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Ancient Review: PSP 1000 Series

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In this video I review an older product that was released back in the old days which was the PSP 1000 series. I went over the specs, the device itself, the user interface, and my opinions about it.
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Text Comments (45)
Binapani Talukdar (16 days ago)
God PSP ever seen
Klown Senpai (26 days ago)
what I like about the PSP 1000 is that it is cheaper than the rest so it can be bought even by the poorest of gamers
Adam Walker (1 month ago)
I always loved hearing the spinning of the UMD inside the PSP, I don't know why..it was just very satisfying.
lola bola (9 months ago)
How come psp 1000 has wifi but psp e1004 has not
Budar Endario (10 months ago)
I have my PSP-E1004. Still functioning since 2012.
Momena Akter (10 months ago)
Thank you video is good
Shaffik Wahid (1 year ago)
What numbers minutes now?
W Leon (2 years ago)
I have had no problems at all with the UMD discs. I have had my PSP since it first came out. Great review by the way.
Yazan Amir (2 years ago)
+benicellguy are there pirated games for psp 1000
Emmanuel Kyeremateng (3 months ago)
Yazan Amir yes! There are 4 all psps
RM D (2 years ago)
cool! sonic rivals 2 my favorite game
Sandra Vergara Cordova (2 years ago)
Yezeboyz (2 years ago)
Jose Serna (3 years ago)
cool reviews
omar xasan (3 years ago)
Good psp
Jacob Richardson (2 years ago)
Efraín (3 years ago)
The PSP is still is one of my favorite portable systems of all time, hands down💯🎮✔
Olamide Coker (3 years ago)
you didnt even do a gameplay.
Eugene Tolentino (4 years ago)
Great review dude
benicellguy (3 years ago)
Nate Mulligan (4 years ago)
I found one on amazon for $46
Cole Allred (4 years ago)
it's pronounced curiosity
Cole Allred (4 years ago)
dude you should have got the gamestop recharged refurbished version it replaces the front plate and fixes alot of things
J6HNDS (4 years ago)
Ancient is a Magnavox odyssey
Ulises Vences (4 months ago)
you are right my is like a new in 2018
zack Dylan (4 years ago)
even the camera sony???????
benicellguy (4 years ago)
goldfingerhardcore (4 years ago)
You don't know how you cracked your screen ? Have you already seen how you handle it ?! Be careful with that, dude !
Robert Mamuyac (4 years ago)
Psp 1000's durability is way awesome compared to newer ones
Robert Mamuyac (4 years ago)
Psp 1000's durability is way awesome compared to newer ones
Emmanuel Kyeremateng (4 months ago)
Auvi Sales still 1000 but made 4 a different country! The last number represents the country number. And yes it's good
Auvi Sales (1 year ago)
Robert Mamuyac i have a 1006 is that good?
Hans Imrith (5 years ago)
The best of
benicellguy (5 years ago)
Thank you.
Makalon102 (5 years ago)
if only all reviews were this long, good job
Daveth 1 (5 years ago)
I don't care what anyone saids the psp 1000 is a tank built to last I still own and use my psp1000 today 2013 the 2000 and 3000 always gave me problems I went through 3 of the newer models in months they break too easy if your looking for one nowadays go with the psp1000 hackable strong shell
Ipodninja198 (5 years ago)
Ryan Fitzsimmons (5 years ago)
Clavin (5 years ago)
Well maybe if u would have gotten a case maybe ur psps screen wouldn't have broken..
Synister Sixx (5 years ago)
hey does anyone know if this psp has memory limit? how much supports of GB'S
Always Tylted (5 years ago)
Alex Dimitrov (5 years ago)
im getting one
xjuggaloryda1991x (5 years ago)
Just got mine but I have to fix it
redrockgamers (5 years ago)
infra red.
JvG (5 years ago)
whats an ir sensor?

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