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15 QUICK Tips About: Bomb Tower 💣

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HEY EVERYONE► Here are 15 EXTREMELY QUICK facts, tips, and tricks about the bomb tower in JUST 1 minute and 45sec! FIND MORE ERNIEC3 CONTENT► *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erniec3gaming/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/erniec3gaming *Discord: https://discord.gg/GYrmGQd MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)► "Fast Lane" by Gunnar Olsen "Say Yeah" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Space Background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWxMuQre3R8 Lens Flare Images In ErnieC3 Logo's Eyes In Intro: https://clipart.info/purple-blue-lens-flare-hd-transparent-7618 Metal Slam Sound Effect In Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFKfKhaOzcxvZrV7LOD8Pw Power Up Sound Effect in Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM0_iEg5npY Whoosh Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFY9TX2Fghg Whoosh #2 Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N3kROJvn0 Fast Wind Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSJCPISUj0F4mltq2eZnbg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5hreKAzS3h2QNjFO-QPyA Pop Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrWnEf74aBA Stopwatch Graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST-vlmK9OTw Magic Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYQ_80Wr4C4 Clash Royale Clan: TheErnieC3Clan✅ TO JOIN CLAN: Enter this code►(90grcypc) in the request description and you MUST HAVE a total donation count of 30k or higher. Second Clan: TheErnieC3Clan2 TO JOIN CLAN: Enter this code►(90grcypc) in the request description and you MUST HAVE a total donation count of 10k or higher. #clashroyale #bombtower #quicktips
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Text Comments (406)
Josh martinez (1 month ago)
Can you do it with the new update
Jaison J (2 months ago)
Tomato man on duty!
iluvchess (4 months ago)
fireball bait baby
marwan kurdi (4 months ago)
افضل قناة لكلاش رويال
kill you (8 days ago)
هلا بالعرب
Bomb tower is trash
Dank Gamer 21 (7 months ago)
Buff bomb tower health-_- please *SUPERCELL quietly buffs bomb towers that worth a 5elixer bomb tower* Thanks!
Raphaël Delain (8 months ago)
You are a fucking loser !
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
S.H.A BRO (8 months ago)
Infano Dragon
c Y s (8 months ago)
Yo vivo aquí 😍❤️
Денис Кошкин (8 months ago)
Against barrel this tower is good in 8 of 9 spots. But this undesirable 9th spot is in every game!!!
ErnieC3 (8 months ago)
Not necessarily. Bad goblin barrel users will put the barrel in the same center spot EVERY time, thus you can just log the same spot over and over. However, this bomb tower placement is great againt people who put the barrel in those other spots. Even farther goblin barrel placements (trick barrels) worked with my tests.
mardinli gamers (8 months ago)
fumblingeverywhere (8 months ago)
I'm one of the few players who has almost always had this card on the deck
Byrone (8 months ago)
I just subbed
Byrone (8 months ago)
thanks Ernie, very cool
Louay Hamdache (8 months ago)
I am a bomb tower user i started using it when i first got it i am now at 4008 trophies and now i finaly find someone who can see how OP the bomb tower is and it has always benn
Ąďó Chlebík (8 months ago)
Log plz :D
Momin M (8 months ago)
Who is here from clash royale news?
OJ everyday
Aureliana Samoila (8 months ago)
? ok
Tareq Albni (8 months ago)
waht fuck
Ron Jans (8 months ago)
Now when it only costs 4 elexir its very good
DAUS artwork (8 months ago)
Next Bowler!
Marin Sakac (8 months ago)
In my opinion,the best 15 tips video!Keep up good work man!
MD sakib (8 months ago)
Saurav playz (8 months ago)
anyone here from CR app
젤리Fish (9 months ago)
i am using mortar instead of bomb tower
Swingin’N’Webbing (9 months ago)
Cannon or mega minion
ARCAE 360 (9 months ago)
Nice video
Nice video
Cyphene (9 months ago)
Im so glad i had a tournament standard bomb tower
Lollipop idk (9 months ago)
Lollipop idk (9 months ago)
5 for 6 elixir trade😂
Ahmet Sait Çelebi (9 months ago)
Wow!Thats amazing.Thanks for everythink:)And your new intro soo BEATIFUL!!
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
Ahmet Sait Çelebi Thanks dude! 😁
Joe Chahoud (9 months ago)
1:26 I didn't see any difference in the bombtower's hp at the end of the push?
bandana shukla (9 months ago)
zefereater (9 months ago)
Holy shit that *Q* *U* *A* *L* *I* *T* *Y*
zefereater (9 months ago)
: )
Nikto Nič (9 months ago)
15 quick goblin gang tips in 1 :45 seconds
gaseous fork (9 months ago)
That is so op i bet supercell will nerf it even more
Lord Fragilis (9 months ago)
Can u do a quick tips video on the graveyard pls
Raiken & Games (9 months ago)
Tesla for the next vid please
Loay Aladin (9 months ago)
Are there any Smurfing clans around here??
Zach L (9 months ago)
I used it before the buff. Very underrated and strong.
Damianeq (9 months ago)
Plis next video fire spirits
NCS Producer (9 months ago)
1:30 😆😆😆😆
카이저Hell (9 months ago)
I like your tip's video!!!!:)
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
Thanks! :)
Shockanite YT (9 months ago)
The last one is a negative 1 Elixir trade..
Shockanite YT (9 months ago)
ErnieC3 oh okay, thanks and sorry :)
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
But the tower stays in a great spot for defense, preventing any building attackers or most troops in general away from the tower. Plus, it would be protecting a weaker tower usually, since the enemy would most likely be throwing their goblin barrel at the weaker tower.
Alfred H (9 months ago)
1:36 The text is supposed to be "your elixir" instead of "you elixir."
Rabee Chowdhury (9 months ago)
Lol my bomb tower was level 9 before the buff and I used it before it is now working as a fantastic card in my deck.
Player Gamer (9 months ago)
please surgical goblin I'm your fan send a message to me I'm from Brazil I'm your fan I watch your video more flakew play a patinda more I in the Clash Royale please
Braden Skaggs (9 months ago)
Still not a big fan of BT Make an Inferno Tower Tech and I'll be interested
Tearex (9 months ago)
i think you mixed him up with OJ
Cristi Dobrin (9 months ago)
Since when is 4 elixir?
VoyeurCat (9 months ago)
Deepak Pal (9 months ago)
Wait? Was this satire?
ƒrєαк єxσrcisτ (9 months ago)
Clan name or tag plz
isaac tan (9 months ago)
1:26 it's a 4 for 6 elixir trade
XBgamerZ 15 (9 months ago)
make a video for royal giant
Extreme Stream (9 months ago)
Why does he say the numbers in a weird way? 😂😂
Satrix (9 months ago)
Man im a fan of your videos
Jia Tung Choong (9 months ago)
0:55 what if it’s an anti musketeers they have rocket too
Ishan Gupta (9 months ago)
James Nolte (9 months ago)
Bomb tower op!
Joel Toohey (9 months ago)
I thought this was the bomb tower in clash of clans...... I was wrong.....
Melral CT-3718 (9 months ago)
Thnx I waa trying to know to know how to use new bomb tower since it kince kinda looked like a nerf but thnx now everyone who tried telling me bomb tower is useless I can just show them this
Vj Dj (9 months ago)
Battle Ram please!!!!!
X1 Alpha (9 months ago)
Bomb tower is super useful in bait decks !😃
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
And against them too!
Aflay (9 months ago)
1:56 Nice touch.
chaksen ho (9 months ago)
Quick tips about lava hound pls
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
I watched your live stream Ernie 😀
Full Games (9 months ago)
Can i get tips for tesla
Mr. sleep (9 months ago)
Noah Vega (9 months ago)
Most of these are common sense if you're decent at the game but okay...
Priyansh Mishra (9 months ago)
Do loon tips Plz
Da Inferno Dragon (9 months ago)
outdated? cus it is now 4 elixir and you keep saying it is 5
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
clashroyale dude The elite barbs tips was 5 because of the added ice spirit. The 2nd 5 total was a mistake.
Joel- O (9 months ago)
I think the bomb tower has a reason to have a lifespan and then die. He runs out of bomb so he presses a self destruct button and dies.
Kratos Uchiha (9 months ago)
I didn't know a lot of these thanks a lot PLEASE MAKE MORE FASTER
Special Poperations (9 months ago)
Still remember the 60 second lifetime on the bomb tower XD it was OP but now... It’s a little bit more OP
C r e a m F r e s h (9 months ago)
*this card is pretty good but no match for air cards*
B-Boy Mrągu (9 months ago)
Do a Epizode about Clone spell
boulaamail awesome (9 months ago)
Can you quit cr coz your just a f*cking noob and your so toxic the game can t hold you any more
Danut Rusanu (9 months ago)
Nice tips !!!
Nico Febrianto (9 months ago)
15 quick tips mortar please
Nico Febrianto (9 months ago)
ErnieC3 11 months ago, also have balancing
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
Nico Febrianto I did that card already 🙂
Sinister P. (9 months ago)
i love the new intro💞
Eggspansion Time (9 months ago)
Do you have a playlist for these types of videos? I wish to send it to some friends that don’t know how the heck to play the game.
Eggspansion Time (9 months ago)
ErnieC3 Nice! Thanks man!
ErnieC3 (9 months ago)
M Lucario EX I do. Check the playlist tab. 🙂
FlamesyNiro (9 months ago)
Yes favorite card 10/10
Goldstriker (9 months ago)
*supercell buffed the bomb tower 😂 that’s a joke right* *Ernie makes a bomb tower video = newest op card in the game*
Maxime MIKLUHA (9 months ago)
Awesome Quick Tip Video again Ernie! Now I might consider using the card in my decks!
Peanut King 777 (9 months ago)
Graveyard Tips?
Ritesh Baranwal (9 months ago)
Ernie Is One of the best Editors..Great Job man..
Clash on Yuvi (9 months ago)
1:28 lol 4 for 6 bro!!✌
Anonymous Prime (9 months ago)
I like the new looks :)
Abo Taim (9 months ago)
Quick tips princesse plz
Luthfan Fikri Budiman (9 months ago)
nice stuff ernie (Y)
AmberKade (9 months ago)
It 4 elexir now
Timo (9 months ago)
*I Never Thought That I'll Actually Use This Card.... But Really I'm Using It Now With EXE-Nado It's AMAZING*
Timo (9 months ago)
HIMANSHU kr (9 months ago)
Oh boi tower's ai lol
A P S Suriya (9 months ago)
Good video bro but we need how to use muskter in hog cycle as defense and offense.....Waiting for ur replay.....🤔😃
Demon Dutron (9 months ago)
Hey I'm late but i subscribed be active thx
SuperTalkCam (9 months ago)
In my opinion I think Orange Juice should make a how to use bomb tower video!
Hoàng Đinh (9 months ago)

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