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Imagine : Champion Rider / Petz : Horse Club (part 6) (Horse Game)

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Imagine : Champion Rider also known as Petz : Horse Club in the US is a beautiful horse adventure game released in 2008. You play as a teenager named Lily, who does horseriding competitions. She occasionally goes to a reserve which is full of horses, especially mustangs. The reserve try to breed from them, but there is an avalanche and some of their horses go missing. You hear that a foal named Oscar is hurt and you go to help, finding out that you can do horse whispering. During the game, there are lots of "missions", many of which require you to "Approach" a horse and gain their trust. Most of the horses (but not foals) in the game can be ridden, and you can even breed your own horses and make foals, which grow into adults as you care for them. The game runs on NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with all high details.
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Text Comments (14)
Horse Lover111 (4 months ago)
Can you play this app game called Gacha Studio?
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Maybe, it's not really our thing.
Horse Lover111 (4 months ago)
TSM Channel Yes!
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Hi, the anime one?
Tyra Haydaughter (11 months ago)
I’ve started watching this play through and even though the game is a few years old the animations are so touching (and so realistic to me) as whereas most games compete to see who looks more like a real person I love how this game touches the beauty of horses and nature and how it interacts with girls (and boys) of all ages. I mean I’m 13 and I asked my dad for this for xmas!
TSM Channel (11 months ago)
Indeed, this game, and most of all the horse games made by Ubisoft, are very well made. Some have not aged very well, but that's a different thing. 😄
Aslee Fritts (3 years ago)
I remember when I always played this game when I came home. Even in fifth grade and since I was possibly in second or third when I got it I still played until my Wii died. Ahhh good memories
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
Aslee Fritts (3 years ago)
+TSM Channel like more than five XD
TSM Channel (3 years ago)
+Aslee Fritts Yeah, it was a super nice game, how many times did you finish it? :D
Savanna Hewitt (4 years ago)
best game eva
Aslee Fritts (2 years ago)
+Savanna Hewitt The Wii version to me (cause it was the only one I had) was the BEST!!! you had to have the nunchuck with the remote and its was like actual reins (not really bug hopefully you get what I mean)
Savanna Hewitt (4 years ago)
this one seems so much better but i wish u can breed on wii :( and is the wii game fun
TSM Channel (4 years ago)
It has a nice story and i also liked Pippa Funnell : Ranch Rescue, it's a the made before Imagine.

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