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Hey guys! Going WAY off script today to share my story with you guys :) I'm doing this for two reasons. One is to connect more with you all (something I've never done) and the other is to hopefully make a difference in at least one viewers life (or at least their day!) in a positive way. If you're going through tough times remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel :) I am living proof! Take care! Be sure to subscribe for Clash Royale best decks and strategy, Brawl Stars gameplay & strategy and the earlier update news on YouTube!
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[j][a][c][k] (3 months ago)
M.Mouse (5 months ago)
Hey Ash, Tim, so sorry to know your dark days, but hey cheer up!! Everything will be okay as time goes. I just found out about this video which was created 2 years ago. Good luck Tim, thanks for your life story. God Bless you buddy
Michael Blount (7 months ago)
I think it would be cool if you did another one of these life updates, and show us more behind the scenes stuff, like other than the game stuff
R Hoppes (7 months ago)
Spot on, if only there were more people like you. Wishing you all the best from the Netherlands. Love your CR videos (I'm a total n00b so mainly because of the humour you add to it haha)
Rakeeb Yusuf (10 months ago)
Never seen any one who doesn't like u. Ash love u man
Marvin Roman (11 months ago)
Watching this 11/2017, and wow, your best video Tim! I hope that "early cancer" did not and does not progress. Thanks for the service you do for people, and I'm not talking about gaming. Thanks for giving people life lessons! Get screened regularly (the lung thing)!
Borkonable (1 year ago)
Watching it 2017 and you didnt change at all!<3 we love you ash aka Tim
Supercell Gamer (1 year ago)
your name is Tim :0
Well I knew he was a good guy... but putting himself out like this and sending out a message in a humble way.. makes me wanna respect him even more... thanks Ash(aka Tim)..
A-miner YT (1 year ago)
Wth why did 50 people dislike they really have no heart
Greasy Grove (1 year ago)
1mp3ga (1 year ago)
watched this then immediately called my mama for 2 hours!!
Wzrd (1 year ago)
Watching this on the 15th July 2017 for the first time...amazing story and message Tim. It's crazy to see how far you have come, keep up the awesome work! Just a note, even though I now know your real name...you will always be Ash to me. (No homo :D)
beast hooper (1 year ago)
I wish I can like this more than once
Ραζασταρ Ρ (1 year ago)
you are a strong dude man... keep going
Kyle Davis (1 year ago)
you may have noticed what i sent you on insta but I hope you have a great day and do your best to get through it all, been through alot too and sometimes your closest friends are the ones who carry you through.
Mysteryman gaming (1 year ago)
Ash great video😃
Archiebald Kushynski (1 year ago)
the one thing i dont understand is, how is it that a person like Gemeral Tony "the clickbait maestro" has over a million subscribers and not you Ash. life is unfair. i know you dont really care about you sub count. you are the nicest, most genuine, good, honest person. im glad you came through from your dark place. take care legend
Sammy Vollath (1 year ago)
I don't unterstand theese 47 persons, which pressed the "thumb down" Button... Ash (Tim) is such a nice man and shows off a part of his life and he wants to help everybody to have nice time...🙂But I'm proud of all those, who pressed the "Thumb up" Button... Although there could be more.
wouldn't it be better to treat you while it's small?
Vicram V (1 year ago)
So... your name is Tim Lain?
Ir0n (1 year ago)
Who else came here from part 2?
Christian Campbell (1 year ago)
Sassy Natasha me
Sammy Vollath (1 year ago)
Jake Stocks me
Luis Garcia (1 year ago)
Jake Stocks me
ET Racing (1 year ago)
Hey Ash(Tim)... Lost both my parents to Cancer in their early 50's. Loved your honesty and sincerity. Thank you for this message/video. Be kind to one-another right!!
Michael Glushchenko (1 year ago)
thanks for a great vid! I really appreciate you putting this out there, making my day better! keep up the good work
Raymon Rondonuwu (1 year ago)
I hope u live successful tim.
# Fai (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing !! I kinda can feel your words! Clash of clans,royal and God of Olympus is my distraction these days! After losing both parents really needed this one.! Just hanging in there. Hopefully will win this battle with myself! take care! :)
MarkusVFG (1 year ago)
I was not feeling great, then I opened YouTube and saw this. I shed my first tear in months or years. Thank you, Tim, I appreciate you even more than I already did.
hsundwall (1 year ago)
Thanks for the share! You are my favorite CoC youtuber...
WIlL Pierre (1 year ago)
ash lives in the bean ? :) #617
WIlL Pierre (1 year ago)
praying for you u bro..
Zamo LM (1 year ago)
i hope you get better Tim ,nice video, a lot of things to think
Tom Dzeri (1 year ago)
I subbed to your channel today, I guess it fits to that little thing to do :)
ToplinE (1 year ago)
you're a good person
Ramy tarek (1 year ago)
you are amazing . man
Schylar Whipple (1 year ago)
Ash -- I do apologize, but this the first I'm seeing this video, but I really appreciate it. I've been watching your videos for a while now, and I just admire how in every single video you manage to fuse funniness(?), sincerity, intelligence and kindness into every stitch of your content. You really are just a good person, and there are really not many people whom I can say that about. Anyway, thank you so much for this upload, even though it was quite a while ago. Like everyone else here, I really am sorry for your loss and your condition. It says a lot about a person when they have the aforementioned traits after what you've been through. Thanks again, Ash. You're the man.
Mark 92 (1 year ago)
Love the message and positivity! Hope you get through it in the future
Julian Mendez (1 year ago)
Sorry for you loss ash glad you made it through my respect ✊🏽
Chief Bailey (1 year ago)
Nice dude, i dont like the fake story but nice channel dude, its better to tell the truth and not lie for views
iron maiden (1 year ago)
Chief Bailey dude, if hes lying, he wouldnt get really serious into that kind of conversations
Thank you for sharing your in my prayers Tim!!! 🙏🏽 never saw this video of yours must have missed it thank you for all the work you do,,
CWA Mobile Gaming (1 year ago)
+Mohammed Akthar Choudhury Thanks man :) appreciate it.
Tihomir S. (1 year ago)
Sorry about your loss man! Really happy to see you're a strong and also, from my observation, a very smart and kind-hearted person. I completely agree with you. Good luck with everything! :)
Abhijeet Singh (1 year ago)
I understand now why people love you so much, i am sorry for your loss. Love your contenet ash, keep up the good work :)
Daniel Woolford (1 year ago)
Really good inspiring video mate. It's good to share this kind of story because some people go through their entire lives thinking that nobody else has shared a similar experience.
jonathan do (1 year ago)
Hoping that you'll be in good health my friend. I enjoy watching your videos and it's really obvious that your a really nice guy. Best wishes on your continued success.
Leo (1 year ago)
I am watching this a bit too late... I am so sorry for you! :( God bless you! Have a lovely life! Never give up! I think this is amazing that you talk to us and tell what happened! Gigantic respect! Good luck! This vid means a lot to me!
Samir Aliyev (2 years ago)
Great video, so awesome im 15 years old and i lost my father 2 years ago from stomach cancer but im trying to get over it. I hope you get million subs one day
win kay (2 years ago)
Stay strong bro !!! Love your videos 👍🏼
The Aizad (2 years ago)
hye ash. game inspired people in different way. i do feel u will have better life in future bro. keep it up.
quickscope bus (1 year ago)
aizad raziz "hye"? 😂
Zaid Taha (2 years ago)
It ok you should flow your destiny
Titan G04 (2 years ago)
What a powerful message. Thanks ash! I want to join your clan. Just don't know the requirements.
Song Lyrics (2 years ago)
i love u as a bro man :)
SkidRowRulles (2 years ago)
hey Ash, watched your channel for a while now. Havent heard of your story till today. I just wanted to say that you are a strong guy, mentally i mean. I wish you make the fullest of your life and want you to be happy. We all have stress stories no doubt and thank you for sharing yours. You say that you have to be king to other people, yes it is true. I believe we are all brothers and sisters no matter where we are and what we do. So the best thing to do to your bro or sis is help them in anyway possible. So my brother stay strong and ill be watching. :)
06r6n (2 years ago)
I stumbled on this video today and I have to thank you for helping me get my thoughts into perspective. Much needed. Clash on!
Shepley Rudiyanto (2 years ago)
Wow realy realy simple powerful video mate.. i lost my mom too with cancer and she's 50.. ur amazing person.. ur deserved more subs.. have a nice day and GOD bless u my friend.. :)
Paul Shin (1 year ago)
Clash With Ash Clash Royale & Clash of Clans I lost my grandma this year to stage 4 lung cancer O.O
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
+Shepley Rudiyanto thanks :) same to you my friend and so sorry to hear of your loss as well.
chris smith (2 years ago)
Thank you dude. Really. People can be horrible on social media. It's awesome that you are willing to put yourself out there for your fans. Keep doing what you're doing. Also check out the documentary "happy" if you haven't seen it. Falls inline with a lot of what your saying. Keep your head up brother. You are making the world a more fun place.
The man on the street (2 years ago)
Got here from the 200k vid. I am so sorry about your loss ash ;( I hope you get better and keep up the amazing work :)
Booda Booda (1 year ago)
Ash its people like you that keep the world standing
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
+Alban Idrizi Thanks again for all the support man :) means a lot.
N8 Dawg (2 years ago)
Dude thanks for being vulnerable with us. I really appreciate your honesty and sincerity :) keep on keeping on Tim 👍🏻
Kris Grainger (2 years ago)
great message. I believe strongly that you get back what you put out into the world and no matter what you have to actively be positive. sorry for your loss and I'm glad you found a medium to express yourself and stay connected.
Phil Wheeler (2 years ago)
Takes a lot of courage to express this on the internet man! Hope u stay positive brother!
Clash Of Clans - MAQ (2 years ago)
Today my brother started playing clash of clans and he wanted guidance. Despite I doing YouTube myself, I gave him a link to your channel. So was I honest with myself as you were the best strategy player here besides accepting your challenge. :)
Tripathi Ji (2 years ago)
Hey Ash, I have been playing clash of clash for over a year ago and watching your videos for about 4-6 months or so. I am really shocked to know such a tragic story of yours and I wish may god give you the strength to fight all that. Just believe in the almighty and keep clashing as well as youtubing........ I just wanna ask a question to u that may I can join your clan? I will be so grateful to you if you do reply........Love you buddy...... Take Care........May god bless you!!
jchinckley (2 years ago)
Ash (Tim), Dude... I know you aren't fat or even really chubby, but you need to pay a lot more attention to your diet. Not to lose weight, but to get proper nutrition, and more important to avoid substances and ingredients that contribute to the astounding increase of previously unknown or minor diseases, especially autoimmune and degenerative type diseases. All of this kind (including Cancer of all types) are very related to the massive amount of crap ingredients in the food we as the general public ingest through purchasing all of our food from the corporate food industry that places 98% of the food on our local grocers shelves. Eat organic. Avoid processed foods of all kinds, especially sugar and cooking oils that haven't been "cold pressed" from their source plant or seed. Cold pressed flax seed oil is very good, better if it's organic. Coconut oil for cooking things is better than almost any other type of oil. The reason for this is that vegetable oils of all types that are made using the food industry's current methods are made into trans fats during that processing because they're heated to an extreme degree. At a high enough temp the oil molecule is altered into something that doesn't work in the human body the way it is designed. Think of the body's cells and cell walls as being made up of legos - each lego is a fat molecule. When the body has only or too much trans fat in it's resources and goes to rebuild a cell or replace dead cells, etc. A trans fat molecule is like using a lego that has half of its little post just like normal legos, and the other half like giant posts, or pointed or angled posts, so that it doesn't fit properly in the construction of the cell. Then other "bad" molecules come and attach themselves to that one bad one that has been placed into the "construction of your cell walls" and you have the beginning of cancerous growths. Anyway, avoid anything with any amount of hydrogenated anything in it, especially margarine and other bread spreads that use hydrogenation to make the oil a solid rather than a liquid. I suggest researching the subject so you get a decent understanding of it. As I said eat organic vegetables, but be selective because some organics have been compromised. Do some online (and other types as well) research and find foods that aren't altered from the way they occur in nature. Especially if you live in the USA. We have a number of "conspiracies" going on in our nation, among the business world and in the government that have as their goal our subjugation and in many cases our death to make room for a people that will be the slaves of the members of the groups behind these conspiracies. This is also a subject I suggest you do research on so that you are aware of what is really going on in our world. I don't buy into the "Zionist" camp on these issues. I think there is something far more sinister behind them, but that's immaterial. That they exist and want to enslave and assure our obedience to their rule is all we need to know. We can stop them by not falling for their propaganda and avoiding their products like the plague they are. Some things to avoid in relation to food: Anything grown with seeds provided by the Monsanto corporation. Anything packaged by the food industry corporations (little companies might have beneficial products so do your research on them). These groups have their profit and our lack of good health as their goal. Why? To make them rich and us weak and docile - more likely to fall in line with their agendas, and to provide a large clientele to the medical industry through our loss of good health because of our diet. Jordan Rubin is a good example of a person that was terribly affected by this, but that also found a way out of the mess, and is now working to stop this (although he may or may not know about the conspirators I've written briefly about above). He's written about his experiences and has since become a nutritionist (perhaps more than that by now), and an entrepreneur that seems to be trying to correct this situation with our food supply.
CWA Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
Thanks for the all the health and nutrition advice! I really appreciate all the time that went into this. I'm actually very big into nutrition and healthy living. It's probably my biggest passion in life tied in with YouTube :-) You bring up a ton of sound advice and science. Thanks for the reminders and tips. And thank, most importantly, for taking the time to share all this! I appreciate it.
jchinckley (2 years ago)
Half past 50 (- 60 years) brah! :D
R9slash (2 years ago)
awesome video. Sorry for your loss and it's amazing that you have the time to talk to your viewers. I respect that bro hope all gets well with you.
Modular Landing (2 years ago)
Great video! Thanks so much, Ash. Love your Clash Royale vids -- they're so much fun -- and now I know why you have such positive energy in your videos. Really appreciate your sharing this story, and it's one that we will all have one day or another, just like you say. So I'm sure this is going to help people! Keep up the good work!
KA R (2 years ago)
My grandmother died form cancer, 2 of my friends had cancer and one of my friends had a brain tumor, and one of my friends has cerebral palsy good job for sharing your story as i know how it is to face the world when you have such a large problem god bless you and hope you have a wonderful and long life ahead of you
G3LADIATOR eMZi (2 years ago)
hey body....that was realy nice idea to do a good thing...i'm so sorry about your mom dear tim and all bad things happened to you , but im very happy to see you strong..you gave me a huge motivation.i wish the best for you bro . thanks for your great job.good luck ""FROM AN IRANIAN PEACEFUL 21 YEARS OLD FAN""
Bagus Vidyanto (2 years ago)
Respect, Man! You can't change the world, but you makes difference for the world, especially kindness of peoples. I've been there on the tough time of my life when my dad passed, as just what you've said, "Time does heal the wounds, it does!". Once again, respect.. Keep up the good work, done a lot more good things.. Cheers from Indonesia, bro.. :)
Your mom was 16 when she gave birth to you? WHAT
Hossein kaviani (2 years ago)
Hello Tim this video is very inspiring
Nebz Troll (2 years ago)
can you sub to me
Aexo (2 years ago)
Red Sox supporter?...
metalduke0 (2 years ago)
Great respect to you for sharing this with us. My son did introduce me to Clash Royale about 2 months ago and I have seen your videos to try getting a grasp for the game and really like what you are doing for us to help us get better and understand it all. I guess a lot of people have their own troublesome times and have either coped or still struggle. I wish you all the best and hope that you will get great news regarding your cancer as time goes by. Keep on going strong and as is. Respect, peace and best of luck to you and yours.
Andrew Nelson (2 years ago)
You're an amazing person, Tim! Thanks for sharing your story and challenging us to be better, kinder people. Challenge accepted!
SteeFex (2 years ago)
Tim, the message that you've shared with us isn't only relative to the Clash of Clans game, but is also a very real and RAW outlook into a generation and into humanity as a whole. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing some of your deepest thoughts, beliefs and struggles (which all of us here can relate with in some way). Keep on shining that hope-light my friend! - It's inspiring and encouraging to all of us!
xHiRaKo_27x (2 years ago)
WORD MANH. loved ur message . keep it up man
jaster lim (2 years ago)
Well said
n8210 (2 years ago)
Alright. I will take the challenge. I hope others do to. Peace!!
Dan Kindrick (2 years ago)
Hey Ash(Tim), you probably dont remember me (Warchild) but I was in CwA a while ago but had to take a break from CoC due to a cancer health scare of my own. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing a bit of hope with the world.
Spuffie XP (2 years ago)
Ash, you are an amazing human being!
Aboud Kabbas (2 years ago)
Ash you're Awesome man . Respect :)
David Brice (2 years ago)
hey man, thank you for this video. I turned to clash during hard times and also found a strength within the community that I wasn't aware of til now. I could never put my finger on the reason it helped but it did. great post and awesome to hear things are goin well. stay strong bro x
Henrik Andersson (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Asphalt8 Gaming (2 years ago)
I breakd my heart well done
Old Camera Production (2 years ago)
Hey Tim , your inspiring words changed my life.THANK YOU.And I mean it. Keep up the good work
BHAT WAHID (2 years ago)
Nice message bro . God bless u
Aira Lee (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this man. I appreciate this very much.
CLASH ROYALE (2 years ago)
I support u alot all the way
Jacob C (2 years ago)
Hadn't seen this until today... Thank you for sharing this, it's inspiring to learn about those who you have known/ known about in the game, but never on a more personal level. It shows character beyond what a smooth voice-over and attack replays ever can. :)
Shonzo (2 years ago)
people who disliked this video should go kys
Giorgos Lagos (2 years ago)
The Game (2 years ago)
This video is extremely inspiring to me.
Tan Kian Hui (2 years ago)
Ash/Tim, I've been watching your vids for awhile but I only watched this video today. I've been realizing that you're actually a very very kind person, as in the way you treat your audiences. But now I know you are a kind person in real life as well! You have no idea how much this video means to me, I don't know why, it changed me, in a positive way. I feel very lucky to have a decent life, now I will learn to appreciate , and try to help others. BE KIND TO PEOPLE! Got your message bro, thanks alot! I'm from KL, Malaysia, things are pretty different than Boston, but the positive energy needed by everyone is totally the same! I will spread this vid to my friends. Thanks again bro!
Humais Ahmed (2 years ago)
hello timothy evans
A Mitten For Kitten (2 years ago)
wow nice vid. i also don't like how about a month after posting this, your brother died :*(   truthfully, ive gone through a lot of pain myself, but to me I don't see it as anything big. my brother was very little and died in the hostpital, then somehow the doctor magicly brought him back, but then there was a bunch a problems, micah had to get surgery and he count talk and he couldn't walk and he acted like a 1 year old (no kid he litterly crawls around and screams and makes weird noises) and stuff like that happened. also to say my other brother almost died once because he is so allergic to cashews that happened. and for me for like the first 7 years i lived i would throw up about 5 times a day. i was also allergic to penut butter and my parents didn't know for awile. i was also allergic to sunflower and stuff. I really don't care much about my problems, also it was like someone doing a falcon punch to my stomach 5 times every day and also i had to eat a lot and a lot of other problems i really don't care about that cuz i get distacted a lot.. ANYWAYS... not to get confused in my story, i really didn't lose anyone except my grandpa that was already born. so i don't know how it is to lose a loved one as much as you, and you have a great channel... sorry for the long text and stuff
Noble Tenz (2 years ago)
I can truly relate to your story man! Keep up the amazing videos and may God bless you!
SOUL rfj2013 (2 years ago)
Me: ☺😐😯😦😢😭 while watchin vid! Tim i actually thought ur name was ash but still ive never thought a bullied someone will ever be so public! Ill be nice to everyone everday not just today! And its true u r always kind u never swear or say anything bad
Hasna Rabbani (2 years ago)
Timmmmmm I Love ur Channel Pls Make more "best deck" videos i rlly like it hope your mom go to heaven :)
John Manthorpe (2 years ago)
As a busy man, you may not get around to this Ash, but I still feel compelled to write. What I always condone, is community trust and honesty. I work in a big TV broadcaster in the UK and I pioneered a huge amount of Social strategy, policy and community engagement - from 2007 mainly. Etc. I also look to you for game advice, no disrespect to others. I could write 100 000 words around all this, but there's no need. Thank you sincerely for all the personal effort you have put in. Whether it be Clash of Clans, or other games, isn't the point. You remind many people about the importance of community and friendliness.
Josh Nigam (2 years ago)
Although ASH MIGHT NOT SEE THIS, what u said was completely TRUE and yes, HE IS VERY KIND AND A SIMPLE INDIVIDUAL....
Jovis Dedam (2 years ago)
I respect what you say Tim
Jan-anne Kloosterboer (2 years ago)
Hi Tim, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching your videos and streams... I really appreciate and learn a lot from all of your videos (especially clash royale) I really see the effort and commitment that you put in your videos and I really enjoy watching them. You always make me smile. Really good and sad to hear your story I can't imagine going through such a thing. A lot of respect, and I wish you a lot of luck!!!!!!
john cooter (2 years ago)
Thanx ......
Nightwing (2 years ago)
u were bullied in school?? but u're so kewl

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