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Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
Soo... I uploaded this 3 hours ago with no sound! Ehehehe... Thanks to all of you that commented and thought you all of a sudden were deaf! Haha, Love you guys! You are awesome, Keep up the good vibes in the comments! Cheers!
أمراض وأعشاب (3 months ago)
where is the Link
Arun raj nair (3 months ago)
How they will pay for those test which we complete and how much time does it take to transfer that amount
Aparna Jagtap (3 months ago)
We have to pay for this job..
Tombir Ernest (3 months ago)
can i work from cameroon andy?
Neil (3 months ago)
has anyone done this? is it legit
Andrea Markussen (3 months ago)
Your videos are great! And you are a really handsome man!
خالد حتاوي (4 months ago)
Stay fit and healthy (4 months ago)
Can I work from India?
PauloChannel (4 months ago)
Mr Andy ! i saw this video and i very interesting but i am from Timor Leste . Is it possible to me to earn money and get paid trought wester union?
ANSHUL MATHUR (4 months ago)
Is it a free concept or we have to invest here to get started to earn here, Pleas reply sir.
sriram yedhi (4 months ago)
wow! that sounds satisfying...nailed it andy..
Saucey Pants (4 months ago)
Anyway to make the intro longer?
Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
Saucey Pants why?
Kanchan Bisht (4 months ago)
Nice Video.....
Naseef Panchily (4 months ago)
Andy Pls tell me Any data entry job...minimum in need 15$ /day
BIG MARK (4 months ago)
Nice editing on this. Thanks for the videos brother.
Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
Cheers Mark!
Savannah Pilgrim (4 months ago)
What about a job that you can do anywhere in the world without experience and no startup fee?
question marc (4 months ago)
Why your not show the step for this? For the viewer who do not know
Sharron Dark (4 months ago)
Manny Man (4 months ago)

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