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BARBARIAN BARREL: Why I Think It Will Be STRONG | Clash Royale Trophy Pushing

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HI EVERYONE► Today we talk about the barbarian barrel and trophy push. Is this barbaric barrel a good card or is it junk? FIND MORE ERNIEC3 CONTENT► *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erniec3gaming/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/erniec3gaming *IFunny: http://ifunny.co/erniec3gaming *Discord: https://discord.gg/wDu66wd MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)► "Fast Lane" by Gunnar Olsen "Another Perspective" by Silent Partner "Say Yeah" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Space Background: http://www.bloggazwithattitude.com/vi... Lens Flare Images In ErnieCIII Logo's Eyes In Intro: http://www.freeiconspng.com/images/le... Metal Slam Sound Effect In Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFK... Power Up Sound Effect in Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM0_i... Whoosh Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFY9T... Whoosh #2 Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N3k... Pop Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrWnE... Stopwatch Graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST-vl... Robot Arm Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=896eF... Clash Royale Clan Entry Code► 90grcypc
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Text Comments (235)
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
Hope you all are excited about a future Barbarian Barrel tips video. Speaking of which, the zap video is coming closer to being done ;)
Fany Gonzales (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 sext
Ste_ve RBX (1 year ago)
Vilbacon Valcea yeah
Manivannan c (1 year ago)
Do quick tips about ice golem
Vilbacon Valcea (1 year ago)
Go Romania Squad!
Abdallah. Rasas (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 please make a video about hog rider...
Brian Kim (11 months ago)
This is kinda cringe lol
Daniel Soe (11 months ago)
I subscribed since the video with cwa a few days ago and have been watching a few of your videos and.... Kinda need to polish up the speaking in front of the camera.
Jeriel Peguero (1 year ago)
Kipli Ganteng56 (1 year ago)
bedosone2 - ROBLOX (1 year ago)
bedosone2 - ROBLOX (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
For confirmation, compare my face to my logo :P
Nice T (1 year ago)
nice to cu ... finally ... keep on the good work ... like your vids ... maybe trophy pushing vids ?!
Finally a new card I can use asides log I don’t use log because I’m running out of decks for the leg
Knight Slayer (1 year ago)
You talk about tips all the time, yet your performance..... 😵😵😵
Benny C (1 year ago)
How have you only gotten to master 1 with those card levels? I got to master 2 last season with only 3 maxed cards and a lvl 3 miner.
Golan Fernandes (1 year ago)
Supercell should promote your content on News Royale and Twitter, especially the quick tip's.
Golan Fernandes (1 year ago)
Every Youtuber starts @ 0 Subs. Its the content that they create that makes them famous.I know you can get the game back to life.Like if you agree.
Ste_ve RBX (1 year ago)
Why this card should be a legendary : 1 this card works like a log 2. Like the goblin barrel this card should be 4 elixir 1elixir(barbarian) +(log function) 2elixir +1 elixir(barrel)
Bobbel Zonnebril (1 year ago)
supercell is running out of ideas xD
SINUS (1 year ago)
Face reveal. 😁 Maaan why are you sweating btw... Love your channel. ❤
SINUS (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
I was sweating? What's weird is that I'm not mentally nervous to be on camera, but physically I am...
Kethan Raman (1 year ago)
if u think about it its a log that has shorter range, and has 1 barbarian. barbarian
KarnageExile (1 year ago)
You're so awkward
Yvan Brunel (1 year ago)
Dude I like your voice ! 😊
Akram Zehar (1 year ago)
when is face reveal ?
Pati3nce_g (1 year ago)
Dude I love your videos especially the tips one . Just one thing, step up the intro bro. Keep those videos comin ❤
Prime YT (1 year ago)
It should have been elite barbarian barrel ,since it is half the price of elite barbarians!
Roshni Baxi (1 year ago)
plz create a clan for your subscribers
Jireh Choo (1 year ago)
Gameplay has already been leaked 1 year+ ago
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
That gameplay was fake and wrong. They had the character model, but they had no idea what exactly it would do.
S3n Kroeninger (1 year ago)
OMG he has a face!
Stealthblad3 (1 year ago)
I'm the globalaglobob
Pika Pika! Pikachu (1 year ago)
You can play barbarian barrel in nulls royale
Elyctrox (1 year ago)
Isn’t it April fools?
Ltrez 3 (1 year ago)
Can you please do Ice Wizard quick tips? Would help me a lot.
GunterThe3rd (1 year ago)
At 13:37, when you don’t know how to react when you win without even noticing how you won XD
MrLitFamm ___ (1 year ago)
I love this channel, keep doing what your doing!!!
D.S.X Evolución (1 year ago)
Ernie I couldn't win the 20 wins challenge because one of your clan mates (Rick Banter) won me in almost less than a min. Or so...I don't remember. Anyways I just wanted to know if the clan he's in is official. It's called "TheErnieC3Clan✅". Thank you if you respond,keep up the good work.
CRS 23 Alpha (1 year ago)
Thanks for making these new videos.
Yuganshu Kumar (1 year ago)
I don't know why an epic of 3 elixir seems really odd to me.
Leo (1 year ago)
I love how it does 1 less damage than the log
Perplexed Polygon (1 year ago)
Are modded servers legal?
Glorox 1069 (1 year ago)
It spawns only one barbarian so its not that good like at all but with a tank its value for the small troops and do damage while it wrecks the tower
Glorox 1069 (1 year ago)
Who liked my comment?
zuchinni (1 year ago)
he sounds so insecure and unsure ( no offense)
claw Yt (1 year ago)
Isn't barbarian barallel overpowered? Like if u agree.
Uriah Fortson (1 year ago)
I like how you didn’t pressure me to like the video.........thats rare🙌🏾
Ste_ve RBX (1 year ago)
This card should be 4 elixir and it should be a legendary because it works like a log
Professional Name (1 year ago)
the barbarian gonna be strong combine with gobiln barrle it can tank for it
Dominik Dosoudil (1 year ago)
Nice video :)
Your style and videos are awesome keep up!
Gcu12 /tt2 (1 year ago)
Oh boy, another card I’m not gonna use
XxThee JoshxX (1 year ago)
The reason why he always says “if he has ebarbs” is because in our clan it’s something we always talk about.(I’m in his clan btw)
KAT Ayanami (1 year ago)
Ernie. Get a list or bullet points about what you want to talk about. Or rehearse the video before recording because this one was pretty bad. You do nothing but stall for time to think what you are going to say next by repeating and asking the audience questions. Like around 1:10. Love u, love ur videos. And wish you luck with the new format.
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
I think that's a good idea. Thank you. I've had a hard time talking off--script for a very long time, so I hope this can help.
Mr Guershon (1 year ago)
It's not good
Jxswager 21 (1 year ago)
I like when you upload more
Sinister P. (1 year ago)
Barbarrel. Ok.
Leo (1 year ago)
I say, it will be a defensive card with a nice counter attack, like say u kill a princess and the barbarian gets idk, 3 hits on the tower
Manivannan c (1 year ago)
Its like a mini log and half battle ram
Your Local Penguin (1 year ago)
where are you from ernie
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
I wonder if in the future clash royale would announce new seige cards?
Anthony Miles (1 year ago)
Awesome Ernie looking forward to that tip video will definitely help with the challenge
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
Finally a anti bait card. I think is going to be a great card.
Pearson (10 months ago)
Steven Vargas wrong
ANAS SALEH (1 year ago)
Good job!!!!
Mister Mist (1 year ago)
We got a face reveal but we want a hand and leg reveal.
ryan orourke (1 year ago)
It is not good!!!
condorixo (1 year ago)
love your tips bro
Dávid Gara (1 year ago)
I like when my favourite clash royale youtubers play ladder.😊
Shubham Karmakar (1 year ago)
I have already played this card 6 month earlier
DaiMania DJ (1 year ago)
Cringe Intro I like it
VENETO FORCE (1 year ago)
Nice video. Could you make a quick tips video on how tracking cards?
TUOMAS KNIVES (1 year ago)
It was like middle-night in finland when you uploaded this video. xD
Anirudh (1 year ago)
What about pekka barrel..!!?
argus the nightstalker (9 months ago)
Anirudh should be 10 or 9 elixir😂😂
Anirudh Garg it will 9 elixir
Cool Cat (1 year ago)
You deserve more subs for being a great clash royal youtuber.
Kuputo Yepthomi (1 year ago)
You're gonna be huge someday but please don't be like imperial.
싸이cho (1 year ago)
What's wrong with imperial?
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
Kuputo Yepthomi You got it
Derpy Dozer (1 year ago)
Supercell is just making legendaries not so special and unique..HOW? check it out *Ewiz releases* OMG its stun mechanics ARE EPIC --> Zappies released and buffed to air - Stun mechanics not special now *Log releases* Wow now thats what you call value! --> Barb barrel releases - Is like a log with lesser range but it is value as it also gives a barb only for 1 elixer and now the opponent cant ignore it!! *Magic archer* --> Looks like the princess and executioner had a good night 9 months ago🤔
Poojaprasad Pandit (1 year ago)
Pro tips on hidden tesla might be your next video
CDR Tom (1 year ago)
Can you add this tip:the barbarian barrel is like the log but with a barbarian for extra for 3 elixir card
Serxhio Gega (1 year ago)
Dark Prince MVP!! :D
Kieran D'Souza (1 year ago)
I’m gonna show u MY mortar tesla deck. It has mortar, tesla and all the other cards in a mortar deck 😂😂
Rabbit Link (1 year ago)
Titan Killer (1 year ago)
Hey ernie thanks for the love
Chris (1 year ago)
Can you make a princess tipps? Pls
Yeoryios (1 year ago)
I think that'll just make the Log not special anymore and players will start using it to get rid of swarms of troops. Nobody will feel the same about the Log.
pete nieminen (1 year ago)
Why do all the new cards come to arena 10-11 always
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
They need to fill in those low-card arenas with new cards. If one arena had like 11 cards and hog mountain had only 2, it wouldn't make sense.
Titan Killer (1 year ago)
Your card strategy always works I always use your tips. Thanks a lot for the tips
My name is lame (1 year ago)
I thought u were tag for a sec lol No offence
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
Andrei Sarandi (1 year ago)
I want no max out my golem, I have 101/200 and I made it to lvl 7 in the last week on November last year (I just request golems and buy them from the shop, no challenges/tournaments)
BHappy (1 year ago)
It is from Null's royale
last gen richtofen (1 year ago)
Do a face reveal
argus the nightstalker (9 months ago)
last gen richtofen you made my day lol
Twat Internet Cafe (1 year ago)
the crazy barbarian (1 year ago)
last gen richtofen lol
BlackStar* (1 year ago)
Jip Drolsbach (1 year ago)
I love tour vids Man! Keep up the great work!! I subbed❤️💪🤘
Maxymus (1 year ago)
In my opinion,this new card is horrible,not because it sucks,because it’s unoriginal.Now Clash Royale feels like a mod.Clash Royale gets more and more unoriginal,but I don’t hate it,I’m just a little disappointed
Aniket Dhiman (1 year ago)
Nice Video! It's my Birthday Today. I'd love to get your like. Thanks
Derreck Reyna (1 year ago)
Another great vid from a great youtuber
Nate Pearson (1 year ago)
50 second ad? Hell no.
BTD Master (1 year ago)
it doesn’t touch the tower except the king’s
Dorian Oliva (1 year ago)
Isn't this barbarian barrel technically a log?
Koushik K (1 year ago)
My tip : if anyone use giant musketeer to attack use barbarian barrel below giant to attack musketeer by barbarian then barbarian locks on to giant
Kenxo (1 year ago)
brawler - Leon (1 year ago)
4:48 what dark prince is female?
okay (1 year ago)
pgicmch lll *man* kind has females in it. you get the rest yourself
pgicmch lll (1 year ago)
Android Gaming *Prince* , duh
okay (1 year ago)
Android Gaming People make mistakes. You can google it, why are you asking?
Kenpatchi Zaraki (1 year ago)
basically a log with less range but with more damage and spawns a barbarians
TheNewGuy (1 year ago)
Log is used for positive trades and value for it's long range, not damage. The 1 elixir does a big difference. Neutral trade against dart goblin and princess and negative trade with goblins. Log can also get lots of value killing a goblin barrel and princess cuz of it's long range and get positive trades where the barb barrel is a worse trade and it can be easily stopped by skeletons or an ice spirit. Barb barrel is better in offense. When combining it with hog or giant or even golem, it clears swarms and deals with the mini tanks like wizard ewiz musketeer or witch. Also does extra damage while the tower is focused on to the tank. Both give insane value. Only difference is that the log is cheaper and harder to upgrade and barb barrel is more expensive and easier to upgrade.
okay (1 year ago)
TheNewGuy barbarian can do some damage as a result this card has more overall damage than the log
TheNewGuy (1 year ago)
But legendaries can't be requested. So it's all about luck and grinding gold.
Kenpatchi Zaraki (1 year ago)
TheNewGuy true but it will take like 2 months of requesting
TheNewGuy (1 year ago)
Getting it to lvl 6 or max is way faster than upgrading log.
chhota bhai (1 year ago)
Log or sparky deck please Log tips
Erdelyi Barni (1 year ago)
The vid is awesome but u shouldnt use a moving background its really hard to watch
Khayesh Khan (1 year ago)
I will use it for tournament
Arghajeet Chakraborty (1 year ago)
Super awesome video man.... Very informative
Andreas Kiritsis (1 year ago)
Nerf or make it legendary
Build Destroy (1 year ago)
Twin (1 year ago)
stopped playing clash for a bit but ernie made me want to play again
Jay RE (1 year ago)
Twin a mee too

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