro player can't handle a single emoticon from the opponent, he is just too sensitive. Real life pro sports are way heavier in provocation, it's amusing how these kids get easily triggered. 😁
Pasquale Prata (2 months ago)
I like how Surgical Goblin gets pissed about losing and keeps bringing up the matchup as an excuse :D
Max Bromley (2 months ago)
yeh ok wheres the royal hogs nerf, if pekka cant one shot a damn pig then wtf is this game
Cool_Arrow (2 months ago)
Lol surgical definitely doesn’t play that way(last match). Making the same mistakes multiple times? Nah fam. Dude is hella technical (some may say surgical)with his play style. This was set up to the max. My dude got paid to lose. He knows his rep holds up no matter what. 👉🏽😏
AJTokez (2 months ago)
Bradley Smith (2 months ago)
In a few of these matches Surg benefitted from poor deck choices by the opponent - so sometimes that will get you too.
Bradley Smith (2 months ago)
How does Ash get them to do this? Does he have to pay them?

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