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Text Comments (559)
vignesh jayakanth (1 day ago)
How to withdraw money
SARDAR G vines (1 day ago)
How to redeem money ?
hey u Chet
Mrinmoy Borah (3 days ago)
I cant see the comments
Ben Loutish (3 days ago)
Earn passive bitcoins online. You don't need any HYIP or ponzi scheme out there, it's directly from your PC and reliable. Our scripts is secured! Subscribe to my channel for more
Anurag Kumar (3 days ago)
So if you want to become richer than Bill Gates...
Jordy Stansell (4 days ago)
if u put in ur email it'll get hacked
David CWS (4 days ago)
$2 per day?? Is this a joke?? A person who has a phone to watch youtube about this has probably earned more than that per day....
Player Unknown (7 days ago)
How do i use this cryptocurrency?
Carlos Valle (8 days ago)
I earn 4,54€ per day no thanks dude
Rutwik Official (10 days ago)
I am subbing everyone who are subbing channel. After subbing comment done
KingCente (21 hours ago)
Sure do yout want to support each other? I almost got 100 views on my recent video
net_M (12 days ago)
Wow it’s working!! I made 0.1 cent in a year!!
SALEEM MG (12 days ago)
omG i jUst gOt a PaYmEnT of 100$ 😵😵😵 Seroiously wtf?
Akash Pavithran (12 days ago)
The videos from this guy are just click baits. I tried his methods and found out.
Māku Cs (12 days ago)
How can I withdraw?
Māku Cs (12 days ago)
I have 33 pre tokens
alan Joy (13 days ago)
How to get that coinmarket cap page showing exchange rates n all
How to transfer that money to account
Mathan Network (13 days ago)
Super fake video good talent u body fucker this is totally fake
AjiT SubS (13 days ago)
What is the min redeem and how can i pls reply
GamesWithRakib (14 days ago)
how do you redeem the money
king 0044 (17 days ago)
Tell how to get money in account it is giving in tokens how we convert the.
StealthyPirateZ!! !! (18 days ago)
No big deal on online currency.... Show me to convert it to hard cash
PieceOfShrimp (20 days ago)
I'm about to pre
aom abd rahman rania (21 days ago)
dipen agrawal (21 days ago)
Busy Brains (21 days ago)
This is damn fake, why you didn't showed how to use that money or redeem that money....👎
Young Clutch (21 days ago)
there is no way you can earn hundreds $ in a day or a week...i only made 15$ in last week by using an app
Tyagi Manan (21 days ago)
Hey Andy y😀u rocked
wazfu (21 days ago)
zion abinesh (22 days ago)
How I will get paid bro how to transfer upload a. Video
zion abinesh (22 days ago)
Good job go further
Timotej Leginus (22 days ago)
I can earn $2.17 per day by working in a uranium mine I don't need this
technical dost (23 days ago)
is it true or fake
Krishnakp Shetty (24 days ago)
Do it work in India...please reply
Faruk hossain (24 days ago)
(915) 243-0907 contact here
Kishore Hero (24 days ago)
How to Redeem
Talha Khan (25 days ago)
Bro I make 27 token now what to do
sayooj sv (27 days ago)
Dont forget to dislike.., this is fake. My gmail account hacked
MeteoriteSS (1 month ago)
But if you share something like this to everyone, then everyone is going to desperately sign up for this and eventually the value and market of this will drop drastically and you won’t be making as much due to the high demand. That’s why the price value was decreasing drastically as you showed in the video due to the high number of people getting into it. It’s just useless and a waste of time.
Andy Hafell (1 month ago)
Hahaha, just because of my video, and not because of the crashing market.
CodeName KMZWAY87AA (1 month ago)
Min WD 1K is hard,. Searching retracted!
Gamer's Motivation (1 month ago)
yash nalawade (1 month ago)
It's not fake but you NEED at least 1000 pretokens to redeem what you have earned, you can only earn 8 pretokens per day. So after 125 days, you can earn approx 85$. You're welcome.
vivek rajput (1 month ago)
What will I do just 2.69$ sucks .
Pradip Chinna (1 month ago)
U say to get money by searching I have a doubt how we withdrawal that money which we earned
yousaf (1 month ago)
666 dislikes.
creators Aftab (1 month ago)
1. Like 2. Subscribe 3. I will subscribe back
DittoCake (1 month ago)
Doesn’t show how to cash out . Don’t even try this
HarambeXx26 FaZe Man (1 month ago)
Adlfy v:
Aaaand by saying "NOT CLICKBAIT“ it’s clickbait
Dusan Dragicevic (1 month ago)
the point of the site is to get the info about what you are searching for, and by the time you get to 1000 tokens they will be worth 0.002$ if that. So its basically a smart way for them to get free information about you so they can then sell it to marketing companies.
Crypto Expert (1 month ago)
I have 1250 PRESEARCH Token but I couldn't Withdraw any PRE Token. What can I do? Please help me
swapnil shelke (1 month ago)
*Excellent Engaging Entry & Exit !*
Tristan (1 month ago)
How to make 200$+ by making a vid how to make 2.16$ a day**
BIJI GUA KECIL LOH (1 month ago)
You work 24hours for get 2$ REALLY WTF
septian mutaqin (1 month ago)
does it work in indonesia?
Alexandru Iulian (1 month ago)
the title was like 1k a day and now is 2.16$ per day.. hmmm
Reno Mila (1 month ago)
1. Subscribe to me 2. Like this comment 3. Comment *Done* 4. I'll do the same 100% 😊❤☝️ DON'T CHEAT! BE LOYAL let us support each other 😇
MrWhiteWulf (1 month ago)
you need 1000 PRE to redeem money, if you can get .25 PRE per search up to 8PRE a day that is 32 searches. so to complete the minimum token balance (1000) to redeem that is 32 searches daily for 125 days.
AzrielJale (1 month ago)
The fuck is the catch?
thomas stone (1 month ago)
+Victor Schandrin bro plzz make a video on it plzz give me the script
Agly Onic (1 month ago)
Fuck u u sound gay u bitch
Josh Dorsainvil (1 month ago)
Someone paypal me
Debjit Biswas (1 month ago)
A 1000 PRE Redeem ? It is about 125 days.
david kim (1 month ago)
Easy keylogger stuff, website will collect data on what you type and possibly take away your identity (email, password, etc.)
samuel kamau (1 month ago)
I checked it out.Totally LEGIT.
SuperLove TV (1 month ago)
new sub. 👍 interesting vids man. thanks
Anonymous Realize (1 month ago)
If its paying you for just searching then it must be affecting your cyber security.
Chero Marc (1 month ago)
So you can pay your internet bill while searching random things?
Info Vid (1 month ago)
Presearch dont allow you to redeem money....
TAITRUONG GT Gamer (1 month ago)
U know that PayPal pays u doing surveys every one hours u get like 10 dollars
Advait Gyan (1 month ago)
Nice. Watched full. Thanks.
zandy N (1 month ago)
Bullshit i tried it and i didn't get any $2
Dream Art Thamizhan (1 month ago)
Super 👍
Christopher Gring Jr (1 month ago)
This guys a joke he is a YouTube homeless beggar
khushi Agrawal (1 month ago)
Fuck off
Maaad (1 month ago)
Hii buddy.. Im from asia.. I like what u do in your channel.. Do more cryptocurency like this again
Solomon Salvador (1 month ago)
whats the legit site of this? on your link it says .org but there is a site uses .io which is which?
Mystery Rapper (1 month ago)
Sub to me!!!
sandy baghel (1 month ago)
you are just misguiding people for make your views on you tube
sandy baghel (1 month ago)
hey , you should tell everything like presearch will not pay you before june 2019 and their terms are also very vague. and ofcourse you can't transfer your rewards.
BD Black Hat Hacker (1 month ago)
Fuck you bitch..your all sites are fake bitch
AY Funny (1 month ago)
الأفضل the Best (1 month ago)
(Wonderful explanation) but I want a way to earn Google card code 😶
VVinson HE (1 month ago)
"Token withdrawals are coming soon" is this BS ?? coming soon is mean how long? dafq
Toxic Axes (1 month ago)
click bait
elang baru (1 month ago)
Must buy token first....
YuVlogs PH (1 month ago)
What if Someone Search pornography
Ruthless jr (1 month ago)
Fake Fake Fake
AM beats (1 month ago)
The title should be "EARN $0.68 PER DAY Just SEARCHING ON GOOGLE "
Riste Andonov (1 month ago)
How can you get the money
Mr LD (1 month ago)
Can you send me an invitation code?
Mr. MRF (1 month ago)
Abe haram k.. Chutiya Banata rha he indians ko..
LilKushiiVEVO (1 month ago)
Still clickbait bet you wont reply
FruzeIQ (1 month ago)
hey man after searching ans making money I can connect it to my PayPal account? to earn money there
dsim digital (1 month ago)
Fake video, he is not telling how to transfer this crypto currency in your regular account. Also did not show how to use this currency for buying anything online.
EmperorJ Gaming (1 month ago)
Domo Bro (1 month ago)
Or.......GET A JOB instead of earning $2 a day you can earn a minimum of $10 an hour compared to $2 on an entire day!
Jada Ashley (1 month ago)
I'm living my best life, my old friend from college referred me to deepwebservice01 AT gmail DOT com and i got a transfers of $65,000 with their help. I was about going homeless but now i can pay my bills comfortably, they also help with credit repair
MuabYT (1 month ago)
Does not sound suspecious at all. Take my fucking money
shrijit srivastav (1 month ago)
Badk chutiya banata hai

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