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THE TEAMSTERS "Love Again" (encores) live in Hamburg 20141204

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"Love Again" new and unreleased Camera was broken, so I had to film it with my (not so) smart phone. Get vinyl records by "The Teamsters" on Moody Monkey Records: http://www.moodymonkeyrecords.com/vinyl.html or digital under http://www.amazon.com/Teamsters/dp/B00LNIRIQ2 Feat. Curlee Wurlee!'s drummer for that very special occasion!!! THE TEAMSTERS live at Komet in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday 4th December, 2014 Music & Lyrics by The Teamsters Find The Teamsters online under https://www.facebook.com/TeamstersMusic ******************************** DISCLAIMER: All music, lyrics, videos and photos, remain copyright of their respective owners. No infringement intended. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
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