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Updated Steam Trading Card Bot Guide || Level Up for Cheap

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Bot List: http://tradebots.top/cardbots.html Trading Card Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamTradingCards/ OPSkins: https://opskins.com/ Experience Calculator: https://steamlevels.com/ 🌟-Join my Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GamingTaylor 📱 Discord: https://discord.gg/xs5yPYd 🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/DESOLATER_IV
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Text Comments (175)
Onno Lotto (15 days ago)
The domain tradebots.top may be for sale. Click here to inquire about this domain.
rayzybazy (2 months ago)
Still work?
Peach TV (3 months ago)
On skinbaron.com keys cost 1.19$
Cryptologic (4 months ago)
Is it possible to buy sets and sell them to another bot and make profit?
Filip Dodic (4 months ago)
Outdated again?
Tobbelelelele (4 months ago)
The best bot I see nowadays is trading 16:1
Raeffy CSGO (2 months ago)
and now is 12 Xd
Inferno (5 months ago)
I'm so lucky to be your friend on steam
LiorGaming IL (5 months ago)
still works?
Snusmumriken (5 months ago)
Great in-depth tutorial. Well done and thank you!
Yugiz9 (6 months ago)
CrazyVideos 2.0™ (6 months ago)
my new bot to level up in steam http://bit.ly/CrazyVideosBotSteam for keys and gems at a great price :D prices (sell) 16: 1 key CSGO 17: 1 key TF2 1 set for 250 gems prices (buy) 19: 1 key CSGO 20: 1 key TF2 1 set for 200 gems
ted merrifield (6 months ago)
meanwhile, he's gone up over 100 levels since his last video xD
destiny1337 (6 months ago)
this is the working link http://tradebots.top/tb/cb/
Nathaniel H (7 months ago)
Oh ur o n my friends list lol
DEFCON 1 (7 months ago)
anyone have one for pubg keys
Kowjack (8 months ago)
url eror
Meat Leaf (5 months ago)
Gustavo Miranda (8 months ago)
What is the name of the extension to leave the profile like this?
Tyler EIN (10 months ago)
I checked out and store, how do I transfer it to my steam inventory?
Marian Pasol (10 months ago)
I have a question the name of that image what is it name
Sticker (10 months ago)
link: http://tradebots.top/tb/cb/
DA GOOD STUFF (10 months ago)
ProAdamOyunda - KMJL (10 months ago)
You Buy Winter Operration Case Key But You Trade Revolver Case Key.
Shaltenis (11 months ago)
does it matter which key i have ?
Kyle H (11 months ago)
I can't get onto Topbots.top does anyone have a good working link ?
Kaleb_Playz (10 months ago)
82 Diesel http://level.guide/public/cardbots
C0lombia (11 months ago)
nice really nice video really everything i wanted to know
Niscko Graphics (11 months ago)
rip now 1 key = 16 sets :(
Samuel Corral Erie (10 months ago)
what trade bot ?
Erfolgreich (11 months ago)
can u give me cards :3
NACHO_ (11 months ago)
Why did the card ratio drop from 6 months ago? is it because of the steam sale or something?
Geek Gaming (11 months ago)
Steam Trading Cards Blue Bot V.2 accepting pubg keys: https://goo.gl/Pe7vDQ Or just use this bot to buy sets for cheap: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198365052600
Salami Veganus (11 months ago)
why is the ratio only 17 : 1 now ?
Johan (11 months ago)
"if u guys have friends"
Josaia Ratukalou (11 months ago)
Nice hair bro.
f s (11 months ago)
thanks for the video, now I'm regretting all the decision I've made so far :)
J O R I N (1 year ago)
ratings are utter shit now
SaveChanges (1 year ago)
does it also gives you cards for games you dont have yet?????
KIEj. (11 months ago)
definitelyJUMP (1 year ago)
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like your hair, i want to smell them!
JN (1 year ago)
you only get 16 sets of cards now for 1 key :(
Brian White (4 months ago)
I just bought a bundle pack for $1 of 10 games, so 10c a game. You just need to watch the right sites (and not the scam ones too).
Ik U (6 months ago)
Steam used to have a lot of 10-20 cents games, so card farming was very interesting when the cards were 20-40 cents per game. Now the cheapest game is about 50 cents. The bundles outside of steam also became more expensive.
d3uafx (8 months ago)
Adhithyan D Yes it will work
Adhithyan D (8 months ago)
bro i have a csgo key but not the game!! will this bot work for me?
JN (11 months ago)
Kevin Garcia NO now you get 10-14 sets of Cards for 1 key...
everytime i craft a badge its always by 100 xp , how i get more xp
MR GN (1 year ago)
great video..thnx bro
Connor Henson (1 year ago)
I wish I Had Csgo
SlicedBrain (1 year ago)
If you need to levelUp+ in steam thru CS:GO keys I got a cool bot that delivers unique sets (uncrafted badges) https://steamcommunity.com/id/SlickBot/ add me and the group to check the prices updates. Also selling bots and configurations, contact the owner link in the bot for that :)
SpyCryDie Channel (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124768908/ best rate!!
kino prosmotr (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/gglvlupbot/ add the bot and type !help to get started. Steam LVL Up Service
M. S. (1 year ago)
http://www105.zippyshare.com/v/Xl1g1fzs/file.html best version ever found, its updated with all keys and much more, get the readme.txt
AstroPlays (1 year ago)
Well goddammit im vac banned in csgo. I wont be able to level up fast am i?
Thomas Perri Some bots accept tf2 keys :)
Иван KrockS (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/lvlupservice - add this
MJ Gamer007 (1 year ago)
trade with friends if you have friends.
Suliq Z (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/fastlevelup levelled up to 111 easy and cheap :))
Rapiidyy (1 year ago)
Ernesto (1 year ago)
Bot list not working anymore...
Danreyl Delos Santos (1 year ago)
The Link doesnt work for me, also what Steam Bot does trade with 27 Cards for 1 Key? Send me the link. TY
Armando Barreda (1 year ago)
I found this one is fantastic ! http://steamcommunity.com/id/heisenbot 25:1
Rox2222 (1 year ago)
*Pls reload bot list problem
Funden GT (1 year ago)
my new trading lvl up bot: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Almathea
Funden GT (1 year ago)
Saulo Nóbrega (1 year ago)
Much better rating: http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeisenbergBOT
Arre (1 year ago)
Hi love your videos
Helmut Schulz (1 year ago)
I am level 7 Which rank will I buy if I trade 1 key Also why I am such a low level. I've had steam for almost 2 years I own tons of games
Brian White (4 months ago)
Have you recovered all your card drops from your games ? You need to play the games so you get the card drops. (Or use an Idler program). When you buy a game, you get HALF of the total amount of cards for a badge for that game, so if a game's level 1 badge is 6 cards, you have 3 card drops, leaving you with 3 cards to acquire for the badge, so you can either buy those cards from market, or get a CS:Go key for the going rate, of like 15 sets (Full card sets) for 1 key.
eternal (1 year ago)
Helmut Schulz i have steam for 4 now,bought like 10 games and $30 csgo inv and curently am lvl 5...
Helmut Schulz (1 year ago)
100 subscribers without videos what about 2 keys? I want about level 25 at least. I want the feature to add images on page. I want to make it look like the profile at the beginning
SpankSauce (1 year ago)
1 key level 15
MeeADD (1 year ago)
My level up bot with best rates :) Add me if you want up your steam level in most cheap way:) https://steamcommunity.com/id/add-card-bot/
Mine CS (1 year ago)
Alpár Krivosik (1 year ago)
I am giving 14 full badge for 1 key!! add me! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198191791275/
Forgotten Specialist (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/gfysc <3
WittyC ArtTV (1 year ago)
Opskins asks for your picture with you holding your id. That's a bit too much for me.
Julian W (1 year ago)
nah just do it via g2a pay
SpecialKillerJ (1 year ago)
Uni's bot was hacked. Online in 13 days from now. Use my bot for a good ratio. http://steamcommunity.com/id/KillersLevelUpService
That steam bot list site is down or something...?
Kaleb_Playz (10 months ago)
Samuel Dizaq http://level.guide/public/cardbots
dannegoespro (1 year ago)
I got the steamcard bot used by Viwu, NixA, Rezi, Sets4Keys, SmillZ etc. Interested in trading it for keys/skins? Add me; http://steamcommunity.com/id/lobsterfan23/
SpecialKillerJ (1 year ago)
I have the bot used by them also. FYI: It's open source https://github.com/b0gotac/steam-lvlup-bot
ShaolinMusic (1 year ago)
+6000 games , u ok bro?
ChefBoyArdee (1 year ago)
this dude has 6k games how the actual fuck
Emil Normann Brandt (1 year ago)
There is also an updated list of trade bots in the steamgroup Gaming Until End: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gaming_until_end/discussions/0/1368380934241635492/
Petar Aurora (1 year ago)
Selling script and all programs for steam lvl up bot ! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rimokilla-TrapGuruTrapBossFOXXX/
Petar Aurora (1 year ago)
Selling script and all programs for steam lvl up bot ! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rimokilla-TrapGuruTrapBossFOXXX/
Dropt3k Play (1 year ago)
Level up bot : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ectp/
max dennis (1 year ago)
Is buying from the bot cheaper then buying it yourself?
Kiremhild (1 year ago)
Yea its waaay cheaper
Rahat Ibrahim (1 year ago)
can I use any kind of csgo keys?
Ricci akaGod (1 year ago)
fuck..spent 20€ to get to lvl 30rip...but thanks i will use this now xD
MyTwoLeftFeet (1 year ago)
Thank you, from level 12 to 45, so now i can join your comps.
razorcell (1 year ago)
Although not in the video, it's nice to be in the description. Thank you for adding me here mate :)
Patate (1 year ago)
Xenu is a bad person!:D all you need to know about him
subscore 44 (1 year ago)
bots arent accepting me any help
subscore 44 (1 year ago)
i got it working was kinda laggy is all
MrBackPack (1 year ago)
you cannot trade your key, you need to wait
Brent (1 year ago)
subscore 44 You are too ugly thats why
Ting Tong Farang (1 year ago)
I tried all 3 ways today and I think buying for 2.49 in the csgo shop is the best. Even if you have to wait 1 week to use the key. It is a lot of stuffing around to get all the details setup to use paypal on opskins and since you have to pay a min of $10 you still end up paying $2.50 a key as you cannot do anything with the left over ~$1.20c, unless you deposit another $10 and buy 9 keys all up.
Abhijith Mukundan (1 year ago)
so is it better to just buy from the csgo shop? then why did u recommend buying it from opskins hmmm ??
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
True, personally I've never used opskins.
Labrador (1 year ago)
I think you can get to 310 with bots only but it gets ridiculously hard to find sets around 270 if you start at 0. I started using bots at 173 (sets were crafted before 2016 and bought during 2015) - 173 to 283 with bots - 283 to 319 using market - 319 to 328 using bots After that I could only get another 300 sets from bots. I needed to use the market to get to 350.
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
Yeah I agree. I might make another video talking about what to do after your each that point, it just becomes a hell of a lot more expensive.
supa hot fire (1 year ago)
So could you please teach us the best way to level up without using bots for us with high levels?
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
I made a video in the past that would be useful to high-levels https://youtu.be/oGORkSjynOM
Slimey Joe (1 year ago)
doing this is the most efficient and fastest known way m8
HDz (1 year ago)
Albatarr (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention something, you should wait the next steam sales to craft your badges because you will get a steam card instead of shitty coupon ! Buy the sets now because the bots rates go down during the sales. (The highest was 20:1 during last summer sales)
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
True, i just did not want to make the video overly confusing by mentioning the sales/event cards. I'll make another video in like November updating everyone about how cheap it is to level during the sales.
Brent (1 year ago)
Albatarr Well depens how many lvls u will craft i will craft 28 so i am not gonna wait till the winter
Lodin (1 year ago)
Yes dude you can use this bot 27:1 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085604003, and if u use it like in november and wait for winter sale you can then craft them and get the summer sale cards. I did it before the summer sale :)
Die Crew (1 year ago)
I got from lvl 0-20 completly Free!😎💁
Brent (1 year ago)
Die Crew U can get lvl 10 for free and +10 more lvls from sotes
Die Crew (1 year ago)
Keky It's easy I will explain it to you! ;) So First of All you need a Lot of Games (Free Reddit Games) you can play them to get Card Drops or you can idle them. Another easy way to get cards ist you have to visit the Website called tremorgames there you can watch Advertisement Videos and then you get coins to redeem cards a little tip for you Just mute the Tab and klick the videos ;) You get per Session Like ~100 coins (when the ADS are gone you Just refresh the Page after some minutes and you will get some new ad Videos :) Redeem those cards from the bot (completly Free you don't have to deposit sth.) So now you have lots of cards but No badget completly... No Problem head over to steamlvlup.com deposit all Your Trading cards there then you get coins on the Site called gems (they aren't the Steam gems) from those gems on the Site you can withdraw complete Sets (a little tip choose the lowest price ones in the beginning) I got Level 20 after ~1 week it's very simple Just keep doing it while a Game is loading or so and you will get a very high lvl :) I Hope you understand everything and have fun while leveling Your Account! ;)
Lodin (1 year ago)
Keky (1 year ago)
Die Crew completely free wym?
Rob Wolf B (1 year ago)
Wrong. CSGO keys from CSGO are 2.25 to 2.50. i recomment using OPSKINS. its the best way.
Thiago (11 months ago)
You can filter "Low Price - High Price'' on opskins and then buy for $1.50 or less
MostSafety (1 year ago)
BreTTZZ Gaming Who is your friend and where does he get it, xD?
Brent (1 year ago)
SpikeyHD i can buy keys from my friend 1/1.50
Rob Wolf B (1 year ago)
Ake 1.99 on g2a..? really.. damn. well i just keep with opskins 2.09 mostly and quick tradr
Ake (1 year ago)
SpikeyHD Probably not best, from G2A I usually get keys for 1.99€.
Pryda (1 year ago)
Currently i believe my bot is the best and cheapest rates ever.. i frequently have 28:1 rates..
Miguel Santos (1 year ago)
Another great video thank you!
Matej Stanojkovski (1 year ago)
Hey man can you give me a help pls
Hameed Salam (1 year ago)
6:18 what happened to the video?
bhootpurv manusya (1 year ago)
i have never known a gamer who is this nice to everyone
winrawr (1 year ago)
he has his good sides and bad sides,,,,,,,,
Carver6661313 (1 year ago)
finally bought a CS:GO key a couple weeks ago just to get a level or few... and since I don't have a cell phone i can't use the authentication and no bots will trade with a trade hold...
TheTyphoon365 (1 year ago)
The best bot I know is 21 sets for 1 csgo key, didn't know they change their rates lol, cool
Marche Radiuju (1 year ago)
No, the other guy. osu!content came here
TheTyphoon365 (1 year ago)
Marche Radiuju Um, to learn a more efficient way to level my steam profile....
Marche Radiuju (1 year ago)
Why are you here?
Brent (1 year ago)
I just bought 9 keys so thanks for the info lvl 100 soon
FirstName LastName (1 year ago)
"You'll prove it or I'll kill you!" - kNg
xskuLLaz Gaming (1 year ago)
stfu wanna be seen -_- i am level 84 and if i want to reach 100 i can in 5 mins but i am not a leveler i am more of a card collector and a game collector
Brent (1 year ago)
Brent (1 year ago)
SpikeyHD What i need to proof that i have keys or i am lvl 82?I have no idea why u eaven want it
Rob Wolf B (1 year ago)
BreTTZZ Gaming proof it.
x x (1 year ago)
Sad bcs I cant buy key bcs vacced.
Forgotten Specialist (1 year ago)
There are plenty of bots that take Gems and TF2 keys
Sage (1 year ago)
yeah really sad that you got caught while cheating, fucking scum, we are better without idiots like you
Lando Calrissian (1 year ago)
Thanks for this! My CS:GO key just became tradeable today.
Lodin (1 year ago)
27:1, instead of 26:1 he used :D
BRAVOGaming (1 year ago)
Can You accept my Request? :) on Steam it will be very grateful Brav0 <3 over here !
Vergil (1 year ago)
Thanks man , very useful :)
TheDark: Demon (1 year ago)
who is the best bot?
TheDark: Demon (1 year ago)
aaa what
Charlie Dummer (1 year ago)
Stramcommunity.com/Id/unibot kappa
Charlie Dummer (1 year ago)
UniBot - I might be the owner, idk
TheDark: Demon (1 year ago)
i put you a qustion right now on steam ok? ty
TheDark: Demon (1 year ago)
ok ok
MyWangz (1 year ago)
That moment when link in description is marked as a virus ;_;
Blorp (1 year ago)
I thought that since valve were cracking down on shit games getting through greenlight the bots were dying?
Blorp (1 year ago)
Economics with Taylor
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
Since it only effects new games on steam, it won't effect bots for quite some time.

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