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Bluegrass Fiddle Lessons - Cripple Creek - Ian Walsh

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In this lesson Ian Walsh teaches the classic traditional Bluegrass fiddle tune "Cripple Creek". The full lesson + the sheet music + MP3 practice tracks are available at www.OnlineLessonVideos.com! Thanks! Enjoy!
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Text Comments (36)
maria sargent (14 days ago)
I love your playing and thank you for the new angle of filming. It's great!
trumpsahead (1 month ago)
That was awesome. I'm a newbie violin player, 6 weeks, and still awkward coordination, but manage to play about a dozen tunes, but nothing like you are showing. I subscribed - gotta learn this for sure. Thanks.
B Allen (1 month ago)
Love it
Christopher Marshall (3 months ago)
Good useful video, thanks.
Best Cripple Creek I've ever heard. I'm buying. Thanks Ian!
M Rice (11 months ago)
Sorry dude ... there are no F C and G in the key of A. Call them F# C# and G#. If someone plays F natural it ain't gonna sound right.
Evan Bailey (2 years ago)
so much rosin!! XD that'll ruin your fiddle's varnish, man!!
Evan Bailey it's the sound that counts. Not the look. :)
Missi R (2 years ago)
I'm a beginner and I'm just curious as to why you play the a chord first?
The Crowned Fox LLC (3 years ago)
Why no link for the video?
The Crowned Fox LLC they just have it at the beginning and end of the video. Not in the description.
Johnny Mentor (5 years ago)
Too fancy for me
Johnny Mentor there ya go then.
Elvis Palomino (5 years ago)
Parabéns! Gostei muito das suas dicas, você é um excelente professor! (Brasil)
Holy rosin on the violin batman
Douglas Hatfield (5 years ago)
that's killer makes me want to go but a fiddle
Edith Mc (5 years ago)
I also love the way you hold your bow. I know it isn't the way I am taught, buy I've seen many bluegrass players hold it this way, and obviously, it works quiet well! You play so well. How long have you been playing - since birth? I am much older than you, and I just started learning 6 months ago. I am continually amazed at how beautiful violinis!
Edith Mc (5 years ago)
You are a very good teacher!!!!
Song Sabai (6 years ago)
man,his bow hold gives me vertigo!
Song Sabai that's good. You will never get it.
Roby ramos (6 years ago)
His bow hold is a beginners bow hold or birdie bow hold
Roby ramos ever hear devil went down to Georgia? Well this here's Johnny . He can fiddle circles around ya.
matoodie (6 years ago)
Hey same for me. He really makes it easy !
matoodie (6 years ago)
This is the way traditional fiddle players hold their bows. In the Baroque time, they used to hold it this way as well.
CanvasFalcon (6 years ago)
He is if your watching his videos ! :D
Ong Lays (7 years ago)
you please comment on my violin, as well as give advice and input .. thanks ONGLAY
Ong Lays (7 years ago)
nice .. nice ... I want you to play the song liza jane .. thanks .. onglay
FiddlinMikeRolland (7 years ago)
Great lesson! I've been posting lessons for free too (on fiddle, guitar and mando) and just put up a Cripple Creek fiddle lessons. It's so nice to see another teacher putting lessons on YouTube. Keep up the good work!
Tom will (8 years ago)
I purchased three lessons and worth every penny. I always wanted to learn phrase by phrase, but teachers never listened to me that my brain worked that way. Now i''m having so much fun. thank you Ian Walsh, a great teacher and player.
jaezol (8 years ago)
melodel2 (8 years ago)
Wish I could play like this!
Ilcremonese1 (8 years ago)
Bravo ! belle vidéo avec explications très claires ! Merci.
TikiTwang (8 years ago)
Excellent teacher. Ian's put a lot of thought into breaking down the tunes into basic phrases and he finds a simple way to explain how to play the tunes. All of his videos are top notch.
tootieroll69 (9 years ago)
dude this guy sounds like ben chan when you dont watch the video when it first starts
organicmolecules (9 years ago)
A lot of bluegrass fiddlers choke up on the bow like that. It's not kosher in the classical sense, but it works.
Arthur Carvalho (9 years ago)
Your right hand position is trerible.. realy bat... You play very good but if you have a better position you will play a lot better...

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