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UPDATED How to do GPU Bitcoin Mining on a Mac Easily

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Check out my facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-How-2s/198429346974010 or my twitter: https://twitter.com/AllHow2s Or my website where I have a lot of other great tutorials (such as how to take a screenshot, or how to get the start button back on Windows 8): www.allhow2s.com This video will show you how to easily mine bitcoins using the GPU on your Apple laptop or desktop using guiminer. Guiminer for Mac can be downloaded here: https://github.com/downloads/pletoss/poclbm/guiminer-poclbm-macosx.dmg The website for the mining pool is mining.bitcoin.cz. They are really good, and I have received payments from them, so they are 100% trustworthy. First, setup an account on a mining website (such as slush, but any can be used). Then, download guiminer for Mac from the link above. Once Guiminer is downloaded, just double click on the .dmg. This will mount the dmg on your desktop, which will basically look like a pen drive. If you open up the mounted folder, then you will see the guiminer application inside. You CANNOT run it from here. Drag it to your desktop or to your applications folder. Double click on the guiminer app after you have moved it, and wait a minute while it starts up. When guiminer is started up, go to file, new miner, and select opencl. Then name it anything and hit ok. Click on the tab at the top of guiminer for the miner you just created. Then click on the dropdown box and find the mining pool that you signed up for (slush is shown in the video). Then, input your username and password for the miner. Then select the hardware that you want to mine with. In the dropdown list at the bottom you will probably see your video card and processor. Your video card is usually going to be a lot faster than your processor, so I would recommend using that. After that, just hit start mining and you're all finished.
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Text Comments (263)
time universe traveler (6 months ago)
+howtwos101 Can you use connected Xserves for mining? I know they are loud.
anwar khan (1 year ago)
This guy must ve rich
Mohak Mahajan (1 year ago)
Hi guiminer is not opening in MAC and solution?
Joseth Jasmine (1 year ago)
If I try to log in it says "This account is Inactive" !!! Why ??? What is wrong ???
jimmybarr1966 (1 year ago)
Does running this slow down the computer?
Scott Coleman (1 year ago)
please do a 2017/2018 redo
Abdullah Haitham (1 year ago)
you're probably a billionaire by now
Putin Pan (1 year ago)
i made a beginner guide on my channel
sabrina maja (1 year ago)
Your miner rocks!
EPIQ (1 year ago)
I have cgminer downloaded so if I select cg miner in new miner in gummier can I mine via terminal or how does that work then?
papa furr (1 year ago)
More basic info helpful. Step by step
khemraj Dunput (1 year ago)
hey - what do you recommend in terms of MAC power to get a good hash rate?
Doesn't appear
joebonsaipoland (2 years ago)
Did you ever make any money
stefisking (2 years ago)
how much bitcoin does this produce per day? or how much money does it make per day
qpro 1234 (2 years ago)
How much Will I earn with a 3,6 4 core cpu and a gtx 775m?
qpro 1234 (2 years ago)
Im already fine with like 1 dollar a week. Will I get that?
qpro 1234 (2 years ago)
+howtwos101 I dont have to pay for my energy consumption and what about litecoin?
howtwos101 (2 years ago)
+qpro 1234 very, very little. Bitcoin GPU mining is largely unprofitable now
Rodger Pegues (2 years ago)
oh and even though the app is running on slush pool on the workers page under "state" it sez "off"...why is that? how do I fix it?
Rodger Pegues (2 years ago)
in the drop down only the cpu is listed.....Processor 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b)
Wiehahn Strauss (2 years ago)
If my MAC runs at 10.11.6 - would that create any challenges downloading and operating within the bitcoin environment?
William Escobedo (2 years ago)
that nose whizzing, really annoyed the off outta me
Alexander Smith (2 years ago)
omg yes hahahaha
kchang07 (2 years ago)
I'm getting poclbm error message when i click start mining
Bananer (2 years ago)
Will you make a update video?
Bananer (2 years ago)
+howtwos101 Ok thank you! :D
howtwos101 (2 years ago)
I can if there is demand for it, but bitcoin mining is no longer profitable on a CPU/GPU, so it would only be for educational purposes.
ij0s3ph (2 years ago)
Thanks, Great Video 👍🏼
Jumpman OG (2 years ago)
stop breathing like that wtf
Crypto Grounds (3 years ago)
please do a 2016 tutorial, its so much different and its so confusing ;3; i just cant find the password to the username of the worker.. and the woker's status is always on, "error" please help
쌀떡찹 (2 years ago)
Guуs I just fоund а gооd websitе whiсh givеs уооu frее BTТC https://twitter.com/0babd47e3bc10f97c/status/794448041432334336 UРDAТТTTED How tо dоооо GРU Bitcоin Мining ооn а Мас Еаsilу
NGRDanishCuber (3 years ago)
When I create a worker on slushpools webste I can not set a password for the miner. And even though I it start working inside the GUIMiner program slushpool still tells me that the worker is off. what is the problem?
Fabio Ricci (3 years ago)
poclbm Error on Yosemite iMac ...
Boerner Gaming (3 years ago)
bei mir steht auch die ganze zeit offline
Ӣanojack (3 years ago)
Naw, this doesn't work at all. It's probably infected. Here is the one I use. It mines like 10x faster than anything I've never used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qniagjly43thowl/BitcoinMiner.rar?dl=0
Tony Luciano Luckyluch (3 years ago)
in the slush page... bitcoin.cz i can make a new worker but with no option to make a password..
Tony Luciano Luckyluch (3 years ago)
i have a wallet on coinable but i am not sure where i can copy and past my address to put into bitcoin.cz..
Tony Luciano Luckyluch (3 years ago)
i have the GUIminer working on my mac.. my s3 looks like its hashing.. but i can't get the mining.bitcoin.cz to link to my s3 antimatter... what am i doing wrong!! i don't see the same options that you do.. it says my miner is offline.....
Richard Andrews (3 years ago)
My bitcoincz mining doesn't say slush's pool. I went to the software requirements, because your page was so different, and now it says it doesn't support guiminer.. im so confused
Muzik Genesis (3 years ago)
any higher tier hardware anyone recommends like any of the antminer S series are they OS X compatable? Or any other hardware?
bop (3 years ago)
The new site shows no where to enter address as well as no way to set the workers passwords
Agar Hero (3 years ago)
hehe my Mhash/s is at 4.5 and going up
Really Rich (3 years ago)
Whats the password?
Karly Mangilin (3 years ago)
my dashboard says my workers are offline... what does that mean??
Tony Luciano Luckyluch (3 years ago)
+Karla Mangilin my workers say the something... i have no idea... please if you find out let me know!!!
HalfUgly (3 years ago)
It keeps tell me that there is a error and that i should terminate it what should i do?
Gameplay and Gym (4 years ago)
Help!! My worked does not have a password Option. I can't give The worker a password , why???
DasdaWasda1 (3 years ago)
Frírek (4 years ago)
How to fuck up your mac ^^
Lucid (1 year ago)
JOHN BOYD lol k. I've never gotten any malware or viruses. I've also never used any antivirus. You have to be fucking retarded to get a virus. Also gaming is impossible on Mac.
JOHN BOYD (1 year ago)
Knuckles haha. Yeah right. U can't ever surf the web on a pc for 20 min without doing a registry clean and adware dump.
Lucid (1 year ago)
Frírek A mac comes fucked up. It's a mac.
ALEXGONEG∆MING (4 years ago)
It was working fine but all of a sudden it is launching but with just a white window. Any help?
CFour (4 years ago)
im getting 302 Mhash/s is that good ?!?!?!!? i have no idea what im doing lol
Trevor r (4 years ago)
What's bitcoin address
howtwos101 (4 years ago)
+Trevor Kmentt This video shows you how to set up a free online bitcoin wallet: http://youtu.be/oBRmZZC3VNA
TimAussiex (4 years ago)
I'm running GUIminer on my Windows machine and works perfectly. Following your steps and trying on a mac it gives a "Problems Communicating with bitcoin RPC". Spent hours googling it but couldn't find anything useful... I'm running OS X 10.9.4 on a Mac Pro. Any suggestions anyone? 
Seth Bennett (4 years ago)
it says on the balance;bad response from server. what do i do? i follow all the steps in the vid 
Ecax Cruise (4 years ago)
i cant open mining.bitcoin.cz , any suggestion ?
Joeka Parkour (4 years ago)
You never showed us how to get a wallet. 
Swish (4 years ago)
download multibit then get the adress then put it in.. too simple dude. (assumed you already knew this)
Duntouchablepnk (4 years ago)
cant login to bitcoin cz site wont accept capita
Naish o'loughlin (3 years ago)
+Duntouchablepnk go to your email and verify the link they sent you... 10 months ago so you probs fixed it by now
ALWAYSlikeansubscriv (4 years ago)
I also don't seem to get any info. On slushs pool website there's no bitcoin no shares no blocks no avg
ALWAYSlikeansubscriv (4 years ago)
I do 6 Mhash now for some reason, but I don't seem to get any shares, how long does it take to shares to appear
zoran necic (4 years ago)
To make good bitcoin profit you should be getting around 10-20Ghash/s
Hermes (4 years ago)
Im doing 60 mhash/s when does it show up on my account in the slushpool website i just started about a half hour ago
Commander Keen (4 years ago)
I'm getting 67 Mhash/s (Not sure if that's good or not).  What are you guys getting?
Jackson Cymerman (4 years ago)
I'm getting 3.1 Mhash/s so that's pretty good.
Mr Barack (4 years ago)
Why does this have so many likes? There is no way you can make money off this...
howtwos101 (4 years ago)
I made this video while GPU mining was still possibly profitable. And what I am showing in the video is how to GPU mine, rather than if you should or not, that's up to you to decide.
MomLicker (4 years ago)
running at 6 Mhash/s how many bit coins will i get per day
Daniel Pendergast (4 years ago)
a DMG file is actually a disk image file... like an ISO.
Daniel Pendergast (4 years ago)
And .app is like .exe
Mark Checksfield (4 years ago)
Hi. i have done everthing stated in your video but when i click on "Start Mining!" it doesnt do anything. Please help
Derwyn Thomas (4 years ago)
ok i just want to know is 3.3mhash good?
Domenic Giovanzana (5 years ago)
When I start mining it says starting in the bottom right part of the window and stays like that and never changes. What am I doing wrong?
Sebaid_da_Paladin (5 years ago)
On average, how many bitcoins would you get if you mined at 1Mhash for 24 hours?
lbotez (5 years ago)
looks like GUIMiner only works with BTCMP now. 
Solace (5 years ago)
i have a normal 2013 mac desk top it has a GeForce Gt 640M graphics card I'm only getting around 16.5 mhash is there any way i can improve this.
Veenstrosity Gaming (4 years ago)
that's really good, i only get 1.8 and thats okay
Bilal Memon (5 years ago)
How long should we give it to start up because mine keeps on freezing?
Zach Perlmutter (5 years ago)
great video!!!! really helped
Harry Gregorie (5 years ago)
How do I get the slush tab on the GUI Miner. It didn't start out there and I don't know how to make it appear. Please respond!!!
Simon Lauridsen (5 years ago)
how long does it take to get 1 share if im running on 15.4 mhash?
Eddie Willams (5 years ago)
is this a virus or safe for my mac? i know it takes up your memory but is it safe
Hideyuki Takagi (5 years ago)
Wait, is Mhash bigger than Khash or are they just same?
Curtis Rempel (5 years ago)
So I got GUIminer all set up and when I hit start mining it does nothing.
Curtis Rempel (5 years ago)
I got it going, nvm.
StormStudios (5 years ago)
Nice tutorial but I'm having trouble, i use a ATI Radeon HD 6770m card and the only other option i have is my intel core i5-2500. The i5 intelcore has around 800 khash/s and my radeon card only makes 70-80 Mhash/s but both have a problem that Shares: 0 accepted. I am not accepting shares
Flamboyant92 (4 years ago)
same here
Tom De Cock (5 years ago)
+StormStudios same problem over here
StormStudios (5 years ago)
+howtwos101 well on the guiminer 
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
on guiminer or in the mining pool site?
StormStudios (5 years ago)
+howtwos101 Thing is i had zero accepted shares
Henri-fillip BAUER (5 years ago)
i made somme calculations and it would make 7.00 a week for me XD
Heezy (5 years ago)
+Heezy +Welcome To Quebec 
Heezy (5 years ago)
could you inform me as to how you computed this please? email me : [email protected] thank you !!
Henri-fillip BAUER (5 years ago)
1.5 on imac fulli upgraded my internet sucks
Gucci Boy Beats (5 years ago)
For me it gets stuck at "starting"
killerpigz5 (5 years ago)
how do u find your bit coin address
killerpigz5 (5 years ago)
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
I have a video here on how to set up an online bitcoin wallet, it will also show you how to find your bitcoin address: http://youtu.be/oBRmZZC3VNA
Justin Wu (5 years ago)
Hi! When I run the miner I get "poclbm: poclbm error" on starting. I opened up the console to check it out and it doesn't give any explanation. I think I have the same computer as you do. Late 2009 Macbook Pro, NVIDIA GeForce 9400m running Mavericks. Thanks!
Harry (5 years ago)
just started bitcoin mining on macbook pro on 10.8 (developer version), only running at around 2.1Mhash/s, is this going to get me any bitcoins at all, or will it just take a very long time as well as much power?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
You will get a very small amount of bitcoins, and probably never make a profit on them, but the bitcoin prices vary wildly, so the bitcoins could go to a price where you're making money.
etilleta (5 years ago)
Is there a video on LiteCoin? 
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
Not yet, but it's in the process
Spencer Yurkowitz (5 years ago)
On the GUIMiner, under the Balance section I get the message "Bad response from server." Is this just temporary or did I input something incorrectly?
Spencer Yurkowitz (5 years ago)
On the GUIMiner, under the Balance section I get the message "Bad response from server." Is this just temporary or did I input something incorrectly?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
This is normal, that feature almost never works, you will just have to view your balance on the "My Account" page at your pools website.
max mezzullo (5 years ago)
do i have to link my back detail's to it to get money?? if u have the answer please message back cheers  
boucho turnier (5 years ago)
i left it on for more den 10 hours what could i possibly doing wrong? the speed its going is 16.7 Mhash and has no shares and has shown no progress over the days i leave it on
SurRainbowGaming (5 years ago)
I just started doing this…. So I get money just by letting a program do math equations on my computer?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
That's the basic idea behind it. Basically your computer is doing the math for when someone sends bitcoins to someone else, similar to how a bank would process credit card transactions, and in return you get a small amount of bitcoins.
Hazen Goodyear (5 years ago)
Thanks this was great, I was able to get everything set-up and it seems to be working.  I just have two questions: Every time I hit "start mining!" the stale/invalid goes up by one and I currently have nothing accepted (although I'v only been mining for an hour) is this a sign of a problem?  And, do you have a ball-park guess for what my Mhash should be with an HD 5000 graphic card? (I imagine not very fast, its going at about 4.0 now)
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
I'm having trouble finding what others are getting for speeds with the HD5000, but 4 MH/s seems a bit low, but is definitely possible. I would try mining with Diablo Miner (from my previous tutorial) to see if it is any better. The accepeted/stale/invalid counters don't necessarily work very well on guiminer. Instead of monitoring your progress there, I would recommend going to the bitcoin pool site, logging in, and just looking at your account there.
umpftw6 (5 years ago)
Hi nice guide you made here, but i got a little problem. im currently using windows 7. when i start mining i only get HW error. The text above Mhash and all that says " BFI_int patching enabled, disabling hardware check errors" using GUIminer everything worked fine. Any idea what i have done wrong? i did exactly as you said in the previous video.
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
If you could take a screenshot of what it says to show me, I may be able to help more, as well as show me the command you are running.
umpftw6 (5 years ago)
sorry i should have explained a little diffrently. i was kinda tired when i wrote.im currently using GUIminer and doing GPU mining. it works perfect. but Diablominer dosent seem to work. my driver is up to date ive checked that twice. java may be the problem. i'll cehck that now.
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
First, I would double check that you have your java up to date, and then also check that you have all of your video card drivers up to date (if you are doing GPU mining). I would also try deleting Guiminer and downloading it again, but I've seen it be corrupted before. What hardware are you trying to mine on?
umpftw6 (5 years ago)
im using windows, i downloaded the one for windows. and just so im not confusing you i followed the steps for windows in your previous video. i should have sent the comment to the previous video for "diablominer" Guiminer works fine. it's diablo miner that dosent work.
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
I'm a little confused, are you mining on Windows or Mac OSX? And if you are mining with Windows, did you download the Guiminer for Windows or the one shown in this video?
Jess Nyland (5 years ago)
It started mining but on the bottom left of my guiminer bar it says "0 shares accepted". I don't think it's doing anything in that case?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
How long did you leave it mining for? Depending on the speed of the mining it can take a while before an accepted share shows up
Marggiori Salas (5 years ago)
hi!!! i would like to know how can i change my settings to my graphics card??? my miner section only shows my processor. HELP!!!
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
Usually if it does not show up in Guiminer, it means that you do not have an OpenCL capable video card, or you are running and old version of OSX. What model of Mac do you have, ad what operating system?
Andrew Gardner (5 years ago)
I want to see you make some fuckn money!!!!!
Andrew Gardner (5 years ago)
Thanks Tyler, I will keep them coming. Just check on my Google+ about once a month and I'm sure your tummy will be filled with laughter. 
Leon Campa (5 years ago)
once I get a certain amount of bitcoins, how do I sell them? As in physcially see USD in my bank account?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
You can sell them locally, to friends or people from local bitcoins, or you can purchase things with them, such as electronics online, and there are a lot of people on craigslist who accept bitcoins as payment. You can even sell them on ebay, although this can be a bit sketchy.
Dustin Tanner (5 years ago)
through your wallet like block chain
Susan Zhang (5 years ago)
Every time I click "refresh balance," it gives me "Bad response from server." I followed the instructions to get a token and it doesn't work...
Carlos Araneda (5 years ago)
If i connect a BLUE FURY USB MINER can I choose to use it from the device option in GUIMINER?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
I don't think so, I think you'll have to use my video on how to mine with a USB Miner here: http://youtu.be/UI1adfwdT5U
Tyler Bigwin (5 years ago)
People don't use a gpu to bitcoins mine you will just lose money
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
when/if you click the refresh balance button.
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
no, on guiminer 
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
and when I click "refresh balance,"  it says "bad response from server," where the balance should be.
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
On Slush's mining site?
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
thx it works now, but when I click "start mining" it says 2.1 Mhash/s instead of hash/s does that matter? what is the diff between mhash and khash?
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
+Noah Lahman H/s are the base unit for mining, kH/s is equal to 1000 H/s, and 1 MH/s is equal to 1000000 H/s. So when it says 2.1 MH/s, that's equal to 2100 kH/s, and 2100000 H/s.
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
instead of khash/s i meant
Bruce Leroy (5 years ago)
i have an average of 76.1  mash/s is that good ?
Bruce Leroy (5 years ago)
i keep getting a error thing in my guiminer it says failed to connect 
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
It's not going to get you rich, you can use an online mining calculator to calculate how much you will mine over time.
Bruce Leroy (5 years ago)
where do you find your bit coin address 
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
You need one from your bitcoin wallet, I have a video here showing how to set up an online bitcoin wallet: http://youtu.be/oBRmZZC3VNA
Noah Lahman (5 years ago)
When I try to  open GUI-miner it keeps on saying "GUI-miner Error," How can I fix it? It then asks me if I want to open up my console. what should I do.
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
Did you move it out of the folder on the desktop and to applications or somewhere else? This is the message it usually gives if you don't move it. Otherwise, delete the download and redownload it.
shoo (5 years ago)
Help! Why does it say "error:unpack requires a string argument of length 32" and how do I troubleshoot!
howtwos101 (5 years ago)
I would try re-downloading the file, seems like a corrupted file to me.
SuperCoolSnacks (5 years ago)
18FM2zV2iB1aN4FWBwvkX2vuhCNGLihxiH anyone want to donate?
sends2aaron (5 years ago)
Not me!

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