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Quick Configs - EEM (applet, timer, cli, syslog, sync, skip)

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This CCIE oriented episode of quick configs goes into Embedded Event Manager (EEM). See http://bit.ly/1VZYkFi for all CCIE notes.
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joser81967 (1 month ago)
Hi Im doing a simple pattern wr mem and  copy run start . Send email for the action but no email is being sent
Joseph Ghosn (10 months ago)
great explanation, there's not much info on EEM on INE's videos, Cisco DOC CD is also not the most straightforward guide either. thanks
zeemar Ali (11 months ago)
can any one help, how can i set a time base eem.. like when time get match with router local time some event get trigger
Sven Subunit Nillson (1 year ago)
Thanks ALOT for the CCIE notes and the video. this is very helpful
Daan Grotenhuis (1 year ago)
Great video Ben. This is helping me a lot.
Sean Elias (2 years ago)
fantastic presentation !!! really appreciate you for posting this video . Thanks man . because of you only i came to know that in cisco IOS there is this feature called EEM , actually today i applied EEM in 3 of our routers in production , it worked like a charm .
Sami Munir (2 years ago)
Hi Ben, awesome video about EEM, thanks !!!
Suneeth P A (2 years ago)
Very Informative
Suneeth P A (2 years ago)
Thank You....

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